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J.Mouret - Les Amours de Ragonde

30 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 95 Mb


Le mariage de Ragonde et de Colin
La Veillée de Village

Comic Opera in 3 acts
libretto by
Philippe Néricault Destouches

First performed at the
Château de Sceaux
December 1714

Act One: La soirée de village (The Village Junket)

Ragonde is an ugly old farmer's widow. At a party in the village she tells the young Colin of her love for him but Colin wants to marry her daughter, Colette, and mocks Ragonde. Lucas, who is also in love with Colette, tells the old woman how she can be revenged on Colin.

Act Two: Les lutins (The Goblins)

Colette is in love with Lucas, but their marriage is dependent on Colin becoming Ragonde's husband, otherwise Ragonde will not allow it. Colette, Lucas and his friend Thibault hatch a plot against Colin. Colette arranges an assignation with him in a wood in the dead of night. Colin arrives at the appointed place only to be terrified by "goblins" who claim to be in the service of the witch Ragonde. In reality, they are boys from the village who have been disguised by Lucas and Thibault. They make Colin promise to marry Ragonde in return for his life.

Act Three: La noce ou le charivari (The Wedding or the Charivari)

The double wedding of Colette and Lucas and Ragonde and Colin takes place. Colin is in tears until Ragonde threatens him with the goblins again. The opera ends with a charivari, noisy music to celebrate the married couples.


Ragonde: Michel Verschaeve, tenor
Colin: Jean-Paul Fouchécourt, haute-contre
Colette: Sophie Marin-Degor, soprano
Lucas: Jean-Louis Bindi, bass
Mathurine: Noémi Rime, soprano
Thibault: Gilles Ragon, haute-contre
Blaise: Jean-Louis Serre, bass

Les Musiciens du Louvre
dir. Marc Minkowski

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