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Albinoni - Sonatas, Op.4 & Op.6

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 244Mb

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Sonata in C major Op 6 No 1
Sonata in G minor Op 4 No 4
Sonata in B flat major Op 6
Sonata in F major Op 6 No 5
Sonata in B minor Op 4 No 6
Sonata in G major Op 6 No 9
Sonata in C minor Op 6 No 10
Sonata in G minor Op 4 No 5
Sonata in D major Op 6 No 7


Sonata in D major Op 6 No 2
Sonata in D minor Op 4 No 1
Sonata in E minor Op 6 No 8
Sonata in A major Op 6 No 11
Sonata in E minor Op 4 No 2
Sonata in B flat major Op 6 No 12
Sonata in D minor Op 6 No 4
Sonata in F major Op 4 No 3
Sonata in A minor Op 6 No 6

The Locatelli Trio

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Sacred Music - Cornerstone Works of Sacred Music

Harmonia Mundi 30cds (29+PDF) HMX2908304-33

MP3 192 Kbps - 30 RAR

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J. S. BACH Weihnachts-Oratorium / René Jacobs
HANDEL Messiah / William Christie
MONTEVERDI Vespro della Beata Vergine / Philippe Herreweghe
ALESSANDRO SCARLATTI Cain overo Il primo omicidio / René Jacobs
MENDELSSOHN Paulus / Philippe Herreweghe
BERNSTEIN Mass / Kent Nagano
BEETHOVEN Missa Solemnis / Philippe Herreweghe
MOZART Requiem / Philippe Herreweghe
BRAHMS Requiem allemand / Philippe Herreweghe

FAURE Requiem (1893) / Philippe Herreweghe
ANON Requiem grégorienne / Deller Consort
DURUFLE Requiem Choir of Madgalen College
CHARPENTIER Te Deum / William Christie
PERGOLESI Stabat Mater / Concerto Vocale, René Jacobs
VIVALDI Stabat Mater / Ensemble 415, Scholl, Chiara Banchini
BOCCHERINI Stabat Mater / Ensemble 415, Banchini
ROSSINI Stabat Mater / RIAS Kammerchor, Marcus Creed
MACHAUT Messe de Notre Dame / EPCC
RACHMANINOV Vespers / Paul Hillier
JOSQUIN DESPREZ Missa Pangue lingua / Ensemble Clément Janequin
JANEQUIN Messe ‘La Bataille’ / Ensemble Clément Janequin

LASSUS Missa ‘Tous les regretz’ Huelgas,Van Nevel
PALESTRINA Missa Viri Galilaei / Philippe Herreweghe
BYRD Mass for 4 Voices / Hilliard Ensemble
J. S. BACH Missa brevis in F BWV 233 / Cantus Cölln, Konrad Junghänel
POULENC Mass in G, Motets / RIAS Kammerchor, Marcus Creed
CHARPENTIER Seconde Leçon de Ténèbres du Mercredy / Concerto Vocale, René Jacobs
COUPERIN Troisième Leçon de Ténèbres / Concerto Vocale, René Jacobs
ROVETTA Solemn Vespers / Cantus Cölln, Konrad Junghänel
TALLIS 9 Psalm Tunes for Archbishop Parker's Psalter / Stile Antico
SCHÜTZ Concert in Form einer teutschen Begräbnis / Philippe Herreweghe

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or download:

CD 30 - PDFs
(sung text: English, French, Deutsch)

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J.S.Bach - Complete Cantatas (Koopman)

67 CD - 192 Kbps - 67 ZIP files - 6.47Gb

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J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 1

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 21, BWV 131, BWV 21 (Appendix)
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 106, BWV 196, BWV 71, BWV 150
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 31, BWV 185, BWV 4, BWV 4 (Appendix)

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 2

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 12, BWV 18, BWV 61, BWV 18 (Appendix)
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 172, BWV 132, BWV 182, BWV 182 (Appendix)
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 152, BWV 199, BWV 203, Quodlibet BWV 524

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 3

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 63, BWV 162, BWV 155, BWV 63 (Appendix), BWV 162 (Appendix)
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 22, BWV 23, BWV 163, BWV 165
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 54, BWV 161, BWV 208

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 4

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 198, BWV 215
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 211, BWV 214, BWV 209
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 204, BWV 201

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 5

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 207a, BWV 202
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 206, BWV 210
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 212, BWV 205
CD-4: Cantata BWV 213

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 6

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 76, BWV 75
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 190, BWV 179, BWV 59, BWV 69
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 50, BWV 186, BWV 104, BWV 69a, BWV 50 (Appendix)

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 7

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 25, BWV 95, BWV 144, BWV 67, BWV 24
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 136, BWV 184, BWV 105, BWV 148
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 147, BWV 181, BWV 173, BWV 181 (Appendix)

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 8

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 65, BWV 89, BWV 60, BWV 83, BWV 89a (Appendix)
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 40, BWV 46, BWV 64, BWV 167
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 109, BWV 81, BWV 77, BWV 90

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 9

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 48, BWV 154, BWV 138, BWV 173a
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 37, BWV 153, BWV 166, BWV 86, BWV 70
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 66, BWV 194

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 10

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 119, BWV 134, BWV 44, BWV 73
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 20, BWV 2, BWV 101
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 180, BWV 130, BWV 134a

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 11

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 127, BWV 5, BWV 94
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 41, BWV 7, BWV 139
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 115, BWV 113, BWV 10

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 12

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 135, BWV 124, BWV 121, BWV 111
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 99, BWV 78, BWV 114
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 91, BWV 107, BWV 116, BWV 8, Appendix BWV 8

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 13

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 1, BWV 62, BWV 96
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 38, BWV 93, BWV 33
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 133, BWV 122, BWV 92

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 14

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 68, BWV 6, BWV 74
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 126, BWV 26, BWV 125
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 178, BWV 1045 (instrumental), BWV 103 (+Appendix), BWV 42 (+Appendix), BWV 123

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 15

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 110, BWV 146, BWV 28
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 168, BWV 175, BWV 87, BWV 3
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 176, BWV 108, BWV 85, BWV 128, BWV 183

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 16

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 82 (+ Appendix), BWV 27, BWV 16 (+ Appendix)
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 170, BWV 102, BWV 79
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 49, BWV 43 (+ Appendix), BWV 39

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 17

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 169, BWV 32, BWV 58, BWV 84
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 19, BWV 13, BWV 56
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 35, BWV 17, BWV 57

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 18

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 55, BWV 47, BWV 157, BWV 45, Appendix to BWV 47
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 52, BWV 187, BWV 151, BWV 98
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 137, BWV 164, BWV 36

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 19

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 129, BWV 159, BWV 174, BWV 72
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 171, BWV 51, BWV 145, BWV 188
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 88, BWV 117, BWV 193

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 20

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 120a, BWV 156, Aria for Soprano BWV 1127
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 149, BWV 14, BWV 29, BWV 192
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 120, BWV 11, BWV 9, BWV 112

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 21

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 100, BWV 200, BWV 177, BWV 195
CD-2: Cantatas BWV 140, BWV 34, BWV 143, BWV 158
CD-3: Cantatas BWV 197, BWV 97, BWV 118, BWV 191

J.S. Bach: Complete Cantatas Vol. 22

CD-1: Cantatas BWV 80, BWV 30; Mass BWV 236
CD-2: Masses BWV 233, BWV 234; W.F. Bach: Bach: Gaudete omnes populi, F103 8:40 (Latin version of BWV 80)
CD-3: Cantata BWV 30a; Mass BWV 235

Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir
dir. Ton Koopman

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F.J.Haydn - Arie per un'Amante

14 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 137 Mb

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The title of this album comes from the fact that Haydn wrote most of these insertion arias (arias written to show off the special talents of a singer in a particular production, and substituted for the arias by the opera's composer) for his lover, Italian soprano Luigia Polzelli. Thank goodness these delightful arias have survived, although the operas into which they were originally inserted, by composers like Pasquale Anfossi, Alessandro Guglielmi, and Francesco Bianchi, are forgotten. Haydn's inventiveness and benevolence overflow in this charming music. If there is any criticism of this assortment of arias, it's that they are all relentlessly cheerful and sprightly, and all in major keys, even those with texts like, "Unhappy and unfortunate I am…." While not all these arias reveal Haydn at his most dramatically astute, they find him at his most genial. One of the arias, La moglie quando è buona, is in fact laugh-out-loud funny. Spanish soprano Núria Rial and Austrian mezzo-soprano Margot Oitzinger divide the arias. Their voices are well matched: exceptionally pure, supple, and focused, with an unmannered, effortless sounding delivery and immaculate technique. In only one aria, Infelice sventurata, in an unmercifully low passage, does Rial show any strain. Michi Gaigg leads L'Orfeo Barockorchester in a sparkling, beautifully blended accompaniment. The sound is warm and spacious, but always clear and clean.


Symphony No. 81 in G major, H. 1/81 - Vivace
Dica pure chi vuol dire, aria for soprano & orchestra, H. 24b/8
(for Anfossi, Il geloso in cimento)
Quando la rosa ... Finché l'agnello, aria for soprano & orchestra, H. 24b/3
(for Anfossi, La Metilde ritrovata)
Signor voi sapete, aria for soprano & orchestra, H. 24b/7
(for Anfossi, Il matrimonio per inganno)
Il meglio mio carattere, aria for soprano & orchestra
(for Cimarosa: L'impresario in angustie), H. 24b/17
La moglie quando è buona, aria for soprano & orchestra
(for Cimarosa's Giannina e Bernardone), H. 24b/18
Vada adagio, signorina, aria for soprano & orchestra
(for Guglielmi's La Quakera spiritosa), H. 24b/12
Sono Alcina e sono ancora, aria for soprano & orchestra
(for Gazzaniga's L'isola di Alcina), H. 24b/9
La mia pace, oh Dio, perdei, aria for soprano & orchestra, H. 24b/19
(for Gassmann, L'amore artigiano)
Infelice Sventurata, aria for soprano & orchestra
(for Cimarosa, I due supposti conti), H. 24b/15
Via siate bonino, Hob. 24b/23
Chi vive amante, aria for soprano & orchestra
(for Bianchi's Alessandro nell'Indie), H. 24b/13
D'una sposa meschinella, aria for soprano & orchestra
(for Paisiello's La Frascatana; doubtful), H. 24b/2
Son pietosa, son bonina, aria for soprano & orchestra, H. 32/1b
(for a pastiche opera by several composers, Circe, ossia L'isola incantata)

Núria Rial, soprano

L'Orfeo Barockorchester
dir. Michi Gaigg

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Henry Purcell - Complete Chamber Music

7 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 8 RAR (598Mb)

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Twelve Sonatas of three parts Z790/801 (1683)

Musica Amphion

Remy Baudet, violin
Sayuri Yamagata, violin
Rainer Zipperling, viola da gamba
Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord & organ

CD 2

Ten Sonatas in Four Parts Z 802/811 (1697)

Musica Amphion

Remy Baudet, violin
Sayuri Yamagata, violin
Mieneke van der Velden, viola da gamba
Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord & organ

CD 3

Overture in G major for two violins viola & basso continuo
Pavan of four parts in G minor for three violins & b.c
Chacony for two violins viola & b.c
Sonata for trumpet strings & b.c. in D major
Suite in G major for two violins viola & b.c
Fantasia three parts on a ground for three recorders & b.c
Overture in D minor for two violins viola & b.C
Pavan in B flat major for two violins & b.c
Prelude for recorder in D minor
Sonata for violin & b.c. in G minor
The Staircase Overture in B flat major for two violins & b.c.
Cibell for trumpet strings & b.c. in C major
Pavan in A minor for two violins & b.c.
Overture in G minor for two violins two violas & b.c.
Pavan in G minor for two violins & b.c.

Musica Amphion

Pieter-Jan Belder

CD 4

16 Fantasias for strings Z 732/747

Musica Amphion

Pieter-Jan Belder

Remy Baudet, violin
Johannes Boer, viola da gamba
Nanneke Schaap, viola da gamba
Ricardo Rodriguez, viola da gamba
Elisabeth Ingenhousz, violin (8,10,11,13-16)
Nicholas Milne, viola da gamba (15,16)
Frank Wakelkamp, viola da gamba (16)

CD 5

8 Suites for the harpsichord

Suite no.2 in G major (Z 660)
Suite no.2 in G minor (Z 661)
Suite no.3 in G major (Z 662)
Suite no.4 in A minor (Z 663)
Suite no.5 in C major (Z 666)
Suite no.6 in D major (Z 667)
Suite no.7 in D minor (Z 668)
Suite no.8 in F major (Z 669)

Pieter-Jan Belder - harpsichord

Flemish harpsichord after Ruckers Cornelis Bom

CD 6

Miscellaneous pieces for the harpsichord
Songtune (Z.T694)
March (Z.647)
A song tune (Z.T695)
March (Z.648)
New Minuet (Z.T689)
Minuet (Z.649)
A Minuet (Z.650)
A new Schotch tune (Z.655)
A new ground (Z.T682)
A new Irish tune (Z 646) (Lilliburlero)
Riggadoon (Z.653)
Sefauchi’s Farewell ( Z.656)
Minuet (Z.T688)
March (Z.T687)
Trumpet tune (Z.T698)
Chaconne (Z.T680)
Jigg (Z.T686)
Trumpet tune called the Cibell (Z.T678)
Trumpet tune (Z.T697)
Air (Z.641)
Aire (Z.T675)
Aire (Z.T696/2)
Air (Z.676)
Air (Z.630/1)
Air (Z.T693/2)
Canary (Z.T677)
Prelude in G minor (Alternative prelude from Suite no.2 in G minor)
Ground in gamut (Z.645)
Prelude in C (from 20 harp.Pieces ed.Moroney)
Ground in C minor (Z.T681)
Ground in D minor (Z.D222)
Hornpipe (Z.T683)
Hornpipe (Z.T685)
Minuet (Z.651)
Round O (Z.T684)
Corant (Z.644)
(Gavotte) Almond in D-sol-re (Z.D219/1)
Ground in C minor (Z.D221)
Jigg (Z.D223)
The Queens dolour (Z.670)
Rigaudon (Z.D227)
Saraband with division (Z.654)
(Saraband) Borry in D-sol-re# (Z.D219/2)
Trumpet minuet (Z.D230)

Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord

Italian Virginal by Cornelis Bom 1997
Italian Harpsichord after Giusti by Cornelis Bom 2003
Flemish harpsichord after Ruckers by Cornelis Bom 1999

CD 7

From 20 keyboard pieces (ed. Davitt Moroney):

Prelude in A (alternative version to suite no.4 Z 663)
Jig (17)
Prelude (1)
Minuet (2)
Air (3)
Thus happy (5)
Air (7)
Hornpipe (9)
Hornpipe (10)
Minuet (11)
Air (12)
Menuet (13)

Suite in C (Z. 665)

Works for organ:

Voluntary in G (Z 720)
Verse in F (Z 716)
Voluntary for double organ (Z 719)
Voluntary in C (Z 717)
Voluntary on the old 100th
Voluntary in D minor (Z 718)

Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord & organ

Flemish harpsichord after Ruckers Cornelis Bom 1999
Italian Virginal by Cornelis Bom 1997
Italian Harpsichord after Giusti by Cornelis Bom 2003
Organ by Johannes Vollebregt 1854

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Gidon Kremer - Happy Birthday

25 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 107Mb

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This entertaining disc features an eclectic mix of pieces both serious and humorous in celebration of the Kremerata Baltica's fifth anniversary. The best of them is Franz Waxman's hilarious "Auld lang syne" Variations, four movements in the style of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and "Shostakofiev" respectively. Joseph Ghys and François Servais team up to produce a typical 19th-century showpiece variation set, in this case on "God save the King" (a very popular tune for variations), the intention here being purely virtuosic rather than witty. Peter Heidrich's "Happy Birthday" Variations also mimics famous composers (with Haydn and Mozart being especially well differentiated), but the work concludes with a delightful series of "free" variations that let the composer's own fanciful imagination take center stage.

Teddy Bor's McMozart's eine kleine bricht Moonlicht nich Musik might be funny had P.D.Q. Bach not done the same thing on a much larger scale and with far more amusing results. Vato Kakhidze's strangely multi-cultural "Blitz" Fantasy adds melismatic vocal contributions to music that hovers somewhere between poignancy and Muzak. Three shorter pieces--Tchaikovsky's Elegy, Schnittke's Polka, and Ladislav Kupkovic's Souvenir--round out this enterprising collection. It goes without saying that the performances do full justice to the music, and also to Kremerata Baltica's avowed purpose of presenting programs that offer musical food for thought and occasional surprises in addition to more normal fare. Excellent sonics capture the festivities warmly and vividly. Clearly, a good time was had by all, though the notes take the entire project rather too seriously. [2/11/2003]
--David Hurwitz,

It's a JOKE!!!

Cyrano de Bergerac - L'Autre Monde

(spoken word, plus music)

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 215Mb

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The text recorded here is based on the manuscript that was published in Paris in the twentieth century, rather than on the first edition of 1657, in which many of the expressions and ideas had been toned down. Alpha felt that music was essential to complement the text: indeed, music and language have much in common. The novel is combined with other works, instrumental pieces and composers, that were capable of conversing with Cyrano through their unusualness or drollery, their boldness or their melancholy.

Musical Selections Include
Dufaut: Preludes & Sarabandes
Sainte Colombe: Les Couplets I-II & Sarabande
Playford: Lady Catherine Ogle & Kemp's Jig
Hotman: Bourrée I & II
Dubuisson: Sarabande, Preludes & Allemandes
Kapsperger: Colascione, Canario & Toccata Arpeggiata
Marais: 2 Musettes
Ortiz: Recercada Quarta
Manuscrit Vaudry de Saizenay: Prelude

Benjamin Lazar et l'ensemble la Rêveuse:
Florence Bolton (Dessus et basse de viole)
Benjamin Perrot (Théorbe, guitare et luth baroques)

Rename track 5 into cd 2 (the name was too long for Winrar to cope with):
05 - Renommée des betes du Roi-Rudiments de langage lunaire-Les pretres du pays-En cage-L'oiseleur de la reine-Les filles de la reine-Cloches et reliques.mp3

Buon compleanno pà!



(La déclamation du roman est entrecoupée de pièces instrumentales.)

CD 1 - Première partie

1. Lune rousse / Sur le chemin de Paris / Discussion pointue
2. Le livre de Cardan / Les deux vieillards / François Dufaut (av.1604-av.1672) : Prélude
3. Boutades de fièvres chaudes / Un si beau voyage
4. Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe (?-av.1701) : Les Couplets *
5. Les fioles de rosée / Premier envol
6. Mystère / Les Sauvages / Gazouillement enroué
7. Les Soldats - Le Gouverneur - Conclusions coperniciennes
8. John Playford (1623-1686) : Lady Catherine Ogle, a new dance **
9. Entretien avec Monsieur de Montmagnie / Un beau paradoxe
10. Planètes et étoiles
11. Nouveau dessein de monter à la Lune / Mr de Sainte-Colombe : Les Couplets *
12. Saint-Jean / La machine / La culbute
13. Mœlle de bœuf et essence cordiale / La machine a disparu
14. La place de Québec / Le feu de la Saint-Jean / Second envol / John Playford : Kemp's Jig**
15. Entre terre et lune - Premiers pas
16. François Dufaut : Prélude ***
17. Première rencontre / Ville / À quatre pattes / La femelle du petit animal de la Reine
18. Chez le bateleur / Animal de foire / Nicolas Hotman (?-1663) : Bourrée ****
19. Le Démon de Socrate
20. Lémures, farfadets, nayades,… / Prélude de théorbe (improvisation)
21. Origine et nature du démon de Socrate
22. Nicolas Hotman (?-1663) : Bourrée ****
23. Les deux idiomes / Le langage des Grands
24. Jean Lacquemant dit Dubuisson (v.1622-1681) : Sarabande ****
25. Le langage du Peuple
26. Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger (v.1580-1651) : Colascione ***
27. Enlèvement / Enchantement ? / Explication
28. Salle à manger / Nudité / Colère
29. Repas de fumées / Marin Marais (1656-1728) : Musette
30. Les lits du pays / Les chandelles de la Lune / Chatouillements / Sommeil
31. « La Belle en Deuil », sonnet de Tristan Lhermite (1601-1655) / Jean Lacquemant dit Dubuisson : Prélude

CD 2 - Deuxième partie

1. François Dufaut (av.1604-av.1672) : Sarabande
2. Départ de l’auberge / La monnaie du pays / Chez le Roy
3. La troupe de singes / L’Espagnol / Ordre royal / Raison du voyage de l’Espagnol
4. Diego Ortiz (v.1510-v.1570) : Recercada Quarta
5. Renommée des bêtes du Roi / Rudiments de langage lunaire / Les prêtres du pays / En cage / L’oiseleur de la reine / Les filles de la reine / Cloches et reliques
6. Une Jeune Fillette (Improvisation)
7. Les livres de la Lune
8. Anonyme (Manuscrit Vaudry de Saizenay, 2e moitié 17e s.) : Prélude
9. Procès / Harangue du procureur / Un avocat imprévu
10. Sentence royale / Dédit public
11. Jean Lacquemant dit Dubuisson : Allemande ****
12. Réapparition du Démon / Cheminée / Mise en garde
13. Nouveau repas de fumées / Mœurs alimentaires du vieux philosophe / Marin Marais : Musette
14. Apologie du chou
15. François Dufaut : Sarabande
16. Le jeune hôte / Le respect dû aux Jeunes / La longue et noire maison
17. Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe : Sarabande ****
18. Fin du repas / Au jardin / Discussion avec le jeune hôte au jardin / Immortalité & résurrection
19. Réponse du jeune hôte / La preuve par le Mahométan / Négation de D.
20. L’Éthiopien / Envol par la cheminée / L’Etna
21. Arrivée en Italie / Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger : Canario
22. Tous les chiens du Royaume / Odeur de Lune / Remède / Embarquement / Souvenirs & réflexions
23. Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger : Toccata Arpeggiata ***

Benjamin Lazar, déclamation baroque
Benjamin Perrot, théorbe, luth & guitare baroque
Florence Bolton, dessus & basse de viole

* Partie de seconde viole arrangée pour théorbe par Benjamin Perrot

** Harmonisé par Benjamin Perrot

*** Partie de basse de viole ajoutée par Florence Bolton

**** Partie de basse de viole ajoutée par Benjamin Perrot