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Sweet is the Song. Music of the Troubadours & Trouvères

12 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 169 MB

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Giraut de Bornelh - Reis glorios, monophonic alba
Etienne de Meaux - Trop est mes Maris Jalos
Jaufre Rudel - Lanquan (Lancan) li jorn son lonc en may
Gace Brulé - Desconfortez plains d'ire et de pesance
Audefroi le Bastart - Fine amolurs en esperance
Bernart de Ventadorn - Quan (Can) vei la lauzeta mover, motet
Anonymous - Bele Yolanz en ses chambres seoit, chanson
Beatriz de Dia (aka Comtessa de Dia) - A chantar m'er de so qu'en no volria, song
Thibault IV - Deus est ensi conme li pellicanz (The Lord is like the pelican)
Richard De Fournival - Onques n'amai tant que jou fui amée, rondeau-motet
Giraut de Bornelh - Si'us quer conselh, bel ami Alamanda
Gaucelm Faidit - Fortz causa es, for consort

Catherine Bott, voice

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Marijana Mijanovic - Affetti Barocchi

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 90Mb

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Of the seventeen tracks, Mijanovic sings only nine, all from the repertory Handel wrote for Senesino (since Andreas scholl already has an album out called “Arias for Senesino”, the legendary castrato doesn’t appear in name on the cover). The rest of the album is orchestral music from the featured operas. It’s lovely, for sure, but if you want Mijanovic, you do want Mijanovic, and no orchestra suites, even if wonderfully played. What Mijanovic sings, however, she does sing marvellously, including “Ah, stigie larve” from Händel’s “Orlando” and “Se in fiorito prato” from “Giulio Cesare”. (continue here)


01 - from Rodelinda - Menuet
02 - from Rodelinda - Se fiera belva ha cinto
03 - from Radamisto - Passacaille
04 - from Radamisto - Gigue
05 - from Radamisto - Vile! Se mi dai vita
06 - from Radamisto - Passepied Rigaudon Passepied
07 - from Radamisto - Qual nave smarrita
08 - from Siroe - Ouverture
09 - from Siroe - Allegro
10 - from Siroe - Deggio morire o stelle
11 - from Siroe - Gigue
12 - from Giulio Cesare - Non e si vago e bello
13 - from Giulio Cesare - Gigue
14 - from Giulio Cesare - Se in fiorito
15 - from Orlando - Gia per la man d'Orlando
16 - from Orlando - Gia l'ebro mio ciglio
17 - from Orlando - Ah! Stigie larve

Marijana Mijanovic, contralto
Kammerorchester Basel
dir. Sergio Ciomei

G.F.Handel - Cleopatra

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 93Mb

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Arias from "Giulio Cesare"

01 - Ouverture
02 - Atto I - Scena 7: Tutto può donna vezzosa
03 - Atto II - Scena 2: Dov'è, Niren, dov'è l'anima mia?
04 - Atto II - Scena 2: V'adoro, pupille
05 - Atto II - Scena 7: Esser qui deve in breve
06 - Atto II - Scena 7: Venere bella
07 - Atto II - Scena 8: Che sento? Oh Dio!
08 - Atto II - Scena 8: Se pietà di me non senti
09 - Atto II - Scena 8: Per dar vita all'idol mio
10 - Sinfonia
11 - Atto III - Scena 3: E pur così in un giorno
12 - Atto III - Scena 3: Piangerò la sorte mia
13 - Atto III - Scena 3: Troppo crudeli siete
14 - Atto III - Scena 7: Voi che mie fide ancelle
15 - Atto III - Scena 7: Forzai l'ingresso a tua salvezza, o cara!
16 - Atto III - Scena 7: Da tempeste il legno infranto
17 - Sinfonia
18 - Atto III - Scena ultima: Bellissima Cleopatra
19 - Atto III - Scena ultima: Caro! Bella!

Natalie Dessay, soprano
with Sonia Prina, alto

Le Concert d’Astrée
dir. Emmanuelle Haïm

William Hayes - The Passions, An Ode for Music

23 tracks -MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 128 Mb

Handel casts such a shadow over the English baroque that his contemporaries rarely measure up to him: here, though, is a real competitor. Oxford professor William Hayes wrote this delightful "Ode for Music" to a flamboyant text by William Collins, with characters including Cheerfulness, Fear, Anger, and Jealousy (whom you could perhaps match to the new cabinet) in 1750. Although the score is full of Handelian resonances, it has a real character of its own and manages to be both smoothly lyrical and wildly pictorial, performed with splendid sprightliness by forces from Basel under early music veteran Anthony Rooley.


The Passions, An Ode for Music (written in 1746 by William Collins)

First Part

1 Ouverture (Larghetto - Allegro)
2 Aria (Andante)
3 Aria (Allegro)
4 Recitativo accompagnato “When music, heav’nly maid, was young”
5 Song (Fear) “First Fear his hand” (Andante)
6 Song (Anger) “Next Anger rushed” (Allegro)
7 Song (Despair) “With woeful measures” (Largo)
8 Recitativo “But thou, O Hope”
9 Song (Hope) “Still it whispered promised pleasure” (Andante moderato)
10 Recitativo “And longer had she sung”
11 Song (Revenge) “He threw his blood-stained sword”
12 Chorus “Revenge impatient rose”

Second Part

13 Symphony (Spiritoso - Allegro)
14 Recitativo “Thy numbers, Jealousy”
15 Song ( Jealousy) “Of differing themes” (Andante Largo - Allegro…)
16 Song (Melancholy) “With eyes upraised”
17 Recitativo “But Oh, how altered”
18 Song (Cheerfulness & Chorus) “When Cheerfulness” (Andante)
19 Recitativo “Last came Joy”
20 Song ( Joy & Chorus) “He with viney crown advancing” (Vivace)
21 Recitativo accompagnato “But ah! Madness away”
22 Song (Reason) “In vain each seeks” (Larghetto)
23 Chorus “Thy wide extended power” (Andante Largo - Tempo ordinario)

Evelyn Tubb, Ulrike Hofbauer (sopranos)
Sumihito Uesugi (countertenor)
David Munderloh (tenor)
Lisandro Abadie (bass)

Chor der Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
La Cetra Barockorchester Basel
dir. Anthony Rooley

Secret Mozart

23 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 109 Mb

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Through the eighteenth century, the clavichord was a highly favored instrument for personal music making. Musicians loved it because they could play with dynamics (shades of soft to loud) and even voice chords (play each note in the chord with varying amounts of strength to "color" the chord). While the harpsichord was a louder instrument and more suitable for public performance, the strings were plucked and there was no way to play with different dynamics. The artist could change the effects to give the illusion of dynamics, but it was a psychological manipulation. With the clavichord, the force of pressure on the key directly levered the tangent into the string with that same force and that created the dynamic. Musicians treasured its subtlety and responsiveness to even the softest breath of a note.

A unique effect of the clavichord over the harpsichord and the piano is that the tangent is also the device that keeps the string above the dampening material and allows it to continue to sound. This means the artist is still in contact with the string so there is a possibility of altering the effects of the note by continuing to manipulate the key. The Germans called this bebung and the effect was treated as an ornament.

Christopher Hogwood has previously released recordings of music by Bach and Handel on the clavichord. Each of these is called "The Secret ..." because it represents private and personal music making in one's home. This wonderful disk presents music by Mozart, which is particularly nice because we associate his music so much with the piano (though his piano was vastly different than the usual iron framed, long ringing piano we play on today). As the notes for this disk tell us, Mozart's widow referred to their personal clavichord as the instrument Mozart played in composing "The Magic Flue" and other compositions late in life.

This disk presents 23 tracks using three different clavichords. All of the clavichords are unfretted. A fretted clavichord uses fewer strings than keys because the string only sounds from the one end to the tangent. So, if you have, say, a c and a c-sharp that are not going to be sounded together, you could use the same string for both notes by striking the string in the right spot to produce the different notes. However, these three clavichords have a string for each key and are therefore "unfretted".

The Hass harpsichord from 1761 has a second set of strings for the lowest octave and a half that add resonance that you will not hear in the other two clavichords. Some people, including CPE Bach, found the sudden transition of voicing undesirable, others find it adding richness and brilliance. You can hear this instrument on tracks 1-9, especially in the set of variations in G, K. 501.

We also get to hear the actual clavichord Mozart owned and the one mentioned by his widow as the one Mozart used in composing, on tracks 10-15 including the adagio for Glass Harmonica K. 356 and the Rondo in F, K. 494. It is a simple instrument with more historic value than beauty of sound.

The last instrument is the Schiedmayer and it has a clear and appealing sound. It is used on the remainder of the tracks (16-23). We hear two versions of the famous Fantasia in d-minor K 397; one with an improvised (well, at least improvisational sounding) ending, and the other the way we all learned it. The Sonata in D, K. 381 is also a gem and provides a wonderful fresh view of the work for those so familiar with how it sounds on our modern pianos or even a period fortepiano.

All of the numbers are well played by Christopher Hogwood except the K. 501 variations (tracks 2-7) and the K. 381 Sonata in D, which are played by Derek Adlam, whose performing is quite admirable.

A gem of a disk and a treasure for anyone who cares to hear Mozart in a way that would have not only been familiar to Mozart, but to all those alive when his music was new.

Reviewed by Craig Matteson, Ann Arbor, MI


01. Allegro in G minor, K. 312
02. Andante & 5 Variations in G, K. 501; Andante (Thema)
03. Andante & 5 Variations in G, K. 501; Var. 1
04. Andante & 5 Variations in G, K. 501; Var. 2
05. Andante & 5 Variations in G, K. 501; Var. 3
06. Andante & 5 Variations in G, K. 501; Var. 4 (minore)
07. Andante & 5 Variations in G, K. 501; Var. 5 (maggiore)
08. Minuetto in D, K. 355/Trio da M. Stadler; Minuetto
09. Minuetto in D, K. 355/Trio da M. Stadler; Trio & Minuetto reprise
10. Marche funebre, K. 453a
11. Andantino, K. 236
12. Klavierstu"ck in F, K. 33b
13. Adagio for Glass Harmonica, K. 356
14. La?t uns mit geschlungen Ha"nden K. 623
15. Rondo in F, K. 494
16. Theme & 2 Variations in A, K. 460; Theme
17. Theme & 2 Variations in A, K. 460; Var. 1
18. Theme & 2 Variations in A, K. 460; Var. 2
19. Fantasia in D minor, K. 397
20. Sonata in D, K. 381; I. Allegro
21. Sonata in D, K. 381; II. Andante
22. Sonata in D, K. 381; III. Allegro molto
23. Fantasia in D minor, K.397 (with coda)

Christopher Hogwood, clavichord

G.F.Handel - Alexander's Feast

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 273 MB

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Alexander's Feast, HWV 75 or The Power of Music
Concerto grosso in C major, HWV 318 "Alexander's Feast"

Donna Brown (Soprano)
Carolyn Watkinson (Alto)
Ashley Stafford (Countertenor)
Nigel Robson (Tenor)
Stephen Varcoe (Bass)

Monteverdi Choir
English Baroque Soloists

dir. John Eliot Gardiner

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Handel in Italia

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 191Mb

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For the second Glossa Portrait release the spotlight falls upon a singer who, since the 1990s, has been excelling in broad swathes of Italian Baroque music, whose qualities had remained under-performed and under-appreciated until musicians of sufficient quality and understanding of such repertoire had emerged. The soprano Roberta Invernizzi has been one such musician, gifted with an ability to master the technical, expressive and temperamental challenges set by composers of that time. Many are the recordings of the music of Vivaldi, Monteverdi and Alessandro Scarlatti graced by Invernizzi’s sparkling presence (and she has also added a scintillating theatrical verve to many of the incursions into Neapolitan opera buffa in the company of Antonio Florio).

Given Roberta Invernizzi’s notable successes on stage (and on recordings) in portraying some of Handel’s more famous female characters from the operas of his maturity, it was an inspired choice of Fabio Bonizzoni to involve the Milanese singer in his series of Le Cantate Italiane di Handel, and Invernizzi appeared on no less than five of the seven discs in that greatly-admired series. This two-disc Portrait album draws on those recordings to highlight the delicious characterizations of Invernizzi in Handel’s vivid and visceral portrayals of nymphs and goddesses such as Diana, Cloris, Amarilis, Lidia and Fili, Arcadian characters one and all but nonetheless human in personality. Alongside the opportunity to experience the “feminine” viewpoint explored through arias from Handel’s Italian Cantatas there is a chance also to enjoy with this new release the instrumental qualities of players found in Fabio Bonizzoni’s La Risonanza.


Arias from Italian Cantatas

CD I [60:46]

from Le Cantate Italiane di Handel, Vol. 1:

Tra le fiamme, HWV 170
01 Tra le fiamme
02 Pien di nuovo e bel diletto
03 Voli per l’aria

Pensieri notturni di Filli, HWV 134
04 Giacché il sonno a lei dipinge
05 Ha l’inganno

Il delirio amoroso, HWV 90
06 Sonata (instr.)
07 Un pensiero voli in cielo
08 Per te lasciai la luce
09 Lascia ormai le brune vele
10 In queste amene

Figlio d’alte speranze, HWV 113
11 Troppo costa
12 Sia guida, sia stella
13 Brillava protetto

from Le Cantate Italiane di Handel, Vol. II:

Diana cacciatrice, HWV 79
14 La Marche (instr.)
15 Alla caccia, alla caccia
16 Foriera la tromba

CD II [61:23]

from Le Cantate Italiane di Handel, Vol. V:

Clori, Tirsi e Fileno, HWV 96
01 Ouverture (instr.)
02 Cor fedele
03 Quell’erbetta
04 Fermati! No, crudel
05 Tra le fere la fera più cruda
06 Un sospiretto d’un labbro pallido
07 Vivere e non amar, amare e non languir

from Le Cantate Italiane di Handel, Vol. VI:

Olinto, pastore arcade, HWV 143
08 Sonata (instr.)
09 Oh! Come chiare e belle
10 Al suon che destano
11 Alle voci del bronzo guerriero

from Le Cantate Italiane di Handel, Vol. VII:

Apollo e Dafne, HWV 122
12 Felicissima quest’alma
13 Ardi, ardori e preghi
14 Una guerra ho dentro il seno
15 Come in ciel benigna stella
16 Deh, lascia addolcire

Agrippina condotta a morire, HWV 110
17 Orrida, oscura
18 Renda cenere il tiranno
19 Se infelice al mondo
20 Su, lacerate il seno

Roberta Invernizzi, soprano
Romina Basso, alto
Thomas E. Bauer, bass

La Risonanza
Fabio Bonizzoni, harpsichord & direction

G.F.Handel - Heroic Arias

12 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 124Mb

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da: Amadigi di Gaula, HWV11
Aria: Pena tiranna (Dardano)

da: Giulio Cesare in Egitto, HWV17
Aria: Va tacito e nascosto (Cesare)

da: Rinaldo, HWV7
Aria: Venti turbini (Rinaldo)

da: Ariodante
, HWV33
Act 2. Aria: Scherza infida (Ariodante)

da: Serse
, HWV40
Overture: Grave – Allegro

da: Giustino
, HWV37
Act 3. Aria: Zeffiretto, che scorre nel prato (Giustino)

da: Giulio Cesare in Egitto, HWV17
Act 2. Aria: Al lamp dell' armi (Cesare)

da: Ottone, Re di Germania
, HWV15
Act 3 Scene 2 No 2. Aria: Tanti affanni (Ottone)

da: Rinaldo, HWV7
Act 3. Aria: Or la tromba (Rinaldo)
Act 1. Aria: Cara sposa (Rinaldo)

da: Giustino
, HWV37
Act 1. Aria: Se parla nel mio cor (Giustino)

da: Alcina, HWV34
Aria: Verdi prati (Ruggiero)

James Bowman (countertenor)
The King's Consort
dir. Robert King

G.F.Handel - Aci, Galatea e Polifemo

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 156Mb

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Now Corrected
(Thanx Bob)


Concerto Grosso Op.3 No.4 In F Major HWV 315: Ouverture: Andante - Allegro - Andante
Concerto Grosso Op.3 No.4 In F Major HWV 315: Ouverture: Allegro
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Duetto: Sorge Il Dì
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Vanti, O Cara, Il Ruscello
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Sforzano A Piangere Con Più Dolor
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: E Qual Nuova Sventura
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Che Non Può La Gelosia
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo Accompagnato: Ma Qual Orrido Suono
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Ahi! Che Da L'Ombre Eterne
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Sibilar L'Angui D'Aletto
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Deh Lascia, O Polifemo
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Benche Tuoni E L'Etra Avvampi
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Cadrai Depressa E Vinta
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Non Sempre, No, Crudele
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Folle, Quanto Mi Rido
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Dell'aquila L'Artigli
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Folle, Quanto Mi Rido
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Precipitoso Nel Mar Che Freme
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Si, T'Intendo, Inumano
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: S'Agita In Mezzo All'onde
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: So Che Le Cinosure
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Terzetto: Proverà Lo Sdegno Mio
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Ingrata, Se Mi Nieghi
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Fra L'Ombre E Gl'orrori
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Ma Che? Non Andrà Inulta
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Qui L'Augel Da Pianta In Pianta
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Giunsi Al Fin Mio Tesoro
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Se M'Ami, O Caro
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Qui Su L'Alto Del Monte
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Terzetto: Dolce Amico Amplesso
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Or Poiché Sordi Sono
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Verso Già L'Alma Col Sangue
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Misera, E Dove Sono?
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Del Mar Fra L'Onde
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Ah, Tiranno, Inumano!
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Aria: Del Mar Fra L'Onde
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Ferma! Ma Già Nel Mare
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo Accompagnato: Vissi Fedel, Mia Vita
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Recitativo: Ed Io Che Tanto Ascolto
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo HWV 72: Terzetto: Chi Ben Ama Ha Per Oggetti

Aci: Sandrine Piau, soprano
Galatea: Sara Mingardo, contralto
Polifemo: Laurent Naouri, baryton

Le Concert d'Astrée
Emmanuelle Haïm, clavecin et direction

G.F.Handel - Flavio

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 346Mb

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Flavio comes from a fertile period in Handel's output, but despite the presence of Cuzzoni and Senesino, two of the most important and lauded singers of the day, it flopped when first presented in 1723. This is probably due to the fact that it's a comedy that turns tragic before ending happily--and London audiences simply couldn't get their heads around such a thing. Whatever the case, it contains aria after aria, with a duet thrown in--and each one is short, to the point, and always entertaining. The instrumental textures are never complex--and the rhythms, mostly upbeat, keep the opera moving at an almost sitcom pace. I won't go into the plot because it's not that hard to follow, but rest assured that this performance is dynamite.


CD 1
1 - Ouverture
2 - Act 1. Scene 1. Ricordati mio ben
3 - Act 1. Scene 2 et 3. Quanto dolci
4 - Act 1. Scene 4. Bel contento
5 - Act 1. Scene 5. Benchè povera donzella
6 - Act 1. Scene 6 et 7. Se a te vissi fidele
7 - Act 1. Scene 8. Di quel bel che m'innamora
8 - Act 1. Scene 9. Che bel contento sarette aurore
9 - Act 1. Scene 10 et 11. L'armellin vita non cura
10 - Act 1. Scene 12 et 13. Amante stravagante
11 - Act 2. Scene 1 à 3. Fato tiranno e crudo
12 - Act 2. Scene 4. S'egli ti chiede affetto
13 - Act 2. Scene 5. Paro si, ma non sò poi
14 - Act 2. Scene 6. Rompo i lacci

CD 2
1 - Act 2. Scene 7. Chi può mirare
2 - Act 2. Scene 8. Con un vezzo con un riso
3 - Act 2. Scene 9. Non credo instabile
4 - Act 2. Scene 10 et 11. Ma chi punir desio
5 - Act 3. Scene 1. De te parto
6 - Act 3. Scene 2
7 - Act 3. Scene 2. Starvi accento
8 - Act 3. Scene 3. Sirti, scogli, tempeste
9 - Act 3. Scene 4
10 - Act 3. Scene 4. Amor, nel mio penar
11 - Act 3. Scene 5 et 6
12 - Act 3. Scene 7. Ti perdono
13 - Act 3. Scene 8. E tu Vitige

Flavio: Jeffrey Gall, Countertenor
Guido: Derek Lee Ragin, Countertenor
Emilia: Lena Lootens, Soprano
Teodata: Bernarda Fink, Mezzo Soprano
Vitige: Christina Högman, Soprano
Ugone: Gianpaolo Fagotto, Tenor
Lotario: Ulrich Messthaler, Bass

Ensemble 415
dir. René Jacobs

G.F.Handel - Joshua

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 180Mb

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'lnterpretación perfecta' (El Correo Español)

'This recording gets to the very heart of Handel in a most human and convincing way. All the soloists are excellent, needless to say...' (CDReview)

'The whole production is excellent and I cannot recommend this new disc more highly' (Organists' Review)

'With first-rate casts and careful attention to Handel's original texts, King has blown the dust off some magnificent music' (BBC Record Review)


Emma Kirkby, soprano (Achsah)
Aidan Oliver, treble (Angel)
James Bowman, countertenor (Othniel)
John Mark Ainsley, tenor (Joshua)
Michael George, bass (Caleb)

Choir of New College Oxford
The King's Consort
dir. Robert King

mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

Troubadour Songs and Medieval Lyrics

8 tracks - MP3 320 Kbps - RAR 130 Mb

track 5 was defective, now the RAR is corrected:

DepositFiles - FileFactory

If you need just track 5 (14 Mb):

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Troubadour Songs from Provence
Guiraut de Borneil: Reis glorios, verais lums e clartatz
Bernart de Ventadorn: Can l'erba fresch'e.lh folha par
Bernart de Ventadorn: Be m'an perdut lai enves ventadorn
Bernart de Ventadorn: Can l'erba fresch'e.lh folha par (instrumental)
Bernart de Ventadorn: Can vei la lauzeta mover

Medieval Lyrics
Anon-England: Worldës Blis
Peter Abelard: Planctus David
Anon-Norway: Ex te lux oritur o dulcis scocia

Paul Hillier (baritone, harp)
Stephen Stubbs (lute)
Lena-Liis Kiesel (portative organ)

martedì 24 aprile 2012

G.F.Handel - Operas

22 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 8 RAR (1.97 Gb)

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Han22Oper1. Rinaldo, 3 CDs
Jean-Claude Malgoire, La Grande Écurie et La Chambre du Roy
Carolyn Watkinson: Mezzo-Soprano (Rinaldo)
Paul Esswood: Contralto (Goffredo)
Charles Brett: Contralto (Eustazio)

Han22Oper2. Giulio Cesare, 2 CDs
Julius Rudel, New York City Opera
Beverly Sills: Soprano (Cleopatra)
Beverly Wolff: Mezzo-Soprano (Sextus)
Maureen Forrester: Contralto (Cornelia)

Han22Oper3. Tamerlano, 3 CDs
Jean-Claude Malgoire, La Grande Écurie et La Chambre du Roy
Mieke van der Sluis: Soprano (Asteria)
Isabelle Poulenard: Soprano (Irene)
Henri Ledroit: Countertenor (Tamerlano)

Han22Oper4. Rodelinda, 3 CDs
Michael Schneider, La Stagione
Barbara Schlick: Soprano (Rodelinda)
Claudia Schubert: Alto (Eduige)
David Cordier: Countertenor (Bertarido)

Han22Oper5. Alessandro, 3 CDs
Sigiswald Kuijken, La Petite Bande
Sophie Boulin: Soprano (Rossane)
Isabelle Poulenard: Soprano (Lisaura)
Ria Bollen: Contralto (Cleone)

Han22Oper6. Lotario, 2 CDs
Alan Curtis, Il Compresso Barocco
Simone Kermes: Adelaide, Soprano
Sara Mingardo: Lotario, Contralto
Hilary Summers: Idelberto, Contralto

Han22Oper7. Partenope, 3 CDs
Sigiswald Kuijken, La Petite Bande
Krisztina Laki: Partenope, Soprano
Rosmira: Helga Müller Molinari, Contralto
Arsace:René Jacobs, Contralto

Han22Oper8. Serse, 3 CDs
Jean-Claude Malgoire, La Grande Écurie et La Chambre du Roy
Carolyn Watkinson: Serse, mezzo-soprano
Paul Esswood: Arsamene, countertenor
Ortrun Wenkel: Amastre, contralto
Barbara Hendricks: Romilda, soprano

lunedì 23 aprile 2012

Claudio Monteverdi - Madrigali

MP3 320 kbps - RAR files 1,9 Gb

Libro I - Libro II - Libro III - Libro IV - Libro V
Libro VI - Libro VII - Libro VIII - Libro IX
Selva Morale e Spirituale

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Mon-IeIX-Ven (Libro I e IX)
Mon-II-Ven (Libro II)
Mon-III-Ven (Libro III)
Mon-IV-Ven (Libro IV)
Mon-Orf-Ven (L'Orfeo)
Mon-Sel-Ven (Selva Morale e Spirituale)
Mon-V-Ven (Libro V)
Mon-VI-Ven (Libro VI)
Mon-VII-Ven (Libro VII)
Mon-VIII-Ven (Libro VIII)

La Venexiana
dir. Claudio Cavina

G.F.Handel - Arianna in Creta

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 265Mb

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Mata Katsuli, soprano (Arianna)
Mary-Ellen Nesi, mezzo-soprano (Teseo)
Irini Karaianni, mezzo-soprano (Carilda)
Marita Paparizou, mezzo-soprano (Tauride)
Theodora Baka, mezzo-soprano (Alceste)
Petros Magoulas, bass (Minos/ Il sonno)

Orchestra of Patras
dir. George Petrou

G.F.Handel - Radamisto

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 276Mb

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Radamisto. (Second version, HWV 12b, London, December 1720)


Radamisto: Ralf Popken, countertenor
Zenobia: Juliana Gondek, soprano
Polissena: Lisa Saffer, soprano
Tigrane: Dana Hanchard, soprano
Fraarte: Monika Frimmer, soprano
Tiridate: Michael Dean, bass
Farasmane: Nicolas Cavallier, bass.

Freiburger Barockorchester
dir. Nicholas McGegan

G.F.Handel - Oreste

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 209 Mb

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During the 1730s Handel padded out his London opera seasons with pasticci, assembled using arias by his favourite contemporaries (notably Vinci). There are three exceptions that consist entirely of Handel's own music: Oreste, Alessandro Severo and Jupiter in Argos. In these forgotten operas, Handel cannily adapted a mixture of old and recent arias to a new libretto, and composed a few new pieces where necessary. Scholars have considered them unworthy of inclusion in the accepted canon, but this seems rather snobbish if one remembers that Handel used the same formula to assemble Rinaldo (1711) for his London debut.


Mary-Ellen Nesi (mezzo-soprano): Oreste
Marita Mitsopoulou (soprano): Ermione
Mata Katsuli (soprano): Ifidenia
Petros Koroneos (tenor): Pilade
Petros Magoulas (bass): Toante
Nicholas Spanos (countertenor): Filotete

Camerata Stuttgart
dir. George Petrou

G.F.Handel - Theodora

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 259Mb

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'Theodora was Handel's favourite among his own oratorios. McGegan as usual assembled a cast to do the work justice, with Lorraine Hunt giving a wonderul performance in the title role.' - Times


Lorraine Hunt Lieberson (Theodora), soprano
Drew Minter (Didymus), countertenor
Jennifer Lane (Irene), mezzosoprano
Jeffrey Thomas (Septimius), tenor
David Thomas (Valens), bass

Berkeley Chamber Chorus
Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
dir. Nicholas McGegan

G.F.Handel - Ottone

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 266Mb

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'Ottone is, even for Handel, unusually rich in lovely, heartrending arias' (The Times)

'Everywhere, the dexterity and resource of Robert King's Consort lend enchantment' (The Independent)

'Superbe' (Compact, France)


James Bowman (alto) Ottone
Claron McFadden (sop) Teofane
Michael George (bass) Emireno
Jennifer Smith (sop) Gismonda
Dominique Visse (alto) Adelberto
Catherine DenJey (mez) Matilda

The King's Consort
dir. Robert King

domenica 22 aprile 2012

Flos inter Spinas

24 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 168Mb

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Blossoms among the thorns

The Legends of Sts. Catherine, Barbara and Margaret
in Bohemian plainchant


Litany: In die cinerum
Saint Catherine
Motet: Ave, beatissima civitas / Ave, Maria / Ave, maris stella
Invitatory: Adoretur virginum rex
Antiphon: Prudens et vigilans virgo
Motet: Salve, virgo, Katherina / Sicut solis radium / Hec dies
Lectio de Sancta Katherina
Responsory: O, Christi pictas
Hymn: Ave, gemma claritas
Motet: Ave, virgo / Ave, gloriosa / Domino
Saint Barbara
Antiphon: Virgo deum exorabat
Motet: Virginis praeconia / Mellis stilla / Domino
Lectio de Sancta Barbara
Responsory: Piscinam lavatori
Motet: Ave, virgo regia / Ave, plena gracie / Fiat
Antiphon: Dulci voce resonet / Canticum Beate Virginis Marie
Motet: Ave, plena / Salve, virgo / Aptatur
Saint Margaret
Antiphon: Ego trada corpus meum
Responsory: Fortis agonista
Motet: Dominator Domine / Ecce ministerium / Domino
Antiphon: Dicta sunt gloriosa
Responsory: Virgo veneranda
Motet: O, Maria virgo / O, Maria maris stella / In veritate
Responsory: Sancta Margareta
Antiphon: Sanctum nomen Domini
Motet: Mors / Mors / Mors / Mors

Tiburtina Ensemble with Hana Blaziková

The Music of Islam

17 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 15 RAR 1.80Gb

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With 17 CDs in 15 volumes, The Music of Islam boxed set artistically presents nearly 20 hours of diversely rich Islamic music recorded throughout the Islamic Belt with over 800 pages of synoptic scholastic text written by leading scholars and ethnomusicologists from around the world. Creating a class of its own, and perhaps setting a new standard, The Music of Islam is an unequalled sound document destined to live beyond our time and, regrettably, most likely surpass the very existence of some of the people and cultures featured.

The artists

The Music of Islam is the result of a vision going back over a decade to Michelle Zackheim's visual art project The Tent of Meeting (see Harmonic Meetings 14013) which inspired Eckart Rahn to record 200 musicians in 9 countries on 3 continents over 10 years; the finished project can surely be regarded as recorded music history.
New Zealander David Parsons, an accomplished musician and acclaimed producer and Prof. Margaret Kartomi of Australia, the leading expert of Indonesia's music cultures, have captured the very essence of each area; the people, culture and music.
The musicians and reciters recorded in the series are masters of their chosen art, regionally and worldwide, with numerous years of intense study (or a lifetime devotion to studying) from a long lineage of great composers, reciters, mystics and spiritual leaders. Each is truly a divine gift, not only to their respective cultural history, but to the world at large.
While all volumes feature commonly played Arabic instruments, some volumes include instruments specific to their musical heritage.


Volume One: Al-Qahirah, Classical Music of Cairo
Volume Two: Music of the South Sinai Bedouins
Volume Three: Music of the Nubians
Volume Four: Music of the Arabian Peninsula
Volume Five: 'Aissaoua Sufi Ceremony (2CD)
Volume Six: Al-Maghrib, Gnawa Music
Volume Seven: Al-Andalus, Andalusian Music
Volume Eight: Folkloric Music of Tunisia
Volume Nine: Mawlawiyah Music of the Whirling Dervishes
Volume Ten: Qur'an Recitation
Volume Eleven: Music of Yemen
Volume Twelve: Music of Iran
Volume Thirteen: Music of Pakistan
Volume Fourteen: Mystic Music Through the Ages
Volume Fifteen: Muslim Music of Indonesia, West Sumatra and Aceh (2CD)