giovedì 19 maggio 2016

Venetian Music For Double Choir

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 100 Mb

These superb performances of Venetian Music for Double Choir, have set the bench mark for this style of composition since it’s first appearance in 1993.
Adrian Willaert (c.1490-1562) was a pioneer in combining the Franco-Flemish contrapuntal style with the colorful sonorities of Italy. He worked most of his life in Venice, and had a profound influence on the subsequent musical events in that city. Giovanni Gabrieli (1557-1612) was one of the leaders in the new genre of choral-instrumental music. His music is halfway between Baroque and Renaissance. A fine recording which illustrates multiple genres.


Adriano Willaert

1. Lauda Jerusalem Dominum
2. Crededi, propter quod locutus sum
3. Ricercar X

Giovanni Gabrieli

4. In te Domine Speravi
5. Beata es Virgo
6. Beata es virgo
7. Sancta et immaculata virginitas
8. Angelus Domini
9. O Jesu mi dulcissime
10. Canzon III
11. Exultavit cor meum, in Domino
12. Sancta et immaculata virginitas
13. O Jesu mi dulcissime
14. Benedictus es Dominus, Deus Israel
15. O quam suavis est, Domine, Spiritus
16. Hodie completi sunt dies Pentecostes

Concerto Palatino
dir. Erik Van Nevel

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