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Music of Prague Palace and Gardens 1620

25 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 88Mb

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…The music included in this volume is exclusively Italian, and by now its composers have almost fallen into oblivion. However, Troilus' interest in them proves their remarkable value. One of them, Enrico Radesca di Fogia, an organist and since 1615 a conductor of the Duke's music ensemble in Turin, is in fact represented by a unique collection of all the five books of canzonette, arias and madrigals. Among them, there …Thanks to the care devoted by the Milanese dance master Cesare Negri to the preparation of his treatise for press (1602), a number of pieces composed as occasional music has been preserved, unlike many others which did not have the honour to be recorded permanently. In his effort to provide the reader with the musical accompaniment to the published dances and balletti, he recorded a host of unique compositions, albeit often in rough outline only. …..In most of the parts of the volume, vocal - monodic music is predominant. These monophonic songs - accompanied monodies - were among the novelties of the time and the reason why they appeared was the difficult comprehensibility of the text of polyphonic compositions.


[1] - Enrico Radesca di Foggia - Filli dolce pastorella (Amare mente è tempo)
[2] - Giacomo Fornaci - O bell'arco d'Amore (Amorosa arciera)
[3] - Enrico Radesca di Foggia - Corrente
[4] - Enrico Radesca di Foggia - Da ricca pianta (Fiori colti per man di bella Dama)
[5] - Antonio Brunelli - Piangerem sempre
[6] - Giovanni Battista Muti - Corrente
[7] - Antonio Brunelli - Accorta lusinghiera
[8] - Antonio Brunelli - Perchè duo baci
[9] - Enrico Radesca di Foggia - Nizzarda Francese
[10] - Enrico Radesca di Foggia - Mi lasci ingrata solo (Instabil Donna e risoluto Amante)
[11] - Giovanni Francesco Capello - M'impone Amor
[12] - Cesare Negri - La catena d'Amore
[13] - Enrico Radesca di Foggia - Occhi, stelle amorose
[14] - Giovanni Francesco Capello - Strana armonia d'Amore
[15] - Enrico Radesca di Foggia - Sy vos pretendeys guererme (Canzonetta Spagnola)
[16] - Cesare Negri & Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - Alta Mendozza
[17] - Antonio Brunelli - Di ros'hebbi la guancia
[18] - Enrico Radesca di Foggia - Chi mi sente cantar Il canto de gl'amant'ol pi delle volte nascere da dolore)
[19] - Girolamo Marinoni - O Rex Gloriae - 2:43
[20] - Giacomo Fornaci - Ah dolente partita (Amor crudele)
[21] - Giovanni Francesco Capello - Caro sensal Amore
[22] - Cesare Negri - Ballo fatto da sei Cavalieri
[23] - Antonio Brunelli - Bocc'amorosa
[24] - Giulio Caccini - Se ridete gioiose
[25] - Antonio Brunelli - Balletto à 5
- Ballo Grave - Di quel nudo pargoletto
- Gagliarda - Alle pigge alme
- Corrente - Nelle vaghe trecce

Ad Vocem
dir. Pøemysl Vacek

venerdì 13 marzo 2015

W.F. Bach - Oeuvres pour Clavecin

22 tracks – MP3 192 Kbps – RAR 134Mb

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784), considered by many the most talented of J. S. Bach's children, is also the least known of the great master's three composing sons. In contrast to his father's orderly, wholesome and responsible lifestile, Wilhelm Friedemann's was erratic and characterized by excesses. Add to that a puzzling inability to "market" himself, and you will easily understand why this (in my, and many other's opinion) genius ended his life in abject powerty.


Keyboard Sonata in A major, F. 8 (BR A15)
Fantasia en ut mineur, FK nv2
Prelude for keyboard in C minor, F. 29 (BR A54)
March for harpsichord in E flat major, F. 30 (BR A56)
Suite for keyboard in G minor, F. 24 (BR A39)
8 Fugues for keyboard, F. 31 (BR A81-88)
Keyboard Sonata in G major, F. 7 (BR A14)

Christophe Rousset
German harpsichord with two keyboards
built in the von Nagel workshop in Paris
after an early instrument attributed
to Michael Mietke, Berlin around 1710.

giovedì 12 marzo 2015

Le Chansonnier Cordiforme

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 3 RAR (260Mb)

CD 1 & Booklet
CD 2
CD 3

CD 1 & Booklet
CD 2
CD 3Inserisci link

Le Chansonnier Cordiforme is a ravishingly beautiful illuminated manuscript, shaped like a double heart, and assembled in the early 1470s, about the time of the death of Dufay, a generation after the deaths of Dunstable and Binchois, and just as men such as Ockeghem were becoming famous. According to annotator David Fallows, “The Chansonnier contains the most compact and representative surviving collection of the classic European courtly song repertory in those years. Most of the songs that achieved the widest popularity at the time are here.” The book looks sublime; its original owner, though, was evidently a scoundrel. Jean de Montchenu was described at the time as “a great scoundrel, shameful of conduct, highly unchaste, destestable, dissolute, and full of vices.” He became a monk and then a bishop, but was finally excommunicated. The book came about, it is thought, when he was connected with the Duchy of Savoy (since 1860 a part of France).Most of the music collected on these three CDs is anonymous or of uncertain provenance, but there are songs by Dufay, Ockeghem, Bedyngham, and Busnoys. Perhaps illustrating the ambivalent political stance of the House of Savoy, the first disc is in Italian; the others are in French. Some of these songs are sweetly plaintive; others, such as Ockeghem’s L’Autre d’antan l’autrier passa, energetic. The Ockeghem tells the story of a man who repeatedly is enticed by the looks or embraces of women who desert him; the first has a “look forged in Milan,” which is evidently particularly devastating. (Avoid women whose looks seem to have been “forged.”) While there are now readily available discs devoted to Ockeghem and Dufay, including excellent ones on Naxos, there’s no other song collection that I know of like this one: It’s an anthology of medieval music before things started to change. It’s a rich collection, beautifully played and sung, highly recommended for anyone with an interest in early music. Reproductions of the manuscript have evidently been made with infinite care. The notes tell you where you may find them, but warn the gentle reader that you also cannot afford them.



Anon: Hora gridar 'oimè (2 voices, fiddle, bass lute)
Anon (ballata): Ben lo sa Dio (voice, fiddle, harp)
Dufay (rondeau): Dona gentile (voice, harp, flute)
Bedyngham: Zentil madonna (soprano, harp, lute)
Anon: Chiara fontana (2 voices)
Anon: O pelegrina luce (voice, 2 fiddles, harp)
Bedyngham: O rosa bella (voice, 2 fiddles, harp)
Anon: La gracia de voi (2 voices, flute)
Anon: Perla mia cara (3 voices)
Cornago: Morte mercè (3 voices)
Anon: Finir voglio la mia vita (voice, flute, bass lute, harp)
Anon: O pelegrina luce (2 voices, harp, bass lute)
Anon: O meschin' inamorati (2 voices, bass lute)


Anon (rondeau): Comme ung homme desconforté (voice, harp, bass lute, flute)
Regis (rondeau): S'il vous plaist que vostre je soye (2 voices, bass lute)
Anon (ballade): L'aultre jour par ung matin (2 voices, lute, fiddle)
Anon (rondeau): J'ay pris amours (2 voices, bass lute)
Ockeghem (rondeau): L'autre d'antan l'autrier passa (2 voices, bass lute)
Hayne van Ghizeghem (rondeau): De tous bien plaine (voice, flute, lute, bass lute)
Busnoys (bergerette): J'ay moins de bien (voice, flute, lute, bass lute)
Dufay (rondeau): Vostre bruit et vostre grant (2 voices, flute)
Caron (rondeau): Cent mille escus (2 voices, harp, bass lute)
Morton (rondeau): Le souvenir de vous me tue (voice, harp, lute, bass lute)
Barbingant (rondeau): L'omme bany de sa plaisance (2 voices, harp, fiddle)
Morton (rondeau): N'aray je jamais mieulx (2 voices, harp, bass lute, fiddle)
Dufay (rondeau): Le serviteur hault guerdonné (2 voices, flute)
Vincenet (rondeau): Fortune, par ta cruaulté (2 voices, bass lute)
Busnoys (rondeau): Est il mercy de quoy l'on peust finer? (voice, harp, flute)


Binchois (rondeau): Comme femme desconfortee (voice, 2 fiddles)
Frye (rondeau): Tout a par moy (voice, flute, lute, bass lute)
Ockeghem (bergerette): Ma bouche rit (2 voices, harp, fiddle)
Bedyngham (rondeau): Mon seul plaisir, ma doulce joye (voice, lute, fiddle)
Anon: Ma bouche plaint (2 voices, fiddle)
Anon (rondeau): Vray dieu d'amours (voice, 2 fiddles)
Anon: Hélas! je n'ay pas osé dire (3 voices, harp, lute, bass lute)
Anon (rondeau): Or ay je perdu (voice, lute, bass lute)
Anon (rondeau): Adieu vous dy (2 voices, flute)
Anon (bergerette): Terriblement suis fortunee (voice, 2 fiddles)
Anon (rondeau): De mon povoir vous veul complaire (2 voices, bass lute)
Anon (bergerette): Hélas! n'aray je jamais mieulx (2 voices, lute, bass lute, 2 fiddles)
Anon (bergerette): Quant du dire adieu (2 voices, bass lute, 2 fiddles)
Binchois (rondeau): Je ne veis onques la pareille (3 voices)
Anon (rondeau): Faites moy sçavoir de la belle (voice, 2 fiddles)

The Consort of Musicke
Emma Kirkby (soprano)
Margaret Philpot (alto)
John York Skinner (countertenor)
John Elwes (tenor)
David Thomas (bass)

Lewis Jones (flute)
Frances Kelly (harp)
Christopher Page (lute)
Anthony Rooley (bass lute)
Trevor Jones (fiddle)
Alison Crum (fiddle)

mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

Tres Culturas

18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 81Mb

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Spain had two Golden Ages: in the 1500s, during the Age of Exploration, it colonized the Americas and was so powerful that it challenged England with an armada; but there was an earlier one, during the Medieval period when Spain was conquered by tolerant Arabs and became a cosmopolitan world center where Muslim, Christian, and Jew mingled and prospered. This album features musical examples of the three cultures.


1 • KI ESHMERÁ SHABAT Canción de Shabat de Abraham Ibn Ezra (1089-1167) 3’54”
2 • YA VIENE EL CATIVO Canción sefardí del Mediterraneo oriental 4’43”
3 • NON ME MORDAS YA HABIBI Jarcha de la moaxaja nº 8 de Jehuda Halevi (1070-1141) 4’07”
4 • NANI, NANI Canción de cuna sefardí oriental 5’37”
5 • IODUJÁ RAIONAI Canción del Shabat de Israel Najara (Safed, siglo XVI) 4’40”
15 • PHELIPE 1’30”
16 • MUWWAL ISBIHÁN “No todo el que pide felicidad la encuentra” 2’57”
18 • INSHÁD ISBIHÁN “Al contemplar no vi a otro amado” Al-Shushtarí (1212-1269) 3’45”


JORGE ROZEMBLUM Canto solista, coro, citolón y pandero
AURORA MORENO Canto solista, coro y tar
LUIS DELGADO Laúd, zanfona, santur, darbuga, tar y coro
EDUARDO PANIAGUA Qanun, flautas (fahl, alto, salamilla), y coro

LUIS DELGAD: Laúd, dutar, cítola, zanfona, tromba marina, viola de teclas, darbuga, bendir, pandero, tar, qaraquebs y campanillas
EDUARDO PANIAGUA: Salterio, qanun, flautas soprano, tenor y pastoril, nay, tromba marina, darbuga, tabila, pandero, tar, sistro de arena, campana y voces

OMAR METIOUI: Laúd árabe
AHMED AL-GAZI: Viola alto

martedì 10 marzo 2015

G.B.Bassani - La Tromba della Divina Misericordia

39 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 80Mb

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Sonata for 2 violins & cello No. 8, Op. 5
Tocatta for organ
La Tromba della Divina Misericordia, oratorio

Anna Bessi, mezzosoprano,
Elena Carzaniga, contralto,
Paolo Borgonovo, tenore,
Gianluca Buratto, basso

Ensemble StilModerno
Ensemble vocale Magnificat

lunedì 9 marzo 2015

Mozart Complete Edition

180 CD in 237 RAR files - 14,6 Gb - MP3 192 Kbps

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* Vol 01 Early symphonies (Marriner) (6 CD, 542.3 MB)
* Vol 02 Symphonies (Marriner) (6 CD, 553.13 MB)
* Vol 03 Serenades for Orchestra (Marriner) (7 CD, 556.67 MB)
* Vol 04 Divertimenti (St Martin in the Field's Chamber Ensemble) (5 CD, 372.39 MB)
* Vol 05 Serenades and Divertimenti for Wind (Marriner, Laird, de Waart) (6 CD, 499.32 MB)
* Vol 06 Dances and Marches (Boskovsky) (6 CD, 563.23 MB)
* Vol 07 Piano Concertos (Brendel, Marriner) (12 CD, 1019.45 MB)
* Vol 08 Violin Concertos (Szeryng, Gibson a.o.) (4 CD, 366.23 MB)
* Vol 09 Wind Concertos (Marriner, Holliger) (5 CD, 361.37 MB)
* Vol 10 Quintets Quartets etc (St Martin in the Field's Chamber Ensemble) (3 CD, 247.12 MB)
* Vol 11 String Quintets (Grumiaux a.o.) (3 CD, 233.2 MB)
* Vol 12 String Quartets (Quartetto Italiano) (8 CD, 652.99 MB)
* Vol 13 String duos and trios (Grumiaux trio a.o.) (2 CD, 182.84 MB)
* Vol 14 Piano quintets Quartets Trios (Beaux Arts Trio) (5 CD, 364.88 MB)
* Vol 15 Violin sonatas (Grumiaux a.o.) (7 CD, 620.24 MB)
* Vol 16 Music for 2 pianos & piano duets (Haebler, Hoffman a.o.) (2 CD, 200.74 MB)
* Vol 17 Piano Sonatas (Uchida) (5 CD, 360.35 MB)
* Vol 18 Piano variations, Rondos etc (Haebler, Uchida, Koopman) (5 CD, 358.6 MB)
* Vol 19 Missae and Requiem (Davis, Gardiner a.o.) (9 CD, 661.73 MB)
* Vol 20 Litanies and vespers (Kegel, Davis) (5 CD, 473.06 MB)
* Vol 21 Organ sonatas & solos (Chorzempa a.o.) (2 CD, 157.52 MB)
* Vol 22 Oratorios, Cantatas and Masonic Music (Hager, Marriner, Schreier) (6 CD, 489.01 MB)
* Vol 23 Arias, vocal ensembles and canons (Hager, Marriner, Bohm a.o.) (8 CD, 771.7 MB)
* Vol 24 Lieder and notturni (Amerling, van der Bilt a.o.) (2 CD, 129.26 MB)
* Vol 25 Theatre and ballet music (Klee, Marriner, Zinman) (2 CD, 188.39 MB)
* Vol 26 Apollo et Hyacinthus (Augar, Rolfe-Johnson a.o. cond Hager) (2 CD, 115.92 MB)
* Vol 27 Bastien und Bastienne (Orieschnig, Nigl, Busch cond Harrer) (1 CD, 74.49 MB)
* Vol 28 La Finta Semplice (Hendricks, Lorenz a.o. cond Schreier) (2 CD, 211.8 MB)
* Vol 29 Mitridate, Re di Ponto (Hollweg, Augèr, Gruberova a.o. cond Hager) (3 CD, 269.44 MB)
* Vol 30 Ascanio in Alba (Sukis, Baltsa a.o. cond Hager) (3 CD, 226.94 MB)
* Vol 31 Il Sogno di Scipione (Schreier, Popp, Gruberova a.o. cond Hager) (2 CD, 156.85 MB)
* Vol 32 Lucio Silla (Schreier, Augar, Varady a.o. cond Hager) (3 CD, 294.78 MB)
* Vol 33 La finta giardiniera (di Cesare, Conwell, Moser a.o. cond Hager) (3 CD, 282.5 MB)
* Vol 34 Die Gartnerin aus Liebe (Unger, Donath, Norman a.o. cond Schmidt-Isserstedt) (3 CD, 251.25 MB)
* Vol 35 Il Re Pastore (Hadley, McNair, Blasi a.o. cond Marriner) (2 CD, 147.46 MB)
* Vol 36 Zaide (Mathis, Schreier a.o. cond Klee)& Der Schauspieldirektor (Grant, Cotrubas a.o. cond Davis) (2 CD, 161.34 MB)
* Vol 37 Idomeneo (Araiza, Hendricks a.o. cond Davis) (3 CD, 301.07 MB)
* Vol 38 Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (Jurgens, Eda-Pierre a.o. cond Davis) (2 CD, 176.52 MB)
* Vol 39 L'oca del Cairo (Fischer-Dieskau, Wiens a.o. cond Schreier) & Lo sposo deluso (Grant, Palmer a.o. cond Davis) (1 CD, 90.45 MB)
* Vol 40 Le nozze di Figaro (Wixell, Norman, Freni a.o. cond Davis) (3 CD, 242.21 MB)
* Vol 41 Don Giovanni (Wixell, Arroyo, Te Kanawa a.o. cond Davis) (3 CD, 225.95 MB)
* Vol 42 Cosi fan tutti (Caballè, Gedda, Cotrubas a.o. cond Davis) (3 CD, 250.5 MB)
* Vol 43 Die Zauberflote (Moll, Schreier, Price a.o. cond Davis) (3 CD, 217.99 MB)
* Vol 44 La Clemenza di Tito (Burrows, Baker, Popp a.o. cond Davis) (2 CD, 177.26 MB)
* Vol 45 Rarities and surprises (Davis, Marriner, Schreier, Sillito) (3 CD, 214.22 MB)