giovedì 23 agosto 2012

Una Musa Plebea

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 100Mb

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The music on this intriguing release does not cover a single genre or repertory. Instead, it attempts to answer the question "What was the local music scene like in Italy when the courts and the rich families were importing top talent from the Low Countries to write intricate polyphony?" The answer involves several kinds of music, and the creators of the album deserve credit for not trying to force it all into a single mold. Some of the music -- light, chordal, sometimes very sexy songs that went by the designation of frottola and other names -- remained popular, and similar examples were cultivated by Josquin and other Flemish-Italian composers. But the other kinds of music on the album have received much less attention. With some variations, it consists of three types. One consists of improvised stanzaic poems called ottave (eight-line stanzas), performed unaccompanied or with very light accompaniment, and sometimes dialogic, with a pair of singers re-creating an established idea. Sometimes the topic is the art of poetic improvisation itself. These performances, according to the extensive notes, fell out of fashion in the 18th century, but the Italian countryside today has yielded survivals of many of the traditions developed over the last millennium, and what's presented here are live recordings of contemporary Tuscan exponents. It's fascinating stuff if you are interested in oral poetry, and among the ultimate descendents of the music heard here are the corridos that issue from the radios in a million Mexican restaurants. There are also solo settings of cultivated Italian poems by the likes of Leonardo Giustinian (track 12), and a variety of mostly anonymous instrumental dances, featuring a richly buzzing hammer dulcimer, to break up the texture. The vocalists and instrumentalists of the Ensemble Lucidarium give attractive performances, but the real novelty is the persistence of a tradition of oral poetry that is centuries old. Recommended for anyone interested in vernacular traditions.


1 - Chjama è rispondi - Roccu Mambrini / Francescu Simeoni
2 - Tent'a l'ora ruzenenta - Anonymous
3 - Strambotti - Francesco Varoter
4 - Ottave a contrasto - Nello Landi / Emilio Meliani
5 - Turcho, turcho e Isabella - La Tricotée - Anonymous
6 - Ay me' sospiri - Anonymous
7 - Non peccando altri che il core - Marchetto Cara
8 - Ogni cosa ha el suo loco - Giovanni Battista Zesso
9 - El bon nochier - Anonymous
10 - Stanze dal "Maggio d' Orfeo ed Euridice" - Mario Filippi
11 - Ottave dal "Transito di Carnevale" - Anonymous
12 - Pianzete done - Anonymous
13 - Romanesca - Anonymous
14 - Ottave dal "Maggio d'Orfeo ed Euridice" - Mario Filippi
15 - O gratiosa viola mia gentile - Anonymous
16 - Gratioso - Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro (Giovanni Ambrosio)
17 - Perla mia cara - Anonymous
18 - Trista che spera - Pietro Oriola
19 - Ottave dall' "Orlando furioso" - Dolando Bernardini

Ensemble Lucidarium

Gloria Moretti, canto
Marie Pierre Duceau, canto
Bettina Ruchti, viola d’arco
Avery Gosfield, flauti, flauto e tamburo
Marco Ferrari, flauti, flauto doppio, dulciana
Francis Biggi, liuto, colascione
Elisabetta Benfenati, chitarra rinascimentale
Massimiliano Dragoni, dulcimelo, percussioni

lunedì 20 agosto 2012

Cor Mio, Deh Non Languire

21 tracks - MP3 192Kbps - RAR 129Mb

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21 Settings of Guarini by:

Luzzasco Luzzaschi
Alessandro Savioli
Gemignano Capilupi
Benedetto Pallavicino
Salamone Rossi
Giulio Caccini
Leone Leoni
Giovanni Priuli
Sigismondo d "india
Giovanni Ghizzolo
Johann Grabbe
Filiberto Nantermi
Alessandro Scialla
John Ward
Enrico Radesca da Foggia
Giuseppe Palazzotto
Claudio Saracini
Adriano Banchieri
Giovanni Pasta
Pompeo Natali
Alessandro Scarlatti

The Consort of Musicke

Emma Kirkby (soprano)
Evelyn Tubb (soprano)
Mary Nichols (alto)
Andrew King (tenor)
Paul Agnew (tenor)
Alan Ewing (bass)

Anthony Rooley (dir.)