giovedì 16 giugno 2016

Marie et Marion - Motets & Chansons from 13th-century France

24 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 114 Mb

Returning to the Montpellier Codex for this programme of motets and chansons from 13th-century France, Anonymous 4 explores two dominant themes of the period: love and longing for the earthly/earthy Marion and the heavenly/virginal Marie. The Montpellier Codex, from which Anonymous 4 draw all these motets, was collected in Paris around the year 1300 and is the richest single source of 13th-century French polyphony. With a repertory spanning the entire 13th century, it contains polyphonic works in all the major forms of its era: organum, conductus, hocket and, primarily, motet (315 motets in all). Renowned for their unearthly vocal blend and virtuosic ensemble singing, Anonymous 4 combine historical scholarship with contemporary performance intuition to create their magical sound. Enchanted by live performances and 20 albums of medieval, contemporary and American music, Anonymous 4's listeners have bought nearly two million copies of the group's recordings for Harmonia Mundi. 


Mater Dei Plena - Mater Virgo Pia - Eius (Mo 66)
He Mere Diu - La Virge Marie - Aptatur (Mo 146)
A La Clarte Qui Tout - Et Illuminare (Mo 189)
Marie: Mater dei plena, Mater virgo pia EIUS (Mo 66)
He mere diu, La virge marie (Mo 146)
A la clarte qui tout (Mo 189)
Marie assumptio afficiat, Hujus chori suscipe (Mo 322)
Chanson: De la gloriouse fenix, Ave lux luminum, Salve virgo rubens (Mo 56)
The Song: Plus joliement c’onques, Quant li douz tans (Mo 257)
Reverdie: Volez vous que je vous chant, J’ai les biens, Que ferai biau sire (Mo 138)
Que ferai biaus sire, Ne puet faillir (Mo 77)
Marion: Pensis chief enclin (Mo 239)
L’autre jour par un matinet , Hier matinet trouvai (Mo 261)
Quant florist la violete, El mois de mai (Mo 135)
Sans orgueil et sans envie (Mo 225)
Trois serors (Mo 27)
Chanson: Amors me fait commencier, En mai quant rosier, L’autre jour par un matin, (Mo 269)
The Sorrow: Pucelete bele et avenant, Je languis des maus (Mo 143)
Diex qui porroit, En grant dolour (Mo 278)
Pour chou que j’aim, Li joli tans (Mo 299)
Marie-Marion: Chanson: J’ai un cuer trop lait, Par une matinee, Mellis stilla (Mo 40)
Or voi je bien / Eximium decus (Mo 273)
Plus bele que flor, Quant revient et fuelle, L’autrier joer (Mo 21)

Anonymous 4

lunedì 13 giugno 2016

E. J. de La Guerre - Le passage de la mer rouge

31 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 82 Mb

Subjects for cantatas normally are taken from mythology or familiar tragic epics. However, this unique program consists of three cantatas with subjects drawn from the Old Testament instead of mythology. The “Cantate Spirituelle” genre is, to our knowledge, little used: there are not even studies on the subject. Though the repertoire of this genre is small, the quality of this striking music is great. This program highlights the dramatic cantatas Judith, The Fall of Salomon, and of course Le Passage de la Mer Rouge (The Crossing of the Red Sea) by the three sole composers of this genre, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Sébastien de Brossard, and René Drouart de Bousset.


Elisabeth Jaquet de la Guerre - Le Passage De La Mer Rouge
Elisabeth Jaquet de la Guerre - Sonate en trio III
Sebastien de Brossard - Sonate en trio en sol mineur
Sebastien de Brossard - La Cheutte de Salomon
Sebastien de Brossard - Ritournelle
Rene Drouard de Bousset - Judith

Luanda Siqueira, soprano

Le Tendre Amour