domenica 21 dicembre 2008

Concentus Musicus Wien - A Celebration

10 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 15 ZIP (908Mb)

Back in the '60 there was a revolution in progress on the subject of how Baroque music should be played. "Have we all been barking up the wrong tree?" a rather baffled critic asked in 1967 on the occasion of a debate on the subject of performance practice. The fact of the matter was that an obscure Viennese ensemble had begun to spark off some rather heated discussions and that an argumentative and philosophically-minded cellist with a defiant Hadsburg lip ensured its disticntive and controversial image. The pugnacious Austrian was as vehemently opposed to Karl Richter's popular and "Romantic" way of playing Bach as he was to the views of some of his contemporaries, whose attempts to reproduce "authentic" sonorities were, he thought, far too academic.(...)
Monika Mertl

This Anthology contains works and excerpts by Johann Sebastian Bach; Franz Xaver Richter; Johann Stamitz; Georg Philipp Telemann; Jacques-Christophe Naudot; Claudio Monteverdi; Johann Heinrich Schmelzer; Antonio Vivaldi; Giuseppe Sammartini; Johann Joseph Fux; Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber; Jean-Philippe Rameau; Johann Christian Bach; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; George Frideric Handel; Jan Dismas Zelenka; Henry Purcell; Leopold Mozart; Franz Joseph Haydn; Giovanni Battista Pergolesi.

CD 1 (1963-1972)
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CD 2 (1963-1972)
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CD 3 (1973-1984)
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CD 4 (1973-1984)
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CD 5 (1985-1989)
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CD 6 (1985-1989)
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CD 7 (1990-1997)
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CD 8 (1990-1997)
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CD 9 (1963-1972)
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CD 10 (1963-1972)
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lunedì 15 dicembre 2008

Ono Gagaku Kai - Gagaku

6 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 73Mb

Uploaded - FileFactory

Japan: Gagaku, a collection of high-quality gagaku works courtesy of the Ono Gagaku Kai Society, one of the better private organizations dedicated to the preservation of an old art (the society dates back to the end of the 19th century, but the art is one of the older surviving musics known to man). Two of the three major divisions of gagaku are represented here, as kangen and bugaku forms are displayed to their fullest (instrumental and dance forms, as vocal/uta-mono is excluded from the album). The album opens with the standard piece of gagaku, "Etenraku." This gives the group some room to stretch out on the tuning-up period a bit and then move into the full instrumental glory of the work. A dance piece stemming from the Rg Veda follows, with a vaguely related longer one from western Asia following it. "Gakkaen" stands as one of the oldest pieces of music, recorded to be in use as early as 702 A.D., and is an interesting instrumental take on an old dance movement. "Bairo" is another work stemming from the Vedic culture, surrounding a prince Vairo-dhaka. The album closes with a dance work of Korean provenance, making even heavier use of the sho than the majority of the tracks (which is saying something in a gagaku ensemble). For newcomers to the rather otherworldly sound of gagaku, the recording of the Kyoto Imperial Court Orchestra on Lyrichord might prove a better introduction, given their virtuosity and encompassing of the full range. Japan: Gagaku is a fine album nonetheless, with able musicians providing a wealth of musical goodness in an ancient tradition.
Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide


1) Hyôjô netori + Etenraku
2) Batô
3) Genjôraku
4) Gakkaen (Taiheiraku)
5) Bairo
6) Nasori

mercoledì 3 dicembre 2008

G.P.Telemann - Perpetuum Mobile

33 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 115Mb

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Kantate TWV 1:795 - Hier Ist Mein Herz, Geliebter Jesu
Quartett g-moll TWV 43:g4
(recorder, violine, viola & bc)
Passionkantate TWV 1:1536 - Weiche, Lust Und Frohlichkeit
Quartett a-moll TWV 43:a3
(oboe, violine, viola & bc)
Psalm 6 TWV 7:2 - Ach Herr, Strafe Mich Nicht
Ouverture D-dur TWV 55:D12

Dorothee Mields, soprano
Benoit Haller, tenor
Han Tol, recorder

dir. Han Tol

lunedì 1 dicembre 2008

Henry Purcell - The Fairy Queen

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 3 RAR (96+98+17Mb)

(Live Recording)

CD 1 - - CD 2 - - Scan+Full Booklet

CD 1 - - CD 2 - - Scan+Full Booklet

Purcell's five-act semi-opera "The Fairy Queen", composed as a series of masques to be performed between the acts of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", consists of music of extraordinary grace, brilliance, variety, and above all - as befits its original context - enchantment. And it's this last quality that has proved the most elusive to various otherwise excellent recorded performances over the years. There have been a number of well-regarded recordings, including those under Norrington, Christie, Harnoncourt, Gardiner and Christophers. This present set, recorded live at the Ravenna Festival in 2001, is performed by the Italian early-music ensemble Accademia Bizantina directed by Ottavio Dantone. However, the vocal soloists and chorus are all British - the point being well made on the cover by means of the ad hoc name New English Voices - so, for those who insist on their Purcell sounding as English as can be, rest assured that you won't be hearing Italian accents pronouncing "O letta me ever weep", or anything like that. (Stephen Midgley)

Semi-opera in 5 atti

Carolyn Sampson, soprano
Andrew Carwood, tenore
Michael Bundy, basso

New English Voices
dir. Michael McCarthy

Accademia Bizantina
dir. Ottavio Dantone

sabato 29 novembre 2008

G.F.Handel - Sonatas in Several Parts

27 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 84Mb

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Trio en do mineur HWV 386a
(ob, vl, bc)
Trio en fa majeur HWV 389
(2vl, bc)
Prelude en sol mineur HWV 572
Trio en sol mineur HWV 404
(ob, 2vl, bc)
Trio en sol mineur HWV 393
(ob, vl, bc)
Prelude en re mineur HWV 562
Sonate en re mineur HWV 359a
(vl, bc)
Sonate en sol majeur My song shall be away
(ob, 2vl, bc)

L’Assemblee Des Honnestes Curieux

Amandine Beyer, violon
Alba Roca, violon
Antoine Torunczyk, hautbois
Chiao-pin Kuo, clavecin
Baldomero Barciela, viole de gambe

lunedì 17 novembre 2008

George Frideric Handel - Concerti Grossi Opus 3

Here, in my humble opinion, we're talking about the Encyclopedia of Concerto Grosso: everything one wants to know about this musical form is depicted in these masterpieces courtesy of the Caro Sassone. So I decided to scout the net trying to find out some interesting versions of this masterpiece.

OK, Richter's recording could wrinkle some noses but please consider that it happened in 1971 and anyway this is the first version I ever listened to so I'm pretty partial about it.

Gardiner's is for Giovanni & Gustavo (if my memory's good).

Egarr's is really good and I posted it before.

Pinnock's is a Classic (Capital "C")

Lamon's is a mouthful of fresh air.

Harnoncourt's is what you expect...

Goodman's is my favourite, listen to it and let me know... let's start.


English Baroque Soloists
dir. Sir John Eliot Gardiner
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Concentus Musicus Wien
dir. Nikolaus Harnoncourt
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The Brandenburg Consort
dir. Roy Goodman
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The English Concert
dir. Trevor Pinnock
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dir. Jeanne Lamon
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Academy of Ancient Music
dir. Richard Egarr
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Booklet (16Mb)
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Munchener Bach-Orchester
dir. Carl Richter
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Early Minkowsi, when he and his Musicians du Louvre were becoming known. This version of the concerti grossi was awarded a diapason d'or by Diapason magazine in France.
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martedì 11 novembre 2008

G.P.Telemann - Harmonischer Gottesdienst

Inserisci link21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 110Mb

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Kantate Nr. 44 am 10. Sonntage nach Trinitatis
Kantate Nr. 47 am 13. Sonntage nach Trinitatis
Kantate Nr. 48 am 14. Sonntage nach Trinitatis
Kantate Nr. 54 am 20. Sonntage nach Trinitatis
Kantate Nr. 55 am 21. Sonntage nach Trinitatis
Kantate Nr. 57 am 23. Sonntage nach Trinitatis
Kantate Nr. 64 am Michaelistage

Monica Frimmer, soprano
Rufus Müller, tenor
Bernhard Hirtreiter, tenor
Gotthold Schwarz, bass
Pieter Affourtit, violin
Gerhard Darmstadt, cello
Alfredo Bernardini, oboe
Christian Beuse, bassoon
Myriam Eichberger, recorder
Linde Brunnmayer, transverse flute
Christoph Hammer, organ and harpsichord

sabato 1 novembre 2008

Henry Purcell - Theatre Music

6 CD - MP3 192Kbps - 6 ZIP 546Mb


CD 1: (94Mb)

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Distressed Innocence
The Married Beau
The Gordian Knot Untyd
Sir Anthony Love

CD 2: (98Mb)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

The Virtuous Wife
The Old Bachelor

CD 3: (86Mb)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Inserisci link
Overture In G minorInserisci link
Don Quixote

CD 4: (94Mb)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

The Double Dealer
The Richmond Heiress
The Rival Sisters
Henry II
Tyrannic Love
Overture G min

CD 5: (105Mb)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

The Libertine
The Massacre Of Paris
Overture D min
History Of King Richard II
Sir Barnaby Whigg
The English Lawyer
A Fools Preferment
The Indian Emperor
The Knight of Malta
Dialogue Between Thirsis & Daphne
Cleomenes, The Spartan Hero
Regulus or The Faction Of Carthage
The Marriage-Hater Matchd

CD 6: (100Mb)

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Love Triumphant
Rule A Wife & Have A Wife
The Female Virtuosos
Epsom Wells
The Maids Last Prayer
The Canterbury Guests
The Fatal Marriage
The Spanish Friar
Pausanias, The Betrayer Of His Country
The Mock Marriage
Pavans 1-5
Trio Sonata for Violin, Bass Viol & Organ

Emma Kirkby
Judith Nelson
James Bowman
Roger Covey-Crump
Martyn Hill
David Thomas

Taverner Choir
Academy Of Ancient Music
dir. Christopher Hogwood

giovedì 16 ottobre 2008

G.P.Telemann - Telemann in Minor

27 tracks - MP 192 Kbps - RAR 95Mb

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The Pratum Integrum Orchestra perform works by G.P. Telemann including the world premiere recording of his Orchestral Suite in A Minor for two Oboes, Bassoon, Strings and BC.


Orchestral Suite in A minor for two Oboes, Bassoon, Strings and BC *
Sonata in F minor for two Violins, two Violas, Cello and BC
Concerto in E minor for Flute, Violin, Strings and BC
Sonata in B-flat major for two Violins, two Violas, Cello and BC
Concerto in E minor for two Flutes, Violin, Strings and BC

* World Premiere Recordings

Pratum Integrum Orchestra

Sergei Filchenko solo violin (24-27), 1st violin (1-23)
Marina Katarzhnova 1st violin (1-10,15-19,24-27)
Dmitry Lepekhov 1st violin (1-10,15-19,24-27)
Dmitry Sinkovsky solo violin (15-19), 2nd violin (1-14, 20-27)
Natalia Kossareva 2nd violin (1-10,15-19,24-27)
Ivan Titov 2nd violin (1-10, 15-19, 24-27)
Juri Vdovitchenko viola (1-27)
Sergei Tischenko viola (1-27)
Pavel Serbin cello (1-27)
Alexander Gulin cello (1-10,15-19,24-27)
Mikhail Khokhlov double bass (1-10,15-19,24-27)
Philipp Nodel oboe (1-10)
Denis Golubev oboe (1-10)
Olga Ivusheikova solo transverse flute (15-19,24-27)
Ekaterina Driazzhina solo transverse flute (24-27)
Lisa Goldberg bassoon (1-10)
Olga Martynova harpsichord (1-27)

Artistic Director, Pavel Serbin
Concertmaster, Sergei Filchenko

G.P.Telemann - Telemann in Major

26 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 96Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Scans (15Mb)
DepositFiles - FileFactory

The Pratum Integrum Orchestra perform six compositional works by G.P. Telemann including world premiere recordings of three concertos and an orchestral suite.


Orchestral Suite in B Flat Major for Two Oboes, Bassoon, Strings and BC *
Concerto Grosso in G Major for Strings and BC *
Concerto in E Major for Flute, Strings and BC *
Concerto in G Major for Violin, Strings and BC *
Concerto Grosso in G Major for Two Flutes, Bassoon, Strings and BC
Sonata in G Minor for Two Violins, Two Violas, Cello and BC

* World Premiere Recordings

Pratum Integrum Orchestra

Sergei Filchenko, solo violin (8-11,16-18) 1st violin (1-7, 12-15, 19-26)
Dmitry Sinkovsky, solo violin (8-11), 2nd violin (1-7,12-26)
Dmitry Lepekhov, 1st violin (1-22)
Alexander Dogadaev, 1st violin (1-22)
Ivan Titov, 2nd violin (1-22)
Elena Davydova, 2nd violin (1-22)
Juri Vdovitchenko, viola (1-26)
Sergei Tischenko, viola (1-26)
Pavel Serbin, cello (1-7,12-26) solo cello (8-11)
Alexander Gulin, cello (1-22)
Michael Khokhlov, double bass (1-22)
Olga Ivusheikova, solo transverse flute (12-15,19-22)
Ekaterina Driazzhina, solo transverse flute (19-22)
Philipp Nodel, oboe (1-7)
Svetlana Usacheva, oboe (1-7)
Alexander Kolomiets, solo bassoon (19-22), bassoon (1-7)
Olga Martynova, harpsichord (1-26)

Artistic Director, Pavel Serbin
Concertmaster, Sergei Filchenko

martedì 7 ottobre 2008

G.F.Handel - The Masterworks

40 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 41 ZIP (~3.15Gb) - Scans

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Contents list (external)

Bach 2000 (Teldec)

154 CDs | MP3 192 Kbps | 155 ZIP (13,2Gb)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

The ultimate collection of the complete music of J.S. Bach.
153 cd's in 12 volumes.
Bonus cd documenting the history of performance practice of the St. Matthew Passion.

(...) This astonishing collection of music is a historic event. Teldec has compiled an excellent collection of all the works of J.S. Bach, from well-known to the obscure, performed by a wide variety of highly respected musicians. There are many, many treasures included in this collection, for example: the cello suites performed by Nikolaus Harnoncourt now on cd for the first time. And the 4-cd set of chorales is stunning.(...) (AMAZ0N)


Volume I, 15 Discs
Sacred Cantatas Nos. 1-14, 16-47

Volume II, 15 Discs
Sacred Cantatas Nos. 48-52, 54-69, 69A, 70-99

Volume III, 15 Discs
Sacred Cantatas Nos. 100-117, 119-140,143-149s

Volume IV, 15 Discs
Sacred Cantatas BWV 150-159, 161-188, 192, 194-199

Volume V, 11 Discs
Secular Cantatas App. Sacred Cantatas
Koopman, Harnoncourt, Goebel and others

Volume VI, 14 Discs
The Sacred Vocal Works Masses,Magnificat, Passions, Oratorios
Harnoncourt, Koopman, Corboz and others

Volume VII, 7 Discs
The Motets, Chorales & Songs, Kirnberger Chorales, Schemelli Songs, Quodlibet

Volume VIII, 16 Discs
The Organ Works; Ton Koopman

Volume IX, 11 Discs
The Keyboard Works (I) The Well-Tempered Clavier, English & French Suites, Partitas etc
Curtis, Ross, Wilson, Ruzickova

Volume X, 11 Discs
The Keyboard Works (II) Goldberg Variations, Toccatas, Fugues, Italian Concerto, etc
Staier, Barchi, Leonhardt, von Asperen, Baumont, and others

Volume XI, 13 Discs
The Chamber Music Violin Sonatas & Partitas, Flute Sonatas, Works for Lute, Art of Fugue, Musical Offering, etc
Harnoncourt, Pianca, Tachezi, Bruggen, Zehetmair, and others

Volume XII, 10 Discs
The Orchestral Works The Concertos & Orchestral Suite
Il Giardino Armonico, Harnoncourt, Leonhardt

mercoledì 24 settembre 2008

G.P.Telemann - Les Plaisirs de la Table

7 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 11 RAR ~680Mb


Konzert a-moll
Flûte à bec alto, viole de gambe, violon, alto, BC
Konzert F-Dur
Flûte à bec, basson, deux violons, alto, BC
Konzert e-moll
Flûte à bec, flûte traversière, BC
Suite a-moll
Flûte à bec, deux violons, alto, BC


Konzert a-moll
Flûte à bec, hautbois, violon, BC
Trio Sonate, F-Dur (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte à bec, viole de gambe, BC
Trio Sonate, c-moll (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte à bec, hautbois, BC
Trio Sonate a-moll (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte à bec, violon, BC
Trio Sonate F-Dur
2 flûtes à bec, BC
Trio Sonate d-moll
Flûte à bec, dessus de viole, BC
Quartet F-Dur
Flûte à bec, hautbois, violon, BC


Sonate C Dur (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte alto, BC
Sonate f-moll (Getreue Musikmeister)
Flûte alto, BC
Sonate B Dur (Methodische Sonaten)
Flûte de voix, BC
Sonate G-Dur
Flûte soprano, BC
Sonate B-Dur (Getreue Musikmeister)
Deux flûtes alto
Sonate F Dur (Getreue Musikmeister)
Flûte alto, BC
Sonate d-moll (Essercizii musici)
Flûte alto, BC
Sonate C-Dur (Getreue Musikmeister)
Flûte alto, BC


Quadri a violino, flauto traversière, viola di Gamba e fondamento (1730)

Concerto secondo D-Dur
Sonata prima, A-Dur
Première Suite, e-moll
Sonata seconda, g-moll
Concerto primo, D-Dur


Quartet g-moll
Hautbois, violon, viole de gambe, BC
Trio Sonate a-moll
Flûte traversière, viole de gambe, BC
Trio Sonate e-moll (Musique de Table, Production II)
Hautbois, flûte traversière, BC
Trio Sonate g-moll (Six Trios ...)
Violon, viole de gambe, BC
Trio Sonate d-moll (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte traversière, hautbois, BC
Deuxième Suite (Quadri...)
Flûte traversière, violon, basse de viole, BC


Flauti Diversi

Johann Christian SCHICKHARDT (ca. 1682 - av. 1762)
Concert II d-moll - 4 flûtes à bec, BC
Carl Heinrich ou Johann Gottlieb GRAUN (1703-1757 1702-1771)
Concerto F-Dur - Flauto terzetto, 2 violons, BC
Georg-Philipp TELEMANN
Quatuor d-moll - (Musique de Table, Production II)
Flûte à bec, 2 flûtes traversières, BC
Carl Philipp Emanuel BACH (1714 - 1788)
Triosonate F-Dur, Wq. 163 - flûte à bec basse, alto, BC
Johann Friedrich FASCH (1688-1758)
Quartet B-Dur - Flûte à bec, hautbois, violon, BC
Georg Philipp TELEMANN
Sixième Concert A-Dur
Flûte de voix, clavecin obligé, violoncelle
Johann Joachim QUANTZ (1697-1773)
Triosonate C-Dur - Flûte à bec, flûte traversière, BC


Sonate e concerti
per il corno da caccia

Antonio VIVALDI (1678-1741)
Concerto in fa maggiore RV 97
Viole d'amour, deux cors, deux hautbois, basson, BC
Gottfried Heinrich STÖLZEL (1690-1749)
Quartet F-Dur - Hautbois, violon, cor, BC
Carl Heinrich GRAUN (1703-1757)
Trio Es-Dur - Hautbois d'amour, cor, basson
Carl Heinrich GRAUN (1703-1757)
Triosonate D-Dur - Violon, cor, BC
Johann Friedrich FASCH (1688-1758)
Quartet F-Dur - Violon, hautbois, cor, BC
George Frideric HANDEL (1685-1759)
Ouverture D-Dur - 2 clarinettes, cor
Georg-Philipp TELEMANN
Concerto F-Dur - Flûte à bec, cor, BC
Georg Philipp TELEMANN
Menuet (F Dur) à deux cornes de chasse
Michel CORRETTE (1709-1795)
La Choisy, Concerto comique XIV en do majeur
Cor, vielle à roue, deux violons, BC

scans & booklet

Ricercar Consort
La Pastorella

Frédéric de ROOS, flûte à becPhilippe PIERLOT, dessus et basse de violeMarc MINKOWSKI, bassonPatrick BEUCKELS, flûte traversièreFrançois FERNANDEZ, violon, altoMihoko KIMURA, violonAnnette SICHELSCHMIDT, violonGhislaine WAUTERS, violon, altoAgeet ZWEISTRA, violoncelleEric MATHOT, contrebasseGuy PENSON, clavecin et orgueMarcel PONSEELE, hautboisPatrick DENECKER, flûte à becSophie WATILLON, basse de violeMarc VALLON, bassonPhilippe MALFEYT, archiluthDanièle ETIENNE, flûteBernard FOCCROULLE, clavecinPatrick BEUCKELS, flûte traversièreDavid MINGS, bassonJoëlle LANSCOTTE, flûte à becMieke VAN WEDDINGEN, flûte à becHidemi SUZUKI, violoncelleClaude MAURY, corChristophe FERON, cor

sabato 23 agosto 2008

G.P.Telemann - Harpsichord Overtures

21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 2 RAR (80+29Mb)

DepositFiles - FileFactory


6 Ouverturen nebst zween Folgesatzen
bei jedweder , Franzosisch, Polnisch
oder sonst tandelnd und Welsch
TWV 32

Concerto in B minor
App. TWV 33:1

Harald Hoeren, harpsichord

venerdì 1 agosto 2008

Recorder Sonatas

8 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 10 RAR (760Mb)


CD One
George Friedrich Händel: Complete Recorder Sonatas (64:19)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Sonata in C major
Sonata in A minor
Sonata in B flat major
Sonata in D major for Flute (voice-flute)
Sonata in D minor
Sonata in F major
Sonata in G minor

CD Two
Georg Philipp Telemann: Complete sonatas and Sonatinas (71:49)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Sonata in C major "Essercizii musici"
Sonatina in C minor
Sonata in C major "Der Getreue Musikmeister"
Sonata in D minor "Essercizii musici"
Sonata in F minor "Der Getreue Musikmeister"
Sonatina in A minor

Sonata in A major "Der Getreue Musikmeister"
Sonata in F major "Der Getreue Musikmeister"
Sonata in F minor

CD Three
Francesco Barsanti: Recorder Sonatas (59:28)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Sonata I in D minor
Sonata II in C major
Sonata III in G minor
Sonata IV in C minor
Sonata V in F major
Sonata VI in B flat major

CD Four
Italian Baroque Music for Recorder (61:56)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Alessandro Scarlatti: Sonata in G major
Alessandro Scarlatti: Sonata in F major
Giuseppe Sammartini: Sonata in B flat major
Francesco Mancini : Sonata No.3 in C minor
Pietro Castrucci: Sonata in D minor, Op.1 No.10
Arcangelo Corelli: Sonata in A minor
Benedetto Marcello: Sonata No.4 in E minor
Arcangelo Corelli 'La Follia' Op.5 No.5

CD Five
English Recorder Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries (70:52)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Matthew Locke Suite in A minor
Anonymus 'Paul's Steeple'
Jacques Paisible: Sonata in G minor
Henry Purcell: 'Ground' in E minor
Andrew Parcham: Sonata in G major
Henry Eccles: 'Ground' in B flat major
Jacques Paisible: Sonata in D major
Anonymus: 'Greensleeves'
Matthew Locke: Suite in D minor/D major
Anonymus: 'Greensleeves'
Godfrey Finger: Sonata in D minor
Godfrey Finger: Sonata in G major
Anonymus: 'Ground'

CD Six
German and Dutch 18th Century Music for Recorder (62:03)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Johann Christian Schickhardt: Sonata in B minor op.I No. 4
Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer: Sonata in seconda
Jean Baptiste Loeillet: Sonata in G major, Op.1 no.3
Joseph Hector Fiocco / Pierre Antoine: Sonata in G minor
Georg Philipp Telemann: Partita No. 1 in B flat major
Georg Friedrich Handel: Sonata in F major
Georg Philipp Telemann: Partita No. V in E minor

CD Seven
French Music for Recorder I (73:57)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Jacques Hotteterre Le Romain: Prelude in D major
Jacques Hotteterre Le Romain: Premiere Suitte in D major
Charles Dieupart: Suite No.5 in F major
Jacques Hotteterre Le Romain: Prelude in D minor - Rondement / Gay
Anne Danican-Philidor: Sonata for Flute in D minor
Charles Dieupart: Suite No.3 in B minor
Francois Couperin le Grand: L'Amazone, Menuet, La Linote
Charles Dieupart: Suite No.1 in A major

CD Eight
French Music for Recorder II (69:18)

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Jacques Hotteterre Le Romain: Prelude in D major
Charles Dieupart: Suite No.2 in D major
Jacques Hotteterre Le Romain: Prelude in G minor
Pierre Danican-Philidor: Cinquieme Suite in G minor
Charles Dieupart: Suite No.4 in E minor
Jacques Hotteterre Le Romain: Prelude in C minor: Tendrement - Gay
Charles Buterne: Sonata No.4 in C minor
Jean Daniel Braun: From Paris 1740
Charles Dieupart: Suiter No. 5 in F minor


DepositFiles - FileFactory

Michael Schneider (Recorder)
Sabine Bauer (Cembalo),
Yasunori Imamura (Laute)
Toshonori Ozaki (Laute)
Rainer Zipperling (Viola da gamba & Violoncello)
Annette Schneider (Violoncello)
Christian Beuse (Fagott)

martedì 29 luglio 2008

G.P.Telemann - Bass Cantatas

32 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 97Mb

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booklet (28MB)
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Es sind schon die letzten Zeiten, TVW 1:529
Die Liebe gegen meinen Gott, TVW 1:350
In allen meinen Taten, TVW 1:928
Wo soll ich fliehen hin, TVW 1:1724
Trio in D minor TVW 42:d4, daEssercizii musici
Trio in G minor TVW 42:g5, daEssercizii musici

Klaus Mertens, bass
Il Gardellino

martedì 22 luglio 2008

Georg Philipp Telemann - Hamburger Admiralitatsmusik

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR (168Mb)

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Wasser Overture in C major, TVW55:C3 "Hamburger Ebb und Fluth"
Hamburger Admiralitatsmusik TVW24:1

Mieke Van der Sluis (Soprano)
Graham Pushee (Tenor)
Rufus Müller (Tenor)
Klaus Mertens (Bass)
David Thomas (Bass)
Michael Schopper (Bass)

Bremen Baroque Orchestra
dir.Wolfgang Helbich

giovedì 17 luglio 2008

Georg Philipp Telemann - Christmas Cantatas

32 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 100Mb

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Saget der Tochter Zion
Saget den verzagten Herzen
Auf Zion!Und lass in geheiligten Hallen
Kuendlich gross ist das gotselige Geheimimnis

Dorothee Mields (Soprano)
Britta Schwarz (Contralto)
Dirk Schmidt (Bass)

Magdeburg Chamber Choir
Michaelstein Telemann Chamber Orchestra
dir.Ludger Rémy

martedì 15 luglio 2008

G.P.Telemann - Der Neumodische Liebhaber Damon

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 3 RAR (100+100+85Mb)

Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
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Der Neumodische Liebhaber Damon


Die Satyrn in Arkadyen TWV 21:8

Tyrsis, a shepherd in Arcadia, disguised as a nymph under the name of Caliste — MECHTHILD GEORG, Mezzosopran
Mirtilla, a nymph, the sister of Tyrsis — ANN MONOYIOS, Sopran
Elpina, a nymph — CAMILLE VAN LUNEN, Sopan
Laurindo, a shepherd — GOTTHOLD SCHWARZ, Baß
Ergasto, a shepherd — CARL-CHRISTOF GEBHARD, Baß
Damon, a satyr — MICHAEL SCHOPPER, Baß
Hippo, a satyr among Damon’s following — ERIK BIEGEL, Tenor
Nigella, a gypsy, Damon’s wife — STEFANIE SMITS, Sopran



mercoledì 25 giugno 2008

G.P.Telemann - Traueractus - Kantaten

Inserisci link27 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 2 RAR (80+36Mb)

Inserisci link
Part 1
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Part 2
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Ach , Herr, straf mich nicht in deinem Zorn
Du aber, Daniel, gehe hin
Sei getreu bis in den Tod
Trauer-Actus "Ach wie flüchtig, ach wie nichtig"
Schaffe in mir, Gott, ein reines Herz

Johanna Koslowsky (soprano)
Elisabeth Popien (alto)
Hans-Jorg Mammel (tenor)
Wilfried Jochens (tenor)
Stephan Schreckenberger (bass)

Cantus Cölln
dir.Konrad Junghanel

martedì 24 giugno 2008

Georg Philipp Telemann - Der Herr Ist Konig - Die Donnerode

25 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 98Mb

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Der Herr ist Konig
Die Donnerode

Ann Monoyios & Barbara Schlick (sopranos)
Axel Köhler (alto)
Wilfried Jochens (tenor)
Harry van der Kamp, Hans-Georg Wimmer, & Stephan Schreckenberger (bass)

Rheinische Kantorei
Das Kleine Konzert
dir.Hermann Max

venerdì 20 giugno 2008

G.P.Telemann - Orpheus

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 3 RAR (100+100+43Mb)

Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
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"Die wunderbare Beständigkeit der Liebe", TWV 21:18

Musicalische Drama, 1726

Orasia (Sopran): Dorothea Röschmann
Orpheus (Bariton): Roman Trekel
Eurydice (Sopran): Ruth Ziesack
Ismene (Sopran): Maria Cristina Kiehr
Eurimedes (Tenor): Werner Güra
Cephisa, Priesterin (Sopran): Isabelle Poulenard
Pluto (Bariton-Bass): Hanno Müller-Brachmann
Ascalax (Kontratenor): Axel Köhler

RIAS- Kammerchor
Akademie für Alte Musik, Berlin
Dir. René Jacobs

mercoledì 18 giugno 2008

28 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 104Mb

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booklet (6Mb)
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Concerto Primo en Sol Majeur
Concerto Secondo en Re Majeur
Sonata Prima en La Majeur
Sonata Seconda en Sol Mineur
Première Suite en Mi Mineur
Deuxième Suite en Si Mineur

Freiburger BarockConsort
Karl Kaiser, flute
Petra Mullejans, violon
Kristin von der Goltz, violoncelle
Hille Perl, viole de gambe
Lee Santana, lute

G.P.Telemann - Paris Quartets (1738)

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 2 RAR (100+75Mb)

Part 1
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Quatuor No- 1 in D major
Quatuor No- 2 in A minor
Quatuor No- 3 in G major
Quatuor No. 4 in B minor
Quatuor No. 5 in A major
Quatuor No. 6 in E minor

Wilbert Hazelezet, flauto traverso

Monica Hugget, violin
Sarah Cunningham, viola da gamba
Gary Cooper, harpsichord (1-5)
Mitzi Meyerson, harpsichord (2-3-4-6)

lunedì 16 giugno 2008

G.P.Telemann - Cantatas from the Harmonischer Gottesdienst

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 2 RAR 199Mb

CD 1
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CD 2
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Am Feste der Heiligen Dreieinigkeit
Am Sonntage Quasimodogeniti
Am Sonntage Sexagesima
Am Sonntage nach dem Neuen Jah
Am 11. Sonntage nach Trititatis
Am 26. Sonntage nach Trinitatis
Am zweiten Osterfeiertage
Am ersten Osterfeiertage
Am Feste der Heil. drei Könige
Am zweiten Sonntage nach Trinitatis
Am dritten Pfingstfeiertage
Am ersten Pfingstfeiertage

Klaus Mertens, bariton
Il Concertino Koln

mercoledì 11 giugno 2008

G.P.Telemann - Serenata Eroica

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 2 RAR (100+48)

Part 1
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Part 2
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Rheinische Kantorei
Das Kleine Konzert
dir. Hermann Max

The Serenata Eroica is a piece of funeral music
for Friedrich August of Saxony
featuring six vocal soloists, chorus and orchestra.

martedì 10 giugno 2008

Printemps des Plaisirs au Moyen-age

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 128 Mb

Ulploaded - Filefactory


1. Anon. - A l'entrada del temps clar
2. Anon. - Quant voi la flor novele
3. Jean Erard - En pascour un jor erroie
4. Guillaume le Viniers - En mi mai
5. Anon. - Au tans pascor, motet
6. Colin Muset - En mai, puant li rossignolet
7. Anon. - Quant voi la fleur en l'arbroie, moet
8. Anon. - Biau dous amis - Au douz tans, Moete
9. Raimbaut de Vaqueiras - Calenda maya
10. Anon. - En mai, quant florissent prey
11. Moniot d'Arras - Ce fu en mai
12. Anon. - Tuit cils - Li jalous, Motet
13. Anon. - Quan lo gilos er fora
14. Châtelain de Coucy - Quant voi este
15. Anon. - Hui main au doz mois de mai, Motet
16. Perrin d'Angicourt - Quant voi le felon tens fine
17. Anon. - Au douz mois de mai joli
18. Jean Erard - El moi de mai par un matin
19. Adam de la Halle - L'autre jour - En mai, quant rosie


Katia Caré (voice, recorders), Jean-Paul Rigaud (voice)
Gisela Bellsolà (voice), Alain Barré (flute)
Jean-Pierre Dubuquoy (vielle, rebec), Jean-Luc Redureau (shawm)
Christophe Tellart (symphonia, bagpipe), Vincent Richard (percussion)
Guy Robert (recitation, harp, guitar, psaltery)


Anne-Eléonore Bovon, Anne Garcenot,
Christine Laveder, Tania Pividori
(chorus, bird songs)

The program is built around the theme of May Day, with a selection of songs on that subject and Spring in general. Performances frequently alternate texture, including the rather unusual choice of human birdcall ambience. The spoken literary introductions of Lescurel are also included for some songs. A wide range of sources are used to reconstruct text and melody, the perpetual issue of the troubadour repertory.

domenica 8 giugno 2008

F.J.Haydn - Concertos for Oboe, Trumpet, Harpsichord

9 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 82Mb

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Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in C major Hob VIIg-C1
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in E flat major Hob VIIe-1
Concerto for Harpsichord and Orchestra in D major Hob XVIII-11

Paul Goodwin, oboe
Mark Bennett, trumpet
Trevor Pinnock, harpsichord

English Concert
dir. Trevor Pinnock

martedì 8 aprile 2008

G.P.Telemann - Der Getreue Music-Meister (complete)

5 CD - MP3 192Kbps - 483Mb

CD 1
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Lesson 01 Opera "Eginhard": Aria "Sage mir doch nichts von Liebe", TWV 21:25
Lesson 01 Partia in G major for Harpsichord, TWV 32:01
Lesson 01 Polonoise in D major, TWV 41:D4
Lesson 01 Sonata in F major #1 for Recorder and bc , TWV 41:F2
Lesson 02 Etliche Contrapunktische Veranderunge des ersten Takts der Telemanischen Sonatinen
Lesson 02 L'hiver in D minor: Gravement , TWV 41:d1
Lesson 02 Opera "Eginhard": Aria "Nimm dein Herz nur wieder an", TWV 21:25
Lesson 03 Duet in B flat major for 2 Recorders , TWV 40:107
Lesson 03 Opera "Sancio": Aria "Es glanzet die Unschuld", TWV 21:20
Lesson 03 Suite (Ouverture) in G minor for Oboe and Continuo, TWV 41:g4
Lesson 04 Canon mit 14 Verkehrungen, gesetzt von Mr. Zelenka: "Vide Domine",
Lesson 04 Opera "Sancio": Aria "So oft du deinen Schatz wirst kussen" , TWV 21:20
Lesson 04 Pastourelle in D major, TWV 41:D5
Lesson 05 Aria "Das Frauenzimmer", TWV 25:037
Lesson 05 Capriccio in G major for Flute and Continuo, TWV 41:G5
Lesson 05 Sonata in D major for Violoncello and Continuo, TWV 41:D6

CD 2
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Lesson 06 "Einige plotzliche Eintritte in entfernte Accords",
Lesson 06 Air in D major for trumpet and basso continuo, TWV 41:C1
Lesson 06 Marsch and Retraite: Allegro in F major (Pour Monsieur le Capitaine Weber), TWV 35:1
Lesson 06 Opera "Eginhard": Aria "Vergiss dich selbst, mein schonster Engel" , TWV 21:25
Lesson 07 Niaise in E major, TWV 41:E2
Lesson 07 Opera "Sancio": Aria Affetuoso "Susse Worte, werte Zeilen", TWV 21:20
Lesson 07 Suite in D major for harpsichord (by Johann Georg Kreising),
Lesson 08 "Thema zur Fugue, nebst 5 eingeschickten Auflosungen",
Lesson 08 Carillon in D major for Recorder and Chalumeau (on 2 Recorders), TWV 40:109
Lesson 08 Menuet in C major for 2 Horns, TWV 40:110
Lesson 08 Suite in D major for 2 violins "Gulliver", TWV 40:108
Lesson 09 Air "Cher souvenir" (by Jean Des Fontaines),
Lesson 09 Duet in B major for Viola and Continuo, TWV 41:B3
Lesson 09 Fantasia in D minor for harpsichord: Vivace (by C. J. F. Haltmeier),
Lesson 09 Pastorale in E major, TWV 41:E3
Lesson 10 Napolitana in B flat major for oboe d'amore and basso continuo, TWV 41:B4
Lesson 10 Opera "Aesopus": Aria "Piu del fiume" , TWV 21:26
Lesson 11 Introduzzione a tre in C major for 2 flutes, 2 violins and basso continuo, TWV 42:C1

CD 3
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Lesson 11 Passacaille in B minor for Harpsichord (by J. V. Goerner) , TWV 35:A2
Lesson 11 Sonata in F minor #1 for Basson and bc , TWV 41:f1
Lesson 12 Opera "Eginhard": Aria "Ergrinnet nicht, ihr holden Augen" , TWV 21:25
Lesson 12 Presto for lute (by Weiss),
Lesson 13 Gigue in A minor for violin (by Pisendel),
Lesson 13 Opera "Die verkehrte Welt": Aria "Gluckselig ist, ver alle Morgan", TWV 21:23
Lesson 13 Opera "Die verkehrte Welt": Scena, TWV 21:23
Lesson 13 Suite in D major for lute (by Baron),
Lesson 14 La Poste in B flat major for harpsichord , TWV 35:2
Lesson 14 Opera "Aesopus": Fable "Die Kuh, doch halt! nein!", TWV 21:26
Lesson 15 Sonata in D major for Viola da gamba solo, TWV 40:001

CD 4
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Lesson 15 "Canon a 3 in Hypodiapente et Hyperdiatessaron par Mr. Schmidt...",
Lesson 15 Opera "Calypso": Chor "Gedoppelt schon", TWV 21:19
Lesson 15 Trouble-Fete in C major for harpsichord (by Goerner),
Lesson 16 Opera "Eginhard": Aria "Gesundheits-Brunnen, warme Bader" , TWV 21:25
Lesson 17 "Canon a 4 von Herrn Capelllmeister Bach" (by Bach BWV 1074),
Lesson 17 Piece in C major for harpsichord (by Kreising),
Lesson 17 Sonata in A minor for Oboe and bc , TWV 41:a3
Lesson 17 Sonata in F major for violin and bc (adapted from Stormer),
Lesson 18 Opera "Aesopus": Aria "Bum bum bum, faranno i timpani" , TWV 21:26
Lesson 18 Suite in D minor for Harpsichord, TWV 32:02
Lesson 19 Canon a 4 von Mr. Dirnslot,
Lesson 19 Cantata "Ich kann lachen, weinen, scherzen", TWV 20:15
Lesson 19 Sonata in C major #1 for Recorder and bc , TWV 41:C2
Lesson 20 Sonata in G major for Flute and Violin (Duet), TWV 40:111

CD 5
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Lesson 21 3 Themata zu Fuguen,
Lesson 21 Aria "Saume nicht, geliebte Schone", TWV 25:038
Lesson 21 Suite in B major for harpsichord (by Petzold), TWV 32:A3
Lesson 22 Sinfonie in B minor for Flute and Continuo, TWV 41:b2
Lesson 22 Sonata in G minor for Violin and Continuo, TWV 41:g5
Lesson 23 Opera "Eginhard": Duet "Ich folge dir" , TWV 21:25
Lesson 24 Bizaria in A major for violin and basso continuo (by Bonporti),
Lesson 24 Sonata in G major for Treble Gamba and Continuo, TWV 41:G6
Lesson 25 Gigue in A major for violin and basso continuo (by Bonporti),
Lesson 25 Opera "Belsazer": Aria "Dass ich mich dir ergeben solite", TWV 21:11

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Camerata Koln

mercoledì 2 aprile 2008

G.P.Telemann - Oden 1741

24 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 97Mb

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Oden (1741) (TWV 25:86-109)

Ode No. 1: Indoctum se dulce bibenti
Ode No. 2: Die Vergnügung
Ode No. 3: Die Tugend
Ode No. 4: Der Schäfer
Ode No. 5: An den Schlaf
Ode No. 6: Der fröhliche Ausgeber
Ode No. 7: Wahre Vorzüge
Ode No. 8: Das Lachen
Ode No. 9: Trinklied
Ode No. 10: Der Mittelstand zwischen Reichtum und Armut
Ode No. 11: Vernünftige Lust
Ode No. 12: Der Wein
Ode No. 13: Jugendlust
Ode No. 14: Die schlechte Mahlzeit
Ode No. 15: An Doris
Ode No. 16: Ein guter Mut
Ode No. 17: Lob des Weins
Ode No. 18: Das vergnügte Schäferleben
Ode No. 19: Die Zufriedenheit
Ode No. 20: Die Genügsamkeit
Ode No. 21: Das Gesundheittrinken
Ode No. 22: Der Freund
Ode No. 23: Das Landleben
Ode No. 24: Der Sonderling

Klaus Mertens, baritone
Ludger Rémy, harpsichord [Bruce Kennedy, 2000, after Michael Mietke, Berlin, c1700]

martedì 26 febbraio 2008

G.F.Handel - Neun deutsche Arien

21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 100Mb

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Die ihr aus dunklen Gruften, HWV 208
In den angenehmen buschen, HWV 209
Oboe Sonata F major, HWV 363a
Kunft'ger Zeiten eitler Kummer, HWV 202
Susse Stille, sanfte Quelle, HWV 205
Oboe Sonata B-flat major, HWV 357
Singe, Seele, Gott zum Preise, HWV 206
Susser Blumen Ambraflocken, HWV 204
Das zitternde Glanzen der spielenden Wellen, HWV 203
Oboe Sonata C minor, HWV 366
Flammende Rose, Zierde der Erden, HWV 210
Meine Seele hort im Sehen, HWV 207

Carolyn Sampson (soprano)

The King's Consort
Alexandra Bellamy (oboe)
Stéphanie-Marie Degand (violin)
Jonathan Cohen (cello)
Lynda Sayce (theorbo)
Robert King (harpsichord, organ)

G.P.Telemann - Overtures Sonatas & Concertos (2CDs)

23 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 100Mb

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Sonata F-dur TWV.43 (2 vl vla bc)
Konzert C-dur TWV.51 (rec 2 vl vla bc)
Ouverture f#-moll TWV.55 (2 vl vla bc)
Quadro g-moll TWV.43 (rec vl vla bc)
Konzert G-dur TWV.51 (2 vl vla bc)

23 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 97Mb

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Konzert d-moll TWV.43 (2 vl vla bc)
Konzert F-dur TWV.52 (rec bas 2 vl vla bc)
Sonate f-moll TWV.44 (2 vl vla bc)
Sonate D-dur TWV.41 (vlc bc)
Ouverture h-moll TWV (vl solo 2 vl vla bc)

Musica Alta Ripa

Danya Segal, recorder
Michael McCraw, bassoon
Anne Rohrig & Ursula Bundies, violin
Cosima Taubert, viola & violin
Christoph Heidemann & Klaus Bundies, viola
Juris Teichmanis, violoncello
Jacques van der Meer, theorbe & baroque guitar
Bernward Lohr, harpsichord

sabato 16 febbraio 2008

Vivaldi - Mancini - Barbell - Flute Concertos

28 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR (112Mb)

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Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto for recorder, 2 violins & continuo in A minor, RV 108
Concerto for flute, violin & continuo in D major, RV 84
Concerto, for flute, 2 violins & continuo in G major (attr.), RV 102
Concerto for flute, 2 violins & continuo in D major (attr.), RV 89
Sonata for 2 violins & continuo in D minor ("La follia"), Op. 1/12, RV 63
Francesco Mancini
Sonata for recorder in E minor
Francesco Barbella
Sonata for recorder in C major
Francesco Mancini
Sonata for Recorder in d minor

Musica Antiqua Koln
Reinhard Goebel

Gudrun Heyens: Recorder (1-3,16-28)
Reinhard Goebel, Hajo Bass: Violins (15)
Wilbert Hazelzet: Transverse Flute (4-14)

Harmonia Mundi - 50 Years of Musical Exploration

29+1 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 3.2Gb in 48 ZIP files

DepositFiles - FileFactory


CD 1 - 2
Les ’orgues historiques’ - Historic Organs
Francois Couperin 1. Messe a l’usage des paroisses - Michel Chapuis
Spanish Music 2. Concert a l’Orgue de Covarrublas - Francis Chapelet
Georg Muffat 3. Apparatus Musico-Organisticus - rene Soargin

CD 3 - 4
Alfred Deller 1968-1979
Henry Purcell 4. King Arthur, semi-operas - Deller Consort
Anonymous 5. The Folksong Recital - Alfred Deller & Mark Deller

CD 5 - 6
Les chants anciens - Late Antiquity & Middle Ages
Chant Byzantin 6. Prlere de Marie-Madeleine - Soeur Marie Keyrouz
Old Roman Chant 7. Messe de saint Marcel - Ensemble Organum, Marcel Peres
Troubadours 8. La Comtessa de Dia - Clemencic Consort, dir. Rene Clemencic
Hildegard Von Bingen - 9. Laudes & Vepres pour la fete de Sainte Ursule - Anonymous 4
Guillaume Dufay 10. Integrale des motets isorythmiques - Huelgas Ensemble, Paul van Nevel

CD 7 - 10
J.S Bach, la/the Passion
Johann Sebastian Bach 11. Matthaus-Passion BWV 244 (enregistrement 1984) - Philippe Herreweghe
12. Musikalisches Opfer / L’Offrande musicale - davitt Moroney
13. Die Kunst der Fuge / The Art of Fugue / L’Art de la fugue - Fretwork

CD11 - 13
Les annees ’Atys’ - The ’Atys’ Years
Jean -Baptiste Lully 14. Atys, tragedie en musique - Les Arts Florissants, William Christie
Marin Marais 15. La Gamme, en forme de petit opera - London Baroque, Charles CD 14 - 15
Les maitres de la musique baroque
The Masters of the Baroque
Claudio Monteverdi 16. Piante della Madonna - Maria Christina Kiehr, Concerto Soave
Heinrich Ignaz Biber 17. Rosenkranz-Sonaten, 5 freudenreichen Mysterein - Andre Manze, Richard Egarr
Antonio Vivaldi 18. Stabat Mater - Andreas Scholl, Ensemble 415
Georg Philip Telemann 19. Trauer-Kantate ’Du aber, Daniel, gehe hin’ - Cantus Colln, Konrad Junghanel
Jean-Henry D’Anglebert - 20. Pieces de clavecin - Kenneth Gilbert

CD 16 - 20
50 ans de redecouvertes - 50 Years of Rediscoveries
Lord Herbert of Cherburry 21. Lute Book / Livre de luth - Paul O’Dette
Adraino Banchieri 22. Barca di Venetia per Padova - Ensemble Clement Janequin, D. Visse
Georg Philipp Telemann 23. ’La Bizarre’, Ouverture G-dur - Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin
Armand-Louis Couperin 24. Simphonie de clavecins - William Christoe, David Fuller
Johann Schobert 25. Quatuor avec pianoforte - Ensemble 415, Chiara Banchini
Reinhard Keiser 26. Croesus, dramma per musica - Dir. Rene Jacobs

CD 21 - 22
Le classicisme revisite! - Classicism Revisited
Joseph Haydn 27. Piano Trio no.39 Hob.XV:25 - Cohen, Hobarth, Coin
Wolfgang Amadeua Mozart 28. 6 Deutsche Tanze am Stein-vis-a-vis - Andreas Staier, Christine Schornsheim
Joseph Haydn 29. Concerto pour violoncelle et orchestre Hob.VIIb:1 - Jean-Guihen Queyras
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 30. Symphonie no.38 ’Prague’ K.504 - Freiburger Barockorchester, Rene Jacobs

CD 22 - 23
Au coeur du romantisme - The Heart of Romanticism
Gioacchino Rossini 31. Petite Messe solennette - RIAS Kammechor, Marcus Creed
Gioacchino Rossini 32. Sonate e quattro - Ensemble Explorations, Roel Dieltiens
Robert Schumann 33. Frauenliebe und - leben op.42 - Bernarda Fink, Roger Vignoles
Johannes Brahms 34. Sonate pour clarinette et piano op.120 no.1 - Michel Portal, Georges Pludermacher
Hugo Wolf 35. Goethe-Lieder avec orchestre - Banse, Henschel, DSO Berlin, Nagano

CD 24 - 25
Un regard neuf sur les chefs-d’oeuvre
A New Look at Masterpieces
Jean-Philippe Rameau 36. Suite en Sol - Alexandre Tharaud, piano
Ludwig van Beethoven 37. Symphonie no.3 ’Eroica’ transcr. piano Liszt - Georges Pludermacher
Hector Berlioz 38. Nuits d’ete, Six melodies op.7 - Brigitte Balleys, Philippe Herreweghe
Manuel de Falla 39. El Amor brujo / L’Amour sorcier version 1915 - Ginesa Ortega, Josep Pons

CD 28 - 29
D’hier a demain - From Yesterday to Tomorrow
Ernest Chausson 45. Quatuor avec piano op.30 - Les Musiciens
Aarron Copland 46. Trio Vitebsk - Trio Wanderer
Leo Janacek 47. Sur un sentier recouvert, cahiers I & II - Alain Planes, piano
Leo Janacek 48. String Quartet No.2 ’Lettres intimes’ - Melos Quartett
Bela Bartok 49. Contrasts pour violin, clarinette et piano - Ensemble Boeykens
Arvo Part 50. Berliner Messe - Theatre of Voices, dir. Paul Hillier

CD 30