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G.F.Handel - Arminio

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Arminio was first performed in London in January 1737 when Handel’s rivalry with the competing ‘Opera of the Nobility’ was at its height. Three months later, exhausted, the composer suffered a breakdown in health and later left for Aachen in search of a cure. Further operas followed after his return to London but the great triumphs of earlier seasons were not to be repeated. The text of Arminio, by one of Handel’s favourite librettists, Antonio Salvi, is rather a good one; and its strong dramatic sense and above-average literary merit is matched, as usual, by some fine musical characterisation. The story concerns the German leader Hermann (Arminius) whose fight for freedom against Roman occupiers, early in the first century AD is ultimately successful. Alan Curtis and his mainly Italian ensemble Il Complesso Barocco have already provided us with the only recorded versions of Handel’s Admeto and Rodrigo. This new venture is comparably stylish, briskly moving and mainly well sung. The prevailing seriousness of the piece is established at once by its overture and by the duet of Arminius and his wife Tusnelda. But there is plenty of expressive variety and a wealth of fine arias – ‘Quella fiamma’ (Act II), with its brilliant oboe obbligato, is among the most arresting of them – the changing colours of whose music is a constant delight. Curtis directs all with rhythmic vitality.
-- Nicholas Anderson, BBC Music Magazine


Arminio, Vivica Genaux - mezzo-soprano
Tusnelda, Geraldine McGreevy - soprano
Sigismondo, Dominique Labelle - soprano
Ramise, Manuela Custer - mezzo-soprano
Varo, Luigi Petroni - tenore
Tullio, Syste Buwalda - countertenor
Segeste, Riccardo Ristori - basso

Il Complesso Barocco
dir. Alan Curtis

venerdì 21 novembre 2014

G.F.Handel - Deidamia

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Despite being Handel's last Italian opera composed for London before he turned his full attention to English oratorios, Deidamia shows that Handel was still at the peak of his powers. Alan Curtis's recording reveals the subtlety in Handel's musical characterisations of Ulisse (brilliantly sung by Anna Bonitatibus) and Deidamia (a stunning and emotional performance by Simone Kermes). Il Complesso Barocco demonstrate that the score has many beauties that were almost entirely unfamiliar to even the most dedicated Handel lovers.


Deidamia: Simone Kermes (Soprano)
Ulisse: Anna Bonitatibus (Mezzo Soprano)
Achille: Anna Maria Panzarella (Soprano)
Nerea: Dominique Labelle (Soprano)
Fenice: Furio Zanasi (Baritone)
Licomede: Antonio Abete (Bass)

Il Complesso Barocco
dir. Alan Curtis

giovedì 20 novembre 2014

Barry Lyndon (OST)

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 71Mb

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1. Sarabande Main Title (Handel)
2. Women Of Ireland (Sean O Riada)
3. Piper's Maggot Jig (Traditionnel)
4. The Sea-Maiden (Traditionnel)
5. Tin Whistles (Sean O Riada)
6. British Grenadiers (Traditionnel)
7. Hohenfriedberger March (Frederick The Great)
8. Lilliburlero (Traditionnel)
9. Women Of Ireland (Sean O Riada)
10. March From Idomeneo (Mozart)
11. Sarabande-Duel (Handel)
12. Lilliburlero (Traditionnel)
13. Danse Allemande N 1 En Do Majeur (Schubert)
14. Sarabande-Duel (Handel)
15. Adaptation De La Cavatine Du 'Il Barbiere Di Siviglia' (Paisiello)
16. Concerto Pour Violoncelle En Mi Mineur - 3e Mouvement (Vivaldi)
17. Concerto Pour 2 Harpes En Ut Mineur - Adagio (Bach)
18. Adaptation Du Trio De Piano En Mi Bemol Op 100 - 2e Mouvement (Schubert)
19. Sarabande (Generique De Fin) - (Handel)

Music performed by:
National Philarmonic Orchestra
The Chieftains
Fifes And Drums et al.

mercoledì 19 novembre 2014

G.F.Handel - Esther (1718 version)

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Among Handel's rarely performed but worthy and wonderful oratorios is Esther, often dismissed for its problematic libretto and its substantial borrowings from other works. Forget all of that and just listen to this thoroughly engaging and tuneful work that features some of Handel's finest arias and most sublime choruses. Harry Christophers and his performers keep the energy high while the sound team provides uncommon immediacy and presence. --David Vernier


Disc: 1

1 - Overture. Andante - Larghetto - Allegro
2 - Scene 1. Recitative. Tis greater far to spare
3 - Scene 1. Aria. Pluck root and branch from out the land
4 - Scene 1. Chorus. Shall we the God of Israel fear?
5 - Scene 2. Aria. Tune your harps to cheerful strains
6 - Scene 2. Chorus. Shall we of servitude complain
7 - Scene 2. Aria. Praise the Lord with cheerful noise
8 - Scene 2. Aria. Sing songs of praise, bow down the knee
9 - Scene 2. Chorus. Shall we of servitude complain
10 - Scene 3. Recitative. How have our sins provoked the Lord!
11 - Scene 3. Chorus. Ye sons of Israel mourn
12 - Scene 3. Aria. O Jordan, Jordan, sacred tide
13 - Scene 3. Chorus. Ye sons of Israel mourn
14. Oboe Sonata in G minor, HWV 404: Andante
15. Oboe Sonata in G minor, HWV 404: Allegro
16. Oboe Sonata in G minor, HWV 404: Adagio
17. Oboe Sonata in G minor, HWV 404: Allegro

Disc: 2 

1 - Scene 4. Recitative. Why sits that sorrow on thy brow?
2 - Scene 4. Aria. Dread not, righteous Queen, the danger
3 - Scene 4. Aria. Tears assist me, pity moving
4 - Scene 4. Chorus. Save us, O Lord
5 - Scene 5. Recitative. Who dares intrude into our presence
6 - Scene 5. Duet. Who calls my parting soul from death?
7 - Scene 5. Aria. O beauteous Queen, unclose those eyes!
8 - Scene 5. Aria. How can I stay when love invites!
9 - Scene 5. Chorus. Virtue, truth and innocence
10 - Scene 5. Arioso. Jehovah, crown'd with glory bright
11 - Scene 5. Chorus. He comes, he comes to end our woes
12 - Scene 6. Recitative. Now, O Queen, thy suit declare
13 - Scene 6. Arioso. Turn not, O Queen, thy face away
14 - Scene 6. Aria. Flatt'ring tongue, no more I hear thee!
15 - Scene 6. Recitative. Guards, seize the traitor, bear him hence!
16 - Scene 6. Aria. How art thou fall'n from thy height!
17 - Scene 6. Chorus. The Lord our enemy has slain

Lynda Russell, Nancy Argenta, soprano
Michael Chance, alto
Thomas Randle, Mark Padmore, Matthew Vine, Simon Berridge, tenor
Michael George, Robert Evans, Simon Birchall, bass
Anthony Robson (oboe)

Choir and Orchestra of The Sixteen
dir. Harry Christophers

martedì 18 novembre 2014

G.F.Handel - Vespro per la Madonna del Carmelo

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CD 1
1-8 Dixit Dominus (Salmo 109)
per 2 Soprani, Alto, Coro e Orchestra, HWV 232
9-16 Laudate pueri Dominum (Salmo 112)
per Soprano, Coro e Orchestra, HWV 237
17 Te decus virgineum (Antifona)
per Alto e Orchestra, HWV 243
CD 2
1-6 Nisi Dominus (Salmo 126)

per Alto, Tenore, Doppio Coro e Orchestra, HWV 238
7 Haec est Regina virginum (Antifona)
per Soprano e Orchestra, HWV 235
8-13 Saeviat tellus inter rigores (Mottetto per la Madonna Santissima del Carmine)
per Soprano e Orchestra, HWV 240
14-17 Salve Regina (Antifona)
per Soprano, Organo concertante e Orchestra, HWV 241

Romina Basso, contralto
Maria Espada, soprano
Raffaella Milanesi, soprano
Paola Cigna, soprano
Collegium Apollineum

dir. Marco Feruglio

lunedì 17 novembre 2014

G.F.Handel - Athalia & Alcina (Sutherland)

2 CD MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 249Mb

Joan Sutherland (Athalia)
Emma Kirkby (Josabeth)
Aled Jones (Joas)
James Bowman (Joad)
Anthony Rolfe Johnson (Mathan)
David Thomas (Abner)

The Academy of Ancient Music
Choir of New College, Oxford
dir. Christopher Hogwood

This must be one of the greatest of all Handel oratorio sets. A glorious performance with really excellent singers - Kirkby and Sutherland both exceptional and wonderfully contrasted, James Bowman and Rolfe-Johnson both first rate - and a really beautiful piece of music. Hogwood is truly on form and the set is very nicely paced. Athalia is credited as the first truly great English oratorio and this set surely does it full justice.


CDs - Booklet


CDs - Booklet


3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 211Mb


Part 1 - Part 2


Part 1 - Part 2

Joan Sutherland (Alcina)
Jeannette van Dijck (Morgana)
Norma Procter (Bradamante)
Fritz Wunderlich (Ruggiero)
Nicola Monti (Oronte)
Thomas Hemsley (Melisso)

Kolner Rundfunkchor
dir. Bernhard Zimmermann

Cappella Coloniensis
dir. Ferdinand Leitner

This recording is the first official release in any format of this once-in-a-lifetime concert performance featuring Dame Joan Sutherland and Fritz Wunderlich. In 1959 performances of Handel were just beginning to embrace the original instrument movement making this recording an invaluable historic record of performance practice. In addition to musicological interest, the CDs present Joan Sutherland at the beginning of her illustrious career in the full bloom of youth. She was flown in as a last minute replacement for the scheduled soprano and proceeded to give a virtuoso performance of the demanding title role.

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Guide des Instruments Baroques

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 328 Mb - booklet

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The Booklet (PDF)
courtesy of Col Legno

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CD 1

01 - Pohle - Sonata a 8 (violons, basses de viole, orgue positif)
02 - Schmelzer - Sonata à 7 flauti (flutes a bec soprano, alto, tenor, basse, orgue positif)
03 - Hammerschmidt - Sonata super (cornet, trombones alto, tenor, basse, orgue positif)
04 - Scheidt - Canzon super (dessus de viole, viole de gambe alto, basse de viole...)
05 - Correa de Arauxo - Tiento tercero de sexto tono (orgue, trompette)
06 - Selma Y Salvaverde - V. Fantasia ex D. (dulciane, clavecin)
07 - Ruiz de Ribayaz - Marionas (harpe chromatique)
08 - Frescobaldi - Canzona detta la Bernardinia (cornet, chitarrone, orgue, violoncelle)
09 - Frescobaldi - Partite sopra Follia (clavecin Italien)
10 - Landi - La Morte d'Orfeo (contralto, chitarrone, lirone)
11 - Trabacci - Toccata Seconda (harpe double)
12 - Turini - Sonata prima (2 flutes a bec soprano, clavecin)
13 - Bartolotti - Passacaglie (guitare a cinq choeurs
14 - Frescobaldi - Toccata terza (orgue)
15 - Jenkins - Almain + Two Thumps (viol lyra-way)
16 - Krausen - Praeludium, Allemanda, Bourée (viole baryton)
17 - Greeting - Nightingale (flageolet)
18 - Farnaby - Fantasia (clavecin)

CD 2

01 - Philidor - Marche a quatre timbales (timbales)
02 - Dampierre - 12e Fanfare - 19e fanfare (Gavotte) (trompes de chasse)
03 - Raison - Extraits du Livre d'orgue (orgue)
04 - Marais - Tombeau pour Monsieur de Ste Colombe (2 basses de viole, theorbe)
05 - La belle homicide - courante (Gaultier) - doube (Mouton) (luth)
06 - Visee - Les Sylvains de Mr. Couperin (theorbe)
07 - Couperin - 13e Concert à 2 instruments à l'unisson-Chaconne légère (2 bassons)
08 - Chedeville - La virtuose (Mouvement de Chaconne) (musette, basson, clavecin)
09 - Löwen - Capriccio primo (trompettes, basson, orgue positif)
10 - Weckman - Der Tod ... (voix, violons, dessus de viole, basse de viole, orgue regale)
11 - Bruhns - O werter heil'ger Geist (Choeur final) (voix, trompettes, cordes, BC)
12 - Bruhns - Praeludium e-moll (orgue)
13 - Walther - Sonata IV (violon, clavecin italien, basse de viole)
14 - Pastorella (Keller) - Der schene Neue Aufzug (Kosteleztki) (trompettes marines, timbales)
15 - Bach, J.S. - Kantate BWV 1 (soprano, oboe da caccia, orgue positif, basse de viole)
16 - Bach, J.S. - Sinfonia (Kantate BWV 76) (oboe d'amore, basse de viole, orgue positif)
17 - Pachelbel - Kanon (flutes a bec alto, basse de viole, orgue positif)
18 - Handel - Sonata in B minor Op 1,9 (flute de voix, orgue positif, basse de viole)
19 - Bach, J.S. - Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme BWV 645 (orgue)

CD 3

01 - Vivaldi - Concerto con viola d'amore, 2 corni da caccia e 2 hautbois
02 - Vivaldi - Concerto del Sigr. Vivaldi accomodato a clavicembalo obbligato et Flautino
03 - Fontanelli - Suonata con grave e suo Minuetto (mandoline, archiluth)
04 - Geminiani - Sonata IV (si bémol majeur) - (2 violoncelles, clavecin)
05 - Handel - Sonata II (mi mineur) (flute traversiere, basse de viole, clavecin, luth)
06 - Graun - Concerto per flauto Terzetto (flauto terzetto)
07 - Teleman - Sonata a-moll (hautbois, basse de viole, clavecin)
08 - Bach C.P.E. - Trio ... (flutes a bec alto, basse, pianoforte, violoncelle)
09 - Graupner - Suite a 3 chalumeaux (chalumeaux soprano, alto, basse)
10 - Handel - Ouverture (2 clarinettes, cor)
11 - Chedeville - Suite de Noëls (vielle a roue, pardessus de viole)
12 - Mozart - Menuet (clavicorde)
13 - Bach W.F. - Sonata VII C-dur (clavecin, nasal)
14 - Tuma - Inno per il Festo di Sta Teresia (contre-tenor, trombone)
15 - Gretry - La caravane du Caire (extraits) (piccolo, flute traversiere, hautbois)

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