sabato 8 novembre 2014

C.F.Abel - Chamber Music

22 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 93Mb

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Sonate V F-dur für Traversflöte und Cembalo
Stücke für Gambe
Trio F-dur für zwei Traversflöten und B.C.
Sonate A-dur für Violoncello und B.C.

La Stagione
dir. Michael Schneider

venerdì 7 novembre 2014

C.F.Abel & J.C.Bach - Chamber Music

14 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 113Mb

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Bach - Quartet No. 1 in B flat major
oboe, violin, viola da gamba & violoncello
Abel - Quartet in B flat Op.8 n.2
flute, violin, tenor & violoncello
Bach - Quintet in F major Op.11 n.3
flute, oboe, violin, & BC
Abel - Sonata No. 24 in D minor
viola da gamba solo
Abel - Sonata No. 22 in D minor
viola da gamba solo
Abel - Quartet in G major
flute, violin, viola da gamba & violoncello
Bach - Sextet in C major
fortepiano, oboe, violin, violoncello & 2 horns

Il Gardellino

Jan de Winne, traverso
Marcel Ponseele, oboe
Francois Fernandez, violin
Vittorio Ghielmi, viola da gamba
Ira Givol, cello
Shalev Ad-El, cembalo & pianoforte

giovedì 6 novembre 2014

D.Scarlatti - Cantate da Camera

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 195Mb

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O qual meco, o Nice
Se fedele tu m'adori
Dir vorrei
Che vidi oh' Ciel, che vidi
Pur nel sonno almen tal'ora
Piangete occhi dolenti
Tinte a note di sangue
Scritte con falso inganno
Lavinia Bertotti, sopranoEnsemble Seicento Italiano
Daniele Boccaccio

mercoledì 5 novembre 2014

Leonardo Vinci - Artaserse

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 288 Mb

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Serse, father of the sovereign Artaserse, was murdered by Artabano, the latter's chief councillor. Moreover, Artaserse has also executed his brother by mistake and sees himself entangled in Artabano's machinations.
Originally interpreted by a dream cast including the castrato Giovanni Carestini in the role of Arbaces, Artaserse - Leonardo Vinci enjoyed a resounding success and was interpreted by the greatest singers of the eighteenth century including the castrati Farinelli and Caffarelli.

Artaserse: Philippe Jaroussky, countertenor
Mandane: Max Emanuel Cencic, countertenor
Arbace: Franco Fagioli, countertenor
Semira: Valer Barna-Sabadus, countertenor
Megabise: Yurly Mynenko, countertenor
Artabano: Daniel Behle, tenor

Concerto Köln
dir. Diego Fasolis

martedì 4 novembre 2014

Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet - Virtuoso Recorder Music

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 1 RAR file 77Mb

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Edison Award

"A stunning record. I have never heard better" (Gramophone)

When we participated in the competition at the Musica Antiqua Festival in Bruges, we made it to the finals. No one was more surprised than we were. We believed that a recorder quartet couldn’t limit itself to music of the 16th and 17th centuries, and that led us to include a pop song on the program. We performed it at the end of the program. under the pseudonym “When shall my sorrowful sunshine slack”. It was against all the rules, but the resulting ruckus and the unexpected prize that we won were the beginning of a lot more. We performed with Christopher Hogwood in Wigmore Hall, we got a recording contract, and our debut album, “Virtuoso Recorder Music” was a tremendous hit.
Karel van Steenhoven


Estampita "Tre Fontane" - Anonimo
Ricercar del secundo tuono - Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Canzon prima - Girolamo Frescobaldi
Canzon "La Lusignuola" - Tarquinio Merula
Concerto per flautino in C major RV 443 - Antonio Vivaldi; arr. Bertho Driever
Suite no. 5 in G minor - Matthew Locke
In Nomine - Orlando Gibbons
Recercar "Bonny Sweet Robin " - Thomas Simpson
Report upon "When shall my sorrowful sighing slake" - John Black
The Temporiser - Robert Johnson
Sermone blando - William Byrd

Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet: 

Daniel Brüggen
Bertho Driever
Paul Leenhouts
Karel van Steenhoven

lunedì 3 novembre 2014

Clement Janequin - Le Chant des Oyseaulx

20 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR file 65Mb

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"In the 16th century birdsong certainly constituted an essential aspect of that broad stream of natural imitations which runs through the musical aesthetics of the Humanist Age: Human or Artificial Music hearkened to Natural Music in an effort to copy it and thereby to raise itself to the summits of Parnassus. [...] Janequin never lost his taste for bird-song, from the first attempts of 1520 down to the last chansons of the 1550s. It is at the very core of his creative activity, at the heart of that poetic-musical game, the polyphonic chanson."
(J.-P. Ouvrard)

This recording has never left the harmonia mundi catalogue in nearly thirty years, and is still regarded as a benchmark!


1. Le Chant Des Oyseulx
2. Toutes Les Nuictz
3. J'atens Le Temps
4. Il Estoit Une Fillette
5. Las On Peult Juger(G.Morlaye apres Jannequin)
6. Ung Jour Colin
7. O Doulx Regard, O Parler
8. Le Chant De L'alouette
9. Quand Contremont Verras
10. Hellas Mon Dieu Ton Ire
11. Ma Peine N'est Pas Grande
12. O Mal D'aymer
13. Herbes Et Fleurs
14. L'aveugle Dieu (A. De Rippe D'apres Janequin)
15. A Ce Joly Moys De May
16. Assouvy Suis
17. Quelqu'un Me Disoit L'aultre Jour
18. M'y Levay Ung Matin
19. M'y Amye A Eu De Dieu
20. Le Chant Du Rossignol

Ensemble Clement Janequin

domenica 2 novembre 2014

Musique de la Grèce Antique

22 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 1 RAR file 76Mb

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Booklet (PDF) from HM

A unique musical document!
Whereas proofs of the greatness of Ancient Greek architecture and literature still exist in abundance, no more than a few scraps of their music have miraculously survived. They have been gathered together here for the first time in a partly ‘archaeological’, partly imaginary panorama of this music that was, after all, an integral part of daily life in Ancient Greek.

Considerably more remains of ancient Greek architecture than the music of this advanced and inspirational civilization. And although works explaining Greek music theory have survived, the actual existence of composed pieces from these times comes down to only a few scraps that survived on papyrus, marble columns, and other written sources. This Spanish ensemble under the leadership of Gregorio Paniagua pieced together these remains and performed them with reconstructions of instruments from ancient Greek sources, some of which, such as the bagpipe, remain in use today. Portions of the music included may remind listeners of very early classical music such as Gregorian chant, whereas other pieces will certainly cause an astonished reaction as they sound unlike any other music recorded. Some is sparse, floating, the melodic ideas developing very slowly. A few of the old-world Greek percussion instruments wind up sounding quite a bit like new-world electronic music.


1. Anakrousis, Orestes Stasimo
2. Fragments Instrumentaux De Contrapollinopolis
3. 1er Hymne Delphique A Apollon
4. Plainte De Tecmessa
5. Papyrus Wien 29825
6. Hymne Au Soleil
7. Hymne A La Muse
8. Hymne A Nemesis
9. Papyrus Michigan
10. Aenaoi Nefelai
11. Apitaphe De Seikilos
12. Pean, Papyrus Berlin 6870
13. Anonymi Bellermann
14. 1er Ode Pythique
15. Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 2436
16. Hymne Chretienne D'oxyrhynchus
17. Homero Hymnus
18. Papyrus Zenon, Cairo Fragment
19. Terencio, Hecyra 861
20. Poem, Mor 1, 11f, Migne 37,523
21. 2eme Hymne Delphique A Apollon
22. Papyrus Oslo A/B, Epilogos-Katastrophe

Atrium Musicae de Madrid
dir. Gregorio Paniagua

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