venerdì 30 settembre 2011

Hispania & Japan - Dialogues

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 120Mb

In 2006 Road to the Orient was released by Alia Vox. This double album was a musical portrait of Francisco Javier and of his trip from Spain to Japan. On this occasion, Jordi Savall met Japanese musicians who soon became his friends and with whom he performed in many concerts around the world. Consequently, following the catastrophes in Japan, Jordi Savall decided to release this special tribute album in which the most significant pieces of the dialogue between Spain and Japan are gathered.

All profits will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. (Think about it!)



1. Improvisación sobre "O Gloriosa Domina"
2. O Gloriosa Domina (greg.)
3. Improvisación sobre "O Gloriosa Domina"
4. Quod Eva Tristis II
5. Improvisación sobre "O Gloriosa Domina"
6. Tu Regis Alti Ianua III
7. Improvisación sobre "O Gloriosa Domina"
8. Patri Sit Paraclito IV
9. DE NARVAEZ O Gloriosa Domina Diferencia II
10. O Gloriosa Domina - Amen La Capella Reial
11. DE HENESTROSA.Himno XX O Gloriosa Domina
12. Rangyoku
13. ANÓNIMO. Villancico: Senhora del Mundo
14. Anónimo. Alba&Rotundellus
15. Honnôj Yukio Tanaka, chant & biwa
16. O Gloriosa Domina Diferencia I
17. Shino no netori
18. ANÓNIMO (China). AveMaría (pentatónica)
19. Reibo

Hiroyuki Koinuma
Yukio Tanaka
Ichiro Seki
Masako Hirao
Ken Zuckerman
Prahbu Edouart

Hesperion XXI - La Capella Reial De Catalunya
Montserrat Figueras & Jordi Savall