giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

A warning!

Usually I prefer to buy the actual CD, even if second hand, but sometimes I buy digital music.
Amazon isn't allowed to sell that in my country so I try to find other ways.

Passionato used to be OK, but not too much choice.

Some days ago I bought two CDs in MP3 format for around €20 from 7Digital. The download operation was fine and smooth and the MP3 sounded OK, but... no booklet, no cover, not a txt with notes... nothing.
In this section of their site they wrote:

All new and recently-added MP3 downloads will contain artwork but downloads from the older part of our catalogue may not. However, we are working to deliver artwork with all MP3 downloads.

The music I downloaded was released this year, I supposed this qualify it as new.

So I wrote to them asking an explanation. They answered, but they "tweaked" their infos telling that if artwork is provided it will be made clear in the product page.

No hope, still I felt it was not right and ask them to remove the misleading piece of info from their site. They answered something generic but as today their site is always presenting the same false info.

So, be warned: I'm sure there are safest and cleaner places to buy your digital music from.

martedì 18 ottobre 2011

Tracce della Tradizione Orale in Manoscritti Italiani del XIV, XV sec.

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 85 Mb

Don't miss this!

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Andrea Stefani - I senti' matutino
Corsican Traditional - Culomba amata
Anonymous - Dolce lo mio drudo
Anonymous - Tribbiera
Anonymous - Donna fallante
Italian Traditional - Alla metitora
Anonymous - Con dogliosi martiri
Anonymous - Strençi li labri
Italian Traditional - Stabat mater
Anonymous - Ogn'om m'entenda (Venezia, Bibl. Naz. Marciana, IX, 145)
Anonymous - Alzando gli ochi (Venezia, Bibl. Naz. Marciana, I)
Anonymous - Misericordia altissimo dio, laude (Venezia I)
Corsican Traditional - Stabat mater
Anonymous - Non so qual'i mi voglia (Palatino 87)
Anonymous - Su la rivera
Piero - Chavalcando Con Un Giovine Accorto
Anonymous - E vatende segnor mio

Patrizia Bovi (voice, tambourine)
Gilberte Casabianca (voice)