sabato 20 settembre 2014

G.P.Telemann - Oden 1741

24 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 97Mb

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Oden (1741) (TWV 25:86-109)

Ode No. 1: Indoctum se dulce bibenti
Ode No. 2: Die Vergnügung
Ode No. 3: Die Tugend
Ode No. 4: Der Schäfer
Ode No. 5: An den Schlaf
Ode No. 6: Der fröhliche Ausgeber
Ode No. 7: Wahre Vorzüge
Ode No. 8: Das Lachen
Ode No. 9: Trinklied
Ode No. 10: Der Mittelstand zwischen Reichtum und Armut
Ode No. 11: Vernünftige Lust
Ode No. 12: Der Wein
Ode No. 13: Jugendlust
Ode No. 14: Die schlechte Mahlzeit
Ode No. 15: An Doris
Ode No. 16: Ein guter Mut
Ode No. 17: Lob des Weins
Ode No. 18: Das vergnügte Schäferleben
Ode No. 19: Die Zufriedenheit
Ode No. 20: Die Genügsamkeit
Ode No. 21: Das Gesundheittrinken
Ode No. 22: Der Freund
Ode No. 23: Das Landleben
Ode No. 24: Der Sonderling

Klaus Mertens, baritone
Ludger Rémy, harpsichord
[Bruce Kennedy, 2000, after Michael Mietke, Berlin, c1700]

venerdì 19 settembre 2014

Antonio Vivaldi - The 37 Bassoon Concertos

5CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 5 RAR 503 Mb


ASV's Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto cycle occupied five individual full-price releases, now bundled together in a specially priced boxed set. It's safe to say that these 37 works constitute the largest one-composer contribution to the bassoon's concerto repertoire. While the works adhere to Vivaldi's patented quick-slow-quick three-movement form (save for the brief, four-movement "La Notte"), they're hardly stamped from the same cookie cutter. Try to predict how the churning sequences in the Allegros will play out and you'll constantly be surprised by Vivaldi's inventive vitality. The central slow movements contain some of Vivaldi's most poignant melodies (the C major Concerto KV 467's gorgeous Andante, for instance) and starkest mood paintings, such as the bassoon's obsessive dotted rhythm motif against a bed of sustained strings in the A minor KV 499.
Each of the five discs is programmed to ensure maximum contrast and variety for those who wish to sit through, say, seven or eight concertos at a stretch. I wager that listeners will often return to discs three through five, for the Zagreb Soloists under Tonko Ninic's guidance bring more characterful bite, color, and accentuation to Vivaldi's orchestral writing than the less individual proficiency of Philip Ledger's excellent English Chamber Orchestra. Bassoon soloist Daniel Smith commands his unwieldy instrument to the point where it's all too easy to take his suave tone, superb breath control, and idiomatic flair for granted. Theoretically, five CDs' worth of baroque bassoon concertos from a single author is tantamount to overkill, but this set proves a glorious exception.

--Jed Distler,


Disc 1
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C major, RV 467    
F major, RV 491    
A minor, RV 500    
A minor, RV 499    
C major, RV 466    
F major, RV 486    
C major, RV 474    
F major, RV 487    

Disc 2
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C major, RV 476    
C major, RV 469    
G major, RV 494    
C major, RV 470    
F major, RV 488    
C major, RV 472    
D minor, RV 481    
C major, RV 479    
Disc 3
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B flat major ("La notte"),
C major, RV 477    
C major, RV 475    
G minor, RV 496    
F major, RV 490    
G minor, RV 495    
C major, RV 471    

Disc 4
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G major, RV 492    
F major, RV 489    
G major, RV 493    
E minor, RV 484    
B flat major, RV 504    
C minor, RV 480    
B flat major, RV 503    

Disc 5
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A minor, RV 497    
F major, RV 485    
E flat major, RV 483    
C major, RV 478    
A minor, RV 498    
C minor, RV 480
B flat major, RV 502

Daniel Smith, Bassoon

English Chamber Orchestra
Philip Ledger

Zagreb Soloist
Tonko Ninic

giovedì 18 settembre 2014

Marco Uccellini - La Hortensia Virtuosa

13 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 101Mb

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The sonatas of Marco Uccellini, for violin and continuo, represent early manifestations of the virtuoso violin impulse that led to the instrumental masterpieces of the High Baroque. The music on this disc was written between 1645 and 1667, and it elaborates the semi-improvisatory quality of the earliest instrumental sonatas into spectacular, free-rhythmed fantasies of instrumental display. This kind of music takes a specialist well-versed in Baroque playing techniques and ornamentation practices to bring it to life, and veteran Lucy van Dael, accompanied by harpsichordist Bob van Asperen and several other fine players, certainly fills the bill. She plays an Amati violin from 1646 that seems as though it can transport the listener back to the Modena palaces in which this music arose. The historically detailed booklet notes indicate the orientation of this disc toward libraries, specialists, and those with a serious interest in the early Italian Baroque, and it will find a ready audience among these groups and institutions. But the average lover of the violin, or the listener newly immersed in the music of performers who have given Monteverdi his proper level of intensity, may be attracted as well by the flashy free spirit and some of the unusual sonorities of this music. Sample the Sonata decima from the Op. 5 set (track 9), with its long, rhapsodic flights at the very top of the violin's range. The engineers of the Aeolus label have brought out every detail of van Dael's masterful playing.


Sonata quarta detta 'La Hortensia virtuosa' (op. IV)
Sonata seconda detta 'La Luciminia contenta' (op. IV)
Sonata overo Toccata quinta detta 'La Laura rilucente' (op. IV)
Sonata nona (op. IV)
Sonata quarta (op. IV)
Sonata terza (op. IV)
Sonata ottava (op. IV)
Sonata quinta (op. IV)
Sonata decima (op. IV)
Sonata prima (op. IV)
Sinfonia prima (op. IX)
Sonata prima (op. VII)
Sonata seconda (op. VII)

Lucy Van Dael, violin
Bob van Asperen, harpsichord
Toyohiko Satoh, liuto attiorbato
Jaap ter Linden, cello

mercoledì 17 settembre 2014

C.W.Gluck - Philemon & Baucis

2 CD - MP3 192Kbps - RAR 140Mb

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La Feste d'Apollo was composed for the marriage of Ferdinand, Duke of Parma, and Maria Amalia, Archduchess of Austria, in the summer of 1769. It consisted of a prologue and three non-related acts, two of which are recorded here: Aristeo and Bauci e Filemone. In addition to music, there was a tournament, a festival celebrating the arts and sciences, and a Chinese fair. Even the general public was invited.

The first opera, "Aristeo" is related to the Orpheus story. It tells how Aristeaus, who was partly divine, had become enamored of Euridyce and caused her death. He subsequently becomes enamored of a nymph named Cidippe. At the advice of his mother, Cirene, Aristeaus does penance for his crimes and misdeeds and ultimately weds Cidippe.

The second opera "Philemon and Baucis" tells the famous story of the aged couple who offer hospitality to Zeus, disguised as a weary traveller, and receive immortality as a reward. In the opera, the story is modified as the couple become a pair of young lovers with Zeus himself officiating at their wedding as part of the reward for their good deeds. This opera is lyrical and pastoral in tone.

Le Feste d'Apollo

Atto d'Aristeo
Aristeo Ann Hallenberg
Ati Magnus Staveland
Cirene Ditte Andersen
Cidippe/Silvia Marie Lenormand

Atto di Bauci e Filemone
Bauci Ditte Andersen
Filemone Marie Lenormand
Giove Magnus Staveland
Una pastorella Ann Hallenberg

Choeur de chambre de Namur
Les Talens Lyriques
dir. Christophe Rousset

martedì 16 settembre 2014

J.P.Rameau - Les Indes Galantes (Suite)

22 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 64Mb

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Jean-Philippe Rameau's opéra-ballet Les Indes Galantes premiered in Paris in 1735 but was not a critical success, so the composer prepared a revised version that included an additional act. The five suites the composer extracted are derived from the prologue and four acts, and the brief movements include orchestral arrangements of vocal numbers as well as instrumental pieces. The work displays Rameau's flair for creating evocative and compelling music for the wide variety of the opéra-ballet's dramatic situations, as well as his ear for imaginative orchestration. Familiarity with the plot is not required for appreciating the charms of these colorful miniatures. The Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, led by Frans Brueggen, performs on period instruments with the elegance and crisp precision that's just right for this repertoire and makes the most of the musical and dramatic contrasts between the movements.


01 - Ouverture
02 - Entree Des Quatre Nations
03 - Air Pour Les Esclaves Africains
04 - Air Vif
05 - Musette En Rondeau
06 - Air Pour Les Amants Et Les Amantes
07 - Air Pour Deux Polonais
08 - Menuets I-II
09 - Contredanse
10 - Ritournelle Pour Le Turc Genereux
11 - Forlane Des Matelots
12 - Tambourins I-II
13 - Ritournelle Pour Les Incas De Perou
14 - Air Des Incas
15 - Air Pour L'adoration De Soleil
16 - Gavottes I-II
17 - Ritournelle Pour La Fete Persane
18 - Marche
19 - Air Pour Zephire
20 - Air Pour Boree Et La Rose

Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century
dir. Frans Bruggen

lunedì 15 settembre 2014

G.P.Telemann - Les Plaisirs de la Table

7 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 11 RAR ~680Mb

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Konzert a-moll
Flûte à bec alto, viole de gambe, violon, alto, BC
Konzert F-Dur
Flûte à bec, basson, deux violons, alto, BC
Konzert e-moll
Flûte à bec, flûte traversière, BC
Suite a-moll
Flûte à bec, deux violons, alto, BC

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Konzert a-moll
Flûte à bec, hautbois, violon, BC
Trio Sonate, F-Dur (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte à bec, viole de gambe, BC
Trio Sonate, c-moll (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte à bec, hautbois, BC
Trio Sonate a-moll (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte à bec, violon, BC
Trio Sonate F-Dur
2 flûtes à bec, BC
Trio Sonate d-moll
Flûte à bec, dessus de viole, BC
Quartet F-Dur
Flûte à bec, hautbois, violon, BC

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Sonate C Dur (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte alto, BC
Sonate f-moll (Getreue Musikmeister)
Flûte alto, BC
Sonate B Dur (Methodische Sonaten)
Flûte de voix, BC
Sonate G-Dur
Flûte soprano, BC
Sonate B-Dur (Getreue Musikmeister)
Deux flûtes alto
Sonate F Dur (Getreue Musikmeister)
Flûte alto, BC
Sonate d-moll (Essercizii musici)
Flûte alto, BC
Sonate C-Dur (Getreue Musikmeister)
Flûte alto, BC

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Quadri a violino, flauto traversière, viola di Gamba e fondamento (1730)

Concerto secondo D-Dur
Sonata prima, A-Dur
Première Suite, e-moll
Sonata seconda, g-moll
Concerto primo, D-Dur

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Quartet g-moll
Hautbois, violon, viole de gambe, BC
Trio Sonate a-moll
Flûte traversière, viole de gambe, BC
Trio Sonate e-moll (Musique de Table, Production II)
Hautbois, flûte traversière, BC
Trio Sonate g-moll (Six Trios ...)
Violon, viole de gambe, BC
Trio Sonate d-moll (Essercizii Musici)
Flûte traversière, hautbois, BC
Deuxième Suite (Quadri...)
Flûte traversière, violon, basse de viole, BC

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Flauti Diversi

Johann Christian SCHICKHARDT (ca. 1682 - av. 1762)
Concert II d-moll - 4 flûtes à bec, BC
Carl Heinrich ou Johann Gottlieb GRAUN (1703-1757 1702-1771)
Concerto F-Dur - Flauto terzetto, 2 violons, BC
Georg-Philipp TELEMANN
Quatuor d-moll - (Musique de Table, Production II)
Flûte à bec, 2 flûtes traversières, BC
Carl Philipp Emanuel BACH (1714 - 1788)
Triosonate F-Dur, Wq. 163 - flûte à bec basse, alto, BC
Johann Friedrich FASCH (1688-1758)
Quartet B-Dur - Flûte à bec, hautbois, violon, BC
Georg Philipp TELEMANN
Sixième Concert A-Dur
Flûte de voix, clavecin obligé, violoncelle
Johann Joachim QUANTZ (1697-1773)
Triosonate C-Dur - Flûte à bec, flûte traversière, BC

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Sonate e concerti
per il corno da caccia

Antonio VIVALDI (1678-1741)
Concerto in fa maggiore RV 97
Viole d'amour, deux cors, deux hautbois, basson, BC
Gottfried Heinrich STÖLZEL (1690-1749)
Quartet F-Dur - Hautbois, violon, cor, BC
Carl Heinrich GRAUN (1703-1757)
Trio Es-Dur - Hautbois d'amour, cor, basson
Carl Heinrich GRAUN (1703-1757)
Triosonate D-Dur - Violon, cor, BC
Johann Friedrich FASCH (1688-1758)
Quartet F-Dur - Violon, hautbois, cor, BC
George Frideric HANDEL (1685-1759)
Ouverture D-Dur - 2 clarinettes, cor
Georg-Philipp TELEMANN
Concerto F-Dur - Flûte à bec, cor, BC
Georg Philipp TELEMANN
Menuet (F Dur) à deux cornes de chasse
Michel CORRETTE (1709-1795)
La Choisy, Concerto comique XIV en do majeur
Cor, vielle à roue, deux violons, BC

scans & booklet
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Ricercar Consort
La Pastorella

Frédéric de ROOS, flûte à becPhilippe PIERLOT, dessus et basse de violeMarc MINKOWSKI, bassonPatrick BEUCKELS, flûte traversièreFrançois FERNANDEZ, violon, altoMihoko KIMURA, violonAnnette SICHELSCHMIDT, violonGhislaine WAUTERS, violon, altoAgeet ZWEISTRA, violoncelleEric MATHOT, contrebasseGuy PENSON, clavecin et orgueMarcel PONSEELE, hautboisPatrick DENECKER, flûte à becSophie WATILLON, basse de violeMarc VALLON, bassonPhilippe MALFEYT, archiluthDanièle ETIENNE, flûteBernard FOCCROULLE, clavecinPatrick BEUCKELS, flûte traversièreDavid MINGS, bassonJoëlle LANSCOTTE, flûte à becMieke VAN WEDDINGEN, flûte à becHidemi SUZUKI, violoncelleClaude MAURY, corChristophe FERON, cor

domenica 14 settembre 2014

G.F.Handel - Agrippina

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 3 RAR 325Mb

 CD 1
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CD 2
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CD 3
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Agrippina: Sally Bradshaw, soprano
Nerone: Wendy Hill, soprano
Poppea: Lisa Saffer, soprano
Claudio: Nicholas Isherwood, bass
Ottone: Drew Minter, contatenor
Pallante: Michael Dean, bass, bariton
Narciso: Ralf Popken, contatenor
Lesbo: Béla Szilágyi, bass
Giunone: Gloria Banditelli, soprano

Capella Savaria
dir. Nicholas McGegan