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J.P.Rameau - Les Indes Galantes (Suite)

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Jean-Philippe Rameau's opéra-ballet Les Indes Galantes premiered in Paris in 1735 but was not a critical success, so the composer prepared a revised version that included an additional act. The five suites the composer extracted are derived from the prologue and four acts, and the brief movements include orchestral arrangements of vocal numbers as well as instrumental pieces. The work displays Rameau's flair for creating evocative and compelling music for the wide variety of the opéra-ballet's dramatic situations, as well as his ear for imaginative orchestration. Familiarity with the plot is not required for appreciating the charms of these colorful miniatures. The Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, led by Frans Brueggen, performs on period instruments with the elegance and crisp precision that's just right for this repertoire and makes the most of the musical and dramatic contrasts between the movements.


01 - Ouverture
02 - Entree Des Quatre Nations
03 - Air Pour Les Esclaves Africains
04 - Air Vif
05 - Musette En Rondeau
06 - Air Pour Les Amants Et Les Amantes
07 - Air Pour Deux Polonais
08 - Menuets I-II
09 - Contredanse
10 - Ritournelle Pour Le Turc Genereux
11 - Forlane Des Matelots
12 - Tambourins I-II
13 - Ritournelle Pour Les Incas De Perou
14 - Air Des Incas
15 - Air Pour L'adoration De Soleil
16 - Gavottes I-II
17 - Ritournelle Pour La Fete Persane
18 - Marche
19 - Air Pour Zephire
20 - Air Pour Boree Et La Rose

Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century
dir. Frans Bruggen

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