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Antonio Vivaldi - The 37 Bassoon Concertos

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ASV's Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto cycle occupied five individual full-price releases, now bundled together in a specially priced boxed set. It's safe to say that these 37 works constitute the largest one-composer contribution to the bassoon's concerto repertoire. While the works adhere to Vivaldi's patented quick-slow-quick three-movement form (save for the brief, four-movement "La Notte"), they're hardly stamped from the same cookie cutter. Try to predict how the churning sequences in the Allegros will play out and you'll constantly be surprised by Vivaldi's inventive vitality. The central slow movements contain some of Vivaldi's most poignant melodies (the C major Concerto KV 467's gorgeous Andante, for instance) and starkest mood paintings, such as the bassoon's obsessive dotted rhythm motif against a bed of sustained strings in the A minor KV 499.
Each of the five discs is programmed to ensure maximum contrast and variety for those who wish to sit through, say, seven or eight concertos at a stretch. I wager that listeners will often return to discs three through five, for the Zagreb Soloists under Tonko Ninic's guidance bring more characterful bite, color, and accentuation to Vivaldi's orchestral writing than the less individual proficiency of Philip Ledger's excellent English Chamber Orchestra. Bassoon soloist Daniel Smith commands his unwieldy instrument to the point where it's all too easy to take his suave tone, superb breath control, and idiomatic flair for granted. Theoretically, five CDs' worth of baroque bassoon concertos from a single author is tantamount to overkill, but this set proves a glorious exception.

--Jed Distler,


Disc 1
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C major, RV 467    
F major, RV 491    
A minor, RV 500    
A minor, RV 499    
C major, RV 466    
F major, RV 486    
C major, RV 474    
F major, RV 487    

Disc 2
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C major, RV 476    
C major, RV 469    
G major, RV 494    
C major, RV 470    
F major, RV 488    
C major, RV 472    
D minor, RV 481    
C major, RV 479    
Disc 3
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B flat major ("La notte"),
C major, RV 477    
C major, RV 475    
G minor, RV 496    
F major, RV 490    
G minor, RV 495    
C major, RV 471    

Disc 4
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G major, RV 492    
F major, RV 489    
G major, RV 493    
E minor, RV 484    
B flat major, RV 504    
C minor, RV 480    
B flat major, RV 503    

Disc 5
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A minor, RV 497    
F major, RV 485    
E flat major, RV 483    
C major, RV 478    
A minor, RV 498    
C minor, RV 480
B flat major, RV 502

Daniel Smith, Bassoon

English Chamber Orchestra
Philip Ledger

Zagreb Soloist
Tonko Ninic

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