sabato 27 settembre 2014

J.S.Bach - Easter Oratorio / Ascension Oratorio

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Conductor Masaaki Suzuki and the Japan Bach Collegium, Japan's leading historical-instrument ensemble, here take a break from a long series of cantata recordings to present Bach's Easter Oratorio and Ascension Oratorio. Actually, these recordings are very much of a piece with Suzuki's cantata discs. The two oratorios are really large cantatas, with their music imported from a variety of sources, some of them secular. There aren't dramatic roles, as in the larger cantatas, although the Ascension Oratorio does have a narrator-evangelist. The text of the Easter Oratorio is written from the point of view of onlookers to the Resurrection. Bach was among the most consistent composers who ever lived, but if he wrote any minor works, these could be placed under that heading.

Bach tweaked these works repeatedly as they were used for different occasions, and the booklet devotes a lot of space to sorting out all the different versions. As for the performances, they have the deliberate, calm quality that is the hallmark of Suzuki's Bach. In soprano Yukari Nonoshita he has found an ideal collaborator; check out track 5, the soprano-and-flute aria "Seele deine Spezieren," for an example of the hypnotic grace Suzuki's readings can have. Even her recitatives seem to glow with quiet light. Bass Chiyuki Urano is equally smooth, but the edgier sound of countertenor Patrick van Goethem is slightly out of place here. In general, those who prize the quality of contemplation in Bach's music will find Suzuki to their liking. His ongoing Bach project is producing recordings of lasting significance, and this production of the master's two small oratorios is well worth hearing.

Easter Oratorio
"Kommt, eilet und laufet" BWV 249 (1749) 
Ascension Oratorio
"Lobet Gott in Seinem Reichen" BWV 11 (1735)

Yukari Noonoshita, (soprano)

Patrick van Goethem, (counter-tenor)
Jan Kobow, (tenor)
Chiyuki Urano, (bass)
Liliko Maeda, (transverse flute)

Masamitsu San’nomiya, (oboe d’amore)
Hidemi Suzuki, (cello)
Naoya Otsuka (harpsichord)
Naoko Imai, (organ)

Bach Collegium Musicum Japan

dir. Masaaki Suzuki

venerdì 26 settembre 2014

A.Scarlatti - Diana & Endimione. Cantates

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Diana e Endimione
Ero e Leandro
Correa nel sen amato

Jacqueline Nicolas, soprano
Alain Aubin, countertenor
Stuart Deeks, violin
Xavier Julien-Laferriere, violin
Helen Williams, viola
Alix Verzier, cello
Malcolm Bothwell, bass viol
Philippe Ramin, harpsichord

giovedì 25 settembre 2014

Antonio Vivaldi - Eleven Concertos

11 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 120 Mb

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1. Concerto For Strings In G Minor, RV 157
2. Concerto For Violoncello And Strings In D Major, RV 403
3. Concerto For Strings In G Minor, RV 152
4. Concerto For Violoncello And Strings In B Minor, RV 424
5. Concerto For Strings In D Minor, RV 127
6. Concerto For 2 Violins, 2Violoncellos And Strings In D Major, RV 564
7. Concerto For 2 Oboes And Strings In D Minor, RV 535
8. Concerto For Violoncello And Strings In A Minor, RV 419
9. Concerto For Violoncello, Bassoon And Strings In E Minor, RV 409
10. Concerto For 2 Oboes, 2 Violins, Bassoon And Strings In C Major, RV 557
11. Concerto For Strings In G Major 'alla rustica', RV 151


Anner Bylsma, cello

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
Jeanne Lamon

mercoledì 24 settembre 2014

T.Crecquillon - Fortune Helas...

22 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 83Mb

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At a conference of musicologists in Utrecht, the Egidius Kwartet met Dr.Laura Youens, Professor of Music at George Washington University, Washington DC. She and her team not only published the music in an excellent edition, but also paid careful attention to the poetry used by Crecquillon for his songs, just as the Egidius Kwartet do. This meeting resulted in the first CD recording ever of all Crecquillon’s chansons.


Fortune, Helas
Mon povre coeur, chansons for 4 voices
Quand me souvient de ma triste / Ung triste cueur (Response)
Or sus a cop, chanson for 4 voices
L'ardant Amour / Taire et souffir (response)
Prestés moy l'ung de ces yeulx 2:55
Amour et moy avons faict accointance, chanson for 4 voices
Si pour aimans, chanson for 4 voices
Pour ung plaisir / Si de present peine j'endure (response by Susato)
D'ung seul regart mort (ii) / Cerchant plaisir (reponse)
Pour une hellas j'endure, chanson for 4 voices
Plus je ne sçay que dire / La mort bien je desire (reponse)
Puisque malheur
La mort bien je desire, response for 4 voices (for Plus je ne sçay que dire)
Mi levay pour ung matin, chanson for 4 voices
Alix avoit aux dens, chanson for 4 voices
Ung gay bergier, chanson for 4 voices
Prenez pitié du mal, chanson for 4 voices
Puis que j'ay mis, chanson for 4 voices
A vous en est
Petite Fleur
Resveillés vous, chanson for 4 voices

Egidius Kwartet

Peter de Groot, altus
Marco van de Klundert, tenor
Hans Wijers, baritone
Donald Bentvelsen, bass
Maria Luz Alvarez, soprano

Egidius Consort

Saskia Coolen, recorder & viol
Erik Beijer, viol
Johannes Boer, viol
Susanne Braumann, descant viol (track 3)
Antoinette Lohmann, descant viol (track 9, 13)

martedì 23 settembre 2014

J.S.Bach - Oboe Concertos

9 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 65Mb

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There are many recordings of Bach works for oboe soloist on both modern and baroque oboe, and this one likely won't be easy to get hold of. Too bad, because it is such a fine recording, so enjoyable to listen to, and in my opinion is one of the best from the Bach Ensemble and its director, Joshua Rifkin. Dr. Rifkin's liner notes present the scholarly case for combining movements from Bach's cantatas to make oboe concertos, and they are clear, informative, and interesting. What really shines here though is the oboe playing by Stephen Hammer. It is flawless, beautifully phrased playing that has joy and confidence built in--so attractive to listen to again and again. I came to find this CD because I was looking for recordings on which Hammer plays, because I think very highly of his playing. This one provides an opportunity to hear him play the oboe d'amore too, which is a lower-pitched and lovely oboe that is called for in one of the three concertos on this disc. Listeners who appreciate baroque oboe playing will marvel at Hammer's ability to manage Bach's very long phrases in certain movements. Bach scarcely gave his players any point at which to breathe. Playing some of the solo parts here is like running a mile while holding your breath, but Hammer is a marvel. He manages it so beautifully. This disc is highly recommended for listening pleasure if you can get hold of it. (Violetta, an Amazon customer)


Concerto for Oboe, Strings and Continuo in d
Concerto for Oboe d'amore, Strings and Continuo in A
Concerto for Oboe, Strings and Continuo in E-flat


Stephen Hammer, oboe & oboe d'amore

Bach Ensemble
dir. Joshua Rifkin

Michelangelo Rossi - La poesia cromatica

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 97 Mb

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Michelangelo Rossi (Michel Angelo del Violino) (ca. 1601/1602 – 1656) was an important Italian composer, violinist and organist of the Baroque era.
He was born in Genoa, where he studied with his uncle, Lelio Rossi (1601-1638), at the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. Around the year 1624 he moved to Rome to enter the service of Cardinal Maurizio of Savoy. It was there that he met the madrigal composer Sigismondo d'India as well as the keyboard composer Girolamo Frescobaldi, with whom he may have studied. All but one of his madrigals may date from this period, and they are similar to those of d'India. (Wikipedia)


1 - Per Non Mi Dir Ch'Io Moia
2 - Alma Afflitta, Che Fai?
3 - Ohimè, Se Tanto Amante
4 - Partite Sopra la Romanesca
5 - Era L'Anima Mia
6 - O Miseria D'Amante
7 - Mentre D'Ampia Voragine Tonante
8 - Moribondo Mio Pianto
9 - Or Che la Notte
10 - Voi Volete Ch'Io Mora
11 - Langue Al Vostro Languir
12 - Come Sian Dolorose
13 - Toccata Settima
14 - Ah Dolente Partita
15 - Ciechi Desir
16 - Occhi, un Tempo Mia Vita


Huelgas Ensemble
dir. Paul van Nevel

lunedì 22 settembre 2014

Mozart - The Complete Piano Sonatas

6 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 569Mb

Brautigam uses a copy of a 1795 fortepiano with spectacular results. The attack of this instrument is much more defined, (...). His tempos are fast, (...). Recording quality is superb, a(...). I used to think Mozart's sonatas were sluggish and not of the same caliber of much of his other compositions (Haydn's sonatas seemed to sparkle in comparison). With this set, I have changed my mind... truly first class. (Amazon customer)


CD 1

Piano Sonata No. 1 in C major, K. 279
Piano Sonata No. 2 in F major, K. 28
Piano Sonata No. 3 in B flat major, K. 281

CD 2


Piano Sonata No. 4 in E flat major, K. 282
Piano Sonata No. 5 in G major, K. 283
Piano Sonata No. 6 in D major, K. 284

CD 3


Piano Sonata No. 7 in C major, K. 309
Piano Sonata No. 9 in D major, K. 311
Piano Sonata No. 8 in A minor, K. 310

CD 4


Piano Sonata No. 10 in C major, K. 330
Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K. 331
Piano Sonata No. 12 in F major, K. 332

CD 5


Piano Sonata No. 13 in B flat major, K. 333
Fantasia in C minor, K. 475
Piano Sonata No. 14 in C minor

CD 6


Piano Sonata No. 15 in F major, K. 533 + K. 494
Piano Sonata No. 16 in C major, K. 545, "Sonata facile"
Piano Sonata No. 17 in B flat major, K. 570
Piano Sonata No. 18 in D major, K. 576

Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano

Hildebrandston (Ferrara Ensemble)

24 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 104Mb


“This album follows a real change in society with the rise of the middle class in pre-Renaissance Germany. In this constantly evolving setting, music occupied a thoroughly enviable place. The Ferrara Ensemble is both the depository and the reflection of this bouquet of tendencies and emotions, and its expressive palette is at ease in every situation; Crawford Young, from his lute, attends to the ensemble’s musicality, which is never at fault.”

Roger Tellart, Diapason, January 1996 - Diapason d’or of the Year 1995-96


1 - Sei willekommen herre Christ
2 - Damoiselle
3 - Ich sachs eins mals den lichten morgensterne
4 - Ich sachs eins mals den lichten morgensterne
5 - Bruder Konrad
6 - In feuers hitz
7 - Es leit ein schloß in österreich
8 - Ich sach ein bild
9 - Hoftanz Benzenhauer
10 - Nun will ich aber heben an (Lied vom Tanhäuser)
11 - Christ ist erstanden
12 - Christ ist erstanden
13 - Christ ist erstanden
14 - In gotts namen fahren wir
15 - Nun bitten wir den heilgen geist
16 - Ich will zu land ausreiten (Hildebrandston)
17 - Min freud möcht sich wol mehren
18 - Fortuna - Bruder Conrad
19 - Mein traut gesell (Mönch von Salzburg (Herrmann))
20 - Puer natus est
21 - Tanzmass Benzenhauer
22 - Hoftanz Benzenhauer
23 - Der Wald hat sich entlaubet
24 - Ich spring an diesen Ringe

Ferrara Ensemble

Sigmund Theophil Staden - Seelewig

35 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 132 Mb

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Due to the loss of 'Dafne' it is 'Seelewig' by Sigmund Theophil Staden which is now considered the first German opera. It was first performed in Nuremberg in 1644. The composer didn't call it an opera, though. Its title is, translated: 'The Sacred Wood Poem or Comedy, called Seelewig, set in singing style in the Italian manner'. It is a morality play in which it is shown "how the evil enemy seeks to ruin pious souls in many various ways and how these, however, are kept from eternal damnation by God's word, through conscience and reason."
Johan van Veen (more HERE:)

Monika Mauch, soprano (Seelewig, Singkunst)
Ute Kreidler, soprano (Sinnigunda)
Heidrun Luchterhand, soprano (Herzigilt)
Franziska Gottwald, mezzosoprano (Gwissulda, Echo)
Sebastian Hübner, tenor (Künsteling, Malkunst)
Hans Jörg Mammel, tenor (Ehrelob, Eitelkeit)
Armin Gottstein, baritone (Reichimuth)
Ulrich Maier, bass (Trügewalt)

I Ciarlatani
dir. Klaus Winkler

domenica 21 settembre 2014

G.F.Handel - Overtures

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 92Mb

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Il pastor fido

The English Concert
dir. Trevor Pinnock