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Sigmund Theophil Staden - Seelewig

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Due to the loss of 'Dafne' it is 'Seelewig' by Sigmund Theophil Staden which is now considered the first German opera. It was first performed in Nuremberg in 1644. The composer didn't call it an opera, though. Its title is, translated: 'The Sacred Wood Poem or Comedy, called Seelewig, set in singing style in the Italian manner'. It is a morality play in which it is shown "how the evil enemy seeks to ruin pious souls in many various ways and how these, however, are kept from eternal damnation by God's word, through conscience and reason."
Johan van Veen (more HERE:)

Monika Mauch, soprano (Seelewig, Singkunst)
Ute Kreidler, soprano (Sinnigunda)
Heidrun Luchterhand, soprano (Herzigilt)
Franziska Gottwald, mezzosoprano (Gwissulda, Echo)
Sebastian Hübner, tenor (Künsteling, Malkunst)
Hans Jörg Mammel, tenor (Ehrelob, Eitelkeit)
Armin Gottstein, baritone (Reichimuth)
Ulrich Maier, bass (Trügewalt)

I Ciarlatani
dir. Klaus Winkler

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