giovedì 11 febbraio 2016

Il Codice di Guardiagrele - I Corali di S. Maria Maggiore

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 102 Mb

"From the 10th to the 15th century the Abruzzo was not an isolated area, as D'Annunzio usually described it in his works. On the contrary, it was an important crossroads between northern and southern Italy and between Middle and Mediterranean Europe. The Abruzzo was also a gateway to East and the presence of a great number of traditional oral songs, which contain structures and stylistic elements of Balkan and Mozarabic singing. The Codex of Guardiagrele contained several pieces composed by artists from the Abruzzo and from other regions which worked in Guardiagrele at the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. These compositions clearly show that the musical production of polyphonic works was rich in this region."


01. Alleluya a 2
02. Rorate caeli
03. Sanctus I
04. Kyrie
05. Sanctus II
06. Gloria
07. Alleluya a 2
08. Sanctus a2
09. Patrem
10. Sanctus
11. Saltarello I (sul Sanctus a 3) 
12. Sanctus a 2
13. Saltarello II (sul Sanctus a 2)
14. Benedicta et venerabilis
15. Agnus Dei
16. Agnus Dei a 2
17. Questa fanciull' Amor

De Bon Parole
dir. Marco Giacintucci

Marco Giacintucci (vielle, lyre, symphonia, bagpipe)
Debora David (recorder)
Walter D'Arcangelo (portable organ)
Fabio Di Gabriele (drum)
aola Incani (cantus, chorus)
Emanuele Dell'Oso (tenor)
Daniela Santucci (cantus, chorus)
Szilvia Komaromi (chorus)

lunedì 8 febbraio 2016

Venetian Music for Double Choir

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 100 Mb

These superb performances of Venetian Music for Double Choir, have set the bench mark for this style of composition since it’s first appearance in 1993.


1. Lauda Jerusalem by Adrian Willaert 
2. Credidi, propter quod lucutus sum by Adrian Willaert 
3. Ricercar no 10 by Adrian Willaert 

Sacrae symphoniae, Book 1  by Giovanni Gabrieli
4. In te Domine speravi à 8
5. Beata es virgo à 6
6. Beata es virgo à 6
7. Sancta et immaculata virginitas à 8
8. Angelus Domini descendit
9. O Jesu mi dulcissime

Canzoni et sonate (21) by Giovanni Gabrieli
10. Canzon III a 6

Symphoniae sacrae, Book 2 by Giovanni Gabrieli
11. Exultavit cor meum
12. Sancta et immaculata à 7
13. Hodie completi sunt à 8
14. Benedictus es, Dominus
15. O quam suavis à 8
16. Hodie completi sunt à 8

Concerto Palatino

dir. Erik Van Nevel