giovedì 24 giugno 2010

Camilla de Rossi - Il Sacrifizio di Abramo

28 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 113Mb

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Nothing is known of her life except that ‘Romana’ appears on the title-pages of her manuscripts, indicating Roman origin.
She wrote four oratorios for solo voices and orchestra, which were performed in the Vienna court chapel between 1707 and 1710. In style and form they are similar to the oratorios of
Alessandro Scarlatti. A cantata also survives.
Her first known work,
Santa Beatrice d’Este, was commissioned by Emperor Joseph I.
She often uses particular instruments for dramatic effect or characterization: trumpets represent the villainous warrior in
Santa Beatrice d’Este, the archlute represents the innocence of S.Alessio in Sant’Alessio, and chalumeaux(*), only a year after their first orchestral use in Vienna, represent the peaceful dream of Abramo in Il sacrifizio di Abramo.
According to the title-page of the manuscript, Rossi wrote the text as well as the music for I
l figliuol prodigo.

Angiolo, Sara, Susanne Ryden (Soprano)
Isacco, Ralf Popken (Alto)
Abramo, Jan Stromberg (Tenor)

dir. Manfred Cordes

(*)Accostatevi a queste pupille

Strali, fulmini

lunedì 21 giugno 2010

Jan Dismas Zelenka - Il Diamante

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 155Mb

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If we speak about the late works of Jan Dismas Zelenka, we usually refer to his fascinating last masses, oratorios or litanies, which havInserisci linke today finally gained the attention and acclaim they so fully deserve. With sacred music always being the focal point of Zelenka's work, the violone playing composer who was born in Bohemia was eventually appointed Kirchen Compositeur in 1735 after having spent over twenty years as “the most humble and loyal servant” at the royal court in Dresden. Still, among his late works we also find the Serenata ZWV 177 from 1737, another major work, which, thanks to the newly discovered printed libretto, now has a title Il Diamante. It was one of the few secular vocal compositions, possibly also the last, Zelenka wrote for the Dresden court, and crowns his work as a music dramatist. (more in the booklet)

Roberta Mameli - soprano (Giunone)
Marie Fajtova - soprano (Amore)
Gabriela Eibenova - soprano (Venere)
Hana Blazikova - soprano (Terra)
Kai Wessel - alto (Imeneo)

Ensemble Inégal
Prague Baroque Soloists
dir. Adam Viktora

domenica 20 giugno 2010

Tomaso Albinoni - Concerto Op.9 n°2

MP3 192 Kbps - 4 RAR

Well, how to put it? It's obvious you may not agree with me but in my opinion this concerto is the "perfect baroque concerto". Some composers move more, there are pieces that give me sheer joy or bliss... still the overall quality of this composition is so constant from bar one of the first movement all through to the end of the third, that I decided to nominate Tomaso Albinoni's Concerto per Oboe in re minore Opus 9 n°2 as Best Instrumental Work of the Baroque Era.

Here I give you several rendition of this masterwork, from wonderful to, ehm... so and so, played with modern and authentic instruments, and so on...

I hope you will allow me this little and harmless game.

Block 1 (66Mb)

Camden, The London Virtuosi
de Bruine, Academy of Ancient Music
DeVries, Alma Musica
Dombrecht, Il Fondament

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Block 2 (79Mb)

Grazzi, Il Giardino Armonico (2nd movement only)
Holliger, I Musici
Lencses, Budapest Strings
Malgoire, Le Florilegium Musicum
Mayer, unknown

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Block 3 (49Mb)

Nepalo, Moscow Chamber Ensemble
Pierlot, I Solisti Veneti

Ponseele, Il Gardellino

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Block 4 (64Mb)

Reichenberg, English Concert
Robson, Collegium Musicum
Schilli, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra
van Tright, I Musici

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