mercoledì 12 dicembre 2007

La Baxa Danza y la Alta (S. XV - XVI)

18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 94Mb

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1. Francesco de la Torre - Alta
2. Anon. (15th c.) - Baxa Castilla
3. Domenichino - España
4. H. von Constanz - Danza "La España"
5. Kochesperger - Danza "La España"
6. Anon. - Baxa Danza
7. Anon., 16th c. - España
8. Francesco Canova - Spagna
9. Antonio de Cabezon - Tres, Sobre el Canto Llano de la Alta
10. Anon., 1430 - Torneo de Castilla
11. Anon., 1430 - - Barcelona
12. Anon., 1430 - - Navarra
13. Anon., 1430 - Baxa Danza del Rey de España
14. Luys de Narvaez - Baxa de Contrapunto
15. E de Valdebarrano - Contrapunto Sobre el Tenor de la Baxa
16. Guillaume Dufay - Aragonesa
17. H.Weck - Baxa Danza Española
18. Vincenzo Capirola - Baxa Danza "La Spagna"

[1] Cancionero Musical de Palacio, 321
[2] Museo Bibliogr´ de Bolonia, cod. 109, q. 16, fs. LIX-LX
[3] De la Arte di ballare et danzare (?)
[4] Basel University Library, f. IX, 58, f. 6-7
[5] Basel University Library, f. IX, 58, f. 14-15
[6] Ottavio Petrucci, 1503
[7] MS Leipzig
[8] Bibliothèque Royale de Bruxelles, f. 36v
[9] Libro Nueva de Venegas de Henestrosa
[10]-[13] Manuscrits dit des basses danses, Bibliothèque de Bourgogne
[14] Los seys Libros del Delphin
[15] Silva de Sirenas
[16] Munich Library
[17] Buxheimer Orgelbuch
[18] Newberry Library, Chicago

Rodrigo de Zayas (vihuela)
Conjunto instrumental "Pro Música Hispaniarum"
dir. Roberto Pla

mercoledì 5 dicembre 2007

W.A.Mozart - Concertos

10 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR (110Mb)

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Flute & Harp Concerto K299
Andante for Flute in C K315
Bassoon Concerto K191
Flute Concerto K313

Lisa Beznosiuk, flute
Frances Kelly, harp
Danny Bond, bassoon

The Academy of Ancient Music
dir. Christopher Hogwood

martedì 4 dicembre 2007

G.P.Telemann - La Chasse, Tragikomische Suite

32 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR (117Mb)

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Overture "Jubeloratorium fur die Hamburger Admiralitat"
Suite "Alster" F-dur
Suite "La Musette" g-moll
Suite "La Chasse" F-dur
Ouverture jointe d'une suite tragi-comique

Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin

Originally posted (04/12/2007)

Johann Rosenmuller - Sonate da Camera e Sinfonie

7 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 91 Mb

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Johann Rosenmüller was a Saxon composer who escaped from prison in Leipzig and fled to Venice in 1655 after being falsely accused of having a homosexual relationship with some of his students. While these totally, completely, impossibly gorgeous "Sonate da Camera e Sinfonie" (1654-1682) were composed primarily in Venice (Rosenmüller was a trombonist at St. Mark's Basilica), they were strongly influenced by the music of Rosenmüller's early teacher, the great German master Heinrich Schütz. Scored for 8 stringed instruments, cornet, trombone, and theorbo, these chamber sonatas combine the absolute best of the conservative North German musical tradition with a healthy dash of Venetian joie de vivre and achingly beautiful pan-European melancholic contemplation. Rosenmüller's sonatas are real jewels considering when they were written, since they totally avoid the typically overdone, clichéd pyrotechnics and gaudy bravura of the High Baroque while also managing not to be sleeping pills.
If, like me, you're a little nauseated with Bach and bored with Lully, give Rosenmüller a shot. I've heard several of Hespèrion XX's other recordings and this one is THE finest. Smooth, luscious, out of this world. Can't go wrong here.
By Stephen Taylor


Sinfonia II
Sonata VII
Sinfonia IV
Suite I
Sonata XI
Sinfonia I
Sonata IX

Hesperion XX
 dir. Jordi Savall

lunedì 26 novembre 2007

Christmas Concertos

27 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 97Mb

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1. Marc-Antoine Charpentier - Noels Sur Les Instruments
2. Johann Melchior Molter - Concerto Pastorale In G Major
3. Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto For 2 Trumpets In C Major, Rv 537
4. Giuseppe Baldassare Sammartini - Pastorale In G Major
5. Georg Philipp Telemann - Concerto Polonois In G Major
6. George Frideric Handel - Concerto A Due Cori In B Flat Major, Hwv 332
7. Arcangelo Corelli - Concerto Grosso In G Minor

English Concert
dir. Trevor Pinnock

sabato 24 novembre 2007

O Canto da Sibila

11 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 63 Mb

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De todos os eventos, o mais antigo e mais largamente difundido por toda a Europa, durante a idade média, foi o Canto da Sibila. As sibilas eram profetizas muito populares nos ritos romanos, antes da Era Cristã. Uma de suas profecias fala do fim dos tempos, como foi descrito por São João no livro do apocalipse. Com o advento do cristianismo e no intuito de difundi-lo entre os "povos pagãos", esta profecia foi utilizada pela igreja como prova de que o cristianismo era uma verdade já prevista antes de sua existência. Assim, na noite de Natal, no meio da missa de meia noite, a Sibila era cantada para alertar a todos a se converterem antes do juízo final. Essa tradição se repetia todos os anos até que foi proibida em concílio pela Igreja. Por ser um evento tão popular e de tão grande importância, mesmo com tal proibição ele continuou a ser praticado em alguns lugares da Espanha até os dias de hoje.


Des Oge Mas
In Duici Jubilo
Verbum caro factum est
Verbum caro factum est
Pois que dos Reys
O Canto da Sibila
Riu Riu Chiu
Rey a Quiem Reies Adoran
Dadme Albricias
E la Don Don, Verges Maria
Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem

Musica Antiga da UFF (Live)

giovedì 22 novembre 2007

Shakespeare Songs (Deller)

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 57 Mb

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1. It was a lover and his lass - Thomas Morley: As you like it, V, 3
2. Take, O take those lips away - John Wilson: Measure for measure, IV, 1
3. O mistress mine - Thomas Morley: Twelfth night or what you will, II,3
4. Strike it up, Tabor - Thomas Weelkes
5. Willow song - Anon.: Othello, IV, 3
6. Where the bee sucks - Robert Johnson II: The Tempest, VI, 1
7. How should I your true love know - Anon.: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, IV, 5
8. Walsingham variation - Francis Cutting
9. We be soldiers three - Anon.
10. When griping griefs - Anon.: Romeo and Juliet, IV, 5
11. Full fathom five - Robert Johnson II: The Tempest, I, 2
12. Caleno custure me - Anon.: Henry V, mentioned at IV, 4
13. Canon: Then they for sudden joy did weep - Anon.: King Lear, I
14. Bonny, sweet Robin, luth solo - Anon.
15. When that I was - Anon.: Twelfth night, V, 1
16. Kamp'jig, luth solo - Anon.
17. Greensleeves - Anon., trad.
18. He that will an ale-house keep - Anon.: Ravenscroft's Melismas
19. Non Nobis Domine - William Byrd

Deller Consort

Alfred Deller (countertenor)
Philip Todd (tenor)
Max Worthley (tenor)
Maurice Bevan (baritone)
Desmond Dupré (lute)
Alfred Deller, dir.

domenica 11 novembre 2007

Etienne-Nicholas Méhul - Overtures (1763 - 1817)

9 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 122Mb

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Nicholas Méhul (1763-1817) is an intriguing transitional figure in French music, with a career that historically spanned the final years of the reign of Louis XVI and the heyday of Napoleon, and musically spanned the pinnacle of the classical style and the first stirrings of romanticism.Nowadays his music is hardly ever performed. The operas to which the nine pieces on this well-played disc provided the overtures - works like Mélidore et Phrosine, Horatius Coclès and Les Deux Aveugles de Tolède - have become little more than entries in a work list. But he was a forward-looking and, in his time, highly influential, composer, whose sense of musical theatre left its imprint on Berlioz and Weber especially.These overtures show how Méhul pushed at the boundaries of what could be expected of an orchestra at the beginning of the 19th century, giving it a new dramatic responsibility in the operatic scheme of things. This is no substitute for recordings of the complete operas, but is still worth investigating.


01 - Mélidore et Phrosine
02 - Ariodant
03 - Joseph
04 - Horatius Coclès
05 - Bion
06 - Le jeune sage et le vieu fou
07 - Le trésor supposé
08 - Les deux aveugles de Tolède
09 - Le chasse du jeune Henri

Orchestre de Bretagne
 dir. Stefan Sanderling


English - - Francais - - Spanish - - Deutsch - - Italiano

martedì 6 novembre 2007

Franz Joseph Haydn - deLirium

15 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 129Mb

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The disc is characterized by splendid performances by the Ensemble Baroque de Limoges and Quatuor Mosaiques under the direction of Christophe Coin. Laborie's Joseph Haydn: deLerium is delightful in every way, and should easily satisfy anyone who has ever wondered about the Lire Organizzate. Franz Josef Haydn produced about a half dozen works for the Lire Organizzate, an eighteenth century hybrid of the hurdy-gurdy and organetto that by the twentieth century was nothing more than a museum instrument, with only about 20 examples extant and none playable. These works are commonly performed on recordings with a standard pipe organ in place of the Lire; however, Laborie's excellent release Joseph Haydn: deLerium stands apart in that the works are heard, for the first time in probably 200 years, on a pair of Lire Organizzate. Matthias Loibner and Thierry Nouat play reconstructed instruments built by hurdy-gurdy specialist Wolfgang Weichselbaumer that have a sweet and slightly tart tone reminiscent of an exotic brand of Viennese candy. While the Lire is obviously the star of the show, Laborie likewise includes a couple of Haydn's pieces for the Baryton, another obscure instrument favored by his patron, Prince Nikolaus Esterházy, for whom Haydn found himself obligated to create more than 100 works for this rather limited, dull-toned instrument. Even in these pieces, Haydn's patented "surprises" are part of the mix; when the natural horns creep into the final movement of the "Divertimento in A for Baryton" one really notices the difference.


1. Concerto No. 1 for 2 lire organizzate in C major, H. 7h/1
 2. Divertimento a 8, for baryton, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass & 2 horns in A minor/A major, H. 10/3 
3. Notturno for 2 lire organizzate, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, 2 violas & bass in G major, H. 2/27
 4. Divertimento a 8, for baryton, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass & 2 horns in G major, H. 10/12
 5. Notturno for 2 lire organizzate, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, 2 violas & bass in C major, H. 2/32

Ensemble Baroque de Limoges
 Quatuour Mosaiques 
Cristopher Coin


G.P.Telemann - La Bizarre (Suites)

Inserisci link26 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 102Mb

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1. Suite En Ré Majeur, Twv55 D:18 : Ouverture
2. Suite En Ré Majeur, Twv55 D:18 : Menuet I, Menuet Il
3. Suite En Ré Majeur, Twv55 D:18 : Gavotte En Rondeau
4. Suite En Ré Majeur, Twv55 D:18 : Passacaille
5. Suite En Ré Majeur, Twv55 D:18 : Air
6. Suite En Ré Majeur, Twv55 D:18 : Les Postillons
7. Suite En Ré Majeur, Twv55 D:18 : Fanfare
8. Ouverture "Les Nations", Twv55 B:5 : Ouverture
9. Ouverture "Les Nations", Twv55 B:5 : Menuet I, Menuet Il
10. Ouverture "Les Nations", Twv55 B:5 : Les Turcs
11. Ouverture "Les Nations", Twv55 B:5 : Les Suisses
12. Ouverture "Les Nations", Twv55 B:5 : Les Moscovites
13. Ouverture "Les Nations", Twv55 B:5 : Les Portugais
14. Ouverture "Les Nations", Twv55 B:5 : Les Boiteux
15. Ouverture "Les Nations", Twv55 B:5 : Les Coureurs
16. Concerto Pour Violon "Les Rainettes", Twv51 A:2 : !!!
17. Concerto Pour Violon "Les Rainettes", Twv51 A:2 : Adagio
18. Concerto Pour Violon "Les Rainettes", Twv51 A:2 : Menuet Alternativement
19. Ouverture "La Bizarre", Twv55 G:2 : Ouverture
20. Ouverture "La Bizarre", Twv55 G:2 : Courante
21. Ouverture "La Bizarre", Twv55 G:2 : Gavotte En Rondeau
22. Ouverture "La Bizarre", Twv55 G:2 : Branle
23. Ouverture "La Bizarre", Twv55 G:2 : Sarabande
24. Ouverture "La Bizarre", Twv55 G:2 : Fantaisie
25. Ouverture "La Bizarre", Twv55 G:2 : Menuet I, Menuet Il
26. Ouverture "La Bizarre", Twv55 G:2 :Rossignol

Akademie fur Ancient Music Berlin

lunedì 5 novembre 2007

W.A.Mozart - Acis und Galatea (from Handel)

21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 2 RAR (84+89Mb)

Part 1 - Part 2

Part 1 - Part 2

This is the reorchestrated, German-language version of Handel's ''Acis and Galatea,'' done in 1788 for Baron von Swieten, a music patron who had fallen in love with Baroque music. In its original form, in English and lightly scored, Handel's delectable work has long been a concert and theater staple. However, Mozart's expertly crafted revision adds a bassoon as well as pairs of flutes, clarinets and horns, which adds to the orchestra's sonority and palette of colors but also subtly changes the character of the music.

Disc: 1
1. Acis Und Galatea: Act I - Overtura
2. Acis Und Galatea: Act I - 1. O begluckter Schaferstand! (Galatea)
3. Acis Und Galatea: Act I - Du grunes Feld, bebuschter Hugel - Still, du kleiner Wipfelchor (Galatea)
4. Acis Und Galatea: Act I - 3. Wo such ich sie, die holde Nymph? (Acis)
5. Acis Und Galatea: Act I - 4. Blieb, Schafer, bleib! - Schafer, was suchst du so angstlich (Damon)
6. Acis Und Galatea: Act I - 5. Ach, Schaferin, wend, Galatea - Lieb in ihr Aug verkrochen (Acis)
7. Acis Und Galatea: Act I - 6. O fuhltest du die Qualen der Entfernung - Wie's Taubchen klagt (Galatea)
8. Acis Und Galatea: Act I - 7. Wohl uns! (Galatea) (Acis)
9. Acis Und Galatea: Act I - 8. Wohl uns!

Disc: 2
1. Acis Und Galatea: Introduction To Act II - Larghetto (Handel: Concerto grosso Op. 6 No. 6, Musette)
2. Acis Und Galatea: Introduction To Act II - Largo (Handel: Concerto grosso Op. 6 No. 7, Einleitung)
3. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 9. Arme Hirten!
4. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 10. Ich ras, ich schmelz, ich brenne! - Du roter als die Kirsche (Polyphem)
5. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 11.Schonste, was eilst du von hinnin - Fleh nicht mehr zur stolzen Schonheit (Polyphem) (Galatea)
6. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 12. Strebst du nach der zarten Schonen (Damon)
7. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 13. Das Ungeheu'r weckt meine Wut - Die Liebe ruft (Acis)
8. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 14. Bedenk doch, o Schafer (Damon)
9. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 15. Lass, lass ab, Geliebtester - Eh' lasst den Berg die Herde (Galatea) (Acis) (Polyphem)
10. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 16. Hilf, Galatea! - Trau'rt, all ihr Musen! - So ist mein Acis denn dahin, Lass, Galatea, lass den Schmerz! (Acis) (Galatea)
11. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 17. Wohlan! So nutz ich meine Gottermacht - Herz, du Sitz verliebten Grams (Galatea)
12. Acis Und Galatea: Act II - 18. Galatea, klag nicht mehr

The English Concert
dir. Trevor Pinnock

sabato 3 novembre 2007

Antonio Vivaldi - L'Arte della Trascrizione

25 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 96 Mb

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Sonata in mi minore per flauto in la, flauto di voce e B.C. op. V n. 18 (= 6) RV. 72
Sonata in mi bemolle maggiore per due flauti contralto e B.C. op.I n. 10 RV. 78
Sonata in si minore per flauto di voce e B.C. op. V n. 16 (= 4) RV. 35
Sonata in do minore per due flauti contralto e B.C. (Ms Lund ) RV. 74
Sonata in do maggiore per due flauti soprano e B.C. op. I n. 3 RV. 61
Sonata in mi minore per due flauti di voce e B.C. op. I n. 2 RV. 67
Sonata in si bemolle maggiore per flauto contralto e B.C. n. 6 RV. 46
"Follia" in sol minore per due flauti contralto e B.C. op. I n. 12 RV. 63

Lorenzo Cavasanti, Manuel Staropoli: flauti dolci
Linda Murgia: violoncello
Claudia Ferrero: clavicembalo
Ugo Nastrucci: tiorba e chitarra barocca
Direttore Artistico: Pietro Busca

Schubert - Sonate für Arpeggione

11 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 82Mb

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Franz Schubert - Sonate für Arpeggione und Klavier D.821
Robert Schumann - Fantasiestücke für Cello und Klavier Op.73
Robert Schumann - 5 Stücke im Volkston für Klavier und Cello Op.102

Mischa Maisky - Cello
Marta Argerich - Piano

martedì 30 ottobre 2007

Quel lascivissimo cornetto

14 tracks | MP3 192Kbps | RAR 80 Mb

Uploaded - FileFactory


  1. Tarquinio Merula: Sonata prima per violino ò cornetto e basso
  2. Cipriano da Rore: Angelus ad pastores, motetto passeggiato da Giovanni Battista Bovicelli
  3. Andrea Gabrieli: Caro dolce ben mio, madrigale passeggiato da Giovanni Bassano
  4. Giralamo Frescobaldi: Canzona seconda detta la Bernadinia per canto solo
  5. Frescobaldi: Canzona quintadecima detta la Lievoratta per due bassi
  6. Frescobaldi: Canzona decimanona detta la Capriola per canto e basso
  7. Giovanni Palestrina: Io son ferito ahi lasso, madrigale passeggiato da Bovicelli
  8. Thomas Crecquillon: Onques amour, chanson à 5
  9. Crecquillon: Onques amour, chanson passeggiato da Bassano
  10. Giovanni Battista Fontana: Sonata seconda
  11. Palestrina: Pulchra es amica mea, motetto passeggiato da Francesco Rognoni Taeggio
  12. Crecquillon: Petite fleur, chanson à 5
  13. Crecquillon: Petite fleur, chanson passeggiato da Girolamo Dalla Casa
  14. Nicolaus à Kempis: Sonata per violino solo
Bruce Dickey (cornetto)
Stephen Stubbs (chitarrone, viheula)
Erin Headley (viola da gamba)
Andrew Lawrence-King (double harp, renaissance harp, organ)

martedì 16 ottobre 2007

J.S.Bach - Actus Tragicus

28 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 102 Mb

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When Joshua Rifkin introduced his thesis that Bach composed most of his choral works for only one singer per part, he used the Mass in B Minor as his demonstration piece--in part, no doubt, for maximum shock effect. Since then, Rifkin's theory has made the greatest headway with performances of Bach's early cantatas--those he wrote before arriving in Leipzig in 1723. Even Christ lag in Todesbanden and the Actus tragicus, both considered canonic works of the choral literature, have benefited from fine single-voice recordings by groups such as the Taverner Consort and the American Bach Soloists. Now along comes Cantus Cölln and outdoes them all.


Christ lag in Todes Banden BWV 4
Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (Actus tragicus) BWV 106
Der Herr denket an uns BWV 196
Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen BWV 12
Cantus Cölln
dir. Konrad Junghänel

Consort of Musicke by Byrd and Gibbons

9 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 74 Mb

Uploaded - FileFactory

I know, pianos were not there when these musics were delighting people's ears all around Europe, still I think this record is worth a try. Glenn Gould was a sheer universal genius: here each voice of these splendid poliphonics is so perfectly clear that I think this record should be used in classrooms too.


William Byrd - First Pavan and Gaillard
Orlando Gibbons - Fantasy in C major
Orlando Gibbons - Allemande (Italian Ground)
William Byrd - Hughe Ashton's Ground
William Byrd - Sixth Pavan and Gaillard
Orlando Gibbons - ''Lord of Salisbury'' Pavan and Gaillard
William Byrd - A Voluntary
William Byrd - Sellinger's Round
Jan Peterszoon Sweelink - Fantasia in D (Fantasia Cromatica)

Glenn Gould, piano

mercoledì 5 settembre 2007

Duo Mediterraneo - Musik des Mittelalters und der Renaissance

14 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 70Mb

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  • Improvisation on medieval melody

  • Anon., Paris Bibl. Nat. Ms. Franç., fol. 104v:
  • La Ultime Estampie Real

  • Anon., Folksong, Greece:
  • Tou Kastrou tis Orias
    Tris Kalogeri Kritiki

  • Anon., 14-14th c., Hs Lo Brit. Mus., Add. 29987:
  • Saltarello

  • Anon., trad.:
  • Reigentanz aus Makedonien

  • Anon., 13th c.:
  • Chanson à refrain

  • Heinrich Newsidler: Lute book
  • Wascha mesa

  • Anon., 14-14th c., Hs Lo Brit. Mus., Add. 29987:
  • Trotto
  • Istampita Ghaette
  • Lamento di Tristano & Rotta

  • Anon., 12-13th c.: Trouvere song "Souvent suspire Moncuer"
  • Estampie

  • Anon.:
  • Improvisation on an arabic rythm

  • Anon., Folksong, Greece:
  • Omorfoula

  • Alfonso el Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  • Cantiga 166: Como poden per sas culpas
  • Duo Mediterraneo: Jannis Kaimakis
    (launeddas, piccolo recorder, flojera, gaida, Pan's flute, renaissance lute, tanbura, crumhorn, gemshorn)
    Issam Le-Mallah
    (riqq, duff, bongos, tabla (darabuka), bandir, taar, tabl-baladi)

    Clement Janequin - La Chasse et Autres Chansons

    25 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 92Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    I think this is the finest record so far from the astonishing Clement Janequin Ensemble, for three reasons. The first is that every performance here is bursting with energy and with the apparent experience of innumerable public performances: you never get the impression that a piece was prepared just for the recording. There are six very different voices here, sometimes scarcely blending, and occasionally with a touch of roughness. But that is all part of the magic. They are real performances.The second reason, related to the first, is that one of the Clement Janequin Ensemble's most notable virtues is the ability to articulate some of those long, elaborate works of Janequin that can so easily seem empty and rambling. The singers offer a masterly variety of colour, texture and pace that clarifies many of the internal details but at the same time seems always beautifully focused on the needs of the broad musical design. They show that Le caquet des femmes, La chasse and La guerre are works of considerable—if bizarre—genius.Which in turn brings us to the third reason: Janequin. He is surely one of the most varied and resourceful of all sixteenth-century composers. The record includes three immaculately turned Ronsard settings, and two of Marot. It includes the superbly madrigalesque Ce petit a'ieu qui vole, the exquisite C'esl a bon droit almost in the ultra-pure style of Claudin de Sermisy, and— as befits the finest musical exponent of the spirit of Rabelais—several works that are just plain dirty in a way that is difficult to parallel anywhere else in the history of music.  --   --  Gramophone [9/1988]


    Clément Janequin
    1. Le caquet des femmes
    2. Va rossignol
    3. D'un seul soleil
    4. Bel aubepin verdissant

    Guillaume Morlaye
    5. Gaillarde des Dieux

    Clément Janequin
    6. J'ay double dueil
    7. Au verd bois je m'en iray
    8. Revenés souvent m'amye
    9. J'ay d'un costé l'honneur
    10. Ce petit dieu qui vole

    Adrian Le Roy
    11. Branle de Bourgogne

    Clément Janequin
    12. La guerre
    13. L'espoir confus
    14. Petite nymphe folastre
    15. Pourquoy tournez-vous vos yeux
    16. C'est … bon droit

    Guillaume Morlaye
    17. Fantaisie

    Clément Janequin
    18. Sur l'aub‚pin qui est en fleurs
    19. Ce moys de may
    20. Las, si tu as plaisir
    21. Ventz hardis et légiers

    Adrian Le Roy
    22. Branle gay

    Clément Janequin
    23. Plus ne suys
    24. Frère Thibault
    25. La chasse

    Ensemble Clement Janequin

    domenica 29 luglio 2007

    Georg Philipp Telemann - Kleine Cammer-Music

    Inserisci linkInserisci link42 tracks | MP3 192 Kbps | RAR 98Mb

    DepositFiles - FileFactory


    1. Kleine Kammermusik, TV 41 B1/P 2: Partita no 1 in B minor
    2. Kleine Kammermusik, TV 41 G2/P 2: Partita no 2 in G major
    3. Kleine Kammermusik, TV 41 c1/P 2: Partita no 3 in C minor
    4. Kleine Kammermusik, TV 41 g2/P 2: Partita no 4 in G minor
    5. Kleine Kammermusik, TV 41 e1/P 2: Partita no 5 in E minor
    6. Kleine Kammermusik, TV 41 Es1/P 2: Partita no 6 in E flat major

    Camerata Köln

    Sabine Bauer (Harpsichord)
    Julie Borsodi (Viola da gamba)
    Karl Kaiser (Flute)
    Michael Schneider (Recorder)
    Mary Utiger (Violin)
    Hans-Peter Westermann (Oboe)
    Rainer Zipperling (Cello)

    sabato 28 luglio 2007

    Effetti e Stravaganze. Affect and Effect in 17th-Century Instrumental Music

    15 tracks | MP3 192 Kbps | RAR 88Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory


    Giovanni Picchi: Canzon undecima à 4 (Venice, 1625)Le bizzarrie
    Nicolò Corradini: Canzon à 4 La Sincopata (Venice, 1624)
    Alessandro Piccinini (1566-1638): Toccata cromatica (Bologna, 1623)
    Biagio Marini: Sonata decima terza senza cadenza (Venice, 1626)
    Antonio Troilo (fl.1606): Canzon à 4 (Venice, 1606)
    Due stravaganze a due voci
    Bartolomeo de Selma y Salaverde (1585-1638): Canzon à 2 tenori (Venice, 1638)
    Giovanni Battista Fontana: Sonata 11 à 2 canti
    Marco Uccellini: Sonata XI à 2 violini e 2 bassi (Venice, 1639)
    I canti degl'uccelli
    Tarquinio Merula: Canzon La Gallina à 2 (Venice, 1637)
    Uccellini: Aria nona à 3 L'Emenfrodito: Maritati insieme la Gallina e il Cucco fanno un bel concerto (Venice, 1642)
    Echi e risposte
    Lodovico da Viadana: Canzon francese in risposta
    Corradini: Suonata in risposta La Golferamma (Venice, 1624)
    Nicolas a Kempis (c.1600-1676): Sinfonia 1. à 4 (Antwerp, 1647)
    Benedetto Ré: Canzon à 4 in risposta (Milan, 1609)
    Giovanni Battista Riccio (fl.c.1615) Canzon La Moceniga in ecco (Venice, 1620)
    Concerto Palatino:Bruce Dickey (cornet)Doron Sherwin (cornet)Charles Toet (sackbut)Wim Becu (sackbut)Stephen Stubbs (chitarrone)Klaus Eichhorn (organ)

    Johann Sebastian Bach - The Secret of the Semitones

    11 tracks | MP3 192 Kbps | RAR 99 Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    Players of the modern harp may look with trepidation on anything with 'chromatic' in its title and velocity on the agenda, imagining a need for a third foot - and for all three to be hyperactive. But the baroque double harp which Lawrence-King uses here has no pedals; there are separate strings for every note, but their selection calls for skill and speed, talents he has in abundance. Nor does he lack any other of the attributes needed to approach such a demanding programme. His view of the Chromatic Fantasia is contemplative rather than dramatized, occupying 10'32'' (par for the keyboard course is six or seven minutes) and in his annotation he rightly refers to the harp-like textures in which it abounds. Given its success it is a pity he severed it from its companion Fugue but doubtless he had his own good (perhaps technical) reasons. Technical reasons may also account for the changes of key for BWV997 (C minor to D minor) and BWV1004 (D minor to A minor), which should disturb no one.The convincing flexibility of his phrasing is superimposed on the beat of the metronome that ticks in his head, giving eloquent humanity to the music, and his fingers respond faithfully to dynamic detail such as the differentiation of appoggiaturas from their resolutions. He is adept, too, at embellishing repeats - and not just by adding the odd ornament here and there. The performance of the famous Chaconne is leisurely but majestic (17'36''), with minor but logical additions to the score, though the sudden piano at 8'17'', debatably anticipating the following variation, may raise some eyebrows - as it did mine. If Bach is listening to this recording he probably has an approving smile on his face. Need I say more?


    Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D minor, BWV 903
     Suite for Lute in C minor, BWV 997
     Fantasia in A minor, BWV 944
     Partita for Violin solo no 2 in D minor, BWV 1004
    CiacconaAndrew Lawrence-King (Harp)

    G.P.Telemann - The 12 Fantasies for Recorder

    32 tracks | MP3 192 Kbps | RAR 96Mb

    DepositFiles - FileFactory

    Fantasy No.1 in C major
    Fantasy No.2 in C minor
    Fantasy No.3 in D minor
    Fantasy No.4 in E flat major
    Fantasy No.5 in E flat major
    Fantasy No.6 in F minor
    Fantasy No.7 in F major
    Fantasy No.8 in G minor
    Fantasy No.9 in G major
    Fantasy No.10 in A minor
    Fantasy No.11 in B flat major
    Fantasy No.12 in C minor

    Recorder: Peter Holtslag

    Henry Purcell - Royal Odes (King's Consort) 8 CD

    8 CD - MP3 256 Kbps - 8 RAR files (980Mb)

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    CD 1: 112Mb

    Arise, My Muse
    Welcome To All The Pleasures
    Now Does The Glorious Day Appear

    CD2: 142Mb

    Hail! Bright Cecilia
    Who Can From Joy Refrain?

    CD3: 141Mb

    Fly, Bold Rebellion
    Sound The Trumpet, Beat The Drum
    Celebrate This Festival

    CD4: 111Mb

    Ye Tuneful Muses
    Celestial Music Did The Gods Inspire
    From Hardy Chimes

    CD5: 131Mb

    Ode For The Birthday Of Queen Mary
    Ode For The Centenary Of Trinity College Dublin
    Welcome Song For King Charles II

    CD6: 126Mb

    Ode For Queen Mary's Birthday
    Ode For St. Cecilia's Day
    Welcome Song For Charles II

    CD7: 122Mb

    The Yorkshire Feast Song
    Welcome Song For Charles II
    Welcome Song For The Duke Of York

    CD8: 126Mb

    Ode For The Birthday Of Queen Mary
    Welcome Song For Charles II
    Welcome Song For King James

    The King's Consort
    dir Robert King

    martedì 19 giugno 2007

    Morin, Mouret, Corrette, Rameau - La Chasse du Cerf

    17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 100Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    1. Jean-Baptiste Morin: La Chasse Du Cerf - Scene 1 - 'Le Réveil'
    2. Scene 2 - 'Chour de Nymphes - Le Rendezvous'
    3. Scene 3 - 'Le Rapport'
    4. Scene 4 - 'Le Déjeuner'
    5. Scene 5 - 'La chasse'
    6. Scene 6 - 'La Mort du Cerf'
    7. Scene 7 - 'La Curée'

    8. Jean-Joseph Mouret: Symphonies de Chasse - Fanfare et Air
    9. Airs, gracieusement
    10. Gavottes - Menuets

    11. Michel Corrette: La Choisy - Allegro
    12. Adagio
    13. Allegro

    14. Jean-Philippe Rameau: Hippolyte et Aricie - Choeur
    15. Premier air
    16. Deuxième air en Rondeau
    17. Menuets

    Orchestre Jean-François Paillard
    dir. Jean-François Paillard

    Phantasticus - 17th Century Italian Violin Music

    11 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 117 Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi - Sonata 'La Monella Romanesca' Op. IV, No. 3
    Giovanni Paolo Cima - Sonata Per Il Violino
    Dario Castello - Sonata I
    Alessandro Piccinini - Romanesca Con Partite Variate
    Giovanni Paolo Cima - Sonata
    Dario Castello - Sonata II
    Girolamo Frescobaldi - Partite Sopra L'Aria Della Romanesca
    Giovanni Battista Fontana - Sonata V
    Girolamo Kapsberger - Toccata I
    Giovanni Battista Fontana - Sonata VI
    Niccolò Corradini - Sonata 'La Sfondrata'


    Andrew Manze, violin
    Nigel North, theorbo
    John Toll, harpsichord & chamber organ

    sabato 16 giugno 2007

    Francois Couperin - Concert Royaux

    Inserisci link25 tracks - MP3 256 Kbps - RAR 119Mb

    DepositFiles - FileFactory


    1. Second Concert : Prélude
    2. Second Concert : Allemande, Fuguée
    3. Second Concert : Air Tendre
    4. Second Concert : Air Contre Fugué
    5. Second Concert : Echos
    6. Premier Concert : Prélude
    7. Premier Concert : Allemande
    8. Premier Concert : Sarabande
    9. Premier Concert : Gavotte
    10. Premier Concert : Gigue
    11. Premier Concert : Menuet En Trio
    12. Premier Concert : Le Charme
    13. Premier Concert : L'enjouement
    14. Premier Concert : Les Graces, Courante Françoise
    15. Premier Concert : Le Je Ne Scay Quoy
    16. Premier Concert : La Vivacité
    17. Premier Concert : La Noble Fierté, Sarabande
    18. Premier Concert : La Douceur
    19. Premier Concert : L'et Caetera Ou Menuets
    20. Septième Concert : Gravement Et Gracieusement
    21. Septième Concert : Allemande
    22. Septième Concert : Sarabande, Grave
    23. Septième Concert : Fuguette
    24. Septième Concert : Gavotte
    25. Septième Concert : Sicilienne

    Wieland Kuijken
    Robert Kohnen
    Barthold Kuijken

    Giuseppe Valentini - 7 Bizzarrie per Camera Op 2

    33 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 85Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    Bizzarria No 1 (in D major)
    Bizzarria No 2 (in E major)
    Bizzarria No 3 (in F major)
    Bizzarria No 4 (in E minor)
    Bizzarria No 5 (in F major)
    Bizzarria No 6 (in E major)
    Bizzarria No 7 (in B minor)

    Aura Musicale
    dir. Balazs Maté

    Paul Hillier - Proensa (A Theatre of Voices Project)

    8 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 102Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    Guillaume IX - Farai un Vers
    Giraut de Bornelh - Reis Glorios
    Raimon de Miraval - Aissi cum es genserpascors
    Marcabru - L' Autrier jost' una sebissa
    Bernart de Ventadorn - Be M'an Perdut
    Bernart de Ventadorn - Can vei la lauzeta mover, motet
    Peire Vidal - Pos tornatz sui en Proensa
    Guiraut Riquier - Be'm Degra de Chantar

    Paul Hillier, voiceStephen Stubbs, lute & psaltery
    Andrew Lawrence-King, harp & psalteryErin Headley, vielle

    Jacques Hotteterre le Romain - Premier Flutiste Francais

    60 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 2 RAR files (100Mb+97Mb)

    CD 1 - - CD 2

    CD 1 - - CD 2

    1. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: Bourrée d'Achille
    2. Suite in B flat major for recorder & basso continuo, Op 2
    3. Premier Livre de Pièces, Op 2: Échos, pour la flûte traversière suele
    4. Trio sonata in C major for 2 oboes & basso continuo, Op 3
    5. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: La Pharaonne
    6. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: La Petite Janeton
    7. Trio sonata in D minor for 2 recorders & basso continuo, Op 3
    8. Premier Livre de Pièces, Op 2
    9. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: Quitte la musette
    10. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: Marche des dragons
    11. Premier Livre de Pièces, Op 2: Suite in E minor
    12. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: Musette de Mr. Clerambault
    13. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: Le Badaut
    14. Deuxiéme Livre de Pièces, for flute, continuo & other instruments, Op 5: Suite in E minor
    15. Airs et Brunettes
    16. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: Prélude et la Régence
    17. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: Tres Beaux Yeux ma Nicole
    18. Deuxième Suitte de Pièces for 2 flutes (or other instruments)
    19. Deuxiéme Livre de Pièces, for flute, continuo & other instruments, Op 5: Suite sonata in C major
    20. Méthode pour la musette, Op 10: Rigaudons
    21. L'Art de préluder, Op 7: Prélude, for recorder
    22. L'Art de préluder, Op 7: Prélude, for Transverse Flute
    23. L'Art de préluder, Op 7: Prélude, for oboe
    24. L'Art de préluder, Op 7: Prélude, for soprano Viola da gamba
    25. Airs et Brunettes: Brunette, "l'autre jour ma Cloris"
    26. Airs et Brunettes: Air de Mr Lambert "Goûtons un doux repos"

    Frans Bruggen, Wieland Kuijken, Gustav Leonhardt
    Bruce Haynes, Ku Ebbinge, Danny Bond, Shelley Gruskin

    Georg Philipp Telemann - String Concertos

    29 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 95Mb

    DepositFiles - FileFactory


    Concerto Polonois G-dur (43:G7)
    Concerto Polonois B-dur (43:B3)
    Divertimento A-dur (50:22)
    Divertimento B-dur (50:23)
    Concerto G-dur (51:G9) for Viola
    Concerto ''a sei'' G-dur (52:G2)
    Concerto G-dur (52:G3)

    Musica Antiqua Koln
    Reinhard Goebel

    George Frideric Handel - The Secret Handel

    20 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR files 142Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    "Christopher Hogwood’s incisive mind regularly leads to strong and imaginative concepts and this, the first of a series of clavichord discs dedicated to Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, is a perfect example. The clavichord has a history of domestic usage, the intimate nature of its utterances seeming both exquisite and slightly enigmatic. Its main mechanical feature of stretching strings gives the player the ‘touch’ to grade dynamics, alter pitch through vibrating and other idiomatic colouring. These are delicate nuances with an instrument of such softness, offered as fleeting gestures, usually for the player’s ears alone." - GRAMOPHONE


    1. Suite for keyboard (Suite de piece), Vol.1, No.3 in D Minor, HWV 428
    2. Aria (Chaconne) and variations for keyboard in G major, HWV 430/4a
    3. Fugue for keyboard in C minor, HWV 610
    4. Suite for 2 harpsichords in C minor, HWV 446 (fragment)
    5. Minuet for keyboard in A major, HWV 545
    6. Minuet for keyboard in A major, HWV 547
    7. Minuet for keyboard in A major, HWV 546
    8. Air for keyboard in F major, HWV 464
    9. Water Music Suite No.1 for orchestra in F major, HWV 348: Bourrée and Hornpipe
    10. Aria and variations for clavichord in B flat major
    11. Air for keyboard in B flat major, HWV 469
    12. Concerto for keyboard (2 movements) in G major, HWV 487
    13. Air Lentement for keyboard in G minor, HWV 467
    14. Concerto for keyboard (2 movements) in G major, HWV 487
    15. Allemande for keyboard in B minor, HWV 479
    16. Courante for keyboard in B minor, HWV 489
    17. Sarabande for clavichord in B minor
    18. Gigue for clavichord in B minor
    19. Jesu meine Freude, chorale for keyboard in G minor, HWV 480
    20. Chaconne for harpsichord in G major, HWV 435
    Christopher Hogwood, clavichord

    giovedì 14 giugno 2007

    Alfonso X - Cantigas de Viola de Rueda

    14 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 77 Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory


    1. Cantiga de Santa María 68, A Groriosa grandes faz
    2. Cantiga de Santa María 77, Da que Deus mamou o leite do seu peito
    3. Cantiga de Santa María 61, Fol é que cuida que non poderia
    4. Cantiga de Santa María 327, Porque ben Santa María sabe os seus dões dar
    5. Cantiga de Santa María 74, Quen Santa María quiser deffender
    6. Cantiga de Santa María 92, Santa María poder á
    7. Cantiga de Santa María 81, Par Deus, tal sennor muito val
    8. Cantiga de Santa María 407, Como o demo cofonder
    9. Cantiga de Santa María 91, A Virgen nos d´ saud' e tolle mal
    10. Cantiga de Santa María 259, Santa María punna d' aviir
    11. Cantiga de Santa María 71, Se muito non amamos. Gran sandeçe fazemos
    12. Cantiga de Santa María 76, Quenas sas figuras da Virgen partir
    13. Cantiga de Santa María 62, Santa María sempr' os seus ajuda
    14. Cantiga de Santa María 72, Quen diz mal

    Musica Antiqua Ensemble, Luis Delgado
    Conducted by Eduardo Paniagua

    mercoledì 13 giugno 2007

    Georg Philipp Telemann - 5 Violin Concertos

    16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 81Mb

    DepositFiles - FileFactory

    Concerto n°4 in E
    Concerto n°11 in B-flat (attributed)
    Concerto n°8 in G
    Concerto n°3 in D
    Concerto n°9 in G minor

    Iona Brown, violin and direction
    Academy of St.Martin-in-the-Fields
    Denis Vigay, violoncello
    Alan Cuckstone, harpsichord

    martedì 12 giugno 2007

    Arcangelo Corelli - Sonatas Op 5

    30 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 96 Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    Sonata I. D major
    Sonata II. B flat major
    Sonata III. D major (orig. C major)
    Sonata IV. G major (orig. F major)
    Sonata V. G minor
    Sonata VI. A major

    (Flute Transcription: Benedek Csalog)

    Benedek Csalog, flute
    Léon Berben, harpsichord

    mercoledì 6 giugno 2007

    Atrium Musicae - Villancicos

    7 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 63 Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    01 - Luys Milan (adapted by Gregorio Paniagua)
    Poys dezeys que me quereys ben
    Toda mi vida hos amé
    Perdida teñyo la color

    02 - Anon., Madrid, Bibl. Medinaceli sign. 13230 Cancionero de Medinaceli
    A su alvedrio
    Anon. (adapted by Gregorio Paniagua), Madrid, Bibl. Royale sign. 2.I.5 Cancionero de Palacio
    Pase al agoa
    A los baños del amor

    03 - Anon. Cancionero de Uppsala
    Vésame y abraçame
    E la don don verges Maria
    Gregorio Paniagua
    La Begognette
    Anon. Cancionero de Uppsala
    Riu Riu Chiu

    04 - Anon. (adapted by Gregorio & Eduardo Paniagua), Madrid, Bibl. Royale sign. 2.I.5Cancionero de Palacio
    La mas graciosda serrana
    Juan del Enzina, Madrid, Bibl. Royale sign. 2.I.5 Cancionero de Palacio
    Amor con fortuna (contrafactum of Halcón que se atreve)
    Anon. (adapted by Gregorio Paniagua), Madrid, Bibl. Royale sign. 2.I.5 Cancionero de Palacio
    Quien vos avia de lievar

    05 - Juan Vásquez, Seville 1560
    Con qué la lavaré
    Luys de Narvaez, Delphin de Música
    Con qué la lavaré
    Anon. Cancionero de Uppsala
    Con qué la lavaré

    06 - Anon., Madrid, Bibl. Royale sign. 2.I.5 Cancionero de Palacio
    So ell enzina
    Sola me dexaste
    Daca bailemos
    Francisco de la Torre (adapted by Gregorio Paniagua), Madrid, Bibl. Royale sign. 2.I.5 Cancionero de Palacio
    Pánpano Verde

    07 - Gregorio Paniagua - La Edoarda
    Anon., Mss. 7.I.28, Seville Cancionero de la Columbina
    Pues no mejora mi suerte
    Gregorio Paniagua - Fermata

    Atrium Musicae de Madrid

    Gregorio Paniagua (small bells, vihuela, vielle, soprano viola, singer, bowed vihuela, viola, xirimia, soprano gamba, syrinx, psalterion, cymbals, metallophone, whistles, tenor recorder, tenor gamba, alto crumhorn, soprano crumhorn, very small bells).Eduardo Paniagua (small bells, bass recorders, dulcimer, alto and soprano recorder, carillon, , tenor recorder, tambourine, cymbals, very small bells, psalterion, flute, shepherd's flute, timbals)
    Beatriz Amo (tambourine, exequier, very small bells, dulcimer, singer, positive, castanets, psalterion, metallophone, vielle, darabukka)
    Begoña Olavidade (tambourine, alto recorder, singer, teeths sound, psaltterion, tintinabulum, alto and soprano recorder, vielle)
    Luis Paniagua (tar, timbals, dulcimer, vihuela, friction drum, tenor recorder, tenor crumhorn, singer, sliding trombone, wooden tabla, small bells, psalterion, carillon, triangle, whistle, metallophone, panderete (tambourine), darabukka, small darabukka, smal tambourine, bird whistle, calabash, very small bells)
    Carlos Paniagua (small bells and tar, bass recorder, small drum, bass crumhorn, psalterion, alto crumhorn, darabukka, metallophone, dulcimer, timbals, small bells, vihuela)

    dir. Gregorio Paniagua

    Camerata Iberia - Songs and Dances from the Spanish Renaissance

    17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 72Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    1. Anon., Codex de Upsala - ¡Ay, luna que reluces!
    2. Anon., Ms Leipzig - Bassa Danza La Spagna
    3. Juan del Encina - Ya soi desposado
    4. Juan del Encina - Daca ballemos, Carillo
    5. Diego Pisador Manuel Fueullana - Endechas de Canarias
    6. Anon., Codex Medinaecelli - Di perra mora
    7. Anon., Codex de Upsala - Si n'os huviera mirado
    8. Anon., Codex de Upsala - Falalalan-Falalera
    9. Diego Pisador - Quién tuviese tal poder
    10. Juan del Encina - Una sañosa porfia
    11. Antonio de Cabezón - Pavana con su giosa - La Cara Cosa
    12. Juan Vásquez - Morenica dame un beso
    13. Hayne van Ghizeghem Alexander Agricola - De tous biens pleine
    14. J.A. Dalza - Calata ala spagnuola
    15. Juán Vasquez - Quien amores tiene ¿comó duerme
    16. M. Gulielmus M. Perugia - Falla con misuras
    17. Alonso, Codex Palacio - La Tricotea

    Camerata IberiaJuan Carlos de Mulder: Vihuela
    Pedro Estevan: Percusion
    Carlos J. Mena: Contratenor
    Ernesto Schmied: Flauto de pico
    Daniel Carranza: Vihuela
    Francisco Luengo: Viola da Gamba

    Alfonso X el Sabio - Cantigas de Santa Maria

    9 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 67Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    1. CSM 384 A que por muy gran fremosura
    2. CSM 159 Non sofre Santa Maria
    3. CSM 60 Entre Av'e Eva
    4. CSM 340 Virgen Madre groriosa
    5. CSM 150 A que Deus ama, amor devemos
    6. CSM 322 A Virgen, que de Deus Madre est
    7. CSM 391 Como pod'a Groriosa
    8. CSM 27 Non devemos por maravilla teer
    9. CSM 20 Virga de Jesse

    Esther Lamandier
    (voice, harp, portative organ, medieval fiddle)

    martedì 5 giugno 2007

    G.P.Telemann - Concertos for Viola da Gamba

    22 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 128Mb

    DepositFiles - FileFactory


    Sonata in B minor for violin, viola da gamba and b.c.
    Concerto in E for violin, viola da gamba and b.c.
    Concerto in A for viola da gamba, 2 violins and b.c.
    Suite in D for viola da gamba, strings and b.c.
    Concerto in G for viola (da gamba), strings and b.c.

    Hille Perl - Viola da gamba
    Freiburger Barockorchester, dir Petra Mullejans

    Adriano Banchieri - Il Festino del Giovedi Grasso

    31 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 88 Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    Alessandro Striggio - La Caccia
    1. Dalle Gelate Braccia Di Titone (Prima Parte A Quattro)
    2. Su, Su, Presto Alla Caccia (Seconda Parte A Cinque)
    3. Ecco Ch' Al Bosco Siam Vicini Omai (Terza Parte A Sei Voci)
    4. Mirate A Quei Cinghiali (Quarta Parte A Sei Voci)
    5. Ecco Il Sol Chiaro Dianzi Che S'Asconde (Quinta Parte A Sette Voci)
    Adriano Banchieri - Festino nella Sera del Giovedì Grasso Avanti Cena
    6. Prologo
    7. Il Diletto Moderno Per Introduzzione
    8. Justiniana Di Vecchietti Chiozzotti
    9. Mascherata Di Villanelle
    10. Seguita La Detta Mascherata
    11. Madrigale A Un Dolce Usignolo
    12. Mascherati D'Amanti
    13. Gli Amanti Morescano
    14. Gli Amanti Cantano Una Canzonetta
    15. Gli Amanti Cantano Una Canzonetta
    16. La Zia Bernardina Racconta Una Novella
    17. Capricciata A Tre Voci
    18. Contrappunto Bestiale Alla Mente
    19. I Cervellini Cantano Un Madrigale
    20. Intermedio Di Venditori Di Fusi
    21. Li Fusari Cantano Un Madrigale
    22. Gioco Del Conte
    23. Li Festinanti
    24. Vinata Di Brindesi E Ragioni
    25. Sproposito Di Goffi (Pero Di Gusto)
    26. Il Diletto Moderno Licenza E Di Nuovo Invita
    Alessandro Striggio - Il Cicalamento delle Donne al Bucato
    27. Nella Vaga Stagion Che Premer Suole (Prime Parte...)
    28. Buon Giorno, Belle Donne! (Seconda Parte A Sette Voci)
    29. Ho Udito Che La Fante (Terza Parte A Sette Voci)
    30. Non Ti Ricordi Quando, Oggi Fa L'Anno (Quarte Parte...)
    31. Orsu Stendiamo Questi Panni (Quinta Parte A Sette Voci)
    Concerto Italiano
    dir. Rinaldo Alessandrini

    Johann Joachim Quantz - 7 Sonatas for Flute

    21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 110Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory


    B minor QV 1-167 (Dresden)
    D major QV 1-47 D-dur (Potsdam)
    C major QV 1-12 (Potsdam)
    C minor QV 1-15 (Dresden)
    F major QV 1-86 (Dresden)
    E minor QV 1-73 (Dresden)
    G major QV 1-105 (Potsdam)

    Benedek Csalog, Baroque Flute
    Rita Papp, Harpsichord

    First recording

    lunedì 4 giugno 2007

    Antonio Vivaldi - Die Konzerte fur Blockflote und Flautino

    15 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 77Mb

    Uploaded - FileFactory

    Concerto C major for Sopranino Recorder RV 444 (PV 79)
    Concerto F major for Treble Recorder RV 442
    Concerto A minor for Sopranino Recorder RV 445 (PV 83)
    Concerto C minor for Treble Recorder RV 441 (PV 440)
    Concerto C major for Sopranino Recorder RV 443 (PV 78)

    Michael Schneider
    Camerata Koln

    sabato 19 maggio 2007

    Danze e musiche del Rinascimento Italiano (Vinyl rip)

    23 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 62Mb

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    Giorgio Mainerio: Suite dal "Primo libro de balli":
    1. Pass'e mezzo della paganina
    2. Putta nera ballo furlano
    3. Tedesca 1
    4. Tedesca 2
    5. La lavandara gagliarda
    6. Ungaresca
    (ob. bsn. perc.)7. Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon a 7
    8. Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon a 5
    9. Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon a 6
    (rec. vle. lut. spi)
    10. Giovanni Gastoldi: Capriccio a due voci
    11. Vincenzo Galilei: Capriccio a due voci
    12. Giovanni Gastoldi: Capriccio a due voci
    13. Alessandro Orologio: Intrada a 5
    14. Alessandro Orologio: Intrada a 5
    (ob. bsn. perc.)
    15. Francesco Bendusi: Cortesa padana e frusta
    16. Anonimo: Le forze d'Ercole e tripla
    (cru. perc.)
    17. Vincenzo Ruffo: Capriccio ''Dormendo un giorno'' (Verdelot)
    18. Vincenzo Ruffo: Capriccio ''La gamba in basso e soprano''
    (vle. bsn.)
    19. Vincenzo Galilei: Contrappunto per due liuti
    20. Johannes Matelart (da Francesco Canova da Milano): Fantasia per due liuti
    21. Giovanni Bassano (da Luca Marenzio): Tirsi morir volea
    (rec. lut.)
    22. Sperindio Bartoldo: Petit fleur
    23. Sperindio Bartoldo: Canzone francese

    Ensemble Ricercare di Zurigo - dir.Michel Piguet
    Michel Piguet, Richard Erig, Renate Hildebrand, Käte Wagner, Nils Ferber
    (recorder, oboe, bassoon, crumhorn)
    Anne van Royen, Anthony Bailes (lutes)
    Jordi Savall, Adelheid Glatt (viole de gambe)
    Martha Gmunder (spinet)
    Dieter Dyk (percussions)