sabato 17 gennaio 2015

C.P.E. Bach Project - Ophélie Gaillard

12 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 120 Mb

This programme presents a portrait, on the tercentenary of the composer’s birth, of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788), who was probably the most gifted of the sons of the famous Johann Sebastian Bach. Highly admired in his own century by Haydn, Gluck and Mozart, he stands out today as a brilliant and highly original composer.
‘A musician cannot move others unless he is himself moved: it is essential for him to experience all the moods he wishes to arouse in his listeners. […] In languid, sad places, he will become languid and sad; this must be both audible and visible.’
For Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, music had to be an expression of personal feelings. To achieve his aim, he did not hesitate to revolutionise the established principles of form, harmony and rhythm. His compositions are very personal and very free, with sudden changes of key, uneven phrase lengths and strong and unexpected contrasts, so that his music constantly holds the listener’s attention.
The Trio Sonata ‘Sanguineus und Melancholicus’ is a rarity in the composer’s output in that it is a quasi-programmatic work. It presents a conversation between two persons, the one sanguine (first violin) and the other melancholic (second violin). The same duality is found throughout the recordings presented here, from the well-known Sinfonia no. 5 to the two brilliant cello concertos.
With this revolutionary music, we find ourselves a whirl of emotions! Under the bow of cellist Ophélie Gaillard, at the head of the virtuosic Pulcinella Orchestra, these pieces come as a revelation!

'[The Pulcinella Orchestra] are a force to be reckoned with. Led by cellist Ophelie Gaillard, the group s well-nigh impeccable ensemble and palpable enthusiasm make it an ideal vehicle for CPE Bach at his most stormy and passionate. In the concertos, the energy is lightly handled, Gaillard dancing off-the-string with impressive bow-control ... I look forward to more from this excellent ensemble.' --George Pratt, BBC Music Magazine June 2014

Of the various CPE Bach recordings to have been released in his 300th anniversary year, that by cellist Ophelie Gaillard and the Pulcinella Orchestra stands out. The Cello Concertos Nos 1 and 3 are a particular treat. --BBC Music Magazine, December 2014


Concerto pour violoncelle en La Mineur, Wq 170
Sinfonia No. 5 en Si Mineur, Wq 182
Concerto pour violoncelle en La Majeur, Wq 172
Sonate en Ut Mineur pour deux violons et basse
"Sanguineus & Melancholicus", Wq 161

Ophélie Gaillard, cello
Pulcinella Orchestra

venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

Il Primo Uomo

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 108 Mb

In his debut album, Russian alto countertenor Dmitry Egorov chose excerpts from four operas, two by Alessandro Scarlatti, and two by Georg Friedrich Handel.
Egorov has a wonderful breadth control, and sings with brilliant intonation and crystal clear enunciation. He has quite a wide vocal range, but his timbre is not symmetrically bright in all registers. His coloratura technique is truly impeccable, and what is most impressive is his uncanny ability to shape long phrases.
His timbre is more suited to sacred music, with its innate serenity and evenness of tone production.


Alessandro Scarlatti (1660 – 1725)
1 - Sinfonia from “Tigrane”
2 - Icilio's aria “Il fiero aspetto” from “La caduta de' Decemviri”
3 - Tigrane's aria “Reo mi credi” from “Tigrane”
4 - Tigrane's aria “Esser degg'io come un scoglio” from “Tigrane”
5 - Tigrane's aria “All' acquisto di gloria” from “Tigrane”
6 - Icilio's aria “S'io non t'amassi” from “La caduta de' Decemviri”
7 - Sinfonia from “La caduta de' Decemviri”

      Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 – 1759)
8 - Rinaldo's aria “Or la tromba” from “Rinaldo”
9 - Amadigi's aria “Sussurrate” from “Amadigi di Gaula”
10 - Amadigi's aria “Non sa temere” from “Amadigi di Gaula”
11 - Rinaldo's aria “Cara sposa” from “Rinaldo”
12 - Rinaldo's aria “Venti, turbini, prestate” from “Rinaldo”
13 - Rinaldo's aria “Il tricerbero” from “Rinaldo”
14 - Amadigi's aria “O rendetemi il mio bene” from “Amadigi di Gaula”
15 - Amadigi's aria “Sento la gioia” from “Amadigi di Gaula”
16 - Ballet of Pleasant and Bad Dreams from “Alcina”

Dmitry Egorov, contratenor

La Stagione Frankfurt
dir. Michael Schneider

giovedì 15 gennaio 2015

L'Agonie Du Languedoc

8 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 87 Mb

This recording features modern Languedoc political folk singer, Claude Marti. The program is formed to highlight the horrors of the Albigensian Crusade, featuring some texts which do not survive with music.


Tartarassa Ni Voutor By Peire Cardenal
Ben Voigra By Peire Cardenal
Razos Es Qu Ieu M'Esbaudei By Peire Cardenal
D'Un Sirventes Far By Guilhelm Figueira
Si Col Flacs Molins Torneja By Tomier Et Palazi
L'Afar Del Comte Guió By Peire Cardenal
Ab Marrimen By Peire Bremon Ricas Novas
Ab Greu Cossire By Bernart Sicart Marjevols

Claude Marti, Vocals, Narrator

Studio Der Frühen Musik

Andrea von Ramm (voice, organetto)
Richard Levitt (voice, percussions)
Sterling Jones (bowed instruments)
Thomas Binkley (plucked instruments)

Claude Marti (chanteur, reader)
Benjamin Bagby (voice)
Harlan Hokin (voice)
Alice Robbins (bowed instruments)
Paul O'Dette (plucked instruments)

mercoledì 14 gennaio 2015

J.F.Fasch - Orchestral Works

13 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 99 Mb

Richard Stone of Tempesta di Mare describes these pieces as ‘fantastic, true discoveries... they have the breadth and complexity of J.S. Bach without the austerity, and have a much more evolved sense of orchestral colour that's truly extraordinary'.


Ouverture grosso in D Major, FWV K:D8
Concerto in B-Flat Major, FWV L:B3
Concerto for Orchestra in D Major, FWV L:D15
Andante in D Major, FWV L:D15bis

Tempesta di Mare
Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra

martedì 13 gennaio 2015

Venezia 1625

18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 106Mb

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Giovanni Battista Fontana - Sonata II
Marco Uccellini - Symphonia XX La Virmingarda
Marco Uccellini - Sonata XXVI sopra la Prosperina
Marco Uccellini - Aria sopra la Bergamasca
Giovanni Battista Fontana - Sonata III
Bernardo Storace - Improvisation sopra la Ciaccona
Tarquinio Merula - Chiaccona
Giovanni Battista Fontana - Sonata IV
Marco Uccellini - Symphonia XIV La Foschina
Salomone Rossi - Sinfonia XI in eco
Dario Castello - Sonata II
Marco Uccellini - Symphonia XVII La Stucharda
Tarquinio Merula - Canzon XVII La Monteverde
Tarquinio Merula - Canzon La Pighetta
Alessandro Piccinini - Toccata II
Giovanni Battista Fontana - Sonata VI
Tarquinio Merula - Canzon La Strada
Marco Uccellini - Sonata II

Maurice Steger, direction & recorder
Maurice Steger Ensemble

Guinevere Yseut Melusine

20 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 82 Mb

The heritage of Celtic womanhood in the Middle Ages. La Reverdie is an Italian group of old Music founded on 1986 by two pairs of sisters: Claudia Caffagni, Livia Caffagni, Elisabetta de Mircovich and Ella Mircovich. From 1991 it performs with the collaboration of other interpreters like Doron David Sherwin (Cornetto, percussion, singer), who plays habitually with the group. The name of the group comes from lyrical romances (reverdies) that celebrated the return of the spring.


Serca • Amores
01 - Lamento di Tristano · Italian, 14th c.
02 - Francesco LANDINI (1335-1397). La bionda trezza · ballata
03 - Johannes CUNELIER (14th c). Se Geneive, Tristan · ballata
04 - Pucelete ~ Je langui ~ DOMINO · French, 13th c.

Echtrai • Casus

05 - Richard I the LIONHEART (1175-1199). Ja nus hons pris
06 - Jacopo da BOLOGNA (fl.1335-1355). Di nuovo è giunt'un chavalier · madrigale
07 - Donato da FIRENZE (fl.1335-1375). Seguendo 'l canto · madrigale
08 - Pange melos · conductus · French, 13th c.
09 - Non al so amante · Italian, 15th c.

Fisi • Visiones

10 - Guy of CHERLIEU (12th c.). Salve Regina
11 - Ave maris stella · Italian, 15th c.
12 - Oswald von WOLKENSTEIN (1377-1457). Ave mutter Koniginne ~ Ave mater
13 - Magdalena degna da laudare · Italian, 13th c.
14 - Sancta mater gracie ~ Do way Robin · English, 14th c.
15 - Saint Godric of FINCHALE (1080-1170). Sainte Marie viergene

Banflaith • Regalitas

16 - FRANKES (15th c.). Quene note
17 - Nobilis humilis · discantus in festo Sancti Magni · Orkney Islands, 12th c.
18 - Ave rex gentis anglorum · antiphona in festo Sancti Eadmundi · English, 10th c.
19 - Deus tuorum ~ De flore marthyrum ~ Ave rex · motteto · English, 10th c.
20 - A l'entrada del tens clar · Provençal, 12th c.   [2:13]

La Reverdie

Ella de' Mircovich · voice, medieval harp, gothic harp, recorder, percussion
Elisabetta de' Mircovich · voice, rebec, medieval harp, recorder, percussion
Claudia Caffagni · lute, voice, medieval harp, percussion
Livia Caffagni · recorder, fiddle, voice

Doron David Sherwin · percussion

lunedì 12 gennaio 2015

Mozart in Paris

12 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 96 Mb


Johann Christian Bach - Sinfonia in D major op.18 n.6
Simon le Duc - Symphony in E-flat major
Chevalier de Saint-George - Concerto in G major op.2 n.1
Pierre-Montan Berton L'Ainé - Nouvelle Chaconne in e minor
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - "Parisian" Symphony in D major KV 297

Yura Lee, violin
Bayerische Kammerphilarmonie
dir. Reinhard Goebel

domenica 11 gennaio 2015

J.Mouret - Les Amours de Ragonde

30 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 95 Mb


Le mariage de Ragonde et de Colin
La Veillée de Village

Comic Opera in 3 acts
libretto by
Philippe Néricault Destouches

First performed at the
Château de Sceaux
December 1714

Act One: La soirée de village (The Village Junket)

Ragonde is an ugly old farmer's widow. At a party in the village she tells the young Colin of her love for him but Colin wants to marry her daughter, Colette, and mocks Ragonde. Lucas, who is also in love with Colette, tells the old woman how she can be revenged on Colin.

Act Two: Les lutins (The Goblins)

Colette is in love with Lucas, but their marriage is dependent on Colin becoming Ragonde's husband, otherwise Ragonde will not allow it. Colette, Lucas and his friend Thibault hatch a plot against Colin. Colette arranges an assignation with him in a wood in the dead of night. Colin arrives at the appointed place only to be terrified by "goblins" who claim to be in the service of the witch Ragonde. In reality, they are boys from the village who have been disguised by Lucas and Thibault. They make Colin promise to marry Ragonde in return for his life.

Act Three: La noce ou le charivari (The Wedding or the Charivari)

The double wedding of Colette and Lucas and Ragonde and Colin takes place. Colin is in tears until Ragonde threatens him with the goblins again. The opera ends with a charivari, noisy music to celebrate the married couples.


Ragonde: Michel Verschaeve, tenor
Colin: Jean-Paul Fouchécourt, haute-contre
Colette: Sophie Marin-Degor, soprano
Lucas: Jean-Louis Bindi, bass
Mathurine: Noémi Rime, soprano
Thibault: Gilles Ragon, haute-contre
Blaise: Jean-Louis Serre, bass

Les Musiciens du Louvre
dir. Marc Minkowski