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Il Primo Uomo

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 108 Mb

In his debut album, Russian alto countertenor Dmitry Egorov chose excerpts from four operas, two by Alessandro Scarlatti, and two by Georg Friedrich Handel.
Egorov has a wonderful breadth control, and sings with brilliant intonation and crystal clear enunciation. He has quite a wide vocal range, but his timbre is not symmetrically bright in all registers. His coloratura technique is truly impeccable, and what is most impressive is his uncanny ability to shape long phrases.
His timbre is more suited to sacred music, with its innate serenity and evenness of tone production.


Alessandro Scarlatti (1660 – 1725)
1 - Sinfonia from “Tigrane”
2 - Icilio's aria “Il fiero aspetto” from “La caduta de' Decemviri”
3 - Tigrane's aria “Reo mi credi” from “Tigrane”
4 - Tigrane's aria “Esser degg'io come un scoglio” from “Tigrane”
5 - Tigrane's aria “All' acquisto di gloria” from “Tigrane”
6 - Icilio's aria “S'io non t'amassi” from “La caduta de' Decemviri”
7 - Sinfonia from “La caduta de' Decemviri”

      Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 – 1759)
8 - Rinaldo's aria “Or la tromba” from “Rinaldo”
9 - Amadigi's aria “Sussurrate” from “Amadigi di Gaula”
10 - Amadigi's aria “Non sa temere” from “Amadigi di Gaula”
11 - Rinaldo's aria “Cara sposa” from “Rinaldo”
12 - Rinaldo's aria “Venti, turbini, prestate” from “Rinaldo”
13 - Rinaldo's aria “Il tricerbero” from “Rinaldo”
14 - Amadigi's aria “O rendetemi il mio bene” from “Amadigi di Gaula”
15 - Amadigi's aria “Sento la gioia” from “Amadigi di Gaula”
16 - Ballet of Pleasant and Bad Dreams from “Alcina”

Dmitry Egorov, contratenor

La Stagione Frankfurt
dir. Michael Schneider

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  1. Bella voce di contratenor ha Egorov, Grazie