giovedì 15 gennaio 2015

L'Agonie Du Languedoc

8 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 87 Mb

This recording features modern Languedoc political folk singer, Claude Marti. The program is formed to highlight the horrors of the Albigensian Crusade, featuring some texts which do not survive with music.


Tartarassa Ni Voutor By Peire Cardenal
Ben Voigra By Peire Cardenal
Razos Es Qu Ieu M'Esbaudei By Peire Cardenal
D'Un Sirventes Far By Guilhelm Figueira
Si Col Flacs Molins Torneja By Tomier Et Palazi
L'Afar Del Comte Guió By Peire Cardenal
Ab Marrimen By Peire Bremon Ricas Novas
Ab Greu Cossire By Bernart Sicart Marjevols

Claude Marti, Vocals, Narrator

Studio Der Frühen Musik

Andrea von Ramm (voice, organetto)
Richard Levitt (voice, percussions)
Sterling Jones (bowed instruments)
Thomas Binkley (plucked instruments)

Claude Marti (chanteur, reader)
Benjamin Bagby (voice)
Harlan Hokin (voice)
Alice Robbins (bowed instruments)
Paul O'Dette (plucked instruments)

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  1. WOW. The EMI-Reflexe series was one of the highlights in the history of recorded music...