giovedì 2 giugno 2016

Todos Los Bienes Del Mundo

13 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 91Mb

"Following in the footsteps of Galileo Galilei and other genuine Renaissance spirits, as an ensemble we regard the music of the past as a possibility to renew the present. Thus, our rendition is not the rediscovery of the old repertoires, but the finding of new ways to recreate them, responding to our present expressive needs.
As we are certain that the line that divides popular music from concert music  is more flexible than the rigid separation that has been made of them of late, our repsertoire goes from the music of the Sephardic tradition and the Spanish Renaissance to the music of the Viceroyalty of the New Spain.
Atracted by the music of the ancient Mexican chapels, of the remote migrant Mediterranean peolpe and of the Spanish Renaissance songbooks, we have set out on a voyage through the routes of our resounding veins, discovering the wealth of works from which our musical identity has been constructed." 
Ensemble Galileo


La Rosa En Florense
Alegres Luces Del Dia
Calabaca, No Se Buen Amor
Avrix Mi Galanica
La Vida Y La Gloria
El De Pedro Solamente
Todos Los Bienes Del Mundo
Ojos Morenicos
Solamente Me Dexastes
El Ave Al Cielo
Como Aunque Culpa
La Serena

Ensemble Galileo

lunedì 30 maggio 2016

D. Buxtehude - Scandinavian Cantatas

10 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 92 Mb

This recording offers an unusual selection of Dietrich Buxtehude's vocal music performed by the Grammy-winning ensemble Theatre of Voices conducted by Paul Hillier. Among these rarely heard works with texts in Swedish and Latin, we find cantatas in the form of virtuoso concertos, as well as arias and chorale settings and Buxtehude's only work in the stile antico, the Missa alla brevis.


Praeludium for Organ in E minor BuxWV 142
Pange lingua gloriosi BuxWV 91
Herren vår Gud BuxWV 40
Ecce nunc benedicite Domino BuxWV 23
Att du Jesu vill mig höra BuxWV 8
Accedite gentes BuxWV 1
Passacaglia for Organ in D minor BuxWV 161
Missa alla brevis BuxWV 114
Domine salvum fac regem BuxWV 18

Bine Bryndorf, organ

Theatre of voices
dir. Paul Hillier