giovedì 17 marzo 2016

Reinhard Keiser - Die Grossmuetige Tomyris

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The name of Reinhard Keiser is closely connected to the Oper am Gänsemarkt in Hamburg. This was the first opera house in Germany which was not part of an aristocratic court; every citizen could buy a ticket. The librettos were mostly in German, although often the arias were in Italian or French. It opened in 1678 with a performance of a sacred opera by Johann Theile. Many composers who are still well-known were active in Hamburg as opera composers, such as Johann Philipp Krieger, Johann Mattheson, Christoph Graupner, Georg Philipp Telemann, George Frideric Handel and Reinhard Keiser. However, the repertoire of the Oper am Gänsemarkt is comparatively obscure. One reason is that a large part of it has been lost. 
Telemann's oeuvre continues to enjoy increasing interest and some of his operas have been performed and recorded. However, most of his operas are lost or have been preserved in only fragmentary form. From Graupner's operatic output almost nothing has survived. In the case of Keiser the situation is much better. His colleague Johann Mattheson stated that he had composed over one hundred operas. That is certainly highly exaggerated, but there is documentary evidence of at least 66 operas from his pen. Less than a third has survived: 19 largely complete scores and substantial fragments of others.

Gabriele Fontana (soprano) - Tomyris
Marianne Hirsti (soprano) - Meroë
Stefan Dahlberg (tenor) - Policares
Christoph Prégardien (tenor) - Tigranes
Oskar Pürgstaller (tenor) - Latyrus
Alan Cemore (baritone) - Doraspe
Wolfram Krohn (bass) - Orontes 

dir. Hans-Martin Linde