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Insiraf - Arab-Andalusian Music

15 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 167 Mb

This recording presents an anthology of magnificent songs from various Mediterranean traditions with a strong Arab influence on performance style. The program features Galician works by Martin Codax (13th c.), the 'Cantigas de Amigo' which are the only songs analogous to the more famous contemporary "Cantigas de Santa Maria" surviving with music in Spain. Berenger de Palou (d.1194) was an Occitan troubadour. Also included are songs in other idioms from medieval Spain, including Sephardic and Andalusian repertory. This CD is a reissue of the "Ondas do Mar" recording from Symphonia label. "This lovely recording succeeds in its goal of transporting the listener back to the lost Iberian world of the 13th century, where a unique culture emerged in the Mediterranean, an amalgamation of Christian, Hebraic and Arabic elements ... This is simply one of the most beautifully engineered recordings I have ever heard. I highly recommend this CD, without reservation, for all audiences." (Continuo) "Stefano Albarello's singing, like the instrumental work, is flexible, sensitive and alive to eastern styles of ornamentation." (Gramophone)


1. Calvivi Arabia (Trad. Arabic) / La rosa en florese (Trad. Sephardic) by Anonymous
2. Ai tal domna by Berenguer de Palol
3. San'a Darj by Traditional Arabic-Andalu
4. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Ondas do mar de Vigo by Martin Codax
5. Tant m'abelis by Berenguer de Palol
6. Mishalja - Btahi by Traditional Arabic-Andalu
7. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Mandad ei comigo by Martin Codax
8. Amuri amuri (Trad. Sephardic) / Abenamar (Trad. Arabic) by Anonymous
9. De la gençor by Berenguer de Palol
10. Peshref by Traditional Arabic-Andalu
11. Totz temoros by Berenguer de Palol
12. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Ay ondas que eu vin ver by Martin Codax
13. Inshad / Insiraf by Traditional Arabic-Andalu
14. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Quantas sabedes amar amigo by Martin Codax
15. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Miña imana fremosa iredes comigo by Martin Codax

Cantilena Antiqua 
dir. Stefano Albarello

venerdì 30 maggio 2014

Vivaldi - Concerti per Archi II

tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR Mb

Part of a large Vivaldi edition issued by Italian historical-instrument specialist Rinaldo Alessandrini and his Concerto Italiano, this is the second album devoted to Vivaldi's Concerti per archi, or concertos for strings. Alessandrini uses just one instrument per part here, and although his usual orchestra at the Ospedale della Pietà girls' residence was clearly larger, it's hard to argue with his choice for these pieces, especially inasmuch as it's not clear exactly how they were used (the booklet also argues that they were related to the 17th-century sonata a quattro, further suggesting a small-ensemble approach). These are almost miniatures, three-movement works with each movement just a bit over one minute long (or two minutes in a few cases), and the smaller ensemble scale fits them. So does Alessandrini's characteristically vigorous, punchy approach, scaled down from his quasi-operatic readings of larger instrumental works but losing nothing in highly percussive attacks and stirring, rapid tempos. Not everyone buys this turbo-Vivaldi approach, but it works especially well here. Each of these little movements seems to be exploring a particular possibility of Vivaldi's language, and while 33 of them in a row may seem like a lot, anyone hooked on Vivaldi won't find the album tedious in the least. Together with strong engineering from Naïve and some typically wild graphics that could have come out of Vogue magazine -- or might even have been too far out there for Vogue -- this is another fine entry in Alessandrini's series.


Concerto in sol maggiore, per archi, RV 150
Concerto in mi minore, per archi, RV 134
Concerto in sol maggiore, per archi, RV 151 "Alla rustica"
Concerto in do minore, per archi, RV 119
Concerto in do maggiore, per archi, RV 110
Concerto in la maggiore, per archi, RV 160
Concerto in re minore, per archi, RV 128
Concerto in si bemolle maggiore, per archi, RV 164
Concerto in re minore, per archi, RV 127
Concerto in si bemolle maggiore, per archi, RV 166
Concerto in sol minore, per archi, RV 157

Rinaldo Alessandrini, violin

Concerto Italiano

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Bach Complete Works (Scores)

BachGesellschaft, Leipzig 1851-1899
49 PDF - 2002 - >16.800 pages - 1.80Gb


Index in the comments or HERE

The Bach-Gesellschaft began publishing Bach's works in 1851 with a volume that started with BWV 1, the cantata Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, BWV 1. It completed publication in 1900 with its forty-sixth volume. The volumes varied somewhat in editorial quality and accuracy; Britannica both lauds the editing of Wilhelm Rust for the edition and notes a deterioration of standards after his death, including a volume in which "the bass and violin are a bar apart for a whole line" (apparently a reference to sloppy editing). Nevertheless, the Bach-Gesellschaft's volumes were a groundbreaking achievement and contributed greatly to the study and appreciation of Bach's music. They remained the standard edition of Bach's complete works until the publication of the Neue Bach-Ausgabe, begun in 1954 and published by Bärenreiter.

Andrea Falconieri - Canzone, Sinfonie e Fantasie

21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 84 Mb

Andrea Falconieri (c 1585-1656) was born in Naples and worked extensively throughout Europe. In his lifetime he was best-known for the light canzonette for voice and guitar, as well as for instrumental dances, but was well-versed in all genres of the time. After many adventures and much wandering, Falconieri was hired in 1639 as musician of theorbo and archlute"" in the highest institution of Naples, the Royal Chapel of the Palace. There he was later elected maestro to take the place of Trabaci who died in 1648. Il primo libro di Canzone, Sinfonie, Fantasie, Capricci, Brandi ..., his instrumental collection of 1650, is the only such collection printed in southern Italy during the era. The true `colour´ of the collection is derived from Falconieri´s experience with early lute suites and from Iberian-Neapolitan culture with a richness and variety of instrumental timbres.


1 - Folias echa para mi Senora Dona Tarolilla de Carallenos
2 - Fantasia detta la Portia
3 - Passacalle
4 - Brando dicho el melo
5 - Corrente detta L'Avelina
6 - Sinfonia quarta
7 - La monarcha
8 - Alemana detta la Ciriculia
9 - Fantasia echa para el muy reverendo
10 - Corrente la Cuella
11 - L'armata Aurelia
12 - La suave melodia
13 - Su corrente
14 - Bayle de los dichos diabolos
15 - La Xaviera Buelta echa para Senor Conde
16 - La Murroya, corriente para el Senor D. Fernando Murroya
17 - Sinfonia seconda
18 - Preludio
19 - L'infanta Arcibizzarra
20 - La Borga
21 - Battaglia de Barabaso yerno de Satanas

Ensemble Isabella d'Este

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Orient-Occident II - Hommage a la Syrie

18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 108 Mb

The first volume of Orient Occident - released in 2006 - turned out to be a landmark in Jordi Savall s discography : for the first time, the Maestro had explored an extra-European repertoire, demonstrating the same musicological expertise he had shown with composers such as Marin Marais.This album soon became a best seller. His new opus is a focus on Syria, alternating instrumental and vocal pieces. Musicians from Syria, Lebanon and Israël play alongside Hespèrion XXI and illustrate the artistic and humanist process we have come to expect from Jordi Savall, A process more necessary than ever. 


1 - Ahla Zahra
2 - Samai maqam Bayati (Syrie)
3 - Creire m’en fach
4 - Ô Aube Ya fajr (Syrie)
5 - Shaouia (Syrie)
6 - Improvisation Oud
7 - Mawal Sap’awi, ‘Ala Al-‘Aqiqa, Beiny wa Beinak
8 - Istampitta : Isabella (Italie mss. Trecento - anonyme)
9 - Ce Brun Hal asmar (Syrie)
10 - Trotto
11 - Ya Mariam el bekr (Syrie)
12 - Ghazal
13 - Angoisse Qalaq (Syrie)
14 - Cantiga 41: Virgen, madre de nostro Sennor
15 - Hija mia - Et dodim kala (Israël)
16 - Una pastora (Espagne)
17 - À Damas (Syrie)
18 - Improvisation Ney · Départ


Waed Bouhassoun oud, chant
Lior Elmaleh chant
Hamam Khairy chant, riq, sonaja
Oumeima Khalil chant

Moslem Rahal ney
Pierre Hamon flûtes, ney & frestel (flûte de pan médievale)
Driss El Maloumi oud
Yair Dalal oud
Jordi Savall vielle & rebab
Wahab Badarne qanun
Hakan Güngör qanun
Dimitri Psonis oud, santur, saz
Michaël Grébil cistre
Pedro Estevan, Erez Shmuel Mounk def, darbukas, riq

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La Follia Itinerante (The Hurdy-Gurdy Band)

11 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 63 Mb

It is that moment in time and place when the soul catches a slow motion glimpse of itself traveling willy-nilly through the maelstrom of the great vortex. At once noble and base, it is coloured in a chromatic blue melancholy and dry red pathos. There too is the peace that comes with acceptance of one's fate... and the anguished impossibility of not struggling against this same fate... La Follia Itinerante holds up a mirror that we may see ourselves as we really are: beggars before God. And makes us laugh at our own pitiful and ludicrous condition.

A true Follia is unique at each playing. It exists for a moment and then vanishes. This one was caught on a warm and sunny afternoon in a garden house on the southern slopes of the Schwarzwald. It takes as inspiration the Follias of Nicholas Chédeville, Corelli, Vivaldi, Marais and the many other composers, known and unknown, who have added to our treasure store of Follias.


1 - Troisieme Suitte Fanfare (Jacques Hotteterre)
2 - Rondeau Le Complaisant Six Galante Duos - Suite I (EP Chedeville)
3 - Sellingers Round & Marlborough (English Traditional)
4 - Amusements en Duo - Tambourins 1 & 2 (Jean-Baptiste Dupuits)
5 - Les Fleurs - Les Margeurites (Philibert Delavigne)
6 - Commedia - Danze Curiose per Teatro - Nos 9 (Gregorio Lambranzi)
7 - Les Fleurs - Les Penseees (Philibert Delavigne)
8 - Commedia - Danze Curiose per Teatro - Nos 11 (Gregorio Lambranzi)
9 - Les Fleurs - Les Prime-Veres (Philibert Delavigne)
10 - Commedia - Danze Curiose per Teatro - Nos 18 (Gregorio Lambranzi)
11 - La Follia Itinerante (Anonymous)

The Hurdy-Gurdy Band
(Donald & Anicét Heller)

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Giuseppe Tartini - The violin Concertos (17th and Final Volume)

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 190 Mb

Volume 17 brings to an end Dynamic’s series devoted to Giuseppe Tartini’s violin concertos. Giovanni and Federico Guglielmo and Carl Lazari again serve as the soloists on period instruments, with L’Arte dell’arco. They’ve adopted some procedures to bring order to the project. Since this will probably be the last time I have the opportunity to work with these releases, I’d like to repeat briefly their work rules, as stated by their harpsichord player and fellow transcriber, Nicola Reniero. They’ve taken the liberty of filling in what’s missing from Tartini’s manuscripts; they’ve left the choice of alternate solo parts to the soloists; they’ve allowed tempos to vary, generally speeding up in tuttis and playing solos freely; they’ve taken ornamentation from Tartini’s own suggestions and treatise; they’ve composed cadenzas when ones by the composer weren’t available; and they’ve adopted A=442, which they think represents a practice current in Tartini’s time and in the area in which he worked. Danilo Prefumo’s notes identify all the concertos as having come from Tartini’s second period, roughly from 1735. Soloists and ensemble recorded the first CD in September 2009 and the second in August 2010, both in Studio Magister. 

All lovers of the violin and its colorful history should be grateful to the Guglielmos, Lazari, and Dynamic for this series, so energetically played and featuring such clear and, at the same time, reverberant recorded sound—and such informative notes. This monument should stand for all time and be a part of every aficionado’s library. Urgently recommended as a whole and in its parts, including this one. A standing ovation for the impossible dream so stunningly made real. 

FANFARE: Robert Maxham


CD 1

Violin Concerto in A Minor, D. 114
Violin Concerto in D Major, D. 25
Violin Concerto in B-Flat Major, D. 121
Violin Concerto in D Major, D. 36
Violin Concerto in C Major, D. 11
Violin Concerto in E Major, D. 51

CD 2

Violin Concerto in D Major, D. 32
Violin Concerto in A Major, D. 98
Violin Concerto in D Major, D. 37
Violin Concerto in G Major, D. 80
Violin Concerto in C Major, D. 6

Federico Guglielmo
Giovanni Guglielmo
Carlo Lazari

L'Arte dell'Arco

Giuseppe Tartini - Violin Concertos

27 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 2.41Gb

Uploaded - FileFactory


Volume 1 (3 CD)

Concerto No.1 in G minor D85
Concerto No.2 in E minor D55
Concerto No.3 in F major D60
Concerto No.4 in D major D15
Concerto No.5 in F major D58
Concerto No.6 in A major D89
Concerto No.7 in A minor D111
Concerto No.8 in A major D91
Concerto No.9 in F major D59
Concerto No.10 in G major D71
Concerto No.11 in A major D88
Concerto No.12 in D major D18

Volume 2 (2 CD)

Concerto No. 1 in G Major D73
Concerto No. 2 in C Major D2
Concerto No. 3 in B Minor D124
Concerto No.4 in F Major D62
Concerto No.5 in C Major D3
Concerto No.6 in E Major D46

Volume 3

Concerto in D Major D 21 'Il Crudel'
Concerto in G minor D 86
Concerto in G Major D 72
Concerto in A minor D 112

Volume 4

Concerto in E minor D 56
Concerto in C Major D 4
Concerto in F Major D 63
Concerto in G Major D 75

Volume 5

Concerto In B flat major D118
Concerto In F major D61
Concerto In D minor D43
Concerto In C major D1

Volume 6

Concerto in D minor D44 ('Ombra diletta...')
Concerto in A major D92
Concerto in G major D74
Concerto in A major D93

Volume 7

Concerto in E minor D57
Concerto in D Major D16
Concerto in E Major D48 ('Rondinella vaga e bella...')
Concerto in G Major D76

Volume 8

Concerto in D Major D17
Concerto in A Major D90
Concerto in E Major D47
Concerto in B flat Major D116
Allegro D116a

Volume 9 (2 CD)

Concerto in F Major D70
Concerto in D Major D42
Concerto in A Major D109
Concerto in B flat Major D123
Concerto in E Major D54
Concerto in D Minor D45
Concerto 'A Sua Excellenza Lunardo Venier' in A Minor D115
Concerto in C Major D13
Concerto 'Lascia ch'io dica addio' in Si Minor D125
Concerto 'Se mai saprai' in A Major D110

Volume 10 (2 CD)

Concerto in A Major D96
Concerto in D Major D22
Concerto in G Major D83
Concerto in A Major D94
Concerto in D Major D19
Concerto in B flat Major D117
Concerto in D Major D20
Concerto in A Major D95

Volume 11 (2 CD)

Concerto in A Minor D113
Concerto in D Major D40
Concerto in G Major D77
Concerto in F Major D70a
Concerto in D Major D23
Concerto in G Minor D87
Concerto in C Major D14
Concerto in D Major D41

Volume 12 (2 CD)

Concerto in C major D9
Concerto in D major D24
Concerto in A major D97
Concerto in F major D64
Concerto in A major D106
Concerto in E major D49
Concerto in B flat major D122
Concerto in G major D79
Concerto in C major D5

Volume 13 (2 CD)

Concerto in G Major D84
Concerto in A Major D105
Concerto in E Major D50
Concerto in A Major D101
Concerto In D Major D26
Concerto In A Major D99
Concerto In F Major D67
Concerto In D Major D39

Volume 14 (2 CD)

Concerto In C Major D7
Concerto In D Major D28
Concerto In G Major D78
Concerto In D Major D34
Concerto In A Major D103
Concerto In A Major D102
Concerto In F Major D68
Concerto In A Major D107
Concerto In D Major D33
Concerto In F Major D65
Concerto In D Major D31

Volume 15 (2 CD)

Concerto In B Flat Major D120
Concerto In D Major D27
Concerto In C Major D8
Concerto In G Major D82
Concerto In C Major D10
Concerto In D Major D35
Concerto In A Major D100
Concerto In E Major D52

Volume 16 (2 CD)

Concerto In D Major D30
Concerto In F Major D66
Concerto In B Flat Major D119
Concerto In G Major D81
Concerto In E Major D53
Concerto In D Major D38
Concerto In A Major D108
Concerto In F Major D69
Concerto In A Major D104
Concerto In C Major D12
Concerto In D Major D29

L'Arte dell'Arco
Giovanni Guglielmo

Eduardo Paniagua CD Collection [101 albums]

101 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 101 RAR - 10.20 Gb

FileFactory - Uploaded

Eduardo Paniagua (born 1952 in Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish architect and musician, specializing in medieval Spanish music.
Between 1966 and 1983, he was a member of the group Atrium Musicae de Madrid, led by his older brother Gregorio, playing wind instruments and percussion. More recently he has been a founding member of the groups Cálamus and Hoquetus which specialize in the music of Arabic Andalusia.
In 1994, he created the group Música Antigua to perform and record the Cantigas de Santa Maria. In the same year he also founded the group Ibn Báya Ensemble together with the oud player Omar Metioui, for the performance and recording of Andalusian music. Other regular collaborators include Moroccan singers Said Belcadi, Mohammed El-Arabi Serghini, and the Algerian oud player Salim Fergani.
Atrium Musicae de Madrid

Perhaps the group's most famous recording is Musique de la Grèce Antique (Music of Ancient Greece), in which they performed ancient Greek music carefully taken down off scattered fragments of still existing papyrus. Performing the ancient compositions also meant the reconstruction of an arsenal of ancient instruments. This certainly was a fascinating aspect of the group's life performances during a series of acclaimed international tours. The success of this 1978 recording is not the only feather in the group's collective cap. The 1976 Musique Arabo-Andalouse delves into Hispanic-Moslem music, and is credited with creating a whole new interest in this fascinating genre of southern Spain. From the late 1970s into the early 1980s the group began a series of recordings dealing with 15th and 16th century popular Spanish songs, then sailed to the New World for the fascinating Las Indias de Espana, a recording of Pre-Columbian music collected from archives. The decision to dissolve the group was no doubt based on some of the younger brothers' interest in beginning solo careers.

CDs list:

Colección Cantigas de Alfonso X

-PN-010 Cantigas de Toledo
-PN-020 Cantigas de Castilla y León
-PN-210 Cantigas de Castilla-La Mancha
-PN-220 Cantigas de Santa María del Puerto-1
-PN-240 Remedios Curativos-Cantigas
-PN-280 Virgen de Atocha-Cantigas De Madrid
-PN-340 Bestiario-Cantigas de Animales
-PN-400 Cantigas de Flauta y Tamboril
-PN-420 Cantigas de Extremadura
-PN-490 Caballeros-Cantigas
-PN-510 Cantigas de Italia
-PN-520 Cantigas de Francia
-PN-570 Cantigas de Jerez
-PN-590 Cantigas de Sevilla (doble)
-PN-610 La Vida de María (doble)
-PN-680 El Camino de Santiago-Cantigas (??????)
-PN-700 Rosa de Las Rosas-Cantigas
-PN-740 Cantigas para Viola de Rueda
-PN-820 Cantigas Celtas (Merlin)
-PN-860 Cantigas de Valencia
-PN-880 Cantigas de Bizancio (doble)
-PN-980 Cantigas de Catalunya
-PN-990 Cantigas de Inglaterra
-PN-1080 Cantigas de Burgos
-PN-1090 Cantigas de Alemania
-PN-1150 Cantigas de Flandes
-PN-1170 Cantigas del Mar Cantábrico
-PN-1230 Cantigas de Mujeres

Colección Al-Ándalus

-PN-050 Medieval Women's songs
-PN-090 Luz de la Mediterranía
-PN-100 Tres Culturas
-PN-120 Jardín de Al-Ándalus
-PN-170 Alarifes Mudéjares
-PN-230 Poemas de la Alhambra
-PN-250 Nuba Al-Istihlal >>>------> Vedi EP-NAI.rar
-PN-290 La Felicidad Cumplida, Alcázar de Sevilla
-PN-320 Agua de La Alhambra
-PN-360 Ibn Arabi, El Intérprete de Los deseos
-PN-370 La Llamada de Al-Andalus
-PN-430 La Fuente del Amor Secreto
-PN-500 Wallada-Ibn Zaydún
-PN-530 Ritual Sufí Ándalusí
-PN-550 Aire de Al-Ándalus (compilation)
-PN-630 Nuba Al-Maya
-PN-640 Cantos de la Noche-Nuba Rasd D-Dail
-PN 650 Cantos Sufíes de Al-Ándalus
-PN-690 Latidos de Al-Ándalus
-PN-750 - Almuédano
-PN-800 Puentes sobre el Mediterráneo (compilation)
-PN-970 Cantos Místicos Devocionales
-PN-1050 Agua de Al-Ándalus (compilation)
-PN-1100 El Agua y los Arabes (compilation)
-PN-1110 Tesoros de Al-Ándalus
-PN-1120 Pasión Sufí
-PN-1140 Zambra de Moriscos
-PN-1200 Cantos de Mujeres en las Tres Culturas (compilation)

Colecciones Histórica y Tradición

-PN-060 Ecos del Espíritu
-PN-350 La Música de Pneuma (compilation)
-PN-450 El Cantar de la Conquista de Almería
-PN-470 El Crisol del Tiempo
-PN-660 La Conquista de Granada
-PN-710 Juana I de Castilla
-PN-900 España del Cid (compilation)
-PN-950 La Batalla de Alarcos
-PN-1010 Trovadores En Castilla. Alfonso VIII
-PN-1070 La Flauta de Hueso de Alarcos (******)
-PN-1160 La Rosa de La Alhambra. Washington Irving
-PN-1270 El Canto Visigótico-Mozárabe
-PN-1320 L’Amore mi fa Sollazar. Leonardo Da Vinci

Colección Histórica Judeo-Sefardí

-PN-270 Canciones de Sefarad
-PN-540 Morada del Corazón
-PN-580 Maimónides
-PN-780 Sefarad en Diáspora
-PN-810 Klezmer Sefardí


-PN-260 - La Belleza Contemplada
-PN-560 - Cantoras de Tetuán - Cantos tradicionales del Norte de Marruecos
-PN-770 - Rumí · Ibn Arabí (Paniagua).rar
-PN-1040 - Cautivo de Amor
-EP-MAA - Musica Arabigo Andaluza s. XIII-XIV - Cantigas de Martin Codax s. XIII (Paniagua)
-EP-DME - Danzas Medievales Españolas.rar
-EP-OMMME - Obras Maestras de la Musica Medieval Espanola (E.Paniagua).rar
-EP-NAI . Nuba Al-Istihlal (Omar Metioui & Eduardo Paniagua)
-EP-SAA - The Splendour of Al-Andalus (Calamus).rar
-S2K-60580 - Obras Maestras de las Cantigas (Compilation)

Atrium Musicae de Madrid

-GP-AN - Ars Nova S. XIV
-GP-CAE - Canto Antiguo Espanol
-GP-CG - Codex Gluteo
-GP-CH - El Códice de las Huelgas
-GP-FA - Fandango
-GP-FO - La Folia
-GP-S - La Spagna
-GP-CHAX - Las Cantigas de Hita de Alfonso X, El Sabio (1230-1284)
-GP-IE - Las Indias de Espana
-GP-MI - Musica Iucunda (Paniagua)
-GP-MAA - Musique Arabo-Andalouse
-GP-MGA - Musique de la Grece Antique
-GP-TT - Tarentule-Tarentelle
-GP-TN - Thibaut de Navarre
-GP-V - Villancicos

Colecion de Musica Antigua Espanola:

-CdMAE-MC - La Música en Cataluña hasta el siglo XIV
-CdMAE-CSM - Las Cantigas de Santa Maria
-CdMAE-MCM - Monodia Cortesana Medieval - Música Arábigo-Andaluza

This compilation of records comes from different sources, some of the CDs are my own, some are made available from Avax (mainly Solaz, Yerbas...), some from Sonusantiqva, one from Abdel, some I don't remember.
Most of the infos comes from

Links above lead you to a folder containing RARred files. They are identified by a catalog number, sometime it is official, sometime it is not.
(i.e. PN-010 Cantigas de Toledo is PN-010.rarGP-MGA - Musique de la Grece Antique is GP-MGA.rar)
I posted an index on Avax (Here it would have taken too much space)
By reading THIS index you should be able to find out what you want.
Enjoy it.

Bach - Cantatas (Montreal Baroque)

4 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 615 Mb

This is a very nice set of Bach cantatas recently put out by the Baroque festival in Montreal, Canada under the direction of Eric Milnes. Eric Milnes follows the school of thought with that of Joshua Rifkin and Andrew Parrot of the Taverner Consort and Players in which he uses one voice per part. The playing is tight and crisp and very clean, the use of continuo is tasteful, particularly in the organ - much lighter than Rifkin's approach on his older Bach recordings and not as heavily improvised and ornamented as Ton Koopman's realisations. The singing is very nice and clean with tasteful ornamentation and reminds me of the better Koopman recordings and sounds lighter than the dark and very "Germanic" sound of the Harnoncourt recordings (a favourite of mine)- more akin to John Eliot Gardiner's recordings. Daniel Ponder, Amazon


Cantatas 7, 30, 167 "St. John The Baptist" vol.1

Cantata "Freue dich, erlöste Schar" BWV 30
Cantata "Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam" BWV 7
Cantata "Ihr Menschen?" BWV 167

Suzie LeBlanc (sopran)
Daniel Taylor (countertenor)
Charles Daniels (tenor)
Stephan MacLeod (bass)

Cantatas BWV 130, 19, 149 "Saint Michel" vol.2

Cantata "Herr Gott, dich loben alle wir" BWV 130
Cantata "Es erhub sich ein Streit" BWV 19
Cantata "Man singet mit Freuden vom Sieg" BWV 149

Jan Kobow (tenor)
Stephan MacLeod (bass)
Dong Qyu David Lee (countertenor)

Cantatas BWV 1, 82, 147 "Marie de Nazareth" vol.3

Cantata "Herz Und Mund Und Tat Und Leben" BWV 147
Cantata "Ich Habe Genug" BWV 82
Cantata "Wie Schon Leuchtet Der Morgenstern" BWV 1

Charles Daniels (tenor)
Stephan MacLeod (bass)
Monika Mauch (soprano)
Matthew White (countertenor)

Cantatas BWV 61, 122, 123, 182 La Nativité vol.4

Cantata "Nun Komm, der Heiden Heiland" BWV 61
Cantata "Das neugeborne Kindelein" BWV 122
Cantata "Liebster Immanuel, Herzog der Frommen" BWV 123
Cantata "Himmelskönig, sei willkommen" BWV 182

Monika Mauch (soprano)
Matthew White (alto)
Charles Daniels (tenor)
Harry Van Der Kamp (bass)

Montréal Baroque
dir. Eric Milnes