mercoledì 28 maggio 2014

Orient-Occident II - Hommage a la Syrie

18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 108 Mb

The first volume of Orient Occident - released in 2006 - turned out to be a landmark in Jordi Savall s discography : for the first time, the Maestro had explored an extra-European repertoire, demonstrating the same musicological expertise he had shown with composers such as Marin Marais.This album soon became a best seller. His new opus is a focus on Syria, alternating instrumental and vocal pieces. Musicians from Syria, Lebanon and Israël play alongside Hespèrion XXI and illustrate the artistic and humanist process we have come to expect from Jordi Savall, A process more necessary than ever. 


1 - Ahla Zahra
2 - Samai maqam Bayati (Syrie)
3 - Creire m’en fach
4 - Ô Aube Ya fajr (Syrie)
5 - Shaouia (Syrie)
6 - Improvisation Oud
7 - Mawal Sap’awi, ‘Ala Al-‘Aqiqa, Beiny wa Beinak
8 - Istampitta : Isabella (Italie mss. Trecento - anonyme)
9 - Ce Brun Hal asmar (Syrie)
10 - Trotto
11 - Ya Mariam el bekr (Syrie)
12 - Ghazal
13 - Angoisse Qalaq (Syrie)
14 - Cantiga 41: Virgen, madre de nostro Sennor
15 - Hija mia - Et dodim kala (Israël)
16 - Una pastora (Espagne)
17 - À Damas (Syrie)
18 - Improvisation Ney · Départ


Waed Bouhassoun oud, chant
Lior Elmaleh chant
Hamam Khairy chant, riq, sonaja
Oumeima Khalil chant

Moslem Rahal ney
Pierre Hamon flûtes, ney & frestel (flûte de pan médievale)
Driss El Maloumi oud
Yair Dalal oud
Jordi Savall vielle & rebab
Wahab Badarne qanun
Hakan Güngör qanun
Dimitri Psonis oud, santur, saz
Michaël Grébil cistre
Pedro Estevan, Erez Shmuel Mounk def, darbukas, riq

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