lunedì 26 maggio 2014

La Follia Itinerante (The Hurdy-Gurdy Band)

11 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 63 Mb

It is that moment in time and place when the soul catches a slow motion glimpse of itself traveling willy-nilly through the maelstrom of the great vortex. At once noble and base, it is coloured in a chromatic blue melancholy and dry red pathos. There too is the peace that comes with acceptance of one's fate... and the anguished impossibility of not struggling against this same fate... La Follia Itinerante holds up a mirror that we may see ourselves as we really are: beggars before God. And makes us laugh at our own pitiful and ludicrous condition.

A true Follia is unique at each playing. It exists for a moment and then vanishes. This one was caught on a warm and sunny afternoon in a garden house on the southern slopes of the Schwarzwald. It takes as inspiration the Follias of Nicholas Chédeville, Corelli, Vivaldi, Marais and the many other composers, known and unknown, who have added to our treasure store of Follias.


1 - Troisieme Suitte Fanfare (Jacques Hotteterre)
2 - Rondeau Le Complaisant Six Galante Duos - Suite I (EP Chedeville)
3 - Sellingers Round & Marlborough (English Traditional)
4 - Amusements en Duo - Tambourins 1 & 2 (Jean-Baptiste Dupuits)
5 - Les Fleurs - Les Margeurites (Philibert Delavigne)
6 - Commedia - Danze Curiose per Teatro - Nos 9 (Gregorio Lambranzi)
7 - Les Fleurs - Les Penseees (Philibert Delavigne)
8 - Commedia - Danze Curiose per Teatro - Nos 11 (Gregorio Lambranzi)
9 - Les Fleurs - Les Prime-Veres (Philibert Delavigne)
10 - Commedia - Danze Curiose per Teatro - Nos 18 (Gregorio Lambranzi)
11 - La Follia Itinerante (Anonymous)

The Hurdy-Gurdy Band
(Donald & Anicét Heller)

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