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Insiraf - Arab-Andalusian Music

15 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 167 Mb

This recording presents an anthology of magnificent songs from various Mediterranean traditions with a strong Arab influence on performance style. The program features Galician works by Martin Codax (13th c.), the 'Cantigas de Amigo' which are the only songs analogous to the more famous contemporary "Cantigas de Santa Maria" surviving with music in Spain. Berenger de Palou (d.1194) was an Occitan troubadour. Also included are songs in other idioms from medieval Spain, including Sephardic and Andalusian repertory. This CD is a reissue of the "Ondas do Mar" recording from Symphonia label. "This lovely recording succeeds in its goal of transporting the listener back to the lost Iberian world of the 13th century, where a unique culture emerged in the Mediterranean, an amalgamation of Christian, Hebraic and Arabic elements ... This is simply one of the most beautifully engineered recordings I have ever heard. I highly recommend this CD, without reservation, for all audiences." (Continuo) "Stefano Albarello's singing, like the instrumental work, is flexible, sensitive and alive to eastern styles of ornamentation." (Gramophone)


1. Calvivi Arabia (Trad. Arabic) / La rosa en florese (Trad. Sephardic) by Anonymous
2. Ai tal domna by Berenguer de Palol
3. San'a Darj by Traditional Arabic-Andalu
4. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Ondas do mar de Vigo by Martin Codax
5. Tant m'abelis by Berenguer de Palol
6. Mishalja - Btahi by Traditional Arabic-Andalu
7. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Mandad ei comigo by Martin Codax
8. Amuri amuri (Trad. Sephardic) / Abenamar (Trad. Arabic) by Anonymous
9. De la gençor by Berenguer de Palol
10. Peshref by Traditional Arabic-Andalu
11. Totz temoros by Berenguer de Palol
12. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Ay ondas que eu vin ver by Martin Codax
13. Inshad / Insiraf by Traditional Arabic-Andalu
14. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Quantas sabedes amar amigo by Martin Codax
15. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Miña imana fremosa iredes comigo by Martin Codax

Cantilena Antiqua 
dir. Stefano Albarello

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