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La Mantovana

Italian Airs and Dances of the Early Baroque

14 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 47

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 (Vinyl rip)


1. Gasparo Zannetti - La Mantovana
2. Anon., c.1645 - Spagnoletta
3. Orazio Vecchi - So ben mi chi ha bon tempo
4. Carlo Calvi - La Bertazzina
5. Anon., c.1619 - Pavaniglia
6. Gasparo Zannetti - Aria del Gran Duca
7. Gasparo Zannetti - Fuggi, fuggi, fuggi
8. Adriano Banchieri - Sonata sopra l'aria Musicale del Gran Duca
9. Cypriano de Rore - Anchor che col partire
10. Santino Garsi - La Lisfeltina
11. Anon., c.1614 - Va pur superba va
12. Carlo Farina - Pavana
13. Giovanni Stefani - Pargoletta che non sai
14. Cesare Negri - La Nizzarda

The London Early Music Group
dir. James Tyler
Paul Elliott (tenor)

Duncan Druce, Roderick Skeaping (violin)
Ian White (viola)
Oliver Brookes (cello, viola da gamba)
Alan Lumsden (trombone, tenor recorder)
Andrew van der Beek (bass dulcian)
Kevin Mason (theorbo)
Peter Tent (lute, guitar, viola da gamba)
Joseph Skeaping (lirone)
David Watkins (harp)
Nicholas Kraemer (harpsichord)
James Tyler (bass lute, mandora, viola da gamba, guitar, cittern)

The Beggar's Opera

Original songs & airs

9 tracks - Mp3 192 Kbps - RAR 57 Mb

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Vinyl Rip!


1. Cold and raw

a) Stingo, or the Oil of Barley (Playford Dancing Master)
b) The Farmer's Daughter (T.d'Urfey's Pills)
c) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
d) Up in the Morning Early (W.McGibbons)

2. Over the hills and far away

a) Jockey's Lamentation (Pills to Purge Melancholy)
b) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
c) Over the Hills and Far Away (Ms. Américain c.1780)
d) The wind has blown my plaid away (Ms.Drexel)

3. Oh, the broom

a) The Broom o' the Cowdenknowes (Chanson écossaise)
b) Broom, Broom, The bonny, bonny Broom (Playford)
c) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''

4. Would you have a young virgin

a) Poor Robin's Magot (The Dancing Master, 1713)
b) Would you have a young virgin (Air populaire, 18ème siècle)
c) Kare Broder (C.M.Bellman)
d) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
e) Saw ye a Lassie of fifteen years (J.Oswald's Comp.)

5. What shall I do to show how much I love her

a) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
b) What shall I do (Henry Purcell)

6. Fill ev'ry glass

a) Bergers, écoutez la musique (Noel Français)
b) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''

7. Charming Billy

a) Charming Billy (Air populaire, 18ème siècle)
b) Cease your funning (Variations pour flute, J.Oswald's Comp.)

8. The lass of Patie's mill

a) The Lass of Patie's Mill (W.Thompson's Orpheus Caledonius)
b) Variations sur la melodie de J.Oswald
c) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''

9. Greensleeves

a) Variations sur Passomezzo antico
b) Greensleeves (version la plus ancienne)
c) Version contemporaine W.Cobbold)
d) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
e) Version irlandaises

The Broadside Band
dir. Jeremy BarlowPatrizia Kwella, sopranoPaul Elliott, tènor

William Hogarth - The Beggar's Opera

The Beggar's Opera debuted in 1728 in London. It was an immediate success, breaking all previous records and was performed more than any other play during the 18th century.(1) It was a complete departure from the popular Italian operas of its time. Beggar's Opera used both dialogue and music to further the story. Gay took music from whereever he could find them. Forty-one of the sixty-nine airs were broadside ballads of the time. The other tunes were borrowed from contemporary composers (including Handel and Pepush). To these tunes he wrote lyrics to fit his play. Instead of taking his plot from myth he wrote a story focused on the underbelly of society - thieves, whores, fences and jailers. The world of the Beggar's opera is gritty and real, it's end optimistic only because of the popular insistence that Operas must end happily.

In this record you'll find various versions of nine selected Airs.

Antonio Vivaldi - 6 Sonate op.13 ''Il Pastor Fido'' (Vinyl rip)

28 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 70Mb

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(Vinyl Rip)

Hurdy-gurdy player by Christoph Weigel

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Ensemble Janequin - Une Fête chez Rabelais

26 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 106 Mb

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1. Loyset Compère (c.1440-1518): Mous sommes de l'ordre de Saint Babouyn
2. Pierre de la Rue (1460-1518): Autant en emporte le vent
3. Claudin de Sermisy (c.1490-1562): Je ne menge point de porc
4. Nicolas Gombert (1490-1556): Mille regres
5. Ninot le Petit (c.1460-1502): N'as tu poinct mis ton hault bonnet
6. Sermisy: Vien tost
7. Anonymous: La Brosse (viols)
8. Guiard (XVIe siècle): Or oiez les introites de taverne
9. Vermont Primus (c.1500-1558): Ce n'est pas trop
10. Adrian Willaert (c.1490-1562): Dessus le maché darras
11. Gombert: Puisqu'ainsi est
12. De Bussy (c.1500-c.1550): Las il n'a nul mal
13. Sermisy: Las je m'y plains (organ)
14. Gombert: Je prens congies
15. Clemens non Papa (1510-1555): Une fillette bien gorriere
16. Clemens Non Papa: Imcessament suis triste et doloreux
17. Nicole des Celliers d'Hesdin (d.1538): Ramonez moy ma cheminée
18. Clemens non Papa: Du laid tetin
19. Josquin Desprez: Scaramella
20. Anonymous: Pavane et Gagliarde de La Guerre (viols)
21. Matthaeus Pipelare (c.1450-1515): Fors seulement
22. Pierre Certon (1510-1572): La, la, la, je ne l'ose dire
23. Henry Fresneau (c.1500-c.1545): Souspir d'amours, pensé de plaisir
24. Gabriel Coste (c.1500-c.1540): Celle fillette a qui le tetin point
25. Gombert: A bien grant tort
26. Fresnau: La Fricassée

Ensemble Clément Janequin:
Agnès Mellon (soprano), Dominique Visse (countertenor), Bruno Boterf (tenor)
Vincent Bouchot (baritone), François Fauché (baritone), Marc Busnel (bass)
Yuka Saito (viol), Malcom Bothwell (viol), Matthieu Lusson (viol)
Eric Bellocq (lute, organ), Andrea Perugi (organ, viol)
Dominique Visse, dir.

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Antonio Vivaldi - "Il Proteo" Double and Triple Concertos

18 tracks - MP3 192Kbps - RAR 94Mb

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1. Concerto for Two Violins, Two Cellos, Strings and Continuo in D Major, RV 564
2. Concerto for Three Violins, Strings and Continuo in F Major, RV 551
3. Concerto for Two Cellos, Srtings and Continuo in G minor, RV 531
4. Concerto for Violin, "Violino per eco lontano", Strings and Cont. in A Major, RV552
5. Concerto for Violin. Two Cellos, Strings and Continuo in G minor, RV 561
6. Concerto"Il Proteo o sia il mondo al rovescio" in F Major, RV 544

Christophe Coin (cello)

Il Giardino Armonico

dir. Giovanni Antonini

Antonio Vivaldi - Cantate Concerti & Magnificat

25 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 82Mb

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Includes a selection of three of Vivaldi's best concerti grossi performed by the expert Canadian period-instrument ensemble Tafelmusik under Jeanne Lamon partnered with a solo motet, Il turbato mare irato, the solo cantata Lungi dal vago volo, and the second version of Vivaldi's first Magnificat. In the solo vocal works is laudable English soprano Emma Kirkby negotiating the treacherous terrain of In turbato mare irato with seeming ease, even though much of the music is written in the alto range. Kirkby's singing also adds considerable character and sparkle to Lungi dal vago volo, a solo vocal piece where Vivaldi's instrumental accompaniment is so sparse it leaves the soloist exposed and with little opportunity to rest. Lungi dal vago volo is written for a singer of exceptional ability, and Kirkby is more than merely up to the challenge.


1. In turbato mare irato, solo motet for voice, strings & continuo in G major, RV 627 *
2. Concerto madrigalesco, for strings & continuo in D minor, RV 129
3. Concerto for strings & continuo in G minor, RV 157
4. Concerto alla rustica, for strings & continuo in G major, RV 151
5. Lungi dal vago volto, cantata for voice, violin & continuo, RV 680 *
6. Magnificat, for 4 vocal soloists, chorus, 2 oboes, strings & continuo in G minor, RV 610 **

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra

dir. Jeanne Lamon

* with Emma Kirkby
** with Daniele Forget, Suzie LeBlanc, Henry Ingram, Richard Cunningham

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Les Tres Riches Heures

6 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 7 RAR 761 Mb

A Medieval Journey provides you with more than seven hours of the finest medieval music, all placed in its appropriate historical context. By Ensemble Organum, Deller Consort, Soeur Marie Keyrouz, The Newberry Consort, The Hilliard Ensemble, Clemencic Consort, et alter.




      Les Première Heures de l'Ère Chrétienne
The Dawn of the Christian Era
      Anon., Byzantine Chant
   1. 1.1 Alleluia (3 fois)
      1.2 Tropaire de la venue de l'époux (Lundi Saint): "Ha-Houwadha-lAruç" (arabe)
      Exapostilarion de l'Office du Mardi Saint: "Innani' Uchachidu khidraka"
   2. Version arabe
   3. Version grecque
   4. Version arabe
      Melchite trad.: Greek Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom, 4th c.
   5. Hymne à la Vierge, 1st echos: Axion esti
      Troparion from the Great Canon of Saint John of Damascus, 4th c.
   6. Office of the Nativity of the Mother of God, 8th echos: Ya walidata-I-ilah
      Anon., Ambrosian Plain-Chant in Milan
   7. Psalm: Tecum principium in die virtutis tue
   8. Responsorium: Congratulamini mihi omnes qui diligitis Dominum
      Anon.: Mass for the Easter Day at the Cathedral of Benevento
   9. Communion: Qui mundacaverit
      Anon., Old Roman Chant
  10. Introit: Resurrexi
  11. Office de l'Adoration de la Croix, Impropères: Agios o Theos, Sanctus Deus
      Anon., Ms. B Mozarabic Chapel of the Cath. of Toledo, Cantorales de Cisneros folio 63, 14-15th c.: Office des lectures
  12. Sacrificium (Sunday before St. John-the-Baptist): Vox clamantis

Le Règne du Chant Grégorien
The Reign of Gregorian Chant

      Anon., Gallican
  13. Versus de l'évêque Théodulfe d'Orléans: Gloria laus
  14. Semaine Sainte: répons du 7e mode: Tenebrae factae sunt
      Anon., Gregorian: Missa Da Requiem
  15. Introït: Requiem aeternam
  16. Kyrie Eleison
  17. Graduel: Requiem aeternam
  18. Trait: Absolve Domine
  19. Séquence: Dies irae
  20. Offertoire: Domine Jesu Christe
  21. Sanctus
  22. Agnus Dei
  23. Communion: Lux aeterna
  24. Répons: Libera me
  25. Antienne: In paradisum
      Anon., gregorian
  26. Planctus Hugonis Abbatis: Hug dulce nomen
      Anon., Aquitaine tradition: Missa de Nativitate Jesu Christi
  27. Antiphona ad processionem: O beata infantia
  28. Introitus cum tropis: Quam queritis in praesepe / Puer natus est
  29. Alleluja: Dies sanctificatus
  30. Communio cum tropis: Desinat esse dolor / Viderunt omnes
  31. Alleluja cum tropis in octava: Alleluja / Natus est nobis
  32. Cantio ad laudem cantoris: Annus novus in gaudio
      Anon., Cistercian tradition: Répons de matines pour la fête de Saint Bernard
  33. Virtute multa
  34. In timore Dei
  35. Testamentum eternum
  36. Dedit Dominus confessionem sancto suo


Le Temps de l'Amour Courtois
The Age of Courtly love

      Anon., Troubadour, end 12th c.
  37. A l'entrada del temps clar
      Bernart de Ventadorn
  38. Vida
  39. Quand vei la laudeta mover
      Folquet de Marselha
  40. Vida
  41. Sitot me soi a tart aperceubutz
      Alfonso el Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  42. Cantiga 77: Da que Deus mamou o leite do seu peito (instr.)
  43. Prologo: Porque trobar
  44. Cantiga 37: Miragres fremosos (instr.)
  45. Cantiga 7: Santa Maria amar
  46. Cantiga 100: Santa Maria, strela do dia
      Anon.: Carmina Burana
  47. CB 200: Bacche, bene venies
  48. CB 196: In taberna quando sumus
  49. CB 71: Axe Phebus aureo
  50. CB 34: Deduc, Syon, uberrimas
  51. CB 5: Flete flenda
      Neidhart von Reuental
  52. Sinc an, guldîn huon!
  53. Ich lobe ein wip
      Neidhart von Reuental
  54. Owê dirre nôt!
      Oswald von Wolkenstein
  55. Wol auff, gesell (instr.)


Les Premières Polyphonies
The Birth of Polyphony

      Anon., Aquitaine, 12th c.
  56. Domine labia mea aperies
      Deus in adjutorium meum
  57. Versus: O primus hono cotruit
  58. Versus: Veni solis radius
      Léonin (attr.), Provins, Bibl. Mun. 12 (24), fol. 16 17
  59. Introït tropé: Puer natus est
      Léonin (attr.), Paris, B.N. Lat. 1112, Fol. 257r
  60. Kyrie: Cunctipotens
      Léonin (attr.), Wolfenbüttel Helmst. 628 Fol. 21r 21v; Paris, B.N. Lat. 111, Fol. 20
  61. Graduel: Viderunt omnes
      Léonin (attr.), Wolfenbüttel Helmst. 628
  62. Sanctus
      Léonin (attr.), Paris, B.N. Lat. 1112, Fol. 259
  63. Agnus Dei
      Léonin (attr.), Florence, Bibl. Laurenziana, Pluteo 29-1/Fol. 89v
  64. Ite missa est - Deo gratias
      Anon., Graduel antiphonaire de Fontevraud, B.M. Limoges, Ms. 2
  65. Kyrie: Orbis factor
  66. Credo in unum deum
  67. Séquence: Res est admirabilis
      Anon., 13th c., Montpellier Codex
  68. Mo 21: Plus bele que flor / Quant revient / L'autrier joer / Flos filius
  69. Mo 231: Puisque bele dame m'eime / Flos filius
  70. Mo 20: Celui en qui / La bele en qui / Iohanne
  71. Mo 328: Amor potest conqueri / Ad amorem sequitur
  72. Mo 256: S'on me regarde / Prennés i garde / Hé, mi enfant
  73. Mo 215: Qui d'amours se plaint / Lux magna
  74. Mo 134: On doit fin[e] Amor / In seculum
  75. Kyrie: Kyria christifera
  76. Gloria
  77. Sanctus & Benedictus
  78. Agnus dei: Virtute numinis


Le Siècle de l'Ars Nova
Ars Nova and the Fourteenth Century

      Anon., Le Roman de Fauvel
  79. In mari miserie
  80. Vers 149-168
  81. Ad solitum vomitum
  82. Porchier miex estre - Vers 259-280
  83. J'ai fait nouveletement
  84. Quoniam secta latronum
  85. Vers 5905-5926 Mario, virgo virginum
  86. Vers 6023-6050
  87. Quare fremuerunt
      Anon., Missa "Tournai"
  88. Kyrie
  89. Gloria in exelcis Deo
  90. Préface - Sanctus
  91. Agnus Dei
      Guillaume de Machaut, Codex Faenza
  92. De toutes flours
  93. Honte, paour, doubtance
  94. Honte, paour, doubtance (instr.)
      Francesco Landini, Codex Faenza
  95. Che pena è quest'al cor
      Bartholino da Padova, Codex Faenza
  96. Imperiale sedendo fra più stelle
      Baude Cordier, Codex Chantilly
  97. Tout par compas
  98. Belle, bonne sage
      Solage, Codex Chantilly
  99. Fumeux fume par fumée
      Guido, Codex Chantilly
 100. Or voit tout
      Anon., England, 14th c.
 101. Motet: Campanis cum cymbalis - Honoremus Dominam
      Anon., England, early 14th c.
 102. Mater ora flium
      Anon., England, end of 13th c. - early 14th c.
 103. Gymel: Edi be thu
      Anon. England, 14th c.
 104. Chant: Gabriel fram heven-king
      Anon., England, 14th c.
 105. Pièce: Gaude Virgo mater Christi


      À l'Aube de la Renaissance (XVe siècle) 
The Dawn of the Renaissance (15th Century)

      Johannes Ciconia
 106. Ligiadra donna
 107. Carol: Alleluya: A nywe werke
 108. Carol: Ecce quod natura
 109. Carol: Nowel: Owt of your slepe aryse
      John Plummer
 110. Anna Mater Matris Christ
 111. Tota pulcra es amica mea
      Anon, England, Medieval
 112. Conductus: O Maria stella maris
      Anon., England, Medieval
 113. Sequence: Salve virgo secularis
 114. Motet: Veni mater gracie / Dou way, Robin
      Anon., Codex Colombina
 115. Propiñan de Melyor (instr.)
      Anon., Perugia MS 36
 116. Instrumental piece
      Anon., Canti B
 117. La Spagna (instr.)
      Francisco de la Torre
 118. La Spagna
      Johannes Ockeghem Requiem
 119. Introit: Requiem eternam dona eis Domine
 120. Kyrie
 121. Tractus: Sicut servus desiderat ad fontes aquarum
      Antonius Divitis
 122. Sanctus
      Marco da L'Aquila
 123. Ricercar: L'autre jour
 124. Nous bergiers
 125. Ricercar No 33
 126. Il est bel et bon

Playing time: 74'34" + 76'55" + 77'11" + 77'53" + 77'13" + 75'22" = 7h 39'08"

Excerpts (from original release):


[1]-[4] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1315 [CD]
Chants byzantins - Passion et Résurrection
[5]-[6] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1497 [CD]
Chants sacrés melchites: hymnes à la Vierge
[7]-[8] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1295 [CD]
Chants de l'Eglise milanaise
[9] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1476 [CD]
Chants de la Cathédrale de Benevento - Semaine Sainte & Pâques / Holy Week & Easter
[10] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1218 [CD]
Chants de l'Eglise de Rome - Période byzantine
[11] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1382 [CD]
Messe de Saint Marcel - Chant de l'Église de Rome
[12] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1519 [CD]
Chant Mozarabe - Cathédrale de Tolède (XVe siècle)


[13]-[14] Harmonia mundi HMD 234 [LP]
Chant grégorien Vol. 1 - Répons et Monodies Gallicanes
[15]-[25] Harmonia mundi HMU 239 [LP]
Chant grégorien Vol. 6 - Messe des Morts / Messe de Pâques
[26] Harmonia mundi HMU 237 [LP]
Chant grégorien Vol. 4 - Élégies pour les Rois et les Princes
[27]-[32] Harmonia mundi "Quintana" QUI 90 3031 [CD]
Chant grégorien d'Aquitaine
[33]-[36] Harmonia mundi HMC 1392 [CD]
Chant Cistercien


[37], [39] Harmonia mundi HM 396 [LP]
Troubadours I
[38], [40]-[41] Harmonia mundi HM 397 [LP]
Troubadours II
[42] Harmonia mundi HM 384 [LP]
René Clemencic et ses flûtes
[43]-[44] Harmonia mundi HM 977 [LP]
Les Cantigas de Santa Maria Vol. 1
[45]-[46] Harmonia mundi HM 979 [LP]
Les Cantigas de Santa Maria Vol. 3
[47]-[49] Harmonia mundi HM 335 [LP]
Carmina Burana, vol. 1
[50]-[51] Harmonia mundi HMU 336 [LP]
Carmina Burana, vol. 2
[52]-[55] Harmonia mundi HMU 90 7082 [CD]
Wanderer's Voices - Medieval Cantigas & Minnesang


[56]-[58] Harmonia mundi HMC 1134 [LP]
Polyphonie aquitaine du XIIe siècle - Saint Martial de Limoges
[59]-[64] Harmonia mundi HMC 1148 [LP]
École Notre-Dame - Messe du jour de Noël
[65]-[67] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1403 [CD]
Graduel d'Aliénor de Bretagne - Plain-Chant et polyphonies des XIIIe et XIVe siècles
[68]-[74] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 7109 [CD]
Love's Illusion - Montpellier Codex 13th Century
[75]-[78] Harmonia mundi HMU 90 7080 [CD]
An English Ladymass


[79]-[87] Harmonia mundi HM 994 [LP]
Le Roman de Fauvel
[88]-[91] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1353 [CD]
Messe de Tournai
[92]-[96] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1354 [CD]
Codex Faenza - Italie, XVe siècle
[97]-[100] Harmonia mundi HMC 1252 [LP]
Codex Chantilly - Airs de cour
[101]-[105] Harmonia mundi HMC 1154 [LP]
Sumer is icumen in - Chants médiévaux anglais


[106] Harmonia mundi HMU 90 7038 [CD] Il
Solazzo - Music for a medieval banquet
[107]-[109] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 7099 [CD]
On Yoolis Night - Medieval carols & motets
[110]-[111] Harmonia mundi HMC 1106 [LP]
Medieval English Music
[112]-[114] Harmonia mundi HMU 90 7125 [CD]
The Lily & The Lamb - Chant & polyphony from medieval England
[115]-[118] Harmonia mundi HMU 90 7083 [CD]
Cornago: Missa de la mapa mundi - Secular music of 15th-century Spain
[119]-[122] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1441 [CD]
Ockeghem - Requiem
[123]-[126] Harmonia mundi HMU 90 7043 [CD]
Dolcissima et Amorosa - Early Italian Renaissance Lute music

Date of release: 1995

Antonio Vivaldi - Concertos for the Emperor

18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 132 Mb

Uploaded - FileFactory

Andrew Manze revisits Vivaldi with this compendium of six concertos written for Charles VI. It's an unusual collection: like the more famous Op. 9 concertos nicknamed "La Cetra", these six, taken from a larger set of 12 concertos, bear the same nickname. Never published (and offered here in reconstructed form), these works are full of strange harmonies and unsettling melodies. As Manze muses in his liner notes, it's quite possible that these concertos simply may have been too daring for publication. (Even today, these concertos might well prick the ears of those looking for gentle Baroque background music.)

Manze's scholarship and careful study are as fine as ever, leading to some surprising choices. RV 271, for example, is nicknamed "L'Amoroso", so Manze & Co. have dropped the harpsichord continuo in favor of the "lover's instrument", the baroque guitar. But the great fun here is to be found in the playing; Manze and the English Concert are firebrands who simply torch these scores, and this is one thrilling recording.

Some listeners might not like these players' rawness and grit, which is evident from the very first measures of the opening Concerto No. 2. Manze improvises cadenzas for three of these concertos that are as wild--and as far from prim-and-proper Baroque-isms--as one could imagine. The fast movements are truly breathtaking, building to a heart-stopping climax in the C minor concerto's final movement. (The culmination of that Allegro non molto is so agitating, and so exhilarating, that I played that movement three or four times in a row before I could bring myself to move on to the rest of the disc.) But when Vivaldi calls for lyrical sweetness, Manze is as delicate as can be, such as in the Concerto No. 7's dolorous Largo. The sound is close and true-to-life, and the resulting recording is a must-hear.

– Anastasia Tsioulcas,


1. Concerto No. 2 in C major, RV 189
2. Concerto No. 10 in E Major, "L'Amoroso", RV 271
3. Concerto No. 3 in C minor, RV 202
4. Concerto No. 7 "La Cetra" in C major, RV 183
5. Concerto No. 11 in E minor, "Il favorito", RV 277
6. Concerto No. 4 in F Major, "S.Lorenzo
, RV 286

Andrew Manze, violin

The English Concert
dir. Andrew Manze

martedì 30 settembre 2014

Georg Philipp Telemann - Masterworks

10 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 770Mb


CD 1
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Musique de Table, Production I

(1-7) Soloists Wilbert Hazelzet & Kate Clark, traverso
Rémy Baudet & Sayuri Yamagata, violin
(8-11) Soloists Wilbert Hazelzet, traverso
Frank de Bruine, oboe
Rémy Baudet, violin
Jaap ter linden, cello
(12-15) Soloisten Wilbert Hazelzet, traverso
Rémy Baudet, violin
Richte van der Meer, cello
Musica Amphion
Pieter- Jan Belder, conductor

CD 2
Uploaded - FileFactory

Musique de Table, Production I (continuation)
Musique de Table, Production II

(1-4) Soloists Rémy Baudet & Franc Polman, violin
(5-8) Soloists Wilbert Hazelzet, traverso
(9) Soloists Wilbert Hazelzet & Kate Clark, traverso
(10-14) Soloists William Wroth, trumpet
Frank de Bruine, oboe
Rémy Baudet & Franc Polman, violin
Musica Amphion
Pieter- Jan Belder, conductor

CD 3
Uploaded - FileFactory

Musique de Table, Production II (continuation)

(1-4) Soloists Wilbert Hazelzet & Kate Clark, traverso
Pieter Jan Belder, recorder
(5-7) Soloists Rémy Baudet, Frank Polman & Sayuri Yamagata, violin
(8-11) Soloists Wilbert Hazelzet, flute
Alfredo Bernardini, oboe
(12-15) Soloist Rémy Baudet, violin
(16) Soloists William Wroth, trumpet
Frank de Bruine, oboe
R,emy Baudet & Franc Polman, violin
Musica Amphion
Pieter- Jan Belder, conductor

CD 4
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Musique de Table, Production III

(1-7) Soloists Alfredo Bernardini & Peter Frankerberg, oboe
Rémy Baudet & Sayuri Yamagata, violin
Danny Bond, bassoon
(8-11) Soloists Wilbert Hazelzet, traverso
Rémy Baudet, violin
Jaap ter Linden, cello
(12-15) Soloists Teunis van der Zwart & Erwin Wieringa, horn
Rémy Baudet & Sayuri Yamagata, violin
(16-19)Solists Wilbert Hazelzet & Kate Clark, traversi
(20-23)Soloist Alfredo Bernardini, oboe

CD 5
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Concerto in D major for 3 Trumpets, 2 Oboes, Strings, Kettle- drums & b.c.
Symphony Il Grillo - Concerto for Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Chalumeau, 2 Double- basses, 2 Violins, Viola & b.c.
Concert in E major for Flute, Oboe d'amore, Viola d'amore, Strings & b.c.
Concerto in E minor for Flute, Recorder Strings & b.c.
Concerto in D major for Violin, Trumpet, Strings & b.c.

Wiener Academie, Martin Haselböck

CD 6
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Concerto in E minor for Oboe, Strings & b.c.
Concerto in A major for Oboe d'amore, Strings & b.c.
Concerto Gratioso in D major for Oboe, 2 Violins, Strings & b.c.
Concerto in C minor for Oboe, Strings & b.c.
Concerto in D minor for Oboe, Strings & b.c.
Concerto in G major for Oboe d'amore, Strings & b.c.
Thomas Indermühle, Oboe
English Chamber Orchestra, Thomas Indermühle

CD 7
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Concerto in e minor for Flute, violin, Strings & b.c.
Suite in A minor for Flute, Strings & b.c.
Ouverture in C major for 3 Oboes, Strings & b.c.
Concerto in D major for Trumpet, 2 Oboes,Strings & b.c.

Tracks 1-11 Jed Wentz, traverso
Musica ad Rhenum
Track 12-24 Amsterdam Bach Soloists
Júrgen Kussmaul, viola d'amore
Paul Verhey, flute
Rob Visser, oboe d'amore
Peter Masseurs, trumpet

CD 8
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Matthäus Passion Part 1 (1746)

CD 9
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Matthäus Passion Part 2 (1746 )

Barbara Schlick, soprano
Claudia Schubert, Alto
Wilfried Johens, Tenor (Evangelist)
Stefan Dörr,tenor (Petrus, Caiaphas)
Achim Rück, Bass (Christusworte)
Hans- Georg Wimmer, Bass (Pilatus)
Collegium Vocale des Bach- Chores Siegen
Barock- Orchester La Stravaganza Köln
Urlich Stötzel, Dirigent

CD 10
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Trumpet Concertos
Concerto in D major for trumpet, strings & b.c.
Concerto in D major for trumpet, violin, strings & b.c.
Suite No.1 in D major for trumpet, strings & b.c.
Sonata in D major for trumpet, strings & b.c.

Otto Sauter, trumpet
Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester Mannheim
Nicol Matt, conductor

lunedì 29 settembre 2014

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach - Sonata & Trios

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 95Mb

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1. Sonata for Flute and Basso Continuo in E minor, F 52 (12:49)
2. Trio Sonata for Violin/Flute, Violin and Basso Continuo in B flat major, F 50 (11:21)
3. Trio Sonata for 2 Flutes and Basso Continuo in D major, F 48 (15:08)
4. Sonata for Flute and
Basso Continuo in F major, F 51 (12:56)
5. Trio Sonata for 2 Flutes and Basso Continuo in A minor, F 49 (4:08)
6. Trio Sonata for 2 Flutes and Basso Continuo in D major, F 47 (8:28)


Karl Kaiser (Flute)
Michael Schneider (Flute)
Sabine Lier (Violin)
Ingeborg Scheerer (Violin)
Yasunori Imamura (Lute)
Rainer Zipperling (Cello)
Sabine Bauer (Harpsichord)

domenica 28 settembre 2014

Medée furieuse

24 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 119 Mb

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Medea, granddaughter of the Sun, queen and sorceress, falls prey to the green-eyed monster and bursts forth in rage when it becomes clear that Jason, he of Golden Fleece fame, is canoodling with pesky Hypsipile (at one time queen of an island of women with bad breath, but that's another story). Beginning with Francesco Cavalli in the middle of the seventeenth century, operatic composers began to explore the manifest possibilities of this situation, and French composers quickly followed the fascinating Italians in this respect. The locus classicus was Charpentier's Médée (1693), and it's a bit hard to understand why mezzo-soprano Stéphanie d'Oustrac did not include a selection or two from that opera as a reference point. Her program consists mostly of cantatas, but portions of one (at the time) well-known opera, Gianettini's Medea in Atene, are included.


Pierre Gautier de Marseille
1 Suite en Ut Mineur (Symphonie)
Louis-Nicolas Clérambault
2 Médée, Cantate (1er Livre) (Récitatif: Prélude "Courons à la Vengeance", Air)
3 Médée, Cantate (
1er Livre) (Récitatif: "L'Amour dans ses Fers", Air Tendre)
4 Médée, Cantate (
1er Livre) (Récitatif: Fort Vite "Cruelle Fille des Enfers")
5 Médée, Cantate (
1er Livre) (Récitatif: Prélude "Volés Démons", Air)
Jacques Duphly
6 Troisième Livre pour Clavecin, extraits (La Forqueray)
7 Troisième Livre pour Clavecin, extraits (Médée)
Pierre Gautier de Marseille
8 Pièces instrumentales (Prélude en Sol Mineur)
Jean-Baptiste Lully
9 Thésée, Tragédie Lyrique: Airs de Médée

("Dépit Mortel", Ritournelle et Air)
Pierre Gautier de Marseille
10 Suite en Sol Mineur (Symphonie en Duo)
Jean-Baptiste Lully
11 Thésée, Tragédie Lyrique: Airs de Médée

("Ah, Ah, Faut-il me Venger", Ritournelle et Air)
Giovanni Antonio Gianettini
12 Medea in Atene, Extraits ("Alati Corsieri", Aria)
Domenico Gabrielli
13 Balletti Opus 1, Pièces Instrumentales (Gigha, Allegro)
14 Balletti Opus 1, Pièces Instrumentales (Largo)
Giovanni Antonio Gianettini
15 Medea in Atene, Extraits ("Da gl'Antri di Morte", Aria)
Domenico Gabrielli
16 Balletti Opus 1, Pièces Instrumentales (Sarabanda)
17 Balletti Opus 1, Pièces Instrumentales (Largo)
Giovanni Antonio Gianettini
18 Medea in Atene, Extraits ("Amare e Tacere", Recitativo ed Aria)
Michel de La Barre
19 Troisième Livre, Pièces Instrumentales (Prélude de la Suite en Mi Mineur)
Nicolas Bernier
20 Médée, Cantate (Prélude, Récitatif, "Tirans des Rivages Funèbres")
21 Médée, Cantate (Récitatif, Mesuré (Gravement))
22 Médée, Cantate ("Ingrat, ta Cruelle Inconstance", Air)
23 Médée, Cantate (Récitatif "Beautés Fuyez", Air)
Michel de La Barre
24  Troisième Livre, Pièces Instrumentales (Passacaille de la Suite en Mi Mineur)

Stéphanie d'Oustrac, mezzo-soprano

Héloïse Gaillard, oboe, recorders & direction
Violaine Cochard, harpsichord & positive organ
Gilone Gaubert-Jacques, violin
Anne-Malie Lasla, viola da gamba