venerdì 12 novembre 2010

Musik am Dresdner Hof

8 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 9 RAR (678Mb)

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The Elector and ruler of Saxony Frederick Augustus I (1670-1733) was King August the Strong of Poland in personal union. He gathered many of the best musicians, architects and painters from all over Europe to Dresden. His reign marked the beginning of Dresden's emergence as a leading European city for technology and art. This is a 8 cd box-set which tributes the music composed and performed during this era.


Vivaldi - Concerto in G minor, RV 577, "per l'orchestra di Dresda"
Telemann - Concerto in D major, TWV 53:D5
Fasch - Konzert in D-dur
Graun - Konzert in G-dur
Pisendel - Sinfonia B-Dur
Pisendel - Concerto D-Dur
Pisendel - Concerto Es-Dur
Telemann - Concerto F-Dur
Vivaldi - Concerto C-dur RV 558
Vivaldi - Concerto F-dur RV 455
Vivaldi - Concerto d-moll RV 540
Vivaldi - Concerto A-dur RV 551
Vivaldi - Sinfonia G-dur RV 149
Vivaldi - Concerto g-moll RV 576
Telemann - Konzert in D-dur
Quantz - Konzert in g-moll
Vivaldi - Konzert in D-dur
Zelenka - Capriccio A-dur
Zelenka - Capriccio ZWV 183
Zelenka - Laudate pueri - ZWV 81
Zelenka - Capriccio ZWV 190
Zelenka - Confitebor tibi Domine - ZWV 71
Zelenka - Capriccio ZWV 185
Zelenka - Missa Dei Patris
Hasse - Messe g-moll
Zelenka - Laudate pueri
Ariosti - O quam suavis est
Scarlatti - Su le sponde del Tebro
Heinichen - Lamentatio 1
Fux - Plaudite sonat tuba

Virtuosi Saxoniae
Ludwig Guttler

giovedì 11 novembre 2010

A Musicall Banquet

21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 102Mb

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Anthony Holborne: My heavy sprite
John Dowland: Lady if you so spite me
John Dowland: In darkness let mee dwell
John Dowland: O dear life, when shall it be
Pierre Guedron: Ce penser qui sans fin tirannise ma vie
Pierre Guedron: Si le parler et le silence
John Dowland: Change thy mind since she doth change
Anonymous: Go, my flock, go get you hence
Domenico Maria Melli: Se di farmi morire
Giulio Caccini: Amarilli mia bella
Anonymous: Passava Amor su arco desarmado
John Dowland: Far from triumphing court
John Dowland: Sir Robert Sidney his Galliard
Guillaume Tessier: In a grove most rich of shade
Pierre Guedron: Vous que le Bonheur rappelle
Anonymous: Vuestros ojos tienen d'Amor
Anonymous: Sta notte mi sognava
Daniel Bacheler: To Plead My Faith
Robert Hales: O eyes, leave off your weeping
Giulio Caccini: Dovrò dunque morire?
Anonymous: O bella più

Andreas Scholl, countertenor
Edin Karamazov, bass lute - tenor lute
archlute - guitar - orpharion
Markus Markl, harpsichord
Christophe Coin, bass viol

mercoledì 10 novembre 2010

Schubert Hyperion Edition (40 CD)

40 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 4.35Mb

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Hyperion Info page

This book presents in full over seven hundred text set - wether as solo song, part song or ensemble - by the undisputed master of the German lied.
Conceived to accompany Hyperion Records 40-disc collection Franz Schubert: the complete songs, this invaluable resource provides english translation by Richard Wigmore alongside chronologies of Schubert's life and an introduction to the recordings by Graham Johnson.
Comprehensive indexes - by title, alternative title, poet and translator, within the context of the unique chronological presentation of the songs - provide reader, listener and scholar alike with a window into Schubert's composition journey from the earliest song of 1810 through to the final masterpieces of 1828. It's a PDF, just 2.5 Mb.

Schubert in the snow by Martha Griebler


Vol. 01 – Goethe & Schiller Settings
Janet Baker (mezzo-soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 02 – Schubert's Water Songs
Stephen Varcoe (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 03 – Schubert & his Friends I
Ann Murray (mezzo-soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 04 – Schubert & his Friends II
Philip Langridge (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 05 – Schubert & the Countryside
Elizabeth Connell (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 06 – Schubert & the Nocturne I
Anthony Rolfe Johnson (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 07 – Schubert in 1815 I
Elly Ameling (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 08 – Schubert & the Nocturne II
Sarah Walker (mezzo-soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 09 – Schubert & the Theatre
Arleen Auger (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 10 – Schubert in 1815 II
Martyn Hill (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 11 – Schubert & Death
Brigitte Fassbaender (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 12 – The Young Schubert I
Adrian Thompson (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 13 – Lieder Sacred & Profane
Marie McLaughlin (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 14 – Schubert & the Classics
Thomas Hampson (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 15 – Schubert & the Nocturne III
Margaret Price (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 16 – Schiller Settings
Thomas Allen (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 17 – Schubert in 1816
Lucia Popp (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 18 – Schubert & the Strophic Song
Peter Schreier (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 19 – Songs about flowers & nature
Felicity Lott (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 20 – An 1815 Schubertiad I
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 21 – Schubert in 1817 & 1818
Edith Mathis (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 22 – An 1815 Schubertiad II
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 23 – Songs of 1816
Christoph Prégardien (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 24 – A Goethe Schubertiad
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 25 – Die schöne Müllerin
Ian Bostridge (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 26 – An 1826 Schubertiad
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 27 – Schubert & the Schlegels
Matthias Goerne (baritone), Christine Schäfer (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 28 – An 1822 Schubertiad
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 29 – Schubert in 1819 & 1820
Marjana Lipovšek (mezzo-soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 30 – Winterreise
Matthias Goerne (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 31 – Schubert & Religion
Christine Brewer (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 32 – An 1816 Schubertiad
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 33 – The Young Schubert
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 34 – Schubert 1817-1821
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 35 – Schubert 1822-1825
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 36 – Schubert in 1827
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 37 – The Final Year
Graham Johnson (piano)

Voll. 38-40 - Songs by Schubert's contemporaries (3 discs)
More infos
Susan Gritton (soprano), Stella Doufexis (soprano), Ann Murray (mezzo-soprano), Mark Padmore (tenor), Gerald Finley (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)