lunedì 2 marzo 2009


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This is one of the most widely admired recordings of music of this era; people from all backgrounds seem to enjoy it. The first & last tracks are particularly impressive.The polyphonic style of the era was to place a theme (chant, in the case of liturgical settings) in the tenor (the lowest voice) in long notes, and then to add "decoration" in the upper voices. As such, the lines are not really independent, but are dominated rhythmically by "cells" given by the notes of the tenor. This is the typical organum. In the conductus (non-chant based), the two main lines are sometimes more independent melodically, but the rhythms are substantially similar. There is also a large body of monophonic conducti (organa are polyphonic, by definition; the monophonic version would be plainchant).


Viderunt Omnes
Veni Creator Spiritus
Alleluia Posui Adiutorium
O Maria Virginei
Dum Sigillum
Isaias Cecinit
Alleluia Nativitas
Beata Viscera
Sederunt Principes

The Hilliard Ensemble
David James (Countertenor)John Potter (Tenor)Rogers Covey-Crump (Tenor)
Mark Padmore (Tenor)
Charles Daniels
Gordon Jones (Baritone)
Paul Hillier (Baritone)