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F.Cavalli - Artemisia

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 210Mb


Booklet (JPGs, 123Mb)


Where next for Claudio Cavina and La Venexiana after their exhilarating run of recordings of Monteverdi madrigals, operas and much more? One route is proving to be in the direction of Francesco Cavalli, the 17th century composer who spent much of his working life in Venice, starting off as a chorister in St Mark's Basilica when Monteverdi himself was in charge. Although Cavalli has been known as a composer of Venetian seicento sacred music, it is his prolific contribution in the field of opera where he became one of the leading figures involved in the development of commercial opera companies from the 1640s onwards - that has been receiving greater attention from artists in more recent times. And it is with a dramma per musica in Artemisia from the mid 1650s, with its tale of love, deceit and honour and the upholding of the virtues of the Venetian Republic (all this richly captured by the expressive style of Cavalli), that Cavina has chosen to contribute to that fresh look at Cavalli's music on this new recording from Glossa.

Singers in the established style of La Venexiana, including the vocal star of 'Round M, Roberta Mameli and, recent finalist in the Handel Singing Competition, Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli (who takes the role of the love-torn Queen Artemisia, a character strong enough to drink her dead husband's ashes...) give vent to this glorious display of Venetian operatic splendour.


Music by Francesco Cavalli
Libretto by Nicolò Minato
Premiered in Venice in 1657

CD 1
Atto I

01 Sinfonia. Artemisia, Eurillo, Indamoro: Dure selci
02 Artemisia, Meraspe: Ecco il mio vago
03 Meraspe, Ramiro, Artemia: Dubbia m’appar
04 Oronta, Niso: Che saetti ed incateni
05 Alindo, Oronta, Niso: Son le luci ch’adoro
06 Ramiro, Artemia, Meraspe: Quando il cor
07 Artemisia, Artemia, Meraspe: Amori, eh?
08 Indamoro, Artemisia, Meraspe: Pur andò l’importuno
09 Meraspe, Artemisia, Eurillo, Ramiro: Gl’artefici o Regina
10 Erisbe, Niso: Su l’April
11 Artemia, Ramiro: Zeffiretti placidetti
12 Artemisia, Meraspe: Hor che soli restiamo
13 Artemisia, Meraspe, Alindo: Clitarco prenditi un fior
14 Oronta, Alindo, Niso: Gran favor! Gran mercede!
15 Artemia, Ramiro: Ardo, sospiro, e piango
16 Alindo, Artemisia, Meraspe: Già del vostro Nettuno
17 Niso, Erisbe: Cari, cari vegetabili

CD 2
Atto II

01 Oronta, Alindo: S’Amor vuol così
02 Artemisia, Meraspe, Indamoro: Che sospiri Clitarco?
03 Artemia, Ramiro: Ver me un sol fiato
04 Niso, Erisbe, Eurillo: Perdon ti chiedo
05 Indamoro, Artemisia, Eurillo, Niso, Erisbe: Di trombe guerriere
06 Erisbe, Niso: Niso, Niso!
07 Meraspe, Artemisia: Cara, cara de gl’occhi miei
08 Artemisia, Alindo, Artemia, Meraspe: Ella è quì
09 Erisbe, Niso, Eurillo: Hor vieni ad abbellirmi
10 Artemia: Se Meraspe crudel
11 Meraspe, Artemisia: Altri è gradito
12 Meraspe, Artemisia, Alindo: Che gratie!
13 Artemia, Ramiro: Dir, ch’io v’amo
14 Artemisia, Indamoro: Indamoro!
15 Erisbe, Eurillo, Niso: Se tu vuoi ch’io t’ami

CD 3
Atto III

01 Artemia: Ch’io peni così
02 Artemisia, Artemia, Meraspe: Artemia?
03 Oronta, Alindo: Dammi morte
04 Artemisia, Meraspe: Ecco il mio bene
05 Artemisia, Indamoro, Meraspe, Artemia: Servi, ò là
06 Erisbe, Niso, Eurillo: Dite il vero, son nera?
07 Artemisia, Eurillo: Cor mio che sarà
08 Alindo, Artemisia: E che fia mai quel foglio?
09 Artemisia, Meraspe: Veggio venir Clitarco
10 Ramiro, Alindo, Artemia: Hor siate à preghi miei
11 Artemisia, Meraspe: Al fin vuole il mio Fato
12 Erisbe, Niso, Eurillo: Non oso alzar le ciglia
13 Meraspe, Oronta: Respiri, chiudete
14 Oronta, Indamoro, Artemisia, Meraspe: Ma’ sen viene Artemisia
15 Alindo, Artemisia, Eurillo: Regina?
16 Oronta, Meraspe, Artemisia, Alindo, Artemia, Ramiro, Eurillo: Ecco Alindo

Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli (Soprano), Artemisia
Roberta Mameli (Soprano), Artemia
Valentina Coladonato (Soprano), Oronta
Maarten Engeltjes (Countertenor), Meraspe
Andrea Arrivabene (Countertenor), Alindo
Marina Bartoli (Soprano), Ramiro
Silvia Frigato (Soprano), Eurillo
Salvo Vitale (Bass), Indamoro
Alberto Allegrezza (Tenor), Erisbe
Alessandro Giangrande (Countertenor), Niso

La Venexiana
dir. Claudio Cavina

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Veronique Gens - Tragediennes 3

12 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 96Mb

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In her third ‘Tragédiennes’ album for Virgin Classics, French soprano Véronique Gens continues her exploration of the highways and byways of the French operatic repertoire, this time covering the late 18th and 19th centuries and with a prime focus on roles for the deeper, darker-toned female voice.
“Gens's singing is razor-sharp and powerfully direct, matching the period instruments well.” The Observer, 21st June 2009

“The much-admired French soprano Véronique Gens presents an interesting selection of music drawn from the relatively little-known repertoire of French classical’s good to hear this music attacked with such gusto.” The Telegraph, 10th June 2009 ***


Berlioz: Entrée des constructeurs, de matelots et de laboureurs (from Les Troyens)
Berlioz: Ah! Je vais mourir (from Les Troyens)
Gluck: Non, cet affreux devoir... Je t'implore et je tremble (from Iphigénie en Tauride)
Gossec: Ah! faut-il me venger...Ma rivale triomphe (from Thésée)
Kreutzer, R: Ah, ces perfides grecs...Dieux, à qui recourir (from Astyanax)
Massenet: Ne me refuse pas (from Hérodiade)
Méhul: Quelle fureur barbare!...Ô des amants le plus fidele (from Ariodant)
Mermet: Prête à te fuir...Le soir pensive (from Roland à Ronceveaux)
Meyerbeer: Ah, mon fils! (from Le Prophète)
Saint-Saëns: Ô Cruel Souvenir! (from Henry VIII)
Salieri: Les Danaides: Overture
Verdi: Toi qui sus le néant des grandeurs (from Don Carlos)

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 112Mb

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Arriaga: Herminie Mais sur cette arène guerrière… Il n’est plus… Dieux cruels ! – Herminie
Berlioz: Les Grecs ont disparu…Malheureux Roi (from Les Troyens)
Cherubini: Médée Ah ! Nos peines seront communes – Néris
Gluck: Grands dieux soutenez mon courage… Ah ! Divinités implacables (from Alceste)
Gluck: Orphée et Eurydice: Ballet des ombres heureuses
Gluck: Air de Furies
Gretry: Andromaque C’est le seul espoir qui me reste… Si fidèle au nœud qui l’engage – Hermione
Piccinini: Didon Non, ce n’est plus pour moi – Didon
Rameau: Les Paladins Entrée très gaye de Troubadours
Rameau: Triste séjour – Argie
Rameau: Sarabande
Rameau: Les Paladins Menuets I & II
Sacchini: Dardanus Il me fuit… Rien ne peut émouvoir – Iphise
Sacchini: Cesse cruel amour de régner sur mon âme – Iphise
Sacchini: Œdipe à Colone Dieux, ce n’est pas pour moi que ma voix vous implore – Antigone
Sacchini: Renaud Hélas vous le dirais-je… Ah ! Que dis-tu ? – Armide

12 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 116Mb

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Campra: Mes yeux, fermez-vous à jamais from Carnaval de Venise
Gluck: Dieux puissants que j'atteste… Jupiter, lance la foudre (from Iphigénie en Aulide)
Gluck: Enfin, il est en ma puissance from Armide
Leclair, J-M: Ouverture, Et toi, dont les embrasements…
Leclair, J-M: Noires divinités & Brillante fille de Latone from Scylla et Glaucus
Leclair, J-M: 1er & 2eme Air des démons
Lully: Ouverture, Enfin il est en ma puissance, Venez, venez
Lully: Haine implacable & Passacaille from Armide
Mondonville: Désirs toujours détruits from Isbé
Rameau: Prélude de l'Acte III, Cruelle mère des amours & Chaconne from Hippolyte et Aricie
Rameau: Tristes apprêts & Chaconne from Castor et Pollux
Rameau: Que ses regrets m'ont attendrie from Fêtes de Polymnie
Royer: Dieu des amants fidèles from Zaïde
Royer: L'objet qui règne dans mon âme from Le Pouvoir de l'Amour

Véronique Gens (soprano)

Les Talens Lyriques
dir. Christophe Rousset

giovedì 17 novembre 2011

Bach - Arias

11 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 79Mb

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1 - Magnificat in D Major, BWV 243
Aria: "Et exsultavit spiritus meus" (soprano II)
2 - Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd, Cantata BWV 208
Aria: Schafe können sicher weiden
3 - Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke Cantata, BWV 84
No.3 Aria: Ich esse mit Freuden mein weniges
4 - St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244 / Part Two
No.39 Aria (Alto): "Erbarme dich"
5 - Cantata, BWV 198 "Laß Fürstin, laß noch einen Strahl"
5. Aria: "Wie starb die Heldin so vergnügt"
6 - Cantata, BWV 198 "Laß Fürstin, laß noch einen Strahl"
3. Verstummt, ihr holden Saiten
7 - Cantata No.34 "O ewiges Feuer, O Ursprung der Liebe", BWV34
3. Aria: "Wohl euch, ihr auserwählten Seelen"
8 - Cantata: "Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten" BWV 74
2. Aria: Komm, mein Herze steht dir offen
9 - St. John Passion, BWV 245 / Part Two
No.35 Aria (soprano): " Zerfließe, mein Herz "
10 - Cantata No.30 "Freue dich, erlöste Schar", BWV 30
5. Aria: Kommt, ihr angefocht'nen Sünder
11 - Mass in B minor, BWV 232
Gloria - Laudamus te

Magdalena Kozená
Musica Florea
dir. Marek Stryncl

martedì 15 novembre 2011

Italia 1600 - Argentina 1900

18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 123 Mb

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This is the first solo recording by the Argentinean soprano Veronica Cangemi. She is already well-known for her stunning performances in two award-winning recordings of Vivaldi’s operas, Griselda and Orlando Furioso, released in Naïve’s Vivaldi Edition. Accompanied by the Una Stella Ensemble, she sings a selection of songs and arias from the baroque period by Porpora, Vivaldi and Monteverdi amongst others, alongside 20th century pieces from her native South America by Piazzolla, Guastavino, and Villa-Lobos.


1 - Porpora - Polifemo - Alto Giove
2 - Vivaldi - Catone in Utica - Come in vano il mare irato
3 - Monteverdi - Si dolce è il tormento
4 - Piazzolla - Milonga in ay menor
5 - Handel - Rinaldo - Lascia ch'io pianga
6 - Porpora - Gli Orti Esperidi - Son fra l'onde in mezzo al mare (rec)
7 - Porpora - Gli Orti Esperidi - Son fra l'onde in mezzo al mare (aria)
8 - Caccini - Tu ch'ai le penne Amore
9 - Guastavino - Se equivocò la paloma
10 - Broschi - Artaserse - Son qual nave che agitata
11 - Handel - Il trionfo del Tempo e del disinganno - Tu del ciel ministro eletto (rec)
12 - Handel - Il trionfo del Tempo e del disinganno - Tu del ciel ministro eletto (adagio)
13 - Handel - Cantata No se emenderà jamas - Aria
14 - Handel - Cantata No se emenderà jamas - Recitativo
15 - Handel - Cantata No se emenderà jamas - Allegro
16 - Vivaldi - La fida ninfa - Dite ohimè! Ditelo al fine
17 - Paisiello - La Molinara - Nel cor più non mi sento
18 - Villa Lobos - Bachiana Brasileira N°5

Veronica Cangemi (Soprano)

Una Stella Ensemble

Thibault Noally (Violin)
Nicolas Mazzoleni (Violin)
Nadine Davin (Viola)
Philippe Spinosi (Guitar)
Anne-Garance Fabre dit Garrus (Cello)
Nicolau De Figueiredo (Harpsichord)

lunedì 14 novembre 2011

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerti Appropriati all'Organo

18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 86Mb

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Benedetto Marcello - Fuga in Mi Minore
Vivaldi/Bach - Concerto in La Minore BWV 593
Vivaldi/Anonimo - Concerto in La Maggiore
Vivaldi/Bach - Concerto in Re Minore BWV 596
Vivaldi/Anonimo - Concerto in sol Maggiore
Vivaldi/Bach - Concerto in Do Maggiore from cantata BWV 59

Roberto Loreggian, organ

domenica 13 novembre 2011

G.F.Handel - Flavio

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 346Mb

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Flavio comes from a fertile period in Handel's output, but despite the presence of Cuzzoni and Senesino, two of the most important and lauded singers of the day, it flopped when first presented in 1723. This is probably due to the fact that it's a comedy that turns tragic before ending happily--and London audiences simply couldn't get their heads around such a thing. Whatever the case, it contains aria after aria, with a duet thrown in--and each one is short, to the point, and always entertaining. The instrumental textures are never complex--and the rhythms, mostly upbeat, keep the opera moving at an almost sitcom pace. I won't go into the plot because it's not that hard to follow, but rest assured that this performance is dynamite.


CD 1
1 - Ouverture
2 - Act 1. Scene 1. Ricordati mio ben
3 - Act 1. Scene 2 et 3. Quanto dolci
4 - Act 1. Scene 4. Bel contento
5 - Act 1. Scene 5. Benchè povera donzella
6 - Act 1. Scene 6 et 7. Se a te vissi fidele
7 - Act 1. Scene 8. Di quel bel che m'innamora
8 - Act 1. Scene 9. Che bel contento sarette aurore
9 - Act 1. Scene 10 et 11. L'armellin vita non cura
10 - Act 1. Scene 12 et 13. Amante stravagante
11 - Act 2. Scene 1 à 3. Fato tiranno e crudo
12 - Act 2. Scene 4. S'egli ti chiede affetto
13 - Act 2. Scene 5. Paro si, ma non sò poi
14 - Act 2. Scene 6. Rompo i lacci

CD 2
1 - Act 2. Scene 7. Chi può mirare
2 - Act 2. Scene 8. Con un vezzo con un riso
3 - Act 2. Scene 9. Non credo instabile
4 - Act 2. Scene 10 et 11. Ma chi punir desio
5 - Act 3. Scene 1. De te parto
6 - Act 3. Scene 2
7 - Act 3. Scene 2. Starvi accento
8 - Act 3. Scene 3. Sirti, scogli, tempeste
9 - Act 3. Scene 4
10 - Act 3. Scene 4. Amor, nel mio penar
11 - Act 3. Scene 5 et 6
12 - Act 3. Scene 7. Ti perdono
13 - Act 3. Scene 8. E tu Vitige

Flavio: Jeffrey Gall, Countertenor
Guido: Derek Lee Ragin, Countertenor
Emilia: Lena Lootens, Soprano
Teodata: Bernarda Fink, Mezzo Soprano
Vitige: Christina Högman, Soprano
Ugone: Gianpaolo Fagotto, Tenor
Lotario: Ulrich Messthaler, Bass

Ensemble 415
dir. René Jacobs