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G.F.Handel - Cantate e duetti

5 tracks - MP3 320Kbps - RAR 110Mb

Duetto- Tanti strali HWV 197
Cantata- Sento là che ristretto, HWV 161
Duetto- Beato in ver HWV 181
Cantata- Parti, l'Idolo mio HWV 147
Duetto- Langue, geme HWV 188

Judith Nelson, soprano
René Jacobs, alto
Wieland Kuijken, violoncelle
William Christie, clavecin
Konrad Junghanel, theorbe

These tracks were inserted as a bonus in the
9 CDs Harmonia Mundi box "Operas".

G.F.Handel - Italian Cantatas (3)

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 90Mb

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Trio Sonata in si minore, HWV 386
Cantata 'Non sospirar, non piangere, HWV 141
Sonata in mi minore, HWV 375
Cantata 'Lucrezia' HWV 145
Sonata in La maggiore, HWV 361
Cantata 'Hendel, non può mia musa' HWV 117

Concerto a 4 in re minore

Roberta Invernizzi, soprano

Retablo Barocco


23 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 88Mb

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La Lucrezia
Armida abbandonata
Agrippina condotta a morire

Veronique Gens, soprano
Les Basses Réunies
dir. Bruno Cocset


9 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 96Mb

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Splenda l'alba in oriente, HWV 166
La Lucrezia, HWV 145
Sonate en trio, op 5 no 4
Mi palpita il cor, HWV 132
Carco sempre di gloria, HWV 87

Gerard Lesne, countertenor
Il Seminario Musicale
dir. Gerard Lesne


18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 154Mb

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Inserisci link
Amarilli Vezzosa, HWV 82
Nel Dolce Tempo, HWV 135b
Vedendo Amor, HWV 175
Triosonate h-Moll Op. 2 n°1
Mi Palpita Il Cor, HWV 132c

Andreas Scholl, contre-tenor
Helen Guilmette, soprano

Accademia Bizantina
dir. Ottavio Dantone

Cantiques de L'Orient

7 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 112Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


1 - Magnificat

2 - Ilahi hanayta-s-sama' - Dieu! Tu as incline le ciel!
3 - Ya sakban min nour - La Berceuse des Saints
4 - Amamaka - Devant toi, Seigneur
5 - Arrabou bini'amihi zayyanaki - Dieu t'a comblee de ses graces
6 - Kama yachtaqu
7 - Ousa'Ilu 'anka fi dhanni

Soeur Marie Keyrouz
L'Ensemble De La Paix

venerdì 16 marzo 2012

Abelard - Hymns and Sequences for Heloise

13 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 136Mb

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Peter Abelard (1079-1142) was one of the most famous scholars, poets, composers, and personalities of the era. Though a large volume of his writing survives, including many hymns, only a handful of his melodies have been reconstructed. In fact, until recently this handful was only two. Now there are a few more.

Mary Berry's expertise in the field of plainsong and medieval music, blended with the exquisite clarity of both the Schola Gregoriana and the Winchester Cathedral choristers, has produced a recording that is impressive and authentic. Aberlard was forced to end his passionate affair with his lover Heloise when her uncle castrated him, but a new profound relationship was formed as Abelard replaced his love songs with hymns and sequences for the Abbess Heloise of the Abbey of the Paraclete. The music gives us a glimpse of this story with it's often melancholy and yearning phrases. And yet we are also treated to a great variety of emotion by Abelard, ranging from the naive purity of "Mater Salvatoris" to the dramatic portrayal of Christ's death and resurrection in "Sponsus". Due to the fact that the liturgical manuscripts of this music were only relatively recently discovered, Abelard's music is little known and few if any other recording's exist. This seems a tragic shame as his musical and poetic talent offers a unique and attractive rendering of the medieval sound that so many have come to esteem. --Caroline Jellyman 1999


O quanta qualia (4 men)
Dolorum solatium (4 men)
Benedictine: Suscipe (4 men)
Mater salvatoris (3 women)
Ne derelinquas me (3 women)
Liturgical drama: Sponsus (children, 4 men)
Epithalamica (3 women)
Magnus salutis gaudium (3 women)
St. Bernard: Quam pium (3 men)
Cistercian: Fulcite me floribus (3 women)
Cistercian: Dum esset Rex (3 women)
De Profundis (4 men)
Lai: Samson dux fortissime (4 men)

Caroline Ashton, Ruth Holton
Olive Simpson, John Bowley
William Lee, Michael McCarthy
John Rowlands-Pritchard

Winchester Cathedral Choristers

Schubert Hyperion Edition (40 CD)

40 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 4.35Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Hyperion Info page

This book presents in full over seven hundred text set - wether as solo song, part song or ensemble - by the undisputed master of the German lied.
Conceived to accompany Hyperion Records 40-disc collection Franz Schubert: the complete songs, this invaluable resource provides english translation by Richard Wigmore alongside chronologies of Schubert's life and an introduction to the recordings by Graham Johnson.
Comprehensive indexes - by title, alternative title, poet and translator, within the context of the unique chronological presentation of the songs - provide reader, listener and scholar alike with a window into Schubert's composition journey from the earliest song of 1810 through to the final masterpieces of 1828. It's a PDF, just 2.5 Mb.

Schubert in the snow by Martha Griebler


Vol. 01 – Goethe & Schiller Settings
Janet Baker (mezzo-soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 02 – Schubert's Water Songs
Stephen Varcoe (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 03 – Schubert & his Friends I
Ann Murray (mezzo-soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 04 – Schubert & his Friends II
Philip Langridge (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 05 – Schubert & the Countryside
Elizabeth Connell (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 06 – Schubert & the Nocturne I
Anthony Rolfe Johnson (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 07 – Schubert in 1815 I
Elly Ameling (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 08 – Schubert & the Nocturne II
Sarah Walker (mezzo-soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 09 – Schubert & the Theatre
Arleen Auger (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 10 – Schubert in 1815 II
Martyn Hill (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 11 – Schubert & Death
Brigitte Fassbaender (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 12 – The Young Schubert I
Adrian Thompson (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 13 – Lieder Sacred & Profane
Marie McLaughlin (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 14 – Schubert & the Classics
Thomas Hampson (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 15 – Schubert & the Nocturne III
Margaret Price (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 16 – Schiller Settings
Thomas Allen (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 17 – Schubert in 1816
Lucia Popp (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 18 – Schubert & the Strophic Song
Peter Schreier (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 19 – Songs about flowers & nature
Felicity Lott (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 20 – An 1815 Schubertiad I
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 21 – Schubert in 1817 & 1818
Edith Mathis (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 22 – An 1815 Schubertiad II
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 23 – Songs of 1816
Christoph Prégardien (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 24 – A Goethe Schubertiad
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 25 – Die schöne Müllerin
Ian Bostridge (tenor), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 26 – An 1826 Schubertiad
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 27 – Schubert & the Schlegels
Matthias Goerne (baritone), Christine Schäfer (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 28 – An 1822 Schubertiad
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 29 – Schubert in 1819 & 1820
Marjana Lipovšek (mezzo-soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 30 – Winterreise
Matthias Goerne (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 31 – Schubert & Religion
Christine Brewer (soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 32 – An 1816 Schubertiad
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 33 – The Young Schubert
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 34 – Schubert 1817-1821
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 35 – Schubert 1822-1825
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 36 – Schubert in 1827
Graham Johnson (piano)

Vol. 37 – The Final Year
Graham Johnson (piano)

Voll. 38-40 - Songs by Schubert's contemporaries (3 discs)
More infos
Susan Gritton (soprano), Stella Doufexis (soprano), Ann Murray (mezzo-soprano), Mark Padmore (tenor), Gerald Finley (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)

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Oswald von Wolkenstein - Songs of Myself

21 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 127Mb


1 - Es feugt sich
2 - Herz, müt, leib, sel
3 - Parlamento (Anonymous)
4 - Frölich zartlich
5 - Di molen van pariis
6 - Mi, mi, sol, fa
7 - Grasselick lif
8 - Bist grüsst maget reine (Heinrich von Laufenberg)
9 - Durch Barbarei, Arabia
10 - Es feugt sich
11 - Ach senliches leiden
12 - Des himels trone
13 - Nu rue mit Sorgen
14 - Mit ganzem willen wünsch ich dir (Anonymous)
15 - Kum, liebster Man
16 - Jeloymors
17 - Der Mai Mit Lieber Zal
18 - Vierhundert jar
19 - Oben swebt
20 - Es feugt sich
21 - Wes mich mein buel

Andreas Scholl, countertenor, baritone

Shield of Harmony

Kathleen Dineen, soprano, harp
Mark Lewon, gittern, lute, vielle, nychelharpa
Margit Ubellacker, dulce melos
Crawford Young, lute, gittern (director)

“This is a winner...Scholl projects [Oswald's] texts magnificently, drawing on an inexhaustible range of colours and moods. His instrumental ensemble...are deployed with imagination as well as with a restraint that reflects the very latest position of musicological research...The result is an absolute ear-opener.” Gramophone Magazine, May 2010

F.J.Haydn - Il ritorno di Tobia

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 3 RAR 282Mb


CD 1 - - CD 2 - - CD 3



CD 1 - - CD 2 - - CD 3


Oratorio in 2 parts
Hob. XXI/1

Raffaelle - Roberta Invernizzi, soprano
Sara - Sophie Karthauser, soprano
Anna - Ann Hallenberg, alto
Tobia - Anders J. Dahlin, Tenor
Tobit - Nikolay Borchev, bass

VokalEnsemble Koln
dir. Max Ciolek

Capella Augustina
dir. Andreas Spering

Echo de Paris. Parisian Love Songs

20 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - 109Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


De Vicent - Le Phoenix
Pierre Guédron - Quoy, faut il donc
Pierre Guédron - Aux plaisirs
Robert Ballard - Entrée
Robert Ballard - Angelique
Giovanni Paolo Foscarini - Folia
Etienne Moulinié - O stelle homicide
Luigi Rossi - L'Augellino
Michel Lambert - Silvie
Francesco Corbetta - Passacaglia
Etienne Moulinié - Orilla del claro
Luis de Briceno - Caravanda Ciacona
Louis Couperin - Symphonie
Michel Lambert - Iris
Angelo Michele Bartolotti - Prélude
Angelo Michele Bartolotti - Courante
Angelo Michele Bartolotti - Canarie
Francesco Cavalli - Lamento di Apollo
Pierre Guédron - Un jour l'amoureuse Silvie
Giovanni Paolo Foscarini - Zarabanda detta la favorita

Stephan van Dyck, tenor
Private Musicke
dir.Pierre Pitzl

mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

G.F.Handel - Italian Cantatas (2)

27 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 94Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


Clori, mia bella Clori
Armida Abbandonata
Delirio Amoroso

Ann Murray, mezzo-soprano
The Symphony of Harmony and Invention
dir. Harry Christophers


14 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 78Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


Silete venti (Motetto), HWV 242
Cecilia, volgi un sguardo, HWV 89

Jennifer Smith, soprano
John Elwes, tenor
Anthony Pleet, violoncello

The English Concert
dir. Trevor Pinnock


3 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 105Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


Delirio amoroso, HWV 99
La Lucrezia, HWV 145
Tra le fiamme, HWV 170

Magdalena Kozena, mezzo-soprano
Les Musiciens du Louvre
dir. Marc Minkowski


15 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 94Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


Qual fior che all' alba ride
Nell' Africane selve
No, di voi non vo' fidarmi
Tacete, ohimè, tacete
Se tu no lasci amore
Music for The Alchemist
I like the am'rous youth that's free
Twas when the seas were roaring
Love's but the frailty of the mind

Emma Kirkby, soprano
Judith Nelson, soprano
Patrizia Kwella, soprano

The Academy of Ancient Music
dir. Christopher Hogwood


30 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 116Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


Notte Placida e Cheta, HWV 142
Un'Alma Innamorata, HWV 173
Concerto A Quattro In D Major
Figlio D'Alte Speranze, HWV 113
Agrippina Condotta A Morire, HWV 110

Emma Kirkby, soprano
London Baroque


Inserisci link
26 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 101Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


Care selve, aure grate, HWV 68
Dolce mio ben, HWV 108
Allor ch'io dissi addio, HWV 80
Il Gelsomino HWV, 164a
Partì, l'idolo mio, HWV 147
Chi rapì la pace al core, HWV 90
Stelle, perfide stelle, HWV 168

Anna Korondi, soprano
Rezso Pertorini, cello
Judit Peteri, harpsichord


30 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 94Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


Quando in calma ride il mare
Nell'Africane selve
Che vai pensando
La Lucrezia
Giù nei Tartarei regni
Dalla guerra amorosa
Tacete ohimé

Sandrine Piau, soprano
Jérôme Correas, bass

Les Paladins
Emmanuelle Haïm, harpsichord

Sienese Splendor

24 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 79Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory
Inserisci link


    Andrea Antico
  1. Chi non crede
  2. Animoso mio desire, for organ (after B. T.) (Frottole intabulate da sonare organi)
  3. Stavasi amor (Frottole intabulate da sonare organi)

  4. Anon.
  5. Gentil Donna Se in Voi, frottola for organ

  6. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni
  7. Plus de Regres
  8. Recercare Primo
  9. Salve Virgo

  10. Girolamo Cavazzoni
  11. Canzon: Il est bel et bon

  12. Josquin Desprez (Girolamo Cavazzoni intabulation)
  13. Faulte d'argent

  14. Girolamo Cavazzoni
  15. Ricercare for organ (1551)

  16. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni
  17. Madame Vous Aves Mon Cuor
  18. Persone Moi Sie Folie

  19. Unknown: Intabolatura Nova
  20. Pass'e mezo antico secondo
  21. Le forze d'hercole
  22. Venetiana gagliarda, for organ

  23. Anon.
  24. Frottola for organ: Odi Cielo el Mio Lamento

  25. Anon.
  26. Frottola for organ: Sie Debile el Filo

  27. Anon.
  28. Frottola for organ: Frena Donna I Toi Bei Lumi

  29. Anon.
  30. Frottola for organ: Hor Chel Ciel & la Terra

  31. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni
  32. Lautre Yor Per un Matin

  33. Sperindio Bertoldo (after Clemens non Papa)
  34. Frais et gaillard

  35. Sperindio Bertoldo (after Thomas Crequillon)
  36. Un gai berger

  37. Sperindio Bertoldo
  38. Canzon Francese
  39. Ricecar Del Sesto Tono

Kimberly Marshall
Piffaro organ of the church of
Santa Maria della Scala, Siena

martedì 13 marzo 2012

L'Amor de Lonh

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 123 Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Focusing on the central notion – one very dear to the troubadours themselves – of “love from afar”, this new programme leads the listener through that maze of amorous emotions linked with the sense of absence (be it as a result of the crusades, owing to war, to tournaments, or to paternal bans...); the route chosen here is an unconventional one, traversing differing styles and epochs, with music from villages as well as from the courts, an immersion in the vast world of song and in the company of its earliest masters - the troubadours, the trouvères - and of its ageless servants: the traditional singer-poets from Occitania and from Spain...



Medieval songs of love and loss

01 Esta montaña d’enfrente
Traditional Sephardic song

02 Lanquan li jorn son lonc en mai
Jaufré Rudel

03 Quand la pastora
Traditional air from Haute Auvergne (instr.)

04 Triste ei lo cèu
Traditional song from Béarn

05 Quan lo rius de la fontana
Jaufré Rudel

06 Trop desir a veoir
Adam de la Halle (polyphonic rondeau)

07 Una hija tiene el rey
Traditional Sephardic romance

08 Dinz la roubieira de Lissac
Traditional air from Limousin (instr.)
Arrangement: Baptiste Romain

09 Quantas sabedes amar amigo
Martim Codax
Cantigas de amigo

10 Altas undas
Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
Melody adapted from his song Arám requèr
by Anne-Marie Lablaude-Vellard

11 Meu amor, meu amoriño
Traditional song from Galicia
Melody transcribed by Joaquín Nin

12 Fine Amors me fait chanter
Song by an anonymous trouvère

13 Ai Deus, se sab’ora meu amigo
Martim Codax
Cantigas de amigo

14 Del gran golfe de mar
Gaucelm Faidit
Music adapted from three folksongs:
La guillonée d’Armagnac (northern Gascony),
Al pont de Mirabel (Rouergue)
La brunetta (Agenais).
Arrangement: Anne-Marie Lablaude-Vellard

15 A vous Tristan

16 Au repairier
Adam de la Halle
Arrangement: Dominique Vellard

17 Quant voi le douz tens
Anonymous (instr.)
Chansonnier de l’Arsenal

Ensemble Gilles Binchois
Dominique Vellard

Anne-Marie Lablaude, soprano
Dominique Vellard, tenor & oud
Cyprianos Sadek, baritone
Baptiste Romain, fiddle & bagpipes
Keyvan Chemirani, zarb & daf

lunedì 12 marzo 2012

G.F.Handel - Italian Cantatas

6 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 6 RAR (100+109+98+99+109+96Mb)

Vol. I - Le Cantate Per Il Cardinal Pamphili

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Tra Le Fiamme (Il Consiglio), HWV 170
Pensieri Notturni Di Filli (Nel Dolce Dell'Oblio), HWV 134
Il Delirio Amoroso (Da Quel Giorno Fatale), HWV 90
Figlio D'Alte Speranze, HWV 113

Vol. II - Le Cantate Per Il Marchese Ruspoli

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Armida Abbandonata, HWV 105
Diana Cacciatrice, HWV 79
Tu Fedel - Tu Costante, HWV 171
Notte Placida e Cheta, HWV 142
Un'Alma Innamorata, HWV 173

Vol. III - Le Cantate Per Il Cardinal Ottoboni

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Ero E Leandro, HWV 150
No Se Emendará Jamás, HWV 140
Spande Ancor A Mio Dispetto, HWV 165
Ah! Crudel, Nel Pianto Mio, HWV 78

Italian Cantatas, Vol. IV - Aminta e Fillide

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Aminta e Fillide HWV 83
Clori, mia bella Clori HWV 92

Vol. V - Clori, Tirsi e Fileno

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Clori, Tirsi e Fileno (Cor fedele, in vano speri) HWV 96

Vol. VI - Olinto Pastore

DepositFiles - FileFactory

O come chiare e belle, HWV 143
Amarilli vezzosa, HWV 82
Alpestre monte, HWV 81

Roberta Invernizzi
Emanuela Galli
Raffaella Milanesi
Salvo Vitale
Maria Grazia Schiavo
Nuria Rial
Yetzabel Arias Fernandez
Romina Basso

La Risonanza
dir. Fabio Bonizzoni

domenica 11 marzo 2012

O.Gibbons - Fantasias & The Cries of London

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 100Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


1. Fantasia in 6 parts (MB 48 No. 33)
2. Fantasia in 3 parts (MB 48 No. 9)
3. Fantasia in 3 parts (MB 48 No. 8)
4. Fantasia in 6 parts (MB 48 No. 32)
5. Go from my window in 6 parts (MB 48 No. 40)
6. Prelude (MB 20 No. 3) and Ground (MB 26 No. 26) for organ
7. Galliard in 3 parts (MB 48 No. 23)
8. Fantasia in 3 parts for the 'Great Dooble Base' (MB 48 No. 16)
9. Fantasia in 4 parts for the 'Great Dooble Base' (MB 48 No. 24)
10. Fantasia in 2 parts (MB 48 No. 5)
11. Fantasia in 3 parts (MB 48 No. 14)
12. Fantasia in 3 parts (MB 48 No. 12)
13. Fantasia in 6 parts (MB 48 No. 31)
14. Fantasia in 3 parts for the 'Great Dooble Base' (MB 48 No. 19)
15. Fantasia for organ (MB 20 No. 3)
16. In Nomine in 5 parts (MB 48 No. 28)
17. The Cries of London, Part 1 (MB 22 No. 67i)
18. The Cries of London, Part 2 (MB 22 No. 67ii)
19. In Nomine in 4 parts (MB 48 No. 26)

Paul Nicholson, organ
Red Byrd

J.M.Molter - Sonata Grossa. Orchestral Works

22 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 121Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


Ouverture in C
for strings, oboes & BC
Trumpet Concerto in D
Sonata Grossa in g
for strings, oboes & BC
Violin Concerto in F
Sinfonia in A
for strings & BC
Concerto in F
for strings, oboes & BC

Main-Barockorchester Frankfurt
dir. Martin Jopp

Play Me My Songs

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 104Mb

DepositFiles - - FileFactory


John Eccles - Suite from The Mad Lover
Giovanni Bononcini - Barbara Ninfa ingrata
cantata a voce sola con 2 violini
Charles Avison - Concerto X in F major
Francesco Geminiani - 4 Songs and a Sonata
from A treatise of Good Taste in the Art of Musick
Georg Frederic Handel - 2 Songs
from 24 English Songs HWV 228
Francesco Barsanti - Ouverture in D minor Op.4 N°2

Ensemble Il Falcone

John Eccles - Slow Aire

The Age of Extravagance

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 106Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory


1. Francesco Correa de Arauxo (c.1576-1654): Tiento No. 28, de septimo tono (cornett, organ)
2. Francesco Correa de Arauxo: Glosas sobre el Canto Llano de L Immaculata Conception (cornett, harpsichord)
3. Francesco Correa de Arauxo: Tiento No. 15, de quarto tono (harpsichord)
4. Francisco de Peraza (1564-1598): Tiento de primero tono (cornett, organ)
5. Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (c.1580-1651): Ciaccona (chitarrone)
6. Giovanni Battista Fontana (?-1630): Sonata sesta (cornett, organ, chitarrone, harp)
7. Claudio Merulo (1533-1604): Toccata quarta del secondo tono (organ)
8. Giovanni Bassano (1558-1617): divisions on "Susanna un jour" (cornett, harp)
9. Giovanni de Macque (c.1560-1614): Seconde Stravaganze (organ)
10. Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643): La Frescobalda (harp)
11. Tarquinio Merula (c.1594-1665): Capriccio cromatico del primo tono (harpsichord)
12. Tarquinio Merula: Sonata prima (cornett, organ, chitarrone)
13. Michelangelo Rossi (c.1601-1630): Toccata settima (harpsichord)
14. Dario Castello (fl.1620-1630): Sonata seconda a soprano solo (cornett, harpsichord, chitarrone, harp)
15. Hernando de Cabezon (1541-1602): divisions on "Susanna un jour" (cornett, organ)
16. Francesco Correa de Arauxo: Tiento No. 41, de dozeno tono (cornett, organ)
17. Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia (1561-1627): Tiento de quarto tono de falsas (organ)
18. Pablo Bruna (1611-1679): Tiento de primero tono (cornett, organ)
19. Diego Ortiz (c.1510-c.1570): Recercada primera sobre un canto llano (cornett, harp)

Jeremy West, cornett
Timothy Roberts, organ and harpsichord
Paula Chateaneuf, chitarrone
Frances Kelly, double harp

J.I.F.Vojta - Musicus Salutaris

14 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 101Mb

DepositFiles - FileFactory

Jan Ignac Frantisek Vojta, the doctor of medicine, was contemporary of the famous Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber. Apart from notes in the university records, written in his own hand, we have no other primary-source information about him. Vojta was the house physician of the Benedictines at the Church of St Nicholas in the Old Town (Prague), and he lived in the Tyn quarter, near Tomas Baltazar Janovka. In his day, he was a recognized composer with his own pupils. Just how prolific a composer Vojta was, we don’t know. We have knowledge only of 27 of his compositions, of which only seven survive – in Brno, Prague, Vienna, and Paris. All are recorded on this album.


[Intrada] Arietta cordialis
Cantus dulcissonus 'Anima mea dilecta'
3 Sonatas
Threnodia hujus temporis
Parthia amabilis
Arietta cordialis de S. Joanne Nepomuceno

La Gambetta
Elen Machova – violin, viola, viola da gamba
Vera Mikulaskova – viola da gamba
Monika Knoblochova – harpsichord
Miloslav Student – archlute
Hana Blazikova – soprano
Marta Fadjevicova – soprano
Hasan El-Dunia – alto
Marek Olbrzymek – tenor
Michael Pospisil – bass
Karel Mnuk – Baroque trumpet
Jaroslav Roucek – Baroque trumpet
Martin Kalista – violin
Chiara Granata – triple harp
Pietro Prosser – calichon, Baroque guitar
Dennis Brauer Iversen – violone
Adam Viktora – organ positive
Petr Kalousek – Baroque kettle drums


Parthia amabilis (Allemande)

Die Kunst der Kastraten

9 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 58Mb

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ripped from arte SatTV

You can find the video
(DIVX5 - 16:9 - 640*360 - 567KBit/s - 43min. - 177MB rar)


Nicola Porpora - Come nave, in mezzo all'onde
Francesco Araia - Cadrò, ma qual si mira
Nicola Porpora - Parto, ti lascio, o cara
Nicola Porpora - In braccio a mille furie
Nicola Porpora - Usignolo sventurato
Riccardo Broschi - Son qual nave
G.F.Handel - Ombra mai fu

Cecilia Bartoli

Il Giardino Armonico
dir. Giovanni Antonini