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L'Amor de Lonh

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Focusing on the central notion – one very dear to the troubadours themselves – of “love from afar”, this new programme leads the listener through that maze of amorous emotions linked with the sense of absence (be it as a result of the crusades, owing to war, to tournaments, or to paternal bans...); the route chosen here is an unconventional one, traversing differing styles and epochs, with music from villages as well as from the courts, an immersion in the vast world of song and in the company of its earliest masters - the troubadours, the trouvères - and of its ageless servants: the traditional singer-poets from Occitania and from Spain...



Medieval songs of love and loss

01 Esta montaña d’enfrente
Traditional Sephardic song

02 Lanquan li jorn son lonc en mai
Jaufré Rudel

03 Quand la pastora
Traditional air from Haute Auvergne (instr.)

04 Triste ei lo cèu
Traditional song from Béarn

05 Quan lo rius de la fontana
Jaufré Rudel

06 Trop desir a veoir
Adam de la Halle (polyphonic rondeau)

07 Una hija tiene el rey
Traditional Sephardic romance

08 Dinz la roubieira de Lissac
Traditional air from Limousin (instr.)
Arrangement: Baptiste Romain

09 Quantas sabedes amar amigo
Martim Codax
Cantigas de amigo

10 Altas undas
Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
Melody adapted from his song Arám requèr
by Anne-Marie Lablaude-Vellard

11 Meu amor, meu amoriño
Traditional song from Galicia
Melody transcribed by Joaquín Nin

12 Fine Amors me fait chanter
Song by an anonymous trouvère

13 Ai Deus, se sab’ora meu amigo
Martim Codax
Cantigas de amigo

14 Del gran golfe de mar
Gaucelm Faidit
Music adapted from three folksongs:
La guillonée d’Armagnac (northern Gascony),
Al pont de Mirabel (Rouergue)
La brunetta (Agenais).
Arrangement: Anne-Marie Lablaude-Vellard

15 A vous Tristan

16 Au repairier
Adam de la Halle
Arrangement: Dominique Vellard

17 Quant voi le douz tens
Anonymous (instr.)
Chansonnier de l’Arsenal

Ensemble Gilles Binchois
Dominique Vellard

Anne-Marie Lablaude, soprano
Dominique Vellard, tenor & oud
Cyprianos Sadek, baritone
Baptiste Romain, fiddle & bagpipes
Keyvan Chemirani, zarb & daf

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