giovedì 27 ottobre 2011

G.P.Telemann - Tutti Flauti!

24 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 106Mb

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This CD is extraordinary in many ways, starting with the absolutely perfect choice of works. Granted, Telemann concertos are more or less foolproof, and it takes a pretty bad musician to ruin any piece by this composer. But even so, among all the delicious Telemann concertos available, these are some of the most scrumptious. Furthermore, they are served to the listener on a silver plate, with the best of sauces, and cooked by the best chefs.(...)
I will be quite direct: simply put, this is one of the best flute CDs that I have heard in quite a while, and it belongs in every library and collection. FANFARE: Laura Rónai

Beautiful and impressive playing like this sets the standards to which others must aspire! Early Music Review


Concerto grosso in e minor for two flutes, violin
string orchestra and continuo TWV 53:e 1
Concerto in a minor for recorder, viola da gamba
string orchestra and continuo TWV 52:a 1
Concert in F Major for recorder
string orchestra and continuo TWV 51:F 1
Concerto grosso in b minor for two flutes, bassoon
string orchestra and continuo TWV 53:h 1
Concerto in B Flat Major for two recorders
string orchestra and continuo TWV 52:B 1
Concerto in e minor for flute, recorder
string orchestra and continuo TWV 52:e 1

Matthias Maute, recorder
Sophie Larivière, recorder
Claire Guimond, baroque flute
Mika Putterman, baroque flute

Arion Baroque Orchestra
Guest conductor Jaap ter Linden

lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

Ghirardello da Firenze: Madrigali, Cacce, Ballate

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 91Mb

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Ghirardello da Firenze (also known as Giovanni da Cascia) was a composer of the Italian trecento and a contemporary of Francesco Landini; he was also one of the earliest members of the so-called "Florentine Group" that dominated musical currents in the middle of the 14th century. Judging from the proliferation of his works in various manuscripts, Ghirardello's music was widely known and often played; he was also a pioneer in the production of madrigals. Despite his contemporary renown and excellent survival rate, the 14th century was a long, long time ago and even Landini doesn't have very many collections devoted solely to his work. On Nuova Era's Ghirardello da Firenze: Madrigali Cacce, Ballate Dal Codice Squarcialupi, period ensemble group Ensemble Modo Antiquo, led by Federico Maria Sardelli, plunge into the famed Squarcialupi Codex in order to extract a selection of 16 pieces by Ghirardello.


E Cantare E Sonare Carolare
01 - Per Non Far Liet'alcun
02 - Allo Spirar Dell'arie Brun
03 - I' Vo' Bene a Chi Vol Bene a Me
04 - Donna, L'altrui Mirar Che Fate
05 - Cacciando Un Giorno Alla Vaga Foresta
06 - Si Forte Vola La Pernice Bella
07 - Deponi Amor a Me
08 - Una Colomba Più Che Neve Bianca
09 - I' Vo Amando Sempre Con Paura
10 - Sotto Verdi Fraschetti

Cacciando In Villa
11 - Tosto Che L'alba
12 - Per Prender Cacciagion
13 - Intrand' Ad Abitar Per Una Selva
14 - La Bella E La Vezzosa Cavriola
15 - L'aquila Bella Negra
16 - Con Levrieri E Mastini

Ensemble Modo Antiquo
Federico Maria Sardelli
Bettina Hoffmann