sabato 14 luglio 2012

G.P.Telemann - Overtures Sonatas & Concertos

5 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 5 RAR (106+111+87+99+119Mb)


CD 1

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Sonata F-dur TWV43:F01
2 violins, viola & BC
Concerto C-dur TWV51:C01
recorder, 2 violins, viola & BC
Ouverture fis-moll TWV55:fis01
2 violins, viola & BC
Quadro g-moll TWV43:g04
recorder, violin, viola & BC
Concerto G-dur TWV51:G09
viola solo, 2 violins, viola & BC

CD 2

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Concerto d-moll TWV43:d02
2 violins, viola & BCInserisci link
Concerto F-dur TWV52:F01
recorder, basson, 2 violins, viola & BC
Sonate f-moll TWV44:32
2 violins, 2 violas & BC
Sonate D-dur TWV41:D06
cello & BC
Ouverture h-moll TWV55:h04
solo violin, 2 violins, viola & BC

CD 3

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Concerto D-dur TWV43:D04
2 violins, viola & BC
Concerti di camera g-moll TWV43:g03
recorder, 2 violins & BC
Sonatina c-moll TWV41:c02
basson & BC
Ouverture F-dur TWV55:F2
2 violas & BC
Sonatina a-moll TWV41:a4
recorder & BC
Sonate corellisante h-moll TWV42:h3
2 violins & BC

CD 4

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Concerto G-dur TWV43:G5
2 violins, viola & BC
Ouverture E-dur TWV55:E2
Oboe d'amore, 2 violins, viola & BC
Concerto B-dur TWV52:B1
2 recorders, 2violins, viola & BC
Sonata D-dur TWV41:D1
violin & BC
Concerto a-moll TWV43:a3
recorder, oboe, violin & BC

CD 5

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Concerto A-dur TWV43-A4
2 violins, viola & BC
Sonata d-moll TWV42-d10
recorder, violin & BC
Ouverture g-moll TWV55-g8
violin solo, 2 violins in ripieno & BC
Quadro G-dur TWV43-G6
recorder, oboe, violin & BC
Sonata C-dur TWV40-203
4 violins without bass
Partia 5 e-moll TWV41-e1
2 violins, viola & BC

Musica Alta Ripa

Anne Rohrig (violin)
Ulla Bundies (violin)
Christoph Heidemann (violin, viola)
Susanne Dietz (violin)
Juris Teichmanis (cello)
Albert Bruggen (cello)
Michael McCraw (bassoon)
Dennis Götte (theorbo, baroque guitar)
Barbara Hofmann (violone)
Bernward Lohr (harpsichord)
Danya Segal (recorder)
Hans-Peter Westermann (oboe. oboe d'amore)

venerdì 13 luglio 2012

M.A.Charpentier - Warner Box Set

4 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 4 RAR (Mb)

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cd1 - Divertissements, Airs et Concerts (1999)

La Pierre Philosophale H. 501
Concert pour quatre parties de violes H. 545
Air- 'Tristes déserts, sombre retraite' H. 469
Air- 'Rentrez, trop indiscrets soupirs' H. 464
Air- 'Quoi! Je ne verrai plus' H. 461
Air- 'Ah! qu'ils sont corts les beaux jours' H. 442
Air- 'Charmantes fleurs, naissez' H. 449b
Air- 'Quoi! rien ne peut vous arrêter ' H. 462
Air- 'En vain rivaux assidus' H. 452
Air- 'Ah! qu'on est malhereux d'avoir eu des désirs' H. 443
Air- 'Ah! laissez-moi rêver' H. 441
Air- 'Non, non, je ne l'aime plus' H. 455
Sans frayeur dans ce bois - Chaconne H. 467
Air- 'Auprês de feu l'on fair l'amour' H. 446
Air- 'Ayant bu du vin claire' H. 447
Air- 'Fenchon, la gentille Fenchon' H. 454
Il faut rire et chanter - Dispute de bergers H. 484

cd2 - Les Plaisirs de Versailles (1996)

Les Plaisirs de Versailles, H. 480
Airs sur les stances du Cid, H457-9
Pastoraletta 'Amor vince ogni cosa', H. 492

cd3 - In Nativitatem Domini Canticum - Messe de Minuit (2001)

In Nativitatem Domini Canticum H416
Messe de Minuit H9
Nowls sur les instruments

cd4 - La Descente d'Orphée aux Enfers H488 (1995)

Paul Agnew
Sophie Daneman
Patricia Petibon

Les Arts Florissants
dir. William Christie

giovedì 12 luglio 2012

The Ancient Miracles

24 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 103Mb

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The Ensemble Für Frühe Musik Augsburg is rightly counted among the leading groups for "authentic" medieval music. In their most vivid manners they appeal directly to the listener and show us that "authentic" must not mean antiquated, dusty, or academical. This compilation of the CD releases the ensemble has issued until 1995, is a special listening experience: entertaining, because the pieces are selected and arranged so that the maximum is achieved in variety. It is also used to span the entire measure by music, from Gregorian chant through the anonymous Troubadourlied to elaborate polyphonic sacred songs of the early Renaissance. Purely instrumental performances are not forgotten. Lively (sometimes even "rock" or "jazzy" sounding!). The whole thing is so fresh and unused, therefore, that one can hardly believe that even the "most recent" works presented here are almost 500 years old! Everything is the result of the superior processing and interpretation of the Augsburg art, and show us how to perform this music up to date, without doing violence to her. The clear voice of Sabine Lutzenberger is a special treat. If it were possible, I would give 7 stars! (Amazon review)


Monch von Salzburg: Caldy valdy
Anonymous: Tempus transit gelidum - Vrowe ih pin dir undertan
Anonymous, Spanish: Rodrigo Martinez
Wolkenstein, Oswald von: Nu rue mit Sorgen
Anonymous, Manuscrit du Roi: La Septime Estampie Real
Muset, Colin: Voles oir muse Muset, trouvere song
Wolkenstein, Oswald von: Ave Mater, for 3 voices, K 116
Anonymous: Wer das Elend bauen will
Anonymous: Resurgentis Domini
Hildegard of Bingen: O felix anima, response for St Disibod
Anonymous, Worcester Antiphonarium: Fulget celestis curia
Hildegard of Bingen: O magne pater, antiphon
Reuenthal, Neidhart von: Mayenzeit (attributed)
Janequin, Clément: Il estoit une fillette, chanson for 4 voices, M. 3/77
Vogelweid, Walther von der: Under der linden
Vogelweid, Walther von der: Annus novus in gaudio
Wolkenstein, Oswald von: Frölich, zärtlich, lieplich, K 94
Thibault IV, King of Nava: L'Autrier Par la Matinee
Thibault IV, King of Nava: Promat chorus hodie
Clairvaux, St. Bernard de: Laetabundus exsultet fidelis chorus
Clairvaux, St. Bernard de: Kyrie Rondello
Clairvaux, St. Bernard de: Ave Mater O Maria
Azzaiolo, Filippo: Ti parti, cor mio caro
Susato, Tylman: Het derde musyck boexken...alderhande danserye

Ensemble Für Frühe Musik Augsburg

mercoledì 11 luglio 2012

Haydn - Die Schopfung

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 195Mb

1986 version
classic instruments

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Edita Gruberova, soprano - Gabriel, Eva
Josef Protschka, tenor - Uriel
Robert Holl, bass - Raphael, Adam

Arnold Schoenberg Choir
Vienna Symphony Orchestra
dir. Nikolaus Harnoncourt


2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 154Mb

2003 version
period instruments

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Dorothea Röschmann, soprano - Gabriel, Eve
Michael Schade, tenor - Uriel
Christian Gerhaher, bass - Raphael, Adam

Arnold Schoenberg Choir
Concentus Musicus Wien
dir. Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Recorded live at the Musikvereinssaal,
Vienna, Austria
26-30 March 2003

Jacob van Eyck - Der Fluyten Lust-Hof

9 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 9 RAR (875Mb)

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One of the most intriguing musical sources from the late Renaissance is Jacob van Eyck's Der Fluyten Lust-hof (The Recorder's Pleasure Garden). This the largest collection of music for solo wind instrument presents a selection of variations based on themes as diverse as Calvinist psalms, dances, the hits of the day and dirty songs. For centuries, this kind of music belonged to the repertoire of an instrument of ancient origin which was played at the courts, in the streets, churches, brothels and pubs: the recorder.

The composer was a blind nobleman, scientist and bell player. He used to improvise in the garden adjacent to the Sint Janskerk in Utrecht, entertaining by-passers and romancing young couples alike. Someone then must have listened his way through and transcribed what corresponds to almost ten hours of music, very much the way many a jazz musician still work today. The apparent popularity of van Eyck's music caused his publisher Paul Matthysz to edit several collections in van Eyck's lifetime. One can only imagine the troublesome procedures foregoing a publication of this kind, as the author couldn't write himself. Der Fluyten Lust-hof is an outstanding proof of a craft which is today a sadly neglected art form. To improvise was the true core of all music long before the invention of musical notation.

martedì 10 luglio 2012

J.S.Bach - Musical Offering

12 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 69Mb

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Ripped from DVD

Recorded Live

Old Town Hall, Leipzig
28 Jul 2000


1. Ricercar A 3
2. Canon Perpetuus Super Thema Regium
3. Canones Diversi Sopra Thema Regium: Canon A 2, Cancrizans
Canones Diversi Sopra Thema Regium: Canon A 2 Violin: In Unisono
Canones Diversi Sopra Thema Regium: Canon A 2 Per Motum Contrarium
Canones Diversi Sopra Thema Regium: Canon A 2, Per Augmentationem, Contrario Motu
Canones Diversi Sopra Thema Regium: Canon A 2, Per Tonos
4. Fuga Canonica In Epidiapente
5. Ricercar A 6
6. Quaerendo Invenietis: Canon A 2
Quaerendo Invenietis: Canon A 4
7. Sonata Sopr' Il Sogetto Reale A Traversa, Violino e Continuo
8. Canon Perpetuus (A Traversa, Violino e Continuo)

Barthold Kuijken, Flute
Sigiswald Kuijken, Violin
Wieland Kuijken, Viola da Gamba
Robert Kohnen, Harpsichord

Musica en la Corte de Carlos V

19 tracks - MP3 320Kbps - RAR 85Mb

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LP Rip - Appeared for the first time HERE:


Side A:
1. Pierre Blondeau: Pavana
La Magdalena, danza baja con recoupe y Toudion
La Brosse, Danza baja con recoupe y toudion
2. Anónimo: "Caballero si a Francia, ideas", romance
3. Antonio de Cabezón "Tiento IX del primer tono"
4. Anónimo: "A su albedrío", canción
5. Antonio de Cabezón: Tres sobre el cantollano de la Alta
6. Antonio de Cabezón: Diferencias sobre el canto del caballero

Side B:
1. Anónimo: Pavana
Tielman susato "Sans Roch", danza baja
Tielman Susato Final y vuelta de danza baja
2. Antonio de Cabezón: Tiento V del primer tono
3. Antonio de Cabezón "O lux Beata Trinitas", himno
4. Anónimo "Miralo como llora", villancico
5. Anónimo "Pastorella", danza
6. Anónimo - Pierre Attaignant: Danza baja a cinco partes
Anónimo: Pavana sobre "La, Re, Do, Si , La"
Pierre Blondeau : Gallardas I y II

Agrupación instrumental de música antigua de Madrid
dir. Alejandro Masso

J.H.Schmelzer - Intrada di Polcinelli

12 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 90Mb

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J.H.Schmelzer - Sonata in B
J.H.Schmelzer - Sonata in g
J.H.Schmelzer - Sonata in e
J.H.Schmelzer - Sonata in C
A.Kertzinger - Sonatina in d
J.H.Schmelzer - Sonata in D
J.H.Schmelzer - Ballett
G.Muffat - Sonata in D

John Holloway, violin
Jaap ter Linden, viola da gamba
Barbara Maria Willi, harpsichord - organ
Nigel North, theorbo - baroque guitar

lunedì 9 luglio 2012

G. Zuchetto - Terre des Troubadours

17 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 106Mb

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01 - Jaufre RUDEL. Non sap chantar qui so non di [4:59]
02 - MARCABRU. L'autrier jost una sebissa [3:58]
03 - Berenguier de PALAZOL. Ab la fresca clardat [3:47]
04 - (Vida) Peire Vidal si fo de Tolosa [2:01]
05 - Peire VIDAL. Pois tornatz sui en Proensa [5:02]
06 - Berenguier de PALAZOL. Domna si totz temps vivia [4:29]
07 - Bernart de VENTADORN. Quan vei la lauzeta [4:22]
08 - Giraut de BORNELH. Leu chansoneta e vil [4:03]
09 - PEIROL. Atressi co·l signes fai [3:38]
10 - Bertran de BORN. Rassa tan creis [3:08]
11 - Gaucelm FAIDIT. Fortz chauza es [4:21]
12 - Raimbaut de VAQUEIRAS. Aras que vei verdeiar (narration) [3:12]
13 - Comtessa de DIA. A chantar m·er [3:32]
14 - Peire CARDENAL. Un sirventes novel [4:19]
15 - Raimbaut d'ARENGA. Pois tals saber [4:38]
16 - Pons d'ORTAFA. Si ai perdut mon saber [2:20]
17 - Guiraut RIQUIER. S'eu ja trobat non agues [6:14]

domenica 8 luglio 2012

Francesco Cavalli - Giasone

3 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 3 RAR (118+105+108Mb)

CD 1 - - CD 2 - - CD 3

CD 1 - - CD 2 - - CD 3

Michael Chance (counter-tenor - Giasone)
Harry van der Kamp (bass - voice, Ercole, Giove)
Michael Schopper (bass - voice, Besso)
Catherine Dubosc (soprano - Isifile)
Bernard Deletré (bass - voice, Oreste)
Agnès Mellon (soprano - Alinda, Aurore)
Gloria Banditelli (mezzo-soprano - Media)
Dominique Visse (counter-tenor - Delfa)
Guy De Mey (tenor - Egeo, Sole)
Gianpaolo Fagotto (tenor - Demo)

Concerto vocale
dir. René Jacobs