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The Beggar's Opera

Original songs & airs

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1. Cold and raw

a) Stingo, or the Oil of Barley (Playford Dancing Master)
b) The Farmer's Daughter (T.d'Urfey's Pills)
c) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
d) Up in the Morning Early (W.McGibbons)

2. Over the hills and far away

a) Jockey's Lamentation (Pills to Purge Melancholy)
b) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
c) Over the Hills and Far Away (Ms. Américain c.1780)
d) The wind has blown my plaid away (Ms.Drexel)

3. Oh, the broom

a) The Broom o' the Cowdenknowes (Chanson écossaise)
b) Broom, Broom, The bonny, bonny Broom (Playford)
c) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''

4. Would you have a young virgin

a) Poor Robin's Magot (The Dancing Master, 1713)
b) Would you have a young virgin (Air populaire, 18ème siècle)
c) Kare Broder (C.M.Bellman)
d) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
e) Saw ye a Lassie of fifteen years (J.Oswald's Comp.)

5. What shall I do to show how much I love her

a) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
b) What shall I do (Henry Purcell)

6. Fill ev'ry glass

a) Bergers, écoutez la musique (Noel Français)
b) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''

7. Charming Billy

a) Charming Billy (Air populaire, 18ème siècle)
b) Cease your funning (Variations pour flute, J.Oswald's Comp.)

8. The lass of Patie's mill

a) The Lass of Patie's Mill (W.Thompson's Orpheus Caledonius)
b) Variations sur la melodie de J.Oswald
c) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''

9. Greensleeves

a) Variations sur Passomezzo antico
b) Greensleeves (version la plus ancienne)
c) Version contemporaine W.Cobbold)
d) Version ''The Beggar's Opera''
e) Version irlandaises

The Broadside Band
dir. Jeremy BarlowPatrizia Kwella, sopranoPaul Elliott, tènor

William Hogarth - The Beggar's Opera

The Beggar's Opera debuted in 1728 in London. It was an immediate success, breaking all previous records and was performed more than any other play during the 18th century.(1) It was a complete departure from the popular Italian operas of its time. Beggar's Opera used both dialogue and music to further the story. Gay took music from whereever he could find them. Forty-one of the sixty-nine airs were broadside ballads of the time. The other tunes were borrowed from contemporary composers (including Handel and Pepush). To these tunes he wrote lyrics to fit his play. Instead of taking his plot from myth he wrote a story focused on the underbelly of society - thieves, whores, fences and jailers. The world of the Beggar's opera is gritty and real, it's end optimistic only because of the popular insistence that Operas must end happily.

In this record you'll find various versions of nine selected Airs.

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