mercoledì 12 dicembre 2007

La Baxa Danza y la Alta (S. XV - XVI)

18 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 94Mb

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1. Francesco de la Torre - Alta
2. Anon. (15th c.) - Baxa Castilla
3. Domenichino - España
4. H. von Constanz - Danza "La España"
5. Kochesperger - Danza "La España"
6. Anon. - Baxa Danza
7. Anon., 16th c. - España
8. Francesco Canova - Spagna
9. Antonio de Cabezon - Tres, Sobre el Canto Llano de la Alta
10. Anon., 1430 - Torneo de Castilla
11. Anon., 1430 - - Barcelona
12. Anon., 1430 - - Navarra
13. Anon., 1430 - Baxa Danza del Rey de España
14. Luys de Narvaez - Baxa de Contrapunto
15. E de Valdebarrano - Contrapunto Sobre el Tenor de la Baxa
16. Guillaume Dufay - Aragonesa
17. H.Weck - Baxa Danza Española
18. Vincenzo Capirola - Baxa Danza "La Spagna"

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[17] Buxheimer Orgelbuch
[18] Newberry Library, Chicago

Rodrigo de Zayas (vihuela)
Conjunto instrumental "Pro Música Hispaniarum"
dir. Roberto Pla

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  1. Great CD! Thank you

  2. Unfortunately the file is not found

  3. Gueguè, you have some problem, the file is still there.

  4. Thank you very much for your site. Is there any chance to find someday the first and the second volume of this wonderful collection : Las Cantigas de Santa Maria and Monodia Cortesana Medieval y Musica Arabigo Andaluza? So Many years I hope for a reissue!

  5. Anonymous, if you mean music performed by Paniagua & C. maybe I know where to find something of the kind. If not please be more specific.

  6. Dear Bibixy,yes the two albums I named were under the conduct of Paniagua (Gregorio, not Eduardo). Since this time, Ed. made a quantity of cantigas but, for me, any with the same idiomatic and poetic sense than Greg. Now I suppose (hope), if exists Llibre Vermell and Baxa Danzas, that the others were also reissued (I missed, five years ago, a shortly import from… Japan, with exactly same covers). Friendly.

  7. Hi, the link is invalid. Could you post it again?
    By the way, thank you so much for reposting new links for the few recordings I formerly mentioned to you.
    All the best...

  8. Dear Bibixy thank for the blog and to CD's.
    I nedd of the cd's

    cavalli, giasone
    and some operas by lully

    Acis and galatea and phaeton

    I don't need of it now, but answer quicly where i can find it.



  9. Once again thank you so much. I have though one question do you have the LP Philips recordng of Ton Koopman and Monica Hugette recording of Bach violin sonatas Harpsichord sonatas and a 2nd request,in the 70' Ton koopman has recorded an Italian Harpsichord music recital for Das Alte Werk if you by any chane have these recordings would you be able to upload them?

  10. Giasone & Bach's Violin sonatas shouldn't be hard to find... as for Koopman's italian music I need more infos. Looking for the others.

  11. It the giasone by rené jacobs

    thank very much.

  12. Thank you so much!
    Greetings from France...

  13. Thank you very much. Excellent work.