martedì 4 dicembre 2007

Johann Rosenmuller - Sonate da Camera e Sinfonie

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Johann Rosenmüller was a Saxon composer who escaped from prison in Leipzig and fled to Venice in 1655 after being falsely accused of having a homosexual relationship with some of his students. While these totally, completely, impossibly gorgeous "Sonate da Camera e Sinfonie" (1654-1682) were composed primarily in Venice (Rosenmüller was a trombonist at St. Mark's Basilica), they were strongly influenced by the music of Rosenmüller's early teacher, the great German master Heinrich Schütz. Scored for 8 stringed instruments, cornet, trombone, and theorbo, these chamber sonatas combine the absolute best of the conservative North German musical tradition with a healthy dash of Venetian joie de vivre and achingly beautiful pan-European melancholic contemplation. Rosenmüller's sonatas are real jewels considering when they were written, since they totally avoid the typically overdone, clichéd pyrotechnics and gaudy bravura of the High Baroque while also managing not to be sleeping pills.
If, like me, you're a little nauseated with Bach and bored with Lully, give Rosenmüller a shot. I've heard several of Hespèrion XX's other recordings and this one is THE finest. Smooth, luscious, out of this world. Can't go wrong here.
By Stephen Taylor


Sinfonia II
Sonata VII
Sinfonia IV
Suite I
Sonata XI
Sinfonia I
Sonata IX

Hesperion XX
 dir. Jordi Savall

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