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G.P.Telemann - Oden 1741

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Oden (1741) (TWV 25:86-109)

Ode No. 1: Indoctum se dulce bibenti
Ode No. 2: Die Vergnügung
Ode No. 3: Die Tugend
Ode No. 4: Der Schäfer
Ode No. 5: An den Schlaf
Ode No. 6: Der fröhliche Ausgeber
Ode No. 7: Wahre Vorzüge
Ode No. 8: Das Lachen
Ode No. 9: Trinklied
Ode No. 10: Der Mittelstand zwischen Reichtum und Armut
Ode No. 11: Vernünftige Lust
Ode No. 12: Der Wein
Ode No. 13: Jugendlust
Ode No. 14: Die schlechte Mahlzeit
Ode No. 15: An Doris
Ode No. 16: Ein guter Mut
Ode No. 17: Lob des Weins
Ode No. 18: Das vergnügte Schäferleben
Ode No. 19: Die Zufriedenheit
Ode No. 20: Die Genügsamkeit
Ode No. 21: Das Gesundheittrinken
Ode No. 22: Der Freund
Ode No. 23: Das Landleben
Ode No. 24: Der Sonderling

Klaus Mertens, baritone
Ludger Rémy, harpsichord
[Bruce Kennedy, 2000, after Michael Mietke, Berlin, c1700]

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  1. hello Bibixy
    first of all thanks for take your time for posting creme de la creme of cd's specially Telemann Project , that's great that you have beautiful collection of Telemann never post before on blogs , so i hope Bibixy that post Handel project too same Telemann , Handel project that include his oratorios . cantatas and operas specially there is new version of IL PASTOR FIDO FIRST VERSION , HANDEL ORATORIOS NAXOS , ALSO WORKS LIKE IL GEDEON , TOBIT , IL TRIOFNO DE TEMPO E VERITA ,ALSO DOMINCO SCARLATTI CANTATAS this cd that posted last year , as well hope to complete vivaldi edition naive and i wish to read my comments , and if you have time here my request for some cd that it is hard to find on blog

    Caldara: Oratorio di Santo Stefano, Primo Re dell'Ungheria

    Une Fête Baroque

    Il Sansone

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    finally i wish to see on blog works of Machaut . hasse , also ensemble organum , ensemble gilles binchois , Alessandro Scarlatti heritage too

    kind regards

  2. Hello Bibixy.
    Sonatas for harpsichord of Antonio Soler has problems.
    Thank you a lor for your great work.

  3. What exactly is not working with Soler?