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Clement Janequin - Le Chant des Oyseaulx

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"In the 16th century birdsong certainly constituted an essential aspect of that broad stream of natural imitations which runs through the musical aesthetics of the Humanist Age: Human or Artificial Music hearkened to Natural Music in an effort to copy it and thereby to raise itself to the summits of Parnassus. [...] Janequin never lost his taste for bird-song, from the first attempts of 1520 down to the last chansons of the 1550s. It is at the very core of his creative activity, at the heart of that poetic-musical game, the polyphonic chanson."
(J.-P. Ouvrard)

This recording has never left the harmonia mundi catalogue in nearly thirty years, and is still regarded as a benchmark!


1. Le Chant Des Oyseulx
2. Toutes Les Nuictz
3. J'atens Le Temps
4. Il Estoit Une Fillette
5. Las On Peult Juger(G.Morlaye apres Jannequin)
6. Ung Jour Colin
7. O Doulx Regard, O Parler
8. Le Chant De L'alouette
9. Quand Contremont Verras
10. Hellas Mon Dieu Ton Ire
11. Ma Peine N'est Pas Grande
12. O Mal D'aymer
13. Herbes Et Fleurs
14. L'aveugle Dieu (A. De Rippe D'apres Janequin)
15. A Ce Joly Moys De May
16. Assouvy Suis
17. Quelqu'un Me Disoit L'aultre Jour
18. M'y Levay Ung Matin
19. M'y Amye A Eu De Dieu
20. Le Chant Du Rossignol

Ensemble Clement Janequin

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