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Musique de la Grèce Antique

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A unique musical document!
Whereas proofs of the greatness of Ancient Greek architecture and literature still exist in abundance, no more than a few scraps of their music have miraculously survived. They have been gathered together here for the first time in a partly ‘archaeological’, partly imaginary panorama of this music that was, after all, an integral part of daily life in Ancient Greek.

Considerably more remains of ancient Greek architecture than the music of this advanced and inspirational civilization. And although works explaining Greek music theory have survived, the actual existence of composed pieces from these times comes down to only a few scraps that survived on papyrus, marble columns, and other written sources. This Spanish ensemble under the leadership of Gregorio Paniagua pieced together these remains and performed them with reconstructions of instruments from ancient Greek sources, some of which, such as the bagpipe, remain in use today. Portions of the music included may remind listeners of very early classical music such as Gregorian chant, whereas other pieces will certainly cause an astonished reaction as they sound unlike any other music recorded. Some is sparse, floating, the melodic ideas developing very slowly. A few of the old-world Greek percussion instruments wind up sounding quite a bit like new-world electronic music.


1. Anakrousis, Orestes Stasimo
2. Fragments Instrumentaux De Contrapollinopolis
3. 1er Hymne Delphique A Apollon
4. Plainte De Tecmessa
5. Papyrus Wien 29825
6. Hymne Au Soleil
7. Hymne A La Muse
8. Hymne A Nemesis
9. Papyrus Michigan
10. Aenaoi Nefelai
11. Apitaphe De Seikilos
12. Pean, Papyrus Berlin 6870
13. Anonymi Bellermann
14. 1er Ode Pythique
15. Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 2436
16. Hymne Chretienne D'oxyrhynchus
17. Homero Hymnus
18. Papyrus Zenon, Cairo Fragment
19. Terencio, Hecyra 861
20. Poem, Mor 1, 11f, Migne 37,523
21. 2eme Hymne Delphique A Apollon
22. Papyrus Oslo A/B, Epilogos-Katastrophe

Atrium Musicae de Madrid
dir. Gregorio Paniagua

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  2. Wow, the most interesting music I've heard in a long time. Thanks for opening my ears a little more...