giovedì 20 novembre 2014

Barry Lyndon (OST)

19 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 71Mb

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1. Sarabande Main Title (Handel)
2. Women Of Ireland (Sean O Riada)
3. Piper's Maggot Jig (Traditionnel)
4. The Sea-Maiden (Traditionnel)
5. Tin Whistles (Sean O Riada)
6. British Grenadiers (Traditionnel)
7. Hohenfriedberger March (Frederick The Great)
8. Lilliburlero (Traditionnel)
9. Women Of Ireland (Sean O Riada)
10. March From Idomeneo (Mozart)
11. Sarabande-Duel (Handel)
12. Lilliburlero (Traditionnel)
13. Danse Allemande N 1 En Do Majeur (Schubert)
14. Sarabande-Duel (Handel)
15. Adaptation De La Cavatine Du 'Il Barbiere Di Siviglia' (Paisiello)
16. Concerto Pour Violoncelle En Mi Mineur - 3e Mouvement (Vivaldi)
17. Concerto Pour 2 Harpes En Ut Mineur - Adagio (Bach)
18. Adaptation Du Trio De Piano En Mi Bemol Op 100 - 2e Mouvement (Schubert)
19. Sarabande (Generique De Fin) - (Handel)

Music performed by:
National Philarmonic Orchestra
The Chieftains
Fifes And Drums et al.

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  1. Just watched this movie in the blu-ray version the other night. Magnificent. Anyone who loves the 18th century has to love this movie. Ryan O'Neal isn't quite up to the task of carrying the film, but the photography, the costumes, the interiors, and the acting are all surpassing. The music is masterfully deployed throughout. Quite an amazing filim that fans of this great blog would certainly enjoy.

  2. Grazie - Grazie - Grazie - Molto bravo! I always looker for this. Also tha duellists is an amazing film. Ciao

  3. Thank you for this!

    Note: the "Filefactory" link actually takes you to Depositfiles -- the same as the "Depositfiles" link.