venerdì 13 marzo 2015

W.F. Bach - Oeuvres pour Clavecin

22 tracks – MP3 192 Kbps – RAR 134Mb

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784), considered by many the most talented of J. S. Bach's children, is also the least known of the great master's three composing sons. In contrast to his father's orderly, wholesome and responsible lifestile, Wilhelm Friedemann's was erratic and characterized by excesses. Add to that a puzzling inability to "market" himself, and you will easily understand why this (in my, and many other's opinion) genius ended his life in abject powerty.


Keyboard Sonata in A major, F. 8 (BR A15)
Fantasia en ut mineur, FK nv2
Prelude for keyboard in C minor, F. 29 (BR A54)
March for harpsichord in E flat major, F. 30 (BR A56)
Suite for keyboard in G minor, F. 24 (BR A39)
8 Fugues for keyboard, F. 31 (BR A81-88)
Keyboard Sonata in G major, F. 7 (BR A14)

Christophe Rousset
German harpsichord with two keyboards
built in the von Nagel workshop in Paris
after an early instrument attributed
to Michael Mietke, Berlin around 1710.

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