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G.F.Handel - Oreste

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During the 1730s Handel padded out his London opera seasons with pasticci, assembled using arias by his favourite contemporaries (notably Vinci). There are three exceptions that consist entirely of Handel's own music: Oreste, Alessandro Severo and Jupiter in Argos. In these forgotten operas, Handel cannily adapted a mixture of old and recent arias to a new libretto, and composed a few new pieces where necessary. Scholars have considered them unworthy of inclusion in the accepted canon, but this seems rather snobbish if one remembers that Handel used the same formula to assemble Rinaldo (1711) for his London debut.


Mary-Ellen Nesi (mezzo-soprano): Oreste
Marita Mitsopoulou (soprano): Ermione
Mata Katsuli (soprano): Ifidenia
Petros Koroneos (tenor): Pilade
Petros Magoulas (bass): Toante
Nicholas Spanos (countertenor): Filotete

Camerata Stuttgart
dir. George Petrou

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