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Francois Couperin - Les Nations

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 Reinhard Goebel explains his concept thus: Couperin didn't publish these pieces until 1726, but by this time they would have been considered very old-fashioned as they reflect the way of composing and playing of some thirty years previously. Goebel surmises that Couperin, who probably used some older compositions and then added "L'Impériale", was obliquely criticising the modern practice of the "Concert spirituel" and at the same time attempting to conserve something of the style current at the end of the 17th century. In their decisions, which instruments to use for this recording, Musica Antiqua Köln assumed that the pieces had been written around 1695. - The instructions Couperin gives are here followed exactly, and the character of each of the dance movements and of the individual parts of the opening sonatas (that was something of a novum despite the old-fashioned character of the whole) are made very plain, whether it be "nobly" or "gayly" or a more serious tone that is to be found. The flutes and violins often engage in musical conversation, and the bass line of viola da gamba and harpsichord is clearly captured without ever being obtrusive.

Premier Ordre: La Francoise
Second Ordre: L'Espagnole
Troisieme Ordre: L'Imperiale
Quatrieme Ordre: La Piemontoise

Musica Antiqua Koln
dir. Reinhard Goebel

Reinhard Goebel, Hajo Bas (violin)
Wilbert Hazelzet, Philippe Suzanne (flute)
Jaap ter Linden (viola da gamba)
Henk Bouman (harpsichord)

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