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G.B.Bassani - La Tromba della Divina Misericordia

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Performed for the first time in Ferrara on the 8th of November 1676, and again in 1682 in Bologna on the 2nd of November,
'La tromba della divina misericordia', was Bassani's third oratory (the others being 'L Esaltazione di Santa Croce' and 'L epulone'), but this one is the only one of the three for which an original score exists. Therefore it represents his oldest surviving composition, especially given the fact that his first opus was published only in the following year.
The work was commissioned by the Accademia della Morte in Ferrara (where Bassani, who was born in Padua, resided from at least 1667 on). This organization was part of the brotherhood of the same name, one of the city's most prominent religious institutions. From this perspective, 'La tromba' represents an example of an oratorio morale, very different from those oratories widely diffused in courts of the time. In fact, here the term 'oratorio' indicates an opera with a biblically inspired or hagiographic libretto, and it was a common substitute of melodramas during Lent or other periods when theaters were closed. (Carlo Centemeri). This recording would like to contribute to the rediscover of such a composer, Bassani, who is today above all remembered for his Trio sonatas (one of which is here recorded together with a Toccata for Organ), but who was a celebrated violinist and composer in his own time. Bach himself knew Bassani's Acroama missale, which consisted of six Masses.


Sonata for 2 violins & cello No. 8, Op. 5
Tocatta for organ
La Tromba della Divina Misericordia, oratorio

Anna Bessi, mezzosoprano,
Elena Carzaniga, contralto,
Paolo Borgonovo, tenore,
Gianluca Buratto, basso

Ensemble StilModerno
Ensemble vocale Magnificat

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