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Francesco Cavalli - Eliogabalo

 3 CD - MP3 320 Kbps - 3 RAR (145+98+141Mb)

CD 1 - - CD 2 - - CD 3

CD 1 - - CD 2 - - CD 3

Heliogabalus ranks as one of Rome's imperial rotten eggs: a mere stripling hoist to the purple by vox pop and the Pretorian Guard, loathed by the posh for his outrageous gay pranks and elevating ex-slaves and women to the senate - smells a bit like Berlusconi to me - he got dumped for his cousin while still in his teens (...)

Francesco Cavalli
(Crema, 14 febbraio 1602 – Venezia, 14 gennaio 1676)
Harmonia Mundi France promised to issue a DVD of Jacobs' rendition of this wonderful work (2004) As nothing still happended here you can find a "bootleg" recorded on april 27, 2004 at the La Monnaie Theatre in Bruxelles, Belgium.

Silvia Tro Santafé (Eliogabalo)
Giorgia Milanesi (Alessandro)
Lawrence Zazzo (Giuliano)
Annette Dasch (Flavia Gemmira)

Nuria Rial (Eritea)
Céline Sheen (Atilia)
Mario Zeffiri (Lenia)
Jeffrey Thompson (Zotico)
Sergio Foresti (Nerbulone)
Joao Fernandes (Tiferne)
Mario Zeffiri, Jeffrey Thompson (Due Consoli)

Concerto Vocale
dir. René Jacobs

3 commenti:

  1. Many thanks for this recording. It was outstanding production. I liked Annette Dasch most of all. I collect all original baroque opera dvd's and blu-rays, but it seems that I will not live to see this production on dvd/bd release. Did Harmonia Mundi really promised to release it? 2004...2012...h'm. They released "Belshazzar" BD yesteryear, but I would have taken much pleasure if they would release "Eliogabalo". I love Francesco Cavalli most of Italian baroque, and Rene Jacobs' elaborations too.
    Listen cd1, last track No. 13, first one minute Lenia and Gemmira dialogue:

    - Gemmira, chi ti stringe?
    - Celia Probina.
    - Erraste.
    - Domitia.
    - Te da lungi.
    - E Settimia.
    - Nemmeno.

    Wonderful music.

  2. Caro signor, sono un fan del suo blog, la sua musica mi piace moltissimo. Non ha, per piacere, il disco Banchetto Musicale del compositore tedesco Johann Hermann Schein? Grazie mille.

  3. José, ho il Banchetto eseguito da Savall. Spero di avere il link nel weekend.