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John Gay's - The Beggar' Opera

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 2 RAR (111+115 Mb)


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This recording seeks to give us a 'Beggar's Opera' uncut, unadapted & unexpurgated. That presents big hurdles for modern performers & listeners. A complete performance is roughly 50/50 song & spoken dialogue, which poses a challenge whether one uses actors-who-sing (as in 1728) or singers-who-act (as here) - after all, the piece was conceived as a play punctuated by popular songs with 'parodied' lyrics.(...) review
'I have never heard, and can't imagine, better performances … A delightful performance of this timeless opera' (American Record Guide)

'A treasure that belongs in every collection, be it opera, musical comedy, pop music or theater' (Fanfare, USA)  


Air 1 Through all the employments of life (An old woman cloathed in gray)
Air 2 'Tis woman that seduces all mankind (The bonny gray-ey'd morn)
Air 3 If any wench Venus' girdle wear (Cold and raw)
Air 4 If love the virgin's heart invade (Why is your faithful Slave disdain'd?)
Air 5 A maid is like the golden ore (Of all the simple things we do)
Air 6 Virgins are like the fair flower in its lustre (What shall I do to show how much I love her)
Air 7 Our Polly is a sad slut! (Oh London is a fine town)
Air 8 Can love be control'd by advice? (Grim King of the Ghosts)
Air 9 O Polly, you might have toy'd and kissed (O Jenny, O Jenny, where hast thou been)
Air 10 I like a ship in storms was tossed (Thomas, I cannot)
Air 11 A fox may steal your hens, sir (A Soldier and a Sailor)
Air 12 O, ponder well! Be not severe (Now ponder well, ye parents dear)
Air 13 The turtle thus with plaintive crying (Le printemps rappelle aux armes)
Air 14 Pretty Polly, say (Pretty Parrot, say)
Air 15 My heart was so free (Pray, fair one, be kind)
Air 16 Where I laid on Greenland's coast (Over the hills and far away)
Air 17 O what a pain it is to part! ('Gin thou wert mine awn thing)
Air 18 The miser thus a shilling sees (O the Broom)
Air 19 Fill ev'ry glass, for wine inspires us (Fill ev'ry glass)
Air 20 Let us take the road (March in 'Rinaldo')
Air 21 If the heart of a man is deprest with cares (Would you have a Young Virgin)
Air 22 Youth's the season made for joys (Cotillon)
Air 23 Before the barn door crowing (All in a misty Morning)
Air 24 The gamesters and lawyers are jugglers alike (When once I lay with another man's wife)
Air 25 At the Tree I shall suffer with pleasure (When I first I laid Siege to my Chloris)
Air 26 Man may escape from rope and gun (Courtiers, courtiers think it no harm)


Air 27 Thus when a good huswife sees a rat (A lovely Lass to a Friar came)
Air 28 How cruel are the traitors ('Twas when the sea was roaring)
Air 29 The first time at the looking-glass (The Sun has loos'd his weary teams)
Air 30 When you censure the age (How happy are we)
Air 31 Is then his fate decreed, sir? (Of a noble Race was Shenkin)
Air 32 You'll think e'er many days ensue
Air 33 If you at an office solicit your due (London Ladies)
Air 34 Thus when the swallow seeking prey (All in the Downs)
Air 35 How happy could I be with either (Have you heard of a frolicksome ditty)
Air 36 I'm bubbled (Irish Trot)
Air 37 Cease your funning
Air 38 Why how now, Madam Flirt? (Good-morrow, Gossip)
Air 39 No power on earth can e'er divide (Irish Howl)
Air 40 I like the fox shall grieve (The Lass of Patie's Mill)
Air 41 When young at the bar you first taught me to score (If love's a sweet Passion)
Air 42 My love is all madness and folly (South Sea Ballad)
Air 43 Thus gamesters united in friendship are found (Packington's Pound)
Air 44 The modes of the court so common are grown (Lillibullero)
Air 45 What gudgeons are we men! (Down in the North Country)
Air 46 In the days of my youth (A Shepherd kept Sheep)
Air 47 I'm like a skiff on the ocean tossed (One Evening, having lost my way)
Air 48 When a wife's in her pout (Now Roger, I'll tell thee, because thou'rt my son)
Air 49 A curse attends that woman's love (0 Bessy Bell)
Air 50 Among the men, coquets we find (Would Fate to me Belinda give)
Air 51 Come, sweet lass (Come, sweet lass)
Air 52 Hither, dear hushand, turn your eyes (The last time I went o'er the moor)
Air 53 Which way shall I turn me? (Tom Tinker's my true Love)
Air 54 When my hero in court appears (I am a poor shepherd undone)
Air 55 When he holds up his hand (Ianthe the Lovely)
Air 56 Our selves, like the great, to secure a retreat (A cobbler there was)
Air 57 The charge is prepar'd (Bonny Dundee)
Air 58 O cruel, cruel, cruel case! (Happy Groves)
Air 59 Of all the friends in time of grief (Of all the girls that are so smart)
Air 60 Since I must swing (Britons strike home)
Air 61 But now again my spirits sink (Chevy Chase)
Air 62 But valour the stronger grows (To old Sir Simon the King)
Air 63 If thus a man can die (Joy to great Caesar)
Air 64 So I drink of this bumper (There was an old woman)
Air 65 But can I leave my pretty hussies (Did you ever hear of a gallant sailor)
Air 66 Their eyes, their lips, their busses (Why are mine eyes still flowing)
Air 67 Since Laws were made for ev'ry degree (Green Sleeves)
Air 68 Would I might he hang'd! (All you that must take a leap)
Air 69 Thus I stand like the Turk (Lumps of Pudding)

 Ye Cast:

 The Beggar - BOB HOSKINS
The Player - IAN CADDY
Macheath - ADRIAN THOMPSON tenor
Peachum - CHARLES DANIELS tenor
Mrs Peachum, Diana Trapes - SARAH WALKER mezzo soprano
Polly Peachum - BRONWEN MILLS soprano
Lockit - RICHARD JACKSON baritone
Lucy Lockit - ANNE DAWSON soprano
Matt of the Mint - ROGER BRYSON bass
Filch - IAN HONEYMAN tenor

The Broadside Band
dir. Jeremy Barlow

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